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"B B Team" found in trunk of grandfather. First wife, Mary Jean Mattox Johnson, taught school at the White Oak School and in Coweta Co. schools. I'm sure this is from one of the schools she taught in. Mrs. Johnson taught circa 1930-1960. This photo appears to be vintage 1930's or possibly 1940's.

Contributed by Marsha Falk - March 2004

Circa 1900. Not an Allen or Thompson family member. Other surnames that are related to my family in Coweta area are Scarborough, Head, Sartain, Bond, and Pesnell. I haven't been able to establish a tie to any of those names either.

Anyway, when you see the photo you will recognize the chair from the Stockton studio. I'm hoping someone might see this photo and recognize it as their ancestors.

Contributed by Bud Allen - January 2003

Contributed by Ed Martin - March 2002

Mechanics Band - 1885

The Mechanics Band of Newnan, Georgia, photographed on the north side of the old Coweta County Court House in 1885.

Left to right: Gordon Varner, Clarence W Saunders, Dave Floyd, W Cleburne Kinnard, Charlie F Meyer, George W Meyer, Charlie Vance, Jim Jackson, Roy N Cole, Young C Thompson (organizer and teacher), and Tommie M Thompson. Four of these were first cousins --- Varner, Saunders, Young C Thompson and Tommie M Thompson. The band was in demand on numerous occasions, especially at old Thomas Hall which was the social center of that day. Charlie F Meyer sold the Mechanics Band Cigars at his store and there was a picture of the boys on the inside top of the box.

Contributed by James Newby, June 2001 (finally recognized Dec 2015)

Contributed by David Payne - Dec 2000

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