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5 Jan 1841
In Truxton, on the 31st, ult., by the Rev. Luke DAVIS, Mr. Harley BUELL, Esq. to Miss Eliza daughter of Mr. Jacobs, Esq., all of Ttruxton.
               The happiest life that ever was led,
               Is always to court and never to wed.
                                           An Old Bachelor.

12 Jan 1841
At New Haven, Oswego Co., on the 31st ult. by Esq. Roe, Capt. Julian FAT, Constable of Cortlandville, to Miss Amanda SNOW, of the former place.
                Snow is cold, but what of that?
                It cannot but melt with so much Fat.

19 Jan 1841
At McGrawville, on the 31st ult., by the Rev. J. CRAWFORD, Mr. Howard HENRY, of Solon, to Miss Calcina STOUT, of McLean.
6 Apr 1841
In Ithaca, on the 30th ult., by Rev. John C. F. HOES, Mr. Peter SINCLAIR, of Cortlandville to Miss Fanny MONTGOMERY of the former place.
12 May 1841
In Hartford Ct., on Tuesday evening, April 27th ult. by the Rev. Edmond TURNEY, Mr. William O. BARNARD, of the firm of Osborn & Barnard of this Village, to Miss Catherine E. ALLYN of Hartford, Ct.
16 Jun 1841
In Solon, on the 19th of May, by the Rev. John CRAWFORD Mr. William SHEARER, of Cortlandville, to Miss Sally Ann BINGHAM, of Solon.

In Cortlandville on the 3d inst. by the Rev. John CRAWFORD, Mr. Ebenezer LETSON, of Augusta, to Miss Mary Ann ROE of Cortlandville.

In Cortlandville, on the 7th inst. by H. GILLETT Esq, Mr. Charles T. HORTON, of Rochester, to Miss Mary Ann MILLINER of Cortlandville.

On Wednesday, the 9th inst. by the Rev. Dennis PLATT, Milton S. KINNEY Esq. Editor of the Skaneatles Columbian, to Miss Sophia NELSDON, daughter of Deacon Seth NELSON of this village.

30 June 1841
In Homer, on the 10th inst., by Rev. D. PLATT, Mr. Cyprian C. NORTON, of Goshen, Conn., to Miss Jane, daughter of Deacon Jessee IVES, of Homer.
4 Aug 1841
In Cortland Village on Wednesday evening August 4th by Rev. Mr. SIMMONS, Mr. J. H. REAS and Miss Caroline CHESEBROUGH, all of Cortlandville.
22 Sep 1841
In this Village, on the 16th inst., by Rev. J. P. SIMMONS, Mr. I. M. SEAMAN, to Miss Rhoda V. SALISBURY, both of the above place.
29 Sep 1841
In Truxton on the 23d inst., by Rev. George PARSONS, Mr. John DALTON, of Homer, to Miss Barbra WALLACE, of Truxton.
6 Oct 1841
In Cortlandville, Sept. 15th by Rev. Mr. STOCKING, Mr. Wm. H. HAMLIN of Chenango, to Miss Abagail ROSE, of the former place.
13 Oct 1841
In Rochester, Ulster County, on Monday Oct. 4th, by the Rev. Cornelius WYCKOFF, Mr. Stephen D. FREER, of Cortland Village Cortland Co., to Miss Sarah M. DePUY of the former place.
20 Oct 1841
In Virgil, on Thursday October 7th, by the Rev. Albert COLE, Mr. John C. PERKINS, to Miss Achsah SESSIONS.
3 Nov 1841
By Rev. Mr. STOCKING, Oct. 21st, Mr. Titus M. BIGSBY of North Brainbridge (sic), to Miss Laura Ann ROSE of Cortlandville.
10 Nov 1841
In Cortlandville on the 9th inst., by Rev. Mr. STOCKING, Mr. Daniel BROWN and Miss Mary BURCHELL, both of Dryden.

In Cortlandville on the 4th inst., by Rev. Mr. J. P. SIMMONS, Mr. Russel H. MASON, and Miss Lucy J. CHAPMAN.

On the 4th inst., by the same [Rev. J. P. SIMMONS], Mr. Jesse HUNTER, and Mrs. Patience PALMER, all of the above place [Cortlandville].

1 Dec 1841
In Cortland Village, on the 28th inst., by Rev J. P. SIMMONS, Mr. Lucius SMITH to Mrs. Susan S. HOMER.
29 Dec 1841
In Cortlandville, on the 23rd inst. by Rev. Mr. STOCKING, Mr. Albert FLETCHER, to Miss Mary Ann PEIRCE, both of Virgil.]

In Pitcher, on the 22 inst., by the Rev. E. F. JACOBS, Mr. leander P. LYONS to Lucy Adaline, youngest Daughter of Solomon HAKES Esq. all of the above place.

                  "The world
           Was made for happiness; the prosperity
           Of life lies in its enjoyment."

In Cortlandville, Dec. 16, by the Rev. Mr. FRANCHER of McGrawville, Mr. David SHORT and Miss Miriam, daughter of Mr. James E. BUCHANNAN, all of the above place.

Transcribed by Merton Sarvay
April, 2005
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