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Ed Yon Tue Aug 5 05:24:34 2008
Looking for info on Viola ODOM who married Ira LEDBETTER. They were living in Senoia in 1967. Would like any info on marriage, death (if deceased) place of burial.


Toni Stinchcomb Sun Aug 17 11:10:14 2008
My mother was Jessie Ione CREWS / CRUSE born 1906. She married James Alton TRAPP. I know my grandmother (mother's mother) was Louvie or Louvia Anne HUFF, born 1868. My grandfater was Joseph T. CREWS born 1866. Great grandmother was Martha Ann "Mattie" HUFF. She had two children out of wedlock. I am trying to find Martha Ann "Mattie" HUFF's parents names. I have been told ? HUFF and ? WHEELESS or WHEELIS. I have been told they came from the Netherlands as stowaways, but so far, that isn't something I can prove or disprove. Help if you know anything regarding them.


Gene Langford Sat Aug 23 22:18:59 2008
A marriage license was issued 6/13/1850 in Coweta county to Henry Matthews LANKFORD and Susan MEALER, I am looking for the names of their parents to continue back in my research. Susan is rumored to be an Indian who was adopted by the MEALER's. The two of them lived in Coweta county Census Division 19 in 1850. Does anyone know where Division 19 is located in the county? They later moved to Meriwether county. Any help appreciated. Henry died in Richmond,Va in 1862 of typhoid fever. They had children named William P, John W, Edward H, Henry I, Sara A, Frances Marion and Virginia.


Gerry Bell Wed Aug 27 18:25:24 2008
I am married to a decendant of Mayhayley LANCASTER and John BRAZELL of Coweta county. I have found a lot of ancestors in the Salem Methodist church graveyard in Franklin, Ga.
If anyone has any of the family tree or ancestry would please contact me with any of it? I would greatly appreciate it. My mother in laws mother was a LANCASTER and she married John BRAZELL. My mother in law married a Earnest BELL at age 15.
Thank You
Gerry Bell


Ann Kittle Tue Sep 9 09:09:06 2008
I am looking for Keri Pruett, she answered a post in 1993 about George Washington PREWETT and Elijah BRYANT. I am looking for more info on this family. Thanks, Ann


Keri Pruett Tue Sep 23 19:51:44 2003
Attn: Ann Kittle who posted about Elijah BRYANT on Fri Apr 25 18:07:06 1997 -- I am interested in contacting you. I believe that my father and I can help you with your information on Elijah BRYANT and Sarah PREWETT. I am Elijah's and Sarah's gg grand daughter; George Washington's great grand daughter. Please contact me if you see this. Thank you, Keri Pruett
Ann Kittle Fri Apr 25 18:07:06 1997
I am looking for information on Elijah BRYANT born 1800 and died 1890 in Coweta County. His mother Polly lived with him he never married but he did have two children that I know of by Sarah PREWETT. They were George Washington PREWETT and Mariah Elizabeth Catherine. He came to Georgia with his two brothers John and George from Virginia.


karen anderson Sat Sep 20 21:28:01 2008
I am searcing for more in depth info on the John ANDERSON listed in Coweta land lottery. Any onfo would be helpful and appreciated.


Frank R Wooten Mon Sep 22 15:31:52 2008
I am looking for anyone related to the following people. Oran WOODRUFF, Thomas PHILLIPS, Lana MITCHELL, Susan STAPLES, Jo Brown WOODRUFF and Samantha WEST. These are all members of the Wooten WOODRUFF family of Grantville, Ga, Coweta co.
Any help will be appreciated. Frank R Wooten


Elaine Bean Sun Sep 28 13:21:34 2008
Looking for any one who knew of my husband's great great grandfather's parents. His name was Thomas Alfred BEAN, born 1841 in Coweta Cty. Ga. Moved to Alabama.


Nalda Gibson Thu Oct 9 13:39:55 2008
Asa HUGGINS & Elizabeth (WOODY) HUGGINS are my 3rd. Great Grandparents. Their daughter Mary Elizabeth HUGGINS married O. F. SWINNEY, Coweta Co GA. Later they moved to Upshur Co TX. Mary Elizabeth (HUGGINS) SWINNEY and O. F. SWINNEY's daughter Marcie SWINNEY married George Washington STRANGE. Their daughter Nora Elizabeth STRANGE married Arthur Roy BULLOCK, my grandparents.
Nalda Gibson
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girlie Sun Oct 12 21:35:11 2008
I wanted to know if anyone in Coweta County know anything about the GIBBS family. Sanders and Lizzie Kate GIBBS, I'm not sure of what town but I know it was Moreland or Newnan.


Cheri Fri Oct 17 22:08:44 2008
I am seeking information on my Great-grand parents: Samuel and Fannie PEAVY, they had a son named Elias who was listed on the 1910 Census, records she that Sam and Fannie (Fanny) moved to Ohio with their Grandson Cluade PEAVY (dob 5-8-1911) There is no other mention of Elias who should have been about 17 in 1910, Claude is suspect to be the son of Elias and a women named Mary Ann DARDEN who lived in Coweta County in 1910 but I can find no records of her existence. I would appreciate any help available. Fannie dies in Ohio in 1962, no record of what happened to Sam.


Caitlin Tue Oct 21 07:48:22 2008
I was wondering does anyone know what the name of the book about Mahaley LANCASTER? Do ya'll know the name of it and the movie about her?


PRUETT Sat Nov 22 09:17:32 2008
Does anyone know who Benjamin JOHNSON, son of Dempsey JOHNSON, b. 1825 in NC, married? No, it is not Elizabeth WEAVER (that was the wife of his cousin who had the same name) Any info on this line would be greatly appreciated.


Mickey Hall Wed Nov 26 11:40:22 2008
William Benjamin ORR is father of Myra ORR. They lived in Coweta and Myra married O A JACKSON but we don't know how he came into it.


Donna M Nichols Wed Jan 28 12:11:32 2009
I am looking for a divorce record for Matthew DUNCAN and Frances Jones MOBLEY divorced 10 Dec 1870, Coweta co. Can anyone help?
Thanking you for any help that you may be able to provide.
Donna Moberley Nichols


Ivonia Sutton Sun Feb 1 16:05:11 2009
Looking for any information on an African American male by the name of Tom COLEMAN. He lived on Pinson Street with his wife who was Idella (WARE) COLEMAN.


punkin Wed Feb 18 00:21:10 2009
Would like to know about George Auther POTTS.


Kay Tarleton Seymour Fri Feb 27 17:13:35 2009
Seeking birth information of Edgar Duncan TARLETON.


Myrna Goddard Fri Feb 27 20:35:35 2009
Kathi Bledsoe - I have information on your Baily Farmer BLEDSOE. By now you may have already found him however I would still very much like to talk with you. Please contact me.


Jeffery McLain Thu Mar 5 07:34:59 2009
I am seeking information regarding Bernie or Barney PITTS, a slave of South Carolina, who married a Mulatto from Coweta Georgia, her name was Martha born April 1825. They moved to Dallas, Texas by 1860. This family also lived in Alabama, children named: Eli, Amenda, Margaret, Elvicra or Elvira. Not sure who the slave owners were if any. Martha looked more white than black. It has been reported that Martha was a daughter of a slave owner in Newberry South Carolina.


Ralph Hanson Mon Mar 9 18:29:48 2009
According to the obituary of my GG Grandmother, Sarah Jane MIZE, she was born December 9, 1849 in Newnan, Coweta County, GA and died 1925 in Jefferson County, Texas.
Looking for any information on her family or any MIZE family that was living in Coweta County during that time frame


Jimmy Clemons Thu Mar 12 14:35:57 2009
I am searching for a picture or a photo of Sarah Louisa GATLIN that married Robert B. HESTER in 1838 in Coweta. My grandfather was also Robert Bennett HESTER (called Bob). His wife was Maggie BOYD. My mother had a picture laminated on wood that I believe to be Sarah. I am trying to confirm my belief. Relatives talk about a HESTER look. It is an expression I believe I see on the woman in the picture. In fact it is here then it is probably a GATLIN look. My Great Grandfather was Zachariah Taylor HESTER. I would appreciate any help.


Cecilia Messick Tue Mar 17 12:50:06 2009
I am looking for information on my Great, Great, Great Grandfather Anderson HAMM born 1818 in Lauderville County, Alabama and any ancestors of his. He moved from Georgia to Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama.He settled in Logan County Arkansas, in 1871 and died there in 1886. His son James T. HAMM was a honored soldier of the Conferate Army, Sheriff and Tax Collector of Wills Point, Texas.


Nalda Gibson Thu Mar 19 21:06:04 2009
Asa & Elizabeth (WOODY) HUGGINS Coweta Co GA are my 3rd Great Grandparents. Their daughter Mary Elizabeth HUGGINS married O. F. SWINNEY. The SWINNEYs moved to Wood Co TX., where they are buried.
I would like to hear from anyone from these lines.
Note my new email address:


Rhonda Mueggenborg Fri Mar 20 19:37:37 2009
Searching for any all info on David GURLEY b. 1805 and d. 1864 in Coweta county, Elizabeth (BROOKS) GURLEY b. 1810 and d. 1890 in Coweta county, Lucy Ann (GURLEY) SEWELL and Isaac Richmond SEWELL.
Any help is most appreciated.
Rhonda Mueggenborg
email at


ERNEST Wed Apr 1 00:45:38 2009
Seeking information on Thomas D. HAINES (born abt 1852 died 1906). Buried at Oak Hill. Seeking the name of first wife, father and mother and any other info you may have. He is my g-grandfather. Harvie Hamilton HAINES, his son, is my grandfather.


Vivian Gordon Fri May 1 16:15:57 2009
My GGGrandparents, Elizabeth TACKETT and Edward LANKFORD, married in Coweta Co., GA, 4 Dec 1844. I am trying to find names of any of their parents. Will welcome any information on them. Thanks. Vivian Gordon


Gail McDowell Wed May 6 07:10:20 2009
I am looking for information on a William D McDOWELL. He is listed on an 1850 census report living in District 29, Fayette, Georgia. He is listed as 0 years at the time. His father is listed as Daniel McDOWELL and his mother is listed as Nicy (BURTON) McDOWELL. Records indicate that Daniel and Nicy were married on July 20, 1831 in Coweta County Georgia. I believe that William is my husband's great grandfather but can't confirm this. The William D McDOWELL I am looking for was born around 1850 in Georgia so the dates and place match. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank You


Earline Burks White Sat May 23 14:39:42 2009
I was looking over the 1840 census for Coweta co., Ga. and noticed a John BEALL in district 2 on this census. Since my grandmother was a BEALL / BELL I am interested in this. She was Mary BELL married to James BOATRIGHT in Coweta co., Ga. in 1847. They are buried in the old Jordan cemetary in Carroll co., Ga. If anyone knows any information on this John BEALL, I would love to hear from you.


Helen Wed Jun 10 06:55:24 2009
My grandfather, Henry George LOWRY, and Mahaley LANCASTER were first cousin's. I am trying to find my grandfather's parents graves. I do know that they are not buried where Mahaley is. They are buried at another church in Heard Co. His father's name is Leon "Lee" LOWRY. His mother's name is Amanda Dora (THAXTON) LOWRY. If anyone has this information, please let me know.

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