Signal Company Troop Carrier Wings - World War II

Signal Company Troop Carrier Wings had the mission of locating the enemy and reporting back to the appropriate troops. They used Cryptography to send and decipher messages. It was necessary for them to move around to avoid detection. The 333rd worked on Luzon and nearby islands. Because of this mission, they could not send and receive mail to family and friends as regularly as other servicemen. Even when they could correspond, they could not tell where they were stationed.

Among the personal papers of Gerald V. Anderson was a list of some members of the 333rd Squadron. This is not known to be a complete list, but it has been transcribed as precisely as possible by Barbara Anderson Harper, All names, addresses, cities, and states are spelled as found on the register, i.e. Lucbick, Texas, should probably be Lubbock, Texas. Punctuation and spacing is also shown as found on the register.

This transcription is donated in honor of all members of the 333rd and in honor of the work they accomplished during WWII.

These addresses are from 1947 and may or may not be correct now, as more than likely several of these members have fought the last battle.

Names and Addresses of Company Members
Past and Present

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Bernard D. Abrams, 911 Eddy Road, Cleveland, Ohio.
Bruce E. Acton, Dewar, Oklahoma
Harold C. Afton, 919 South Lafayette Street, Greenville, Michigan
Robert B. Alden, 96 Lafayette Pk., Lynn, Mass.
John D. Alexander, Oak Harbor, Ohio
Henry R. Allen, 205 North Van Buren Street, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Forrest D. Anderson, 1457, W. 55th Street, Los Angeles, California
Gerald V. Anderson, Box 404, Pharoah, Oklahoma.
Louis J. Anderson, 1700 McClellan, Detroit, Michigan.
Willim Armstrong III, 6700 Chew Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Anthony P. Aroneo, 12 Bedford Street, East Orange, New Jersey.
Grange B. Aycock, 313 East Martin Street, Raleigh, North Carolina.
Lewis P. Balderson, Route #4, Fairmont, West Virginia.
Ervin F. Ballwey, Box 127, Sauk City, Wisconsin.
Louis G. Bara, 401 E. 8th Street, Peru, Illinois.
James Barrie, 1204 Rozelle Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio
James R. Bartley, Route #2, Tomkinsville, Kentucky.
Wilbur S. Bass, (Mother: Bonnie Bass), 302
Howard ST., Cadillac, Michigan.
Matthew A. Batruel, 6342 S. Marshall Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Sam R. Bellucci, 6 Pembroke Street, Chelsea, Mass.
Wilbur L. Beeman, Chelsea, Michigan.
Murray Bernhardt, 3025 Brighton 3rd Street, Brooklyn, New York.
Earl L. Best, 1203 S. Albins, Fairmont, Minnesota.
John T. Bilek, 471 Aurora Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota.
Donald L. Bobzin, 200 N. 2nd Avenue, W. Newton, Iowa.
John Booth, 2204 Nebraska Street, Sioux City, Iowa.
Frank L. Bonney, 228 Wilshire Street, Bakersfield, California.
Richard C. Bosfeld, Frederickburg, Ohio,
Hubert H. Boulton, Route #2, La Center, Kentucky.
Francis P. Boudo, 34 Giles Street, Waterbury, Conn.
Hector C. E. Bourque, 312 Auburn Street, Manchester, New Hamp.

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William B. Bradley, 39 Vine Street, Binghamton, New York.
Murray Brandmark, 1058 Southern Blvd., c/o Bach, Bronx, New York.
Stanton F. Briggs, 1416 Polk Street, Topeka, Kansas.
Charles A. Brock, 411 N. Boyle Avenue, Los Angeles, California.
Daniel Brown, 2549 S. Phillip Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Earl Bryan, 314 Lewis Street, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Adrian E. Brymer, 521 Walnut, Colorado City, Texas.
Raymond W. Budd, Jr, RFD #2, Sewell, New Jersey.
Jerome J. Bugno, 6713 26th Avenue, Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Thomas Burch, Jr, 465 Morris Street, Albany, New York.
John H. Burgess, 1026 Phoenix Avenue, Chester, West Virginia.
Francis W. Burke, 34 E. Main Street, Webster, Mass.
Melvin S. Burnidge, 319 Wabash Street, Elgin, Illinois.
Charles C. Burrus, 3569 Avacado Avenue, Miami, Florida.
Quentin C. Calkins, (Mother: Mrs. Myrtly Calkins), 708 Alston St. Marysville,Kan
David A. Campeau, Elizabeth, New Jersey.
Alan L. Cameron, 490 Ridgewood Avenue, Glen Ridge, New Jersey.
Benjamin F. Canham, Cathlamet, Washington.
Carmen V. Carambio, 4 Lafayette Avenue, Summit, New Jersey.
Raymond L. Carpenter, 814 McPherson Avenue, Alton, Illinois.
Harold A. Carson, Box #362, Townsend, Montana.
Frederick J. Casey, 88 Rowe Street, Melrose, Mass.
Woodrow W. Chapman, General Delivery, Mt. Enterprise, Texas.
Daniel W. Christopher, 618 Edgewater Park, New York, New York.
William T. Coker, Box 228, Greenville, Alabama.
Wilbur L. Collins, 703 Jones Street, San Angelo, Texas.
Edwin F. Connor, 209 Ball Park Blvd., N. W. Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Norman F. Cook, 181 Avenue "A", Pt. Pleasant, New York.
James M. Crail, 924 Jeffrey Street, Bakersfield, California.
Ralph C. Cronin, 6 John Street, Worcestor, Mass.
Warren L. Cummings, 114 Liberty Street, Warsaw, New York.
Russel E. Curran, 167 E. Chicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Phillip R. Czapla, 905 W. North Street, Anaheim, California.
Millard F. Davis, Bear Lake Road Route 2, Muskegon, Michigan.

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Denton L. De Baun, 50 West Side Avenue, Haverstraw, New York.
Raymond T. De Brunner, New York, New York.
Howard R. Deem, 724 N. Monroe Street, Arlington, Virginia.
Dominic S. Del Torto, 275 Highland Avenue, Somerville, Mass.
Paul S. Delcore, 16 Edwards Street, Saranac Lake, New York.
George M. DeMuth, RFD #6, Waterloo, Iowa.
Earl I. Dieter, Spring Glen, Pennsylvania.
Joseph C. R. Dostio, 27 Bridge Street, Augusta, Maine.
Raymond A. Dudzik, Route 1, Krakow, Wisconsin.
Charles W. Duffy, Buffalo, New York.
Joseph J. A. Dumais, 10 Hammond Street, Lewiston, Maine.
Harvey W. Elliott, 348 Sexton Street, Struthers, Ohio.
Ernest C. Englund, Route 3, Box #749, Miami, Florida.
Walter Erickson, Seven Ridge Road, Lancaster, Mass.
Ernest Etter, 705, E. 10th Avenue, Denver, Colorado.
Jerry F. Edgerton, 84-22 122 Street, Richmond Hill, New York.
John J. Exon, Jr., 3331 Harney Street, Omaha, Nebraska.
Harold L. Farnham, Waldron, Michigan.
Frederick E. Feldtmann, 804 Mt. Prospect Avenue, Newark, New Jersey.
Basil R. Fletcher, General Delivery, Summitville, Tennessee.
Stanford Fichtman, 2522 86th Street, Jackson Heights, New York.
Paul Finch, General Delivery, Southern Pines, North Carolina.
Ernest R. Fjeld, Box 228, Whitehall, Wisconsin.
Vincent N. Frett, 2617 Pershing Blvd., Clinton, Iowa.
Howard W. Friskey, 7 McWilliams Street, Lead, South Dakota.
Kenneth Galloway, 103 Harbor Road, Mariners Harbor, New York.
Harry C. Gable, 566 S. 12th Street, Newark,New Jersey.
Kenneth Gaiter, Route #3, Thompsonville, Illinois.
Edward P. Garner, Route #1, Lexington, Tennessee.
Richard W. Galeson, 4634 S. Paulina Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Clarence P. Gerow, 3985 Commonwealth, Detroit, Michigan.
Wallace J. Gillam, Route #1, Box 178, Orchards, Washington.
James H. Glass, 159 W. Irving Street, Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
Thomas M. Glenn, 686 Courtland Avenue, Macon, Georgia.
William H. Goodman, 226B RFD #4, Huntington, Long Island, New York.

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Frank R. Gordon, 1560 Fordham Avenue, Schenectady, New York.
James H. Gray, 312 Oakland Place, Fergus Falls, Minnesota.
John F. Green, Jr., Fort Payne, Alabama.
Erwing J. Green, 7131 S. Daman Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Kenneth Greene, 59 Knox Court, Denver, Colorado.
Cecil E. Groves, Route 1, Biggers, Arkansaw.
John R. Griffith, 1200 E. 10th Street, Long Beach, California.
Earl W. Gunnels, Jr., 1043 Monterey Street, Hollister, California.
Robert H. Grogan, 1 Oak Street, Madison, New Jersey.
Allen L. Guy, 812 9th Avenue, Alpena, Michigan.
Robert W. Guzules, (Frances Guzules, Sister), 3157 5th Avenue, Sacramento, Cal.
Johnnie M. Hagler, Route #2, Skipperville, Alabama.
Willie J. Hall, General Delivery, Jacksonville, Florida.
Thomas M. Harden, 416 Jackson Avenue, Thomaston, Georgia.
Jessie L. Harris, 5003 Bryan Street, Dallas, Texas.
Richard P. Harrington, 120 Essex Street, Beverly, Mass.
John B. Harding,Jr., New Castle, Colorado.
Richard G. Hamilton, 729 N. Star, Eldorado, Kansas.
Jack E. Harrier, 3610 Schaefer Street, Culver City, California.
George D. Harrill, 318 E. Elm Street, Shelby, North Carolina.
Norbert L. Haumschild, 1240 No. Second Street, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.
Frank J. Hazuka, 569 Isabella Avenue, North Charleroi, Pennsylvania.
Francis W. Heintz, 158 Clairmont Avenue, Westview, Pennsylvania.
John I. Herring, 1103 N. Delaware, Roswell, New Mexico.
John L. Henderson, General Delivery, Lucbick, Texas. (Transcriber believes that "Lucbick" is a miss typing for Lubbock)
Arthur Heuman, Franklin Street, Woodcliff Lake, Bergen, New Jersey.
Ted H. Hill, 505 Decatur Street, Oildale, California.
Cecil R. Holden, 205 Mill Street, Lenoir, North Carolina.
Paul R. Holden, Star Route, Linville, North Carolina.
Vernon A. Holland, Jr., Windsor, Virginia.
Michael Hreha, 330 W. 12th Avenue, Homestead, Conn.
Billy E. Hunter, 1122 N. Rock Hill Road, St. Louis, Missouri.
Arthur L. Johnson, Jr., RFD #3, Gate City, Virginia. (The "A" on Arthur is not printed on transcriber's copy of the register)
Robert Jackson, Route #1, Parrish, Alabama. (The "R" on Robert is not printed on transcriber's copy of the register)

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Joseph T. Jones, 424 7th Street, SE Washington, D.C.
Leonard P. Keene, Richlands, Virginia.
Bernard Kieran, 6824 Wolcott Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Robert Klein, 1346 Delta Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Thadeusz J. Kmiecik, 3111 S May Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Harold M. Katz, 34 Clinton Avenue, New Brighton, New York.
George F. Kennedy, 114 E Auburn Avenue, Bellefontaine, Ohio.
Donald H. Kenney, Bronson, Iowa.
Robert L. Kinnaman, Alma, Nebraska.
Charles R. Kohls, 1207 W 30th Street, Los Angeles, California.
William Kolar, 4230 W 21st Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Stanley P. Konopko, Jr., 905 Joseph Avenue, Rochester, New York.
William J. Knapp, 703 Linden Avenue, Newport, Kentucky.
Albert C. Knight, 800 Park Avenue, East Palestine, Ohio.
Donald J. Kornmeyer, 112 James Street, Boonville, New York.
Harry L. Kramerman, 1005 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, New York.
Dan R. Kramer, 1256 Park Avenue, Hamilton, Ohio
Jacob Kwartler, 2167 Cruger Avenue, New York, New York.
Claudie C. Lance, Route #1, McMinnville, Tennessee.
Robert S. Landman, 1359 Tutwiler, Memphis, Tennessee.
Sylvester J. Landwehr, Route #3, Verndale, Minnesota.
Charles A. Lanaux, 547 Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Ove Larsen, Route #4, Box 167, Petaluma, California.
Lawrence O. Le Fevre, 1909 8th Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas.
Lester L. Lehnherr, Cartersville, Georgia.
Navio J. Ligi, Railroad Avenue, Ridgefield, Conn.
Frank A. Li Marzi, 299 Central Avenue, White Plains, New York.
Gordon E. Lindquist, 644 N. Laramie Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Herman L. Litwack, 34 Taylor Street, Malden, Mass.
Irwin S. Lizan, 1252 E 19th Street, Brooklyn, New York.
Joseph D. Lochner, 94 Van Schoiek Avenue, Albany, New York.
Dale M. Looney, Route #1, Hazelton, Idaho
Richard A. Lytle, 795 Yearling Road, Columbus, Ohio.
Paul Lucas, 3166 38th Street, Astoria, New York.
Robert C. Manning, 3817 Park Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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("Page 6" heading does not show on transcriber's copy)

George M. Mumma, 102 E. Salisbury Street, Willimsport, Maryland.
J. Doyle Madsen, 1365 Glenmare Street, Salt Lake City, Utah.
William E. Manuel, 225 West 24th Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Charles C. McCash, 3505 North Littlejohn, Ft. Worth, Texas.
David A. McCarville, Ogallala, Nebraska.
Melvin W. McDonald, Route #1, Bark River, Michigan.
Harold J. McManus, 5149 Fulton Street, Chicago, Illinois.
James H. Meek, 210 N. Jackson, Pratt, Kansas.
Paul D. Merritt, Rural Route #1, Mode, Illinois.
Clifford E. Mickens, Danvers, Illinois.
Clifton C. Milversted, 2535 Longwood, Los Angeles, California.
Salvador Miciotto, 1553 Norma Street, Shreveport, Louisiana.
John P. Monahan, 1436 Taylor Street, NW Washington, D.C.
Harold K. Moore, 3961 Sunset Drive, North Hollywood, California.
Sam S. Mingione, 11106 Kinsman Road, Cleveland, Ohio.
Wilbur M. Montgomery, Route #1, Stockdale, Texas.
Leonard L. Murdy, 11854 Inglewood Avenue, Hawthorne, California.
Peter T. Murphy, Jr., 1140 W. 67th Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Coy J. Nave, Pontiac, Missouri.
Anthony J. Niedzwiecki, 124 Strauss Street, Buffalo, New York.
John W. Nelson, Box 78, Clearfield, Pennsylvania.
Harry B. Newman, 10742 Amor Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio.
Reed L. North, 3536 S. 13th East, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Anthony A. Nye, 311 No. Williams, South Bend, Indiana.
Joseph F. O'Connor, 933 Morton Avenue, Chester, Pennsylvania.
Michael Oleski, 53 Windsor Street, Kearny, New Jersey.
John Omer, Jr., West Point, Illinois.
Carlo P. Ottaviano, 2072 E. 15th Street, Brooklyn, New York.
George Pallifrone, 45 Locust Street, Rochester, New York.
Thure W. Palmblad, Jr., 5053 N. Kilbourn Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
John P. Phiambolis, 5856 Pershing Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri.
Charles Papelian, 1855 Fulton Avenue, New York, New York.
Sheridan C. Payne, Route #2, Clarkfield, Minnesota.
Victor E. Perruna, 72 Church Street, Spring Valley, New York.
Guy C. Perno (Mother: Mrs. Susie Perno), 725 So. California Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Samuel P. Pe Katz, 829 N. Soto Street, Los Angeles, California.

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Howard J. Phillips, Jr., 3334 NE 42nd, Portland, Oregon.
John R. Pincuspy, 7917 Ogden Avenue, Lyons, Illinois.
William C. Pitt, Coakey Road, Rocky Mt., North Carolina.
Joseph A. Poremba, 2428 N. Talman Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Raymond M. Poblocki, 5779 S. Howell Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Owen J. Pritchard, 2822 N. Downer Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Andrew J. Pugliese, 110-20 156th Street, Jamaica, New York.
Leo F. Purcell, Rosston, Oklahoma.
John H. Ray, 60 Lakeview Drive NE, Atlanta, Georgia.
Thomas E. Ray, 414 39th Street, Cleveland, Tennessee.
Richard M. Regedanz, 925 W. 3rd Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Joseph D. Richardson, 3829 Marlborough, San Diego, California.
Rex E. Richardson, Rockford, Michigan.
Lawrence E. Rhoades, RFD #4, Cochranton, Pennsylvania.
Norris Richards, Bremen, Maine.
Francis A. Ries, 633 Tauromee Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas.
Charles R. Riley,(Wife: Mrs Margaret C. Riley), Fancy Farm, Kentucky.
Charles H. Richter, 2615 N. Michigan Avenue, Saginaw, Michigan.
Albert G. Rioli, 216 Clover Street, Brownsville, Pennsylvania.
Richard D. Robins, Route #3, Claremore, Oklahoma.
Enarcio Rovelto, Jr., 186 Transit Street, Providence, Rhode Island.
Orville C. Rouse, Acra, New York.
Floyd E. Saint, Lyons, Kansas.
Emmett O. Samples, 74 Serphin Avenue, St. Genevieve, Missouri.
Charles F. Schanthal, 298 Lansing Street, Herkimer, New York.
George W. Schreieck, 42 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.
Theodore Schwabauer, 2203 Aloma, Wichita, Kansas.
George P. Shakespeare, Wilder House, Northampton, Mass.
Clarence W. Schoppe, 1919 Stedman Court, Overland, Missouri.
Edward H. Seaman, RFD #1, Aberdean, Maryland.
Ray E. Schultz, Box 185, RD #1, Warwick, New York.
Lloyd H. Smith, 132 Pearl Street, Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
Edward G. Smith, Route #1, Willow, Oklahoma.
Virgil F. Smith, Artesian, South Dakota.

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John P. Steinbach, 3900 7th Avenue, Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Chester L. Stewart, Terra Alta, West Virginia.
Samuel E. Stinchcomb, 1502 Barry Avenue, Los Angeles, California.
Robert W. Steudel, 1317 S. Oneida Street, Appleton, Wisconsin.
Herman L. Stone, 1608 Montrose Drive (River Oaks), Ft. Worth, Texas.
Robert C. Stricklin, 832 Creed Street, Struthers, Ohio.
William M. Sulkoski, 11 Stoddard Drive, Worcester, Mass.
Gerald Terry, 230 Brookside Avenue, Amsterdam, New York.
Joe M. Thompson, Friday, Texas.
William B. Timms, 1919 S. Peoria Street, Chicago, Illinois.
Harold Tinkham, 94 Kenwood Road, Methuen, Mass.
Victor Trager, 1338 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, New York.
Peter Van Der Schelde,(Wife: Mrs. Johanna Van Der Schedle), 361 N. 10th Street, Paterson, New Jersey.
Peter H. Vanderleeuw, 312, 22nd Street, Union City, New Jersey.
Arthur A. Veillette, 65 Putnam Street, Hartford, Conn.
Rex B. Verley, RFD #2, Humansville, Missouri.
Angelo Vivensi, 435 33rd Avenue (21), San Francisco, California.
Woodrow W. Waldrop, 225 Oakland Avenue, Spartanburg, South Carolina.
John S. Wakefield, 1353 Massachusetts Avenue, SE Washington, D.C.
John G. Walding, Route #1, Croswell, Michigan.
Howard J. Walther, 1833 N. Kostner Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Larry E. Weatherington, Route #4, Box 339, Norfolk, Virginia.
Eugene G. Weeks, 1914 South Columbia Pike, Arlington, Virginia.
Max Wein, 1836 S. Millard Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
Ralph P. Welsh, 1221 E. 28, Little Rock, Arkansas.
George D. West, 1052 Forrest Street, Carthage, Missouri.
Thomas White, Jr., RFD #1, Middlebury, Conn.
George W. R. Wilson, 23 Winnett Street, Hamden, Conn.
Elmer R. Wible, Elizabeth, New Jersey.
Raymond P. Williams, 200 South Avenue, Shenandoah, Iowa.
Robert P. Williams, 437 E. 238th Street, Wilmington, California.
William H. Williamson, 1312 Gorge Blvd., Akron, Ohio.
Albert E. Winkler, Pottersville, New Jersey.
Myron Wolstein, Rosharon, Texas.

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Winston T. Wood, 303 Carrolton Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana.
Keith W. Wright, 1124 W. Broadway, Ardmore, Oklahoma.
Harry Zausner, 1121 Croes Avenue, New York, New York.
Charles W. Zarsky, 2840 South Grand, Los Angeles, California.
Roy O. Zenner, 4426A North 20th Street, St. Louis, Missouri.
Raymond A. Zimkoski, 2844 Dakota Avenue, St. Louis Park, Minneapolis, Minn.
Stanley J. Zukowski, 1315 S. Peoria Street, Chicago, Illinois.

Contributed 1999. First posted 17 Dec 1999.
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