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Danielle Grepps Tue Jun 2 17:45:16 2009
I am looking for an obituary or news article on my great uncle Herme JODOIN. He died in Chatham County on July 6 1981. I believe he may have been killed. Any info would be so helpful!


Winn Wed Jun 10 09:45:09 2009
I am looking for a burial location for Sumpter Beauregard PARKER and his wife Rosa. Sumpter died in 1925 at age 64.
Thanks for your help


Laura Dowdy Kissling Wed Jun 10 10:39:15 2009
Looking for info on William DOWDY dob 1800 & Margaret Myers DOWDY dob 1807. William DOWDY son of Robert DOWDY dob 1780, and brother Amos DOWDY dob would be around 1790. They are the sons of Daniel DOWDY (need info), and he is the son of Thomas DOWDY (need info). Thomas DOWDY was one of the first migrant from England
At this point, any info will help. Thank you in advance.


Elizabeth Furney Thu Jun 11 18:40:53 2009
I need any info on Bartholomew FURNEY, esp parents names, place of birth and place of burial. He died in Savannah in 1848.
Many thanks, Betty Furney


S. Hoynes Tue Jun 16 12:21:42 2009
I am looking for someone related to Thelma MISCALLY who died in Atlanta in 1999. Born 1903.


Tonya Lawson Wed Jun 24 15:41:37 2009
Looking for newspaper obituary and funeral information on Lucretia L. DAVIES who died on 3/1/2008. Thanks


Pat Wed Jul 1 19:28:15 2009
Nichols Jacob BARR, Sr. b. abt 1779 and his son Jr. was b. abt 1804 supposedly in Savannah, Chatham Co., GA. I'm looking for a marriage record or any record to name the wife and mother. Thanks


George H Lanier Sun Jul 5 19:45:15 2009
Looking for info on the family of W E FENNELL first clear of Thunderbolt Ga was called Warsaw. Aalso LANIER family of Charles Nathaniel LANIER and Addie Cleland LANIER also Francisco V MASTERS and family children Alice and Stella.
Dr George H Lanier


Susan Kain Tue Jul 7 11:54:32 2009
Any available information my grandfather (William Gordon SIKES) always spelled his last name with an "I" not a K. However, I found the his marriage cert and my mother's birth cert and it was with a K.
Susan Kain


L. T. Brinkley Thu Jul 9 08:33:18 2009
I am searching for all records of Solomon JENKINS, who was born in South Carolina in 1922 and who resided in Chatham County for most of his youth.


Charles Woods Thu Jul 9 10:36:47 2009
Joseph WOODS was born in Christ Church Parish in 1724, which later became known as Savannah (Chatham County), Parish records indicate that Joseph married Mary STERLING in 1746 in Christ Church Parish, Georgia.
Does anyone have access to the Parish records?
Would there be a Parish cemetery remaining today?
Exactly where would Christ Church Parish be in present day Savannah?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hal Irving Thu Jul 16 13:39:02 2009
Seeking info Charles BERNARD who lived Savannah with address of "Riverside" and earlier R#2 Tybee Road. Died between 1935 and 1945. Owned a Club named "The Oaks" after retiring from Circus management and operated a Circus Collectibles business. He was married to Pearl ROGERS at Lexington KY in 1894. Would appreciate any info such as death date and place of burial. They did not have children but understand that Charles had a daughter by an earlier relationship. She may have resided in Berkley, California. I am great nephew of Pearl (ROGERS) BERNARD. I have old photo labeled "Wilson Studios" at Savannah & Waycross GA.


AL Fox Fri Jul 24 16:53:28 2009
Seeking information on George Littleton BLACK, Velma BLACK and Melvin Marion BLACK.


Lost_Lux Tue Jul 28 04:54:31 2009
I feel so bad even mentioning this when so many need records from long ago. Mine would be around the 70's. If you do know a name who lived in the Atlanta area who supposedly well to do maybe that angel on your should so you can poke me in the right direction. If this was me I wouldn't have bothered you wonderful people but it is for my dying. What man can break that promise. Even if you are totally in the know just a poke *please*.


KAREN Wed Jul 29 12:53:09 2009
I am looking for relatives with connection to Sapelo Island Native Joseph JONES. Our family ties are with Nancy JACKSON who married Joseph JONES (son) Nero and to this union were over sixteen siblings. We are seeking to locate relatives.

Also, we are seeking the GROVNERs as well, that are tied and /or connected to Sam & Mary GROVNER of Sapelo Island. Sam's son's name was Mack.


SUSAN JONES-MIREE Thu Aug 13 09:05:10 2009
I am trying to find information on my grandparents:
John ROBERTS and Mary Lizzie DIXON from Soperton, Georgia. They had a daughter, my mother, Margaret Frances ROBERTS on April 23, 1920.


Sabrina Williams Mon Aug 17 19:25:40 2009
I'm looking for someone that Ispent time in prison with this person meant a lot to me. I miss her. The name is Shante PARKER. We were at Washington state prison in Davisboro, GA. I meet her sister Mia and her friend Kim. We all went out to eat at Southlake mall in Jonesbora Ga and I think Kim left with her friend. I even spent the night with this girl and we had some great moments so I hope that you are ok. If you come across this message please give me a cal 404.838.9501.


Robert Tedder Tue Aug 18 13:15:53 2009
Does anyone have any information on William TEDDER, a Revolutionary war veteran who was listed as being from Montgomery?


Curtis Holloway Wed Aug 19 18:55:22 2009
I know where Rachel McDONALD daughter of Duncan McDONALD who died in 1825 is buried.


Dot Saunders Mon Aug 24 09:54:33 2009
I am looking for information about my husband's ggggrandfather, Fredrick SAUNDERS, who lived in Effingham but worked in Savannah. He first married Sawah CRAWFORD and second Martha. He was murdered on the Effingham Road in 1821. I know that he was born in 1765, possibly Georgia and possibly England. There are many of us trying to find this missing info but have not been successful. Any clue as to where Fredrick was born and who his parents were would be very much appreciated.


Jim Tue Aug 25 18:16:14 2009
Willis HALL b. bef 1781; Chatham Co. Tax Digest 1798 married Mrs. Mary TAYLOR 8 May 1799 Chatham Co., GA. Any information about Willis HALL would be greatly appreciated.


Jim Tue Aug 25 18:25:34 2009
Willis B. (Benjamin) HALL b.1864 d. 1943; married Beanne Elizabeth TURNER 9 Dec 1885; lived in Savannah 1920-1930; I have a police badge from Savannah reported to be that of Willis B. HALL from the period of 1920-1930: grandson Norman J. HALL b. 1908 lived with them in Savannah and attended school; son Henry Corbitt HALL b. 1894 d. Dec 1971 in Chatham Co. GA. Any help with records for this family would be immensely appreciated.


Z H Cline Tue Sep 1 09:18:07 2009
Brothers, John C, Edwin E, and William W HUMPHREY came to Savannah by 1900. They reared families here, lived, worked, died and are buried in the city somewhere. John and wife Agnes (RAHN) HUMPHREY are buried in Effingham at Springfield cemetery. Edwin and his children, Allan, Edwin, Jr and Charles are buried at Hillcrest Abby East. I'd like to see obituaries, tombstone records. Are there any available to the public of these cemeteries? Thank you for your kindness.


W H Saussy, Jr Tue Sep 1 10:13:25 2009
Seeking Family Records for the SAUSSY family of Chatham County.


Jane H Lomel Thu Sep 3 16:42:38 2009
Trying to research on this family

Arnold Joseph LOMEL, born Nov 08, 1895 in Savannah, Chatham County, Ga; died Feb 1987 in Savannah, Chatham County, Ga. He owned a antique/junque shop on Price St. He was the son of Armand Philipp LOMEL and 5. Maria Anna MANAN. He married Living CONEY Feb 12, 1929 in By Bascom A Pafford, Minister of the Gospel.

Living CONEY, born Aug 20, 1906 in Emporia, Va. She was the daughter of William Lewis CONEY and Mary (Molly) Cardell HILL.

Armand Philipp LOMEL, born May 19, 1849 in Colmar, Alsace; died Sep 30, 1935 in Savannah, Ga. He was the son of George LOMMEL. He married 5. Maria Anna MANAN Jun 21, 1886 in Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Savannah, Ga by Father Hennessy.

Maria Anna MANAN, born 1859 in Savannah, Ga; died 1931 in Savannah, Ga. She was the daughter of Victor Arnold MANON and Marie O'SULLIVAN.

Children of Armand LOMEL and Maria MANAN are:
i. Arnold Joseph LOMEL, born Nov 08, 1895 in Savannah, Chatham County, Ga; died Feb 1987 in Savannah, Chatham County, Ga; married Living CONEY Feb 12, 1929 in By Bascom A Pafford, Minister of the Gospel.
ii. Victor Charles LOMEL, born Sep 22, 1888; died Jul 23, 1936.
iii. Mildred Carmel LOMEL, born Dec 16, 1901 in Savannah, Ga; died Apr 11, 1986 in Savannah, Ga.
iv. Edgar W. LOMEL, born 1899; died Dec 11, 1976 in Brooks County, Ga.
v. George LOMEL, born 1889; died 1907.
vi. Jonnie LOMEL, born 1894; died 1899.

William Lewis CONEY, born 1867 in Shamokin, Pa; died 1958 in Savannah, Ga. He was the son of David CONEY and Hanna CONDON. He married 7. Mary (Molly) Cardell HILL. He managed the Regent Lumber Mill in Hardeeville.

Mary (Molly) Cardell HILL, born 1863; died 1931. She was the daughter of Joseph Harrison HILL and Hadassah HARTMAN.

Children of William CONEY and Mary HILL are:
i. Living CONEY, born Aug 20, 1906 in Emporia, Va; married Arnold Joseph LOMEL Feb 12, 1929 in By Bascom A Pafford, Minister of the Gospel.
ii. Ella Ruth CONEY, married Marion Lovell O'NEAL.
iii. Albert Hill CONEY

Would appreciate any help.


Cindy Jones Fri Sep 11 10:50:30 2009
Looking for my Great Grandfather or Grandfather who lived in Savannah, Ga at one time. My grandfather was born in 1893 and his name was Edward Walker BURT Jr. His father's name was Edward Walker BURT Sr. My Grandfather was black and I believe his father was white and originaly from Florida. My grandfather did have a brother but I am not sure of his name but the last name is BURT. He also had a sister named Lottie.


Dalena Nichols Fri Sep 11 13:43:46 2009
Searching for the marriages of three HARDY women all daughters of Sirrine and Jeanette (McFALL) HARDY:

Emily Belle
Jamie Jeanette
Elizabeth Wilhelmina

Any help appreciated. These women had a brother, Laurence/Lawrence Sirrine HARDY.
Any help appreciated.
Dalena Patterson Nichols


Ajili Sun Sep 20 14:10:06 2009
Looking for information about my grandather Edward Precival GREENE / GREEN born in Africa around Africa around 1893. He came to this country around 1910 with his father Edward, brother George and sister Carine (Corine). Last names were changed from traditional African name which is unknown. My grandfather was also known as the Black Dutchman and was a stone mason. Was told he did stone carvings of animals around Savannah.


Judy Tue Sep 22 14:47:35 2009
I am trying to find enlistment records for Noah H. BENNETT, s/o Isham & Milly BENNETT. Married to Sarah Ellen Wasdin BENNETT. Noah supposedly hicked from Wayne County to Savannah and joined the infantry. An Appling County, Ga Co K, 54th Reg has his name listed but states to see Co F where he may be listed as a PVT. I know this site is for Cheatham county but if he walked to Savannah maybe his original enlistment is listed in Cheatham county.


CAS Wed Sep 23 11:55:32 2009
This pertains to a query by Alanda O'BRIEN dated Oct. 2000. I have family history on Isaac Adderton SKINNER and am willing to share with you if you contact me.


Dorothy Inez Turner-Townsend Sat Sep 26 22:35:50 2009
Hello, I am doing a family search and I have gone back as far as 1740 and my information has lead me to what is called Butler's Island, where over 400 slaves were sold and a great deal of them were taken to Thomas, Brooks, Chatham, Lowndes and Talbot.
My Great-Grandmother died at the age of 107, in Valdosta,Ga, her name is Georgia (BUTLER) TAYLOR, the daughter of George BUTLER, Grand-Daughter of Brutus BUTLER, 1830 Isle of Hope, Chatham, Georgia.
I Pray that there are other Butler's out there looking also.
Looking to Hear,


Sheila Jones Mon Sep 28 01:39:19 2009
I am looking for descendants of Dora M., Mable E., Alice M., Emma, or Charles A. CAMPBELL who may have lived in the Savannah area around 1870. I found a scrapbook made by Alice in the 1870's and someone may be interested.


Will Denerson Thu Oct 1 15:28:32 2009
Seeking information on the DENERSON family of Chatham County.


Linda Craft Sat Oct 3 21:24:19 2009
Hi. I am a direct descendant of the D'OLIVERA family, one of the first Jewish families to settle in Savannah at the time of Oglethorpe. Is there someone there who could advise me as to local genealogy sources there, as well as a researcher I could hire to gather info? I am interested in ship passenger lists, wills, etc.....anything realted.
Thanks you,
Linda Craft


Joyce Shipes Tue Oct 13 21:35:14 2009
Im lookong for a man by the name Robert N. BURGESS. He is from Rutherford NC. He was murdered in Savannah Ga in the early 90's.
I cant seem to find any info on this man.


Jerry Gorman Tue Nov 17 14:26:43 2009
My father's mother was born Anna SCHULTZ. Her father was Julius SCHULTZ. They were from a German speaking area in Eastern Germany or Western Poland. An old paper shows Julius SCHULTZ was from Rawicz in eastern Germany or western Poland.
I will appreciate any information from anyone. Thank you.
Jerry Gorman


Belinda Thu Nov 19 13:08:39 2009
Looking for information on baby girl Brenda Christine born in Savannah Ga August 13, 1960. Mother and baby lived with a family in Savannah whose last name was HAGAN.


dawn levene Mon Nov 23 09:35:48 2009
I am looking for Viloa SMITH, last address was 3114 Topawa Place, Lettonia, Georgia 30038


ANNIE MARY BIRD Sat Nov 28 14:20:11 2009
I am researching for my family, BIRD / BYRD from Virginia. If anyone has any information, it would greatly be appreciated. My great grandfather was Savage BIRD. Born approximately in 1866???
Any information is great information.
Thank you


Barbara Merritt Sun Nov 29 18:23:05 2009
I am trying to find a death record for Minnie PACETTI. She married Edward PACETTI in April 1880 and they lived in Savannah. He died in 1924 and had remarried his second wife was Catherine (LEE) PACETTI. She would have died sometime between 1881-1895.

Minnie and Edward had a daughter, Willa is the name she used in 1905 when she married in NY. I am trying to find out more information about Willa. Not sure if that was her given name at birth. Willa also had a daughter born in May 1904.


JOHN CARSON Thu Dec 17 08:38:39 2009
Looking for descendants of Luke CARSON who arrived in Chatham County from County Antrim Ireand early 1800's.


George Lanier Tue Jan 5 07:30:18 2010
Searching for family members of John LANIER 1778 / Nancy FITZPATRICK - John Andrew LANIER - Charles Nathaniel LANIER.


John Williams Tue Jan 5 08:05:31 2010
Any information on Caron / Charon / Karon DEVEREAUX, his potential father James or his father Peter DEVEAUX / DEVEREAUX.
John Williams


Cathy Field Tue Jan 5 09:23:39 2010
I'm doing research for my daughter-in-law about her family, which includes John DILLON, bn. c. 1850 in Ireland. He emmigrated c. 1870 and lived in New Jersey for a time. His wife was Margaret. Their children were Thomas, Nicholas, John F., Catherine, and Mary Anastasia. Catherine married George W. CHANDLER and had sons Henry, Arthur and George. Any information would be helpful.


Robin Thu Jan 7 16:32:07 2010
Trying to find the family of soldier Lucius JONES born 2/1/1929 to Lucius & Ivy JONES of Savannah. All were Georgia natives. Father was postal worker in 1930 census. Lucius was a soldier in Korea and was MIA. Any information on relatives of this serviceman would be greatly appreciated.


Robin Thu Jan 7 16:37:51 2010
I am searching for the family of a soldier who was killed in the Korea War. His remains were never recovered. Our government has no family contact at this time for this soldier:

John Henry BROWN, JR
Born: 6/13/1931
MIA: 2/12/1951

When the Korean War ended the enemy never returned or accounted for over 8,000 of our servicemen. They died in their hands. That was over 50 years ago. Since that time DNA has been perfected and also they are recovering remains in North Korea. Our government is obligated to return those remains to the proper family. DNA samples have been obtained from most of the families of these missing soldiers. For various reasons some families have not been located.

When the remains are recovered and identified they will be returned to the family for proper burial. I am helping a Korean War veteran in this noble cause and I hope that you can help in some way to find this family. For more information on the project you may go to My part in the program is to match up the lost families with the proper agency.

I will be grateful for any assistance in locating this family.
Robin Buckley


Robin Thu Jan 7 16:39:16 2010
I am searching for the family of a soldier who was killed in the Korea War. His remains were never recovered. Our government has no family contact at this time for this soldier:

Benjamin Franklin THOMPSON BORN: 9/23/1918 MIA: 12/1/1950

When the Korean War ended the enemy never returned or accounted for over 8,000 of our servicemen. They died in their hands. That was over 50 years ago. Since that time DNA has been perfected and also they are recovering remains in North Korea. Our government is obligated to return those remains to the proper family. DNA samples have been obtained from most of the families of these missing soldiers. For various reasons some families have not been located.

When the remains are recovered and identified they will be returned to the family for proper burial. I am helping a Korean War veteran in this noble cause and I hope that you can help in some way to find this family. For more information on the project you may go to My part in the program is to match up the lost families with the proper agency.

I will be grateful for any assistance in locating this family.
Robin Buckley


BERNICE HUDSON Sun Jan 10 10:43:42 2010
I am researching my maternal grandmother's family tree. My grandmother's name was Susie Mae LATTIMORE, born in Millen, GA Chatham Co. in 1926 or 1928. Her parents were Jerry and Leola LATTIMORE. Basically, I'm trying to trace her history back to slavery. Her mother Leola (ROBERTS) LATTIMORE was born to Susie (GRUBBS) ROBERTS and her mother was Emma GRUBBS. If there are any records going back to a slave owner GRUBBS I would appreciate any information that you have. Thank you.
Bernice Hudson


BERNICE HUDSON Sun Jan 10 12:30:02 2010
I'm researching if there was a family named GRUBBS that were slave owners approximate time early 1830s or sooner that owned a slave named Emma GRUBBS. Emma GRUBBS was my GGG grandmother and she was from Chatham County, GA.


Dan Brown Wed Jan 13 14:29:51 2010
SS Death Index says my grand uncle Walter Werner SEES (a/k/a SUESSE) died in Savannah vicinity in Chatham County Ga on April 29, 1977. What newspaper would most likely have published his obituary? He was born in Leipzig Germany about 1914 and served during and possibly after WW-2.


Linda McNish Fri Jan 22 10:39:49 2010
I have a picture made in Savannah, of a young woman, inscribed on the back "To Minnie with love from May COBURN March 20, 1889." Minnie was Sarah Jayne (GREENE) McNISH. I would be happy to send the picture to descendants of May COBURN. Just let me know.


Connie Powell Tue Jan 26 19:27:36 2010
Great grand father was Calvin Strong PARR. son of James S PARR and Mary Letitia (BRYCE) PARR. born in Athens,ga Jan. 17,1885., one of several children.

Calvin was born in Miss. and Mary born in South Carlina.
Their only child was Mary Blosceta PARR, my Grandmother. She was born in Savannah,ga. on Feb. 07, 1913.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
I've heard there is a Reverand PARR in Savannah, Ga searching for ancestors. I feel we may be related.


Mehrul khattak Thu Jan 28 13:40:17 2010
Hey. My name is Mehrul Khattak and I would like to get in touch with my old colleagues Patricia PEEPLE, Addie ROZIER, Troy WILLIAMS and Cynthia HALL. If any one knows them please have them email me on me please. Thanks in advance.


Mehrul khattak Fri Jan 29 11:32:09 2010
I am looking for burial site of Vanessa EDENFELD who died around 1996. Thanks.


Norma Hammond Sun Jan 31 18:37:31 2010
I'm searching for descendants of George Oscar KINARD (1883-1954). He lived in Chatham County, Georgia in the 1920's and died there.


stephanie pitts Mon Feb 1 22:07:37 2010
I am looking for info on J. F. MEEKS or Joseph MEEKS and wife Essie. He was a student in Chatham county. He became a druggist/pharmacist. He was born in 1887-89. He was living in Atlanta in 1912 and occupation shows druggist. Thanks for any help you can give.


JoAnn Sat Feb 6 14:54:14 2010
Seeking obit for Doctor Oscar LOTT in in Savannah,Ga.


Gene Irvine Sat Feb 20 04:17:07 2010
I am looking for any information on Dr. John Irvine and his plantation named "Cattle Park". I have a lot of history on Dr. John Irvine, but missing this one bit of information. Dr. John was my third great grandfather.


ann leonard Wed Feb 24 09:55:08 2010
Marriage of Margaret MOONEY born about 1902 to -----\
Parents are Thomas Joseph MOONEY and Annie (BARCLAY) MOONEY orginally from Scotland.


ROBERT MILES Sat Feb 27 09:48:36 2010
My brother, James W. MILES, a WWII vet, died and was buried in Savannah between August 01, 1960 and August 31, 1960. I was very young at the time. There is not an existing copy of his obituary that I am aware of. How can I get information about him? All of the family / friend who knew him have been dead for many years.


TIFFANY SHAW Sat Feb 27 12:01:14 2010
I am a 28 yr old female residing in Orlando Fl. However I am the g-g-g granddaughter of Peter REDDICK of Screvens county Georgia and I am told my grandfathers father and grandfather were of a mullato mix and that my great great grandfathers mother was a slave of Peter REDDICK. I am trying to clear some things up. I am not racist at all so if there is any relation at all I would like to know! Thank you


Ron Woolley Sun Feb 28 14:19:18 2010
I am searching for the members of one branch of my family. The persons I am seeking information on is the family of Walter Henry and Margaret C. SCHAAF. They were married in Indiana and moved to Savannah by 1900 they had a total of 10 children all born in Savannah and as far as I know all stayed in Savannah as I can find all the males living in Savannah in the 1930 census except for the youngest male Harry SCHAAF who is shown in the 1930 census in NC in the Marines.
Here is a list of the family members, and what I know:

Walter Harry SCHAAF b.17 Jun 1867, IN d. 2 Feb 1922 Savannah.
Margaret C. b. Feb 1868, OH d. before 1920 Savannah.
1. Mary E. b. Dec 1887, Savannah
2. Helena A. "Lena" b. Dec 1889, Savannah m before 1913 to Walter WILKERSON b.1886 Savannah (more on this family below)
3. John A. b. Oct 1891, Savannah m before Jun 1916 to Jessie M. COLE b. 1891 Savannah (more on this family below)
4. Joseph G. b Oct 1893 Savannah
5. Margerite/Margaret b. Dec 1895, Savannah
6. Alice K. b. Nov 1897, Savannah
7. Walter S. b. 1900, Savannah
8. Loretta b. 1903, Savannah
9. Harry U. b. 1907, Savannah
10. Clair b. 1908, Savannah

Walter and Helena had 3 children
Margaret b. 1914 Savannah
Walter Jr. b. 1916
John b. 1918

John and Jessie had 2 children
Mary Louise b. 1917 Savannah
John b. 1922 Savannah

I am looking for any information on the marriages of the other children and their families as well as any information on the above families.
Any help will be greatly appriciated!


AL Fleming Sun Feb 28 17:14:53 2010
Does the KELLER family still own Hopeton Plantation?


Sarah Crook Sun Feb 28 22:01:19 2010
Need death notice or death information On Thomas David DABBS who lived in Chatham County (Hagan Township) in early 1900's and died in 1927.


Leann Mon Mar 1 13:03:51 2010
I am looking for information regarding family of George L. FITZGERALD Jr. George married Marguerite E. HIRT.


Marjorie M. Miller Wed Mar 3 17:47:28 2010
Josephine JIVINSKI born 20 Mar 1902 possible N.Y. died Feb. 1980 Savannah, Chatham, Georgia. I would like to contact anyone doing research on this name or various spelling of this name.


Linda Eurich Sat Mar 6 07:47:30 2010
Seeking informaton on James JACKSON 1895 - JN BROWN (Jasper Nathan BROWN 1899) - Allie Reva GAY 1904


Douglas Reed Mon Mar 8 06:32:53 2010
I am looking for additional information on John BRADLEY and Mary A. BESSENT. Marriage records show they were married in Chatham county 1 January 1842. I Have Mary (BESSENT) BRADLEY on the 1850 census in District 13, Chatham, Georgia and it appears that John is either no longer in the household or is deceased. I believe John and Mary to be my GG Grandparents. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


George Lanier Fri Mar 19 08:18:59 2010
Looking for FENNELL families of John N FENNELL, W.E. FENNELL first clerk Thunderbolt Ga
Dr George


Katie Kilgore Sat Mar 20 12:48:15 2010
I am looking for relatives of William Bonnie and Viola BAZEMORE. Children: Bonnie Lee, Gibson, Freida, James (Thomas Jefferson) and Twins Martin and Nell. I am one of the daughter's of Martin. Of course that is not his name now. Bonnie Lee and Martin was adopted by the WARD's of Atlanta and I am looking for his family. Please, any information would be most helpful. I know that William Bonnie and Viola are buried in the Laurel Grove Cemetery in Savannah Georgia.


Lynn Thu Mar 25 20:31:29 2010
I was adopted and my birth mother was Lillis Mae HARRIS. I would like to know if she is still in Savannah. I would like to meet her for the first time.


Sue Remaklus Sat Apr 3 15:57:11 2010
Searching for Jack Adolph COLLINI. Or any relatives.


Caryl Cooper Mon Apr 5 09:44:24 2010
I'm doing research on Rebecca (STILES) TAYLOR. I believe that her maiden name was STILES because an article written about her death said she was survived by a brother with the last name of STILES. She was a journalist for the Savannah Journal, a black newspaper, in the 1930s. She lived in Savannah and I'm trying to find a birth date and place. Her obituary in 1958 said she was 77 years old so I think she was born around 1881.

Thanks in advance for your help.


RHODA ANDERSON Thu Apr 8 10:55:10 2010
I am looking for my mother's mother, my grandmother or any family. My mother never knew her. Her name is on my Mom's birth certificate as Anna Mae BROWN age 22. My Mom was born in 1936. That made Anna Mae (BROWN) ANDERSON born 1914. We believe she was born in Savannah, Georgia Jan or Feb 1914. Then she migrated to New York where she had my Mom March 28, 1936. If someone has any information, please contact me. We never knew any of my Mom's side of the family. She died in 2005 with a sad heart.


Billie Halliday Sun Apr 11 10:47:18 2010
I believe that Mary Ann PAYNE was born in Chatham County in 1804. I've no idea who her parents were, but she showed up in Tennessee in 1837. There she married a man named Dennis HOPKINS.
Thank you for your help - It is much appreciated.


Linda Wilder-Bryan Sun Apr 11 11:49:56 2010
Seeking information on the WILDER family of Chatham County, GA.


Elaine Sledge Sun Apr 25 18:00:53 2010
I am interested in seeing the obituary for Isaac LOFTIN, who died in Chatham Co. 6 Sept 1921. I have found information that his obituary is in the Savannah Morning News:
Issue 9/8/1921, section A, p. 5, column 5 & Issue 9/8/1921, seciton A, p. 8, column 5, and that this newspaper is available on microfilm at your library. I am hoping that someone there in Chatham Co. would copy this obituary and send to my email address. I am doing research for a friend, and we believe that he may be her grandfather.


Chuck Woods Sat May 15 10:53:16 2010
Does anyone do lookups for the Cherokee Hill area? Joseph WOODS and family farmed 300 acres along the Black Creek. Joseph died about 1797. His wife Mary Sterling WOODS may also be buried in the cemetery.


David A. Opp Sat May 15 13:26:46 2010
Researching family of Edward J. KENNEDY - found 1916 photo of his granddaughters at dedication of monument to Jasper Green Regiment soliders that died in Civil War -- article attached indicated that memorial was in Cathedral Cemetery at center - have been unsuccessful thus far in finding location - planning to be in Savannah on May 17th and would like to get pictures of monument - Edward J. KENNEDY, the gggrandfather of my son's wife was listed as ex-Lt. in the Jasper Green regiment - Thanks -just found this site so hope you can respond quickly.

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