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12 May 1840
In Homer, on the 3d inst., by L. B. CANFIELD, Esq., Mr. Calvin SUMMERS, of Dryden, to Miss Mary Jane SIMSON, of the former place.

In Cortland Village, on the 6th inst., by Rev. Mr. FRANCHER, Mr. Curtis L. KINNEY, of McGrawville, to Miss Carmelia SALISBURY of the former place.

19 May 1840
In Cortlandville, on Tuesday the 12th inst., by the Rev. T. J. WHITCOMB, Mr. John CLARK, to Miss Barbara COUNCILMEN, both of Homer.
26 May 1840
In Cortlandville on Wednesday evening May 20th, by Hon. Henry STEPHENS, Mr. William P. RANDALL, and Miss Sarah B. daughter of Dan HUBBARD, Esq. all of this place.

In Cortlandville, on Friday evening last, by the Rev. T. J. WHITCOMB, Mr. Hiram FOSGATE to Miss Jane Elizabeth LEE.

9 June 1840
In Homer, on the 2nd inst., by Elder J. W. TAGGEL, Mr. William A. POLLEY of Groton Hollow, to Miss Eunice E. BARTLETT, daughter of Mr. Nathaniel BARTLETT, of Homer.

In Springport, Cayuga Co., on the 3d inst., by Elder CALL, Mr. John W. BARTLETT, of Homer, to Miss Emily ALLEN, daughter of Mr. Zimri ALLEN of the former place.

23 June 1840
In Spafford on the 16th inst. by Rev. Benjamin ANDREWS, Mr. James D. GOODWIN, of Otisco, to Miss Mary daughter of Samuel PARKER of the former place.

In Ellicottville, Cattaraugus Co., New York, on the 3d day of June inst., by the Rev. T. BALDWIN, Mr. Daniel Reed WHEELER, Esq., Attorney and Counsellor at Law, formerly of this place, to Miss Francis WILLIAMS, all of the former place.

21 July 1840
In Truxton, on the 7th inst. by the Rev. P. G. BRIDGEMAN, Mr. Daniel B. PADDOCK, of Freetown, to Miss Content BROWN, of the former place.
22 Sep 1840
In South Cortland, on the evening of the 20th inst., by Rev. H. F. ROW, Mr. Justin FOOT to Miss Sarah Ann, daughter of Gilbert EDGCOMB Jr. Esq, all of South Cortland.

In Virgil, on Tuesday the 15th inst., by Rev. L. CLARK, Mr. Joseph V. WING, of South Cortland, to Miss Sarah A. JOHNSON, of the former place.

In East [Scott?] on the [21st?] inst. by [illegible] BALL , Mr. Hubbard HARRISON to Miss Abagail daughter of Thomas ROCKWELL, all of the above place.

20 Oct 1840
In Homer Village, on the 7th inst., by Rev. J. W. TAGGART, Mr. William N. SLOCUM, of Morrisville, Mad. Co. to Miss Elizabeth GATES, of the former place.

On the 8th inst., by the same (Rev. J. W. TAGGART), at the residence of Zebina WILLIAMS, Esq., Mr. Simeon B. KEEP, of Calhoun Co., Michigan, to Miss Hellen M. WILLIAMS, of Homer.

10 Nov 1840
In this Village on Thursday the 29th ult., by the Rev. Mr. LOCKWOOD, Mr. Elisha D. RANSOM, to Miss Nancy GIFFORD all of Cortlandville.
17 Nov 1840
In Cortland Village, on Wednesday evening Nov. 11th, by Rev. P. LOCKWOOD, Mr. Emilus GURLEY, to Miss Harriet E. CHESEBROUGH.

In Homer, by the Rev. Mr. FRANCHER of McGrawville, Mr. John F. BUCHANNAN of Cortlandville to Miss Cynthia NORTHRUP, of the former place.

24 Nov 1840
In Virgil, Cortland Co. on the 15th inst. by the Rev. James [COBBS?], Solomon ROGERS Jr. and Pamelia MAXWELL.
15 Dec 1840
In Virgil, on Wednesday, the 8th inst. by the Rev. T. J. WHITCOMB, Mr. James TYLER of Rochester, to Miss Harriet BABCOX of the former place.
Transcribed by Merton Sarvay
April, 2005
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