Cass County, North Dakota
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Catherine F. Johnson Mon Feb 24 16:58:41 1997
posted 5-13-97
information on family of Kathleen Taylor. Born Fargo, N.Dak. Cass Co. 11 Oct. 1951

Steve Dennehy Mon May 5 13:21:53 1997
Seeking Mrs. C.L. Wallace, living Fargo 1948. She was the daughter of Methodist minister Rev. Charles and Mary (PHIPPS) HOLLETT. Rev. Charles d. 1947 in San Antonio, Tex. Mrs. Wallace had siblings Major Rhey T. Hollett-U.S. Army, Mrs. George R. Heberling of Columbus, Oh. (1947) and Miss Marie H. Hollett of San Antonio (1947). I am researching the family of Rev. Charles's mother the HUKILLs and am searching for the Hukill family Bible which went down her line.
JUNE COLEMAN Tue Oct 29 23:50:50 1996
posted 5-13-97
I am looking for information on the imigation of the weisbeck family
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