Slope County Vital Records Office
P.O. Box NN
Amidon, ND 58620-0449
(701) 879-6276

Records Available and Cost:

Birth Record: $7.00
Death Record: $5.00
Marriage Record: $5.00

It is suggested that you enclose a self-addressed return envelope. This will always help expedite any order from a Records Clerk. Additionally, any pertinent information you may have such as birth dates, death dates, full names (including middle names), nicknames, approximate date of marriage, etc. is always helpful. As an example: My grandfather's name was Francis Kelly. When I requested the records of Francis Kelly, it was returned, "not found". However, when I tried again using his nickname of "Frank" I received his death certificate. You never know exactly what names your relatives were using; therefore, it never hurts to cover every base imaginable.

If you have resources for Slope County or would like to volunteer to help with look-ups, please e-mail me Tim Stowell / Chattanooga, TN
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