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Company E

While doing his own research, Dennis Abercrombie, abstracted the Muster Roll of Company E and has been kind enough to share his work with us. The following is a list of the Soldiers in Company E.

The following is a muster roll of Captain Hall's Company (Pond Springs Cavalry) of Culberson's Battalion, Georgia Cavalry. This was Co. E of the 6th Battalion Georgia Cavalry, State Guards. The 6th Battalion was organized in the summer of 1863, "for local defence, to serve six months in one-fourth of the State of northwestern Georgia" and consisted of seven companies altogether. The first enrollment appears to have occurred July 13, 1863. The muster roll is dated Oct 25, 1863. This battalion was mustered out of service in February 1864. The microfilmed roll can be found at the Georgia State Archives (Drawer #253, Rolls #108 & #109).

Abercrombie, Thomas       Private
Alley, M. N.              Private
Alley, N. M.              3rd. Lt.
Baldwin, J. E.            Private
Bonds, Archibald          Private
Boss, H. W.               Private
Brien, Jordon             Private
Brock, John               Private
Brock, T. B.              Private
Brotherton, W.            Private
Burrows, A.               Private
Camp, Avery               Private
Carlock, W. H.            Private
Carpenter, William        Private
Carpenter, W. W.          Corporal
Chambers, W.              Sargeant
Chambers, W. B.           Private
Childress, R.             Private
Conley, C. W.             Private
Dyer, J. S., Sr.          Private
Everett, W. H.            Private
Garmany, W. N.            2nd Lt.
Gordon, C. N.             1st Lt.
Guthrie, R. M.            Private
Hall, C. M.               Private
Hall, Joseph C.           Captain (Comm. Co. E, Pond Springs Cal)
Hall, S. P.               Private/Corporal
Hamilton, J.              Private
Haney, M.                 Sargeant
Hardin, B. F.             Private
Harry, Thomas             Private
Hill, W. C.               Private
Jones, D. W.              Private
Jones, G. W.              Private
Jones, Willis             1st Sargeant
Kilgore, Peter W.         Private
Mason, Walker             Private
Mathis, William           Private
McFarland, C.D.           Private
Morgan, J. J.             Private
Morgan, Richard           Private
Osborn, Lewis             Private
Owens, G.W.               Private
Park, James               Sargeant
Parker, R.                Private
Phillips, M.              Corporal
Satterfield, J. H.        Corporal
Simmons, Alex A.          Corporal
Snodgrass, George         Sargeant
Tyner, J. S.              Private
Viles, Anthony            Private
Vitatoe, H.               Private

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