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Last updated: 16 Aug 2009


I am researching the ancestry of George ESCO / EASCO / ESCOE born 1803 in Burke Co. He was orphaned at an early age and raised by a HOPPER or HOBBS. His parents were supposedly Colonial Spaniards. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Robinrj Dec 8 2002
Seeking info on Mary Wynne b. 12/31/1747 married to Amos Whitehead b. 8/11/1744. Info I have says the were married in Burke County 1768. I am seeking info on her parents. Would appreciate any info on this line.


Sonny Pittman Dec 8 2002
Can anyone provide information on William Jackson Pittman and his wife Nancy Cagle Pittman. William Jackson Pittman is believed to have been buried in Grove Level Church Cemetery. Nancy Cagle Pittman is buried in Augusta (died 1949). They had 5 daughters and 2 sons.


Bobbye Jones Dec 8 2002
I am looking for Lewis Bryan born in North Carolina ,only son of John Bryan, who was in Burke Co. in 1820. He had a son named Needham. I would like to find his will.


Jane Thompson Dec 8 2002
Mary Ann Boyd/Boyt married Col. James Grubbs in 1844. Would like info on her family (parents, siblings etc.) Also Col. James' father; looks like he may have been Thomas Grubbs but not sure. Where did they come from?


Eva Lee Oct 15 2002
My grandfather's birth certificate says that he was born to a Walker Lamar Chandler, who was born in Warnsboro, GA. Being that there is no Warnsboro, GA, I was wondering if it could possibly be Wainsboro, an incorrect spelling of Waynesboro. I believe that he was born between 1892-1894. There is a marriage listing for M. Lamar Chandler to Amanda Lee Sharpe in Lyons, Georgia, where my grandfather Walker Lamar Chandler, Jr., was born in 1919. Knowing that my grandfather's mother was named Amanda Lee (Something), I believe that this is the right marriage, and that the handwritten W was misread as an M. (Remember, this is the same county who handwrote my grandfather's troublesome birth certificate about twelve years later). Later, this same Walker Lamar Chandler, Jr. and his father, Walker Lamar Chandler, Sr. moved to Jacksonville, Duval County, FL. I was hoping that someone with knowledge of the Chandler families, or with access to birth information from the 1890's would have knowledge of my great-grandfather. Walker Lamar Chandler, b. abt./bet. 1890's, (Warnsboro), GA, m. 1907 Amanda Lee Sharpe, Lyons, GA, d. 1965-1975, Jacksonville, Duval County, FL.


Carolyn Roy Oct 15 2002
I am looking for any information on Richard PERRYMAN who was my gggg grandfather. He moved to Ga. from Halifax, VA. He was married to Martha DeJARNETTE. Richard died in 1797 and named my ggg grandfather Harmon PERRYMAN adm. of his will. Is it possible that his estate papers survived the fire as I found this in Natl Genealogical Society Quarterly? Any descendants of Richard and Martha please contact me.


Ellen Partin Roberts Oct 15 2002
I am looking for the parents names of Julia Ann HEATH. She was born 6-2-1812 in Burke,Ga. She married John Lane Newton from Screven Co. Thanks.


Suzanne Gorey Oct 15 2002
Seeking information about William ADAMS, who was in Burke County as of 1765 and received a land grant there. His son, Noah ADAMS, was born in 1747 and died October 22, 2819 in Burke County, married Orpah LNU. Noah and Orpah ADAMS had children named Miles, Rebecca, Noval, John, Noah, James, Aspey, and Sarah. If anyone has ever heard of any of these people, . Will gladly share everything I have on this family.


Marlene Gary Garberson Oct 15 2002
Looking for information on an Insel Spence. He owned property in the Burke County area in the early 1800's. He later moved to Screven County around 1820. Hope you can help. Thanks.


Marlene Gary Garberson Oct 15 2002
Looking for information on a James Torrance, esq. He is listed in the 1820 and 1830 Census for Burke County. Thanks.


S Roark Oct 15 2002
Looking for information about Sandefords living in Burke County. Hill Sandeford, b. 1897 or his father, William Capers Sandeford. Susan Roark, Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina.


Shep Sep 5 2002
I would like to find someone who has information on who John NEYLAND married in Burke Co. Ga. Who are the parents of Joshua and John NEYLAND / KNEELAND?
Joshua was married to Ann GRUBBS and John was married to Mrs. Martha DORTON , who had a daughter named Cassandra DORTON. Beyond that I cannot truthfully go. They moved to Amite Co., Miss., 1800-03. Thank you. Betty Shepherd, 4th great-granddaughter of John NEYLAND.


Michelle Powell Sep 5 2002
I am looking for any info on GEORGE EASCO/ESCO who was born in Burke Co. in 1804. He was supposedly of Spanish descent & orphaned at an early age. He may have been raised by a HOPPER/HOBBS, and may have had a brother, John. Any info on his parents, adopted family, etc. would be greatly appreciated.


Marlene Gary Garberson Sep 5 2002
Trying to find information about James Torrence Esq,he is listed in the 1820 Burke County Census. According to a document in the Courthouse in Screven, he was guardian to a William G. W. Lane. I was wondering if he had his business in Burke County and would there be any record stating that he was William's guardian. The time period I'm talking about is the early 1800's. We are trying to find out whom William G. Lane's parents are and why James Torrence was his guardian instead of a family member. Thanks.


Marlene Gary Garberson Sep 5 2002
Trying to find out info on these two gentlemen. John and Thomas Lane. They are listed in the 1820 Burke Co. Census. Also would like to find out about a James Torrance. Hope you can help. Thanks.


Janet Lovett Flowers Sep 5 2002
I am looking for information on Thomas Farnsley Lovett who resided in St. George's Parish around 1775. He renewed his commission as a Lieutenant in a volunteer regiment, Independence, in Savannah in1775. He may have married Rebecca Bonnell or she may have been his daughter-in-law. He later resided in Screven County. Thanks for any information.


Tracey Miller Edwards Sep 5 2002
Looking for parentage or any other info on Charity SMITH, b. 1778, an orphan raised by William HINDS or HINES, m 1st Bluford Thorpe Smith. 1795 Burke County GA 2nd John Miller, aft 1809. John Miller and Charity Smith Spence had two known children: George Warren S. Miller and Levi Miller, b. abt 1822 d. 1866.


Unknown Sep 5 2002
Looking for information on Wesley Jackson Youngblood who wed Mary Susan Baugh and had a t least four children including Myrtie YOUNGBLOOD who wed Oscar Lee SAPP and John Andrew YOUNGBLOOD. Wesley Jackson YOUNGBLOOD was the son of John Thomas YOUNGBLOOD and Martha WESLEY. John Thomas and Mary Susan are buried in Magnolia Cemetery in Waynesboro,Georgia along with their son John Andrew YOUNGBLOOD. Any help greatly appreciated.


Laura Sweat Sep 5 2002
I'm looking for any information regarding the guardianship of JONATHAN AND SARAH ANDERSON by a WILLIAM SAPP. The earliest records found in Tattnall Co.,GA indicate this on land records. I have only been able to find 2 WILLIAM SAPP's in Georgia around the 1810-1820 time period. There was a JR. and SR. listed on the 1820 Federal census, of Burke Co.,GA. Any information regarding these WILLIAM SAPP's will be greatly appreciated, and even more so if you have clues to my dilemma about the guardianship of JONATHAN AND SARAH ANDERSON. Please contact Laura at with anything helpful. Thanks!


Darrell Aug 8 2002
I am attempting to locate any info regarding the Roberts and Douglass families that settled along Brier Creek in the late 1700s. Frederick Roberts married Angelina Douglass and Drury Roberts married Rachael Douglass. Land records show a possibility that the Roberts, Douglass and Tanner land grants bordered one another. Anyone with info or research ideas please contact me. Thanks.


Katherine Marstaller Aug 8 2002
I am researching Moses Davis of Burke Co., Ga. whose daughter, Susanna, married a Moore. Moses Davis d. in Burke Co., GA. before June 16, 1833. Susanna had three known children John A Moore, Moses Davis Moore, and Nancy Elizabeth Rowan Moore. They were in Wilcox Co., AL. in 1833. Moses Davis Moore was my GG-Grandfather and Moses Davis was my 4-Greatgrandfather.


GotUrFire22 Aug 8 2002
Looking for info on the Attaways might had owned a plantation in Burke Co. 1830s to 1890 was destroyed by Sherman's Army any info will help also there is a few graves on this land believed to be Elliott Attaway/Martha Attaway/Wallace and 2 Jenkins kids.


Brooks Hamm Aug 8 2002
Looking for more info on William HAM m.Patsey Roe1808 and Sary Ann WILEY in 1823. Father of Allen HAM and Josephine HAM maybe both born in Burke Co., known as heirs of William when living under the care of Azeriah COWART @ 1850-55. Allen is my ggrandfather.


Beverly Shuler Aug 8 2002
John Johnston b. abt. 1785-1790 was given land on Bark Camp Creek (abt. 2 mi. from Midville) by his father, James Johnston's will. John was the firstborn child of James Johnston, Jr., Esq., and his first wife Mary. Did John Johnston move there? Mary was first married to William (?) Garner, who served with James as a Georgia Minuteman under Col. Samuel Jack. These soldiers were granted land in old Washington Co., GA, at the confluence of the Altamaha River and the Ocmulgee Rivers. This land later was taken into Montgomery Co. Mrs. Mary Garner already had a son, Richard Garner, when she and James Johnston married about 1785-1787. He was willed his father's land by James Johnston, but where was it? They moved to Burke abt. 1793. The children of James and Mary Johnston: John, Mary m. McCALL, Sarah m. HARRIS, Alexander, and Young JOHNSTON. The big question: Was Mary Garner Johnston's maiden name JOHNSON or YOUNG? Or neither?


Fldevaughnn Aug 8 2002
Looking for John Paul Murphy, born June 21, 1890, Burke County, Georgia. He was 7th child born to Henry & Wennie Murphy. Educated: Walker Baptist Institute, Augusta, GA


Shannon Aug 8 2002
Hey! Im a 15 year old highschool student very interested in history =). I was just wondering.... Ive been researching my family that lived in Burke County during the War Between the States. My relatives were brothers: Greene Evin Glisson, Dennis Glisson, and Homer Glisson (brothers) who fought for the Company A 3rd Georgia Regiment. I know a lot of the family names.... the head of this household was a man- EVin C.... and I was trying to find out general information on this family (Property, etc). (These spellings were from my family Bible, and Service records, etc, Ive seen varied spellings like 'Evan' a lot) Any general information you might have would be greatly appreciated. My Thanks, Shannon Page


Odom Family Aug 8 2002
I am looking for any reference re: Malachi ODOM born in S.C. 1771, crossed Savanah River into Burke Co. about 1795-1802, possibly with father (Jacob, not certain). Sons named Benjamin, Ephraim, John, James, Randol, Simeon, Would have been prior to 1820 as he is found in a Wayne Co. MS. census at that time. My objective is to prove or disprove a tie to a Jacob ODOM of S.C.


Elsie Aug 8 2002
Does anyone know how the Miles Fields of Burke Co. GA [1820 census] is related to James Fields of Jefferson Co. with wife Mary and son Miles?


P. Weinthal. Aug 8 2002
Does anyone remember the Weinthal Dept. Store in Waynesboro, GA? It was mentioned in a 1939 newspaper article. I would appreciate information about the store, owners, descendants, or suggestions on how to find records. Thanks.


Nancy Jul 13 2002
In a petition to pardon Wm. Allen BURTON dated 18 Feb. 1791, An Aklex CARTER and Isiah CARTER were listed. Does anyone know anything of these CARTERS?? I another petition to pardon Littleberry TILMAN, dated 1800 or 1801, is listed a Geroge CARTER. Can anyone help with these CARTERS?Thanks.


Jerry Jul 13 2002
Seeking information on George McCoy 1751-1809 and his wife Mary Brumfield unknown birth and death.thier children are George b.1783,Robert b 1784,Brumfield b 1785,James b 1786,John b 1788.This family is believed to be from burke Co,Ga.,moving to Virginia in the 1790's any help with this family is appreciated.


Nancy Jul 13 2002
There is a John BOATWRIGHT in Burke Co., Georgia around 1786-1792. He signed a petition asking for a pardon for a James Taylor. Can anyone help with who this John BOATWRIGHT is?


Philip Herrington Jul 13 2002
I am trying to locate an old BELL family cemetery in the vicinity of Alexander. Although I am reasonably sure of its existence, I have no idea if the graves are still marked. Those buried there may include the following: Simeon BELL (d. 1869), Elizabeth Herrington BELL (d. 1869), Martha BELL (d. pre-1881), Mary E. Bell LESTER (d. 1914), and her husband, Herschel V. LESTER. The cemetery is probably E/SE of Alexander near either Rocky Creek or Luke's (Looks) Branch. I realize this is a long shot but I do believe this cemetery is out there somewhere. Thank you!


Jim Gray Jul 13 2002
My grandfather, William H Harloam is buried near Clement Howell at the Moxley Baptist Church cemetery. Is it possible for someone with a digital camera to photograph these two graves and e-mail them to me at n4ujl@bellsouth.net. I would be very grateful and would be happy to return the favor if someone needs it here in Jacksonville Florida. Thank you for your consideration.


Glenda BRADLEY Jul 13 2002
Seeking information on MYRTIS-MYRTLE YOUNGBLOOD who wed OSCAR LEE SAPP. Researching YOUNGBLOOD line. Myrtle YOUNGBLOOD was born 8-06-1891 to Wesley Jackson YOUNGBLOOD and Mary Susan BAUGH. Myrtle died 02-1978 in Burke Co.,Georgia. Thank you.


AAmbrosialee Jun 13 2002
Looking for parents of Josiah GAY, born 1790 in Burke Co. Thank you so much.


Claudette Rollins Jun 13 2002
I am looking for the Godbee/Godby cemetery in Burke County. If anyone has any information on this cemetery, I would appreciate it.


H. Brinson Jun 13 2002
I am seeking information on my g-g-g-g grandparents: Charles Collier and Caroline(?). I have been told that they were married--and died--in Burke County in the mid- or late 1800s. Finding out their ages, parents names, etc., would open significant genealogical avenues of pursuit. Any help would be most thankful.


RGSELAMB Jun 13 2002
Searching for CALEB WELCH, Rev. Sol. who received land in Burke Co. after the War. Wife is unknown. He was bc 1763 and dc 1829 in Jefferson Co. His daughter, Cynthia, married David H. Starling. There were several other children.


Vett Jun 13 2002
SALLY JONES was the second wife of ALAC JONES, she was born around 1850 and died around 1925 in Burke County. Their children were named Alac Jr, Julius, Essie, and Jeff Quinn. Any information on her welcomed.


Vett Jun 13 2002
I am looking for any information on my paternal grandmother, Alberta Wright Roberson (1901-1960). She is the wife of Clifford Roberson, they had four sons - Marvin, Linbergh, Jet, and Clifford. Her father is Bobbi Wright; two of her siblings are Julia and George. Any information you can provided is appreciated.


Janelle Jun 13 2002
I am trying to find out any information that I can about my grandmother's childhood in Burke County. Her name was Janette Estelle ELLISON and her father's name was Thomas Jefferson ELLISON, mother's name was Alice Jane HILLIS. I believe my great grandfather had something to do with Ellison's Bridge in Burke County. I am also trying to find out information about my husband's grandparents of Burke County. They were Thomas R LONG and Estelle HILLIS. I am sure that my grandmother and my husband's grandmother were cousins, but I can't seem to get the complete connection. Any information will be appreciated.

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