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Harford Items. Christmas has passed with the ususal number of weddings, among which I have to record the following:
1 Jan 1869
Mr. Charles ALLEN, of Groton, and Miss Estelle ROGERS, of Harford. Also, Mr. Leroy ROGERS, and Miss Alwilda WILCOX, of Harford. Mr. Ransom DECKER and Mrs. Ann E. DECKER, of Harford. And lastly, the long contemplated wedding of Mr. Oscar SEXTON and Miss Cornelia BROWN, at the residence of A. W. BROWN, on Christmas. We think, friend JONES, that Harford has done its share in this line.

Truxton Items.The all important destiny of man seems to be in procuring for himself a suitable "helpmeet" to assist him through this checkered world. Some of our young men have been taking upon themselves the holy vows of matrimony during the past week. On Wednesday the 23d, by the Rev. D. TAYLOR, Mr. George MILLER, 4th, to Miss Mary J. PIERCE, both of Truxton.

Also, on the same day, by the same, Mr. GOODNOUGH, of Illinois, to Miss Mary WIGGINS, second daughter of Mr. John WIGGINS, of Truxton. We congratulate Mr. GOODNOUGH in making so happy a selection.

Also, on Thursday,the 24th, by the Rev. D. TAYLOR, Mr. Byron H. BRYANT,, to Miss Ardale POMEROY, only daughter of A. J. POMEROY, Esq., all of Truxton.

8 Jan 1869
Solon Items. Our friend, J. E. WHEELER, has concluded, after mature reflection, that the ancient adage "It is not good for man to be alone", is a true one, and has accordingly taken unto himself a companion for life, in the person of Miss Saloma JONES, of Willet.
22 Jan 1869
Silver Wedding. As announced, the silver wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Lyman WATROUS was held at their residence on the 9th inst., and notwithstanding rain fell during the larger part of the day, about 100 persons attended in the afternoon and 125 in the evening. [A long article follows. Mr. WATROUS, was Esther.]
5 Feb 1869
Married. LOOPE - CRYSLER - Jan 21, 1869, by the Rev. L. R. GRAND, Mr. L. M. LOOPE of Cortland to Miss Kittie R., daughter of the Rev. Amos CEYSLER of Onondaga, N.Y. (The marriage date might be 24)
19 Feb 1869
Truxton Items. In anticipation of the cold snap that has suddenly come upon us after our protracted thaw, Mr. Marcus KINNEY, of the firm of KNAPP & KINNEY, had made arrangements to secure a little home comfort for himself by quietly taking a wife in the person of Miss Letta FREEMAN. The ceremony was performed at the house of the bride's father, by Rev. D. TAYLOR, pastor of the 1st Baptist Church.

Hunt's Corner Items. Feb. 8, at an early hour in the morning. Albert TARBLE changed, and about the same time a Miss Dolly PRESTON changed, the change took place at Killowaog, and it took some change to pay the domine.

26 Feb 1869
Married. PENDLETON - FISH - At the residence of the bride's father in Cincinnatus, Feb. 17th, by the Rev. E. HOLROYD, Mr. Albert PENDLETON, (formerly of Norwich) to Miss Emma L. FISH, of Cincinnatus.

Married. CUMMINGS - HAYNES- At the residence of the bride's father, in Preble, Feb. 16th, by Rev. J. P. MORSE, Mr. Orlando J. CUMMINGS to Miss Fank A. HAYNES, all of the above place.

Married. ASHDOWN - COOK - In Homer, Feb. 24th, at the residence of the bridegroom, by the Rev. J. D. BARNES, Mr. Edward ASHDOWN, of Homer, to Miss Martha L. COOK, of Groton.

BOSWORTH - OUT - At the same time [Feb 24th] place [Homer], and by the same [Rev. J. D. BARNES], Mr. Francis L. BOSWORTH, of Paris, Oneida Co., to Miss Susie M. OUT, of Cortland.

5 Mar 1869
Harford Items. Married, at the residence of Mr. E. NORWOOD, by Elder David WILCOX, Mr. Charles WADE, of Oswego, to Mrs. Jane CHAMBERS, of Dryden.

Married. ELWELL - JORDAN - At the residence of N. CHAMBERALIN, Esq., in Cortland, Feb 18, 1869, by Rev. E. C. CURTIS, Mr. Sanford B. ELWELL, to Miss Hannah JORDAN, all of the same place.

26 Mar 1869
Married. NEWCOMB - SUNDERLAND - At Albany, on Tuesday, March 2, by the Rev. Henry DARLING, Dr. G. L. NEWCOMB, of New York, to Lizzie A., daughter of the late John SUNDERLAND.
7 May 1869
Married. SALISBURY - WHEELER - In Cortland, April 28, by Rev. A. WILKINS, Mr. Nathan P. SALISBURY, of Cortland, to Miss Marcia A. WHEELER, of the same place.
14 May 1869
Married. LIVERMORE - ROGERS - In Cortland, May 12, by Rev. A. WILKINS, Mr. Wm. LIVERMORE, of Cortland, to Miss Emma ROGERS, of the same place.
28 May 1869
Married. WARREN - BEACH - In Binghamton, on Thursday, May 20, by Rev. G. N. BOARDMAN, D. D., Geo. L. WARREN, of Cortland, to Miss Clara E. BEACH, daughter of S. D. BEACH, Esq., of Binghamton.

Married. PENDLETON - GOODING - In Homer, on Tuesday, May 25th, at the Residence of Sidney GOODING, by the Rev. Mr. CORNELL, of Homer, Mr. Wm. R. PENDLETON, of Cortland, to Sarah E. GOODING, daughter of Daniel GOODING, Esq., of Groton. [repeated 4 Jun]

4 Jun 1869
Married. BEACH - ROWLEY - In Cortland, June 1st, by the Rev. A. W. CORNELL, Mr. J. D. BEACH, of Binghamton, and Miss Lucy ROWLEY, of Cortland.
18 June 1869
County Items. Truxton, June 2, 1869. - Tuesday the amiable daughter of Colonel Judah PIERCE, was married to a gentleman from Marathon.
25 Jun 1869
"For Better or Worse." - Mr. L. S. CRANDALL, one of the editors and proprietors of the Southern Onondaga, published at Tully, and formerly editor and proprietor of The Cortland Democrat, having concluded an engagement with Miss Mary E. ROOT, also of Tully, celebrated the event in last week's issue. [followed by a long article.]
2 Jul 1869
Solon, June 28th, 1869
    We must not fail to notice (even at this late day,) the marriage of our respected fellow townsman James WARDEN of hotel notoriety - to Miss Mary O'BRIEN eldest daughter of Michael O'BRIEN Esq., and as pretty a girl as the town can produce. Long life and success to the happy pair, say we.

Married. CALHOUN - IRELAND - In this village, June 29th, 1869, by Rev. A. W. CORNELL, of Homer, John M. CALHOUN, Esq. of New York City, to Miss Margaret IRELAND, daughter of John IRELAND, of Cortland.

27 Aug 1869
Married. STOWELL - BLAKESLEE - In Lima, N. Y., Aug. 3, by Rev. G. H. BLAKESLEE, T. B. STOWELL, A. M. Prof. of Natural Sciences in the State Normal School of Cortland, and Miss Mary C. BLAKESLEE, eldest daughter of the officiating clergyman.

Married. POMEROY - MURPHEY - In this Village, Aug. 25th, by Rev. J. M. BENEDICT, Mr. James M. POMEROY to Miss Ida Romelia MURPHEY, all of Cortland.

10 Sep 1869
Married. BARBER - PURDY - At the Presbyterian Church in Cortland, September 7th, by Rev. A.G. HOPKINS, Mr. S. McClellan BARBER, of Homer, to Miss Katharine C. PURDY, of this village.

Married. CARPENTER - PIERCE - At the M. E. parsonage in Harford, on the 12th ult. by the Rev. Geo. A. J. LENT, Mr. Andrew J. CARPENTER to Miss Clarissa E. PIERCE, both of Harford, N. Y.

Married. WAGNER - RAINEY - At the M. E. parsonage in this village, on the 4th inst., by Rev. J. T. CRIPPEN, John WAGNER and Miss Rosalia E. RAINEY, both of Scott.

17 Sep 1869
Married. GLOVER - ISAACS - At the Carley House, Sept. 7th, by Rev. A. C. BOWDISH, Mr. Melvin L. GLOVER and Miss Constance ISAACS, all of Marathon.

Married. LOUCKS - ENSWORTH - In this village, Sept. 7th, by Rev. G. S. WHITE, Mr. John P. LOUCKS to Mrs. Emma ENSWORRTH, all of Cortland.

Married. LOOMIS - TEETS - In Dryden, Aug. 29th, by the Rev. L. F. BINGHAM, Mr. Ira W. LOOMIS and Miss Jane TEETS, both of Dryden.

Married. STURTEVANT - KINGMAN - At Cincinnatus, September 2d, 1869, by Rev. E. ROGERS, Jas. STURTEVANT and Cornelia A., daughter of Hon. O. KINGMAN, all of the above place.

24 Sep 1869
Married. STRINGER - GREENFIELD - At Sperry's Hotel, in Cortland, on the 11th inst., by Rev. A. T. CRIPPEN, Mr. George STRINGER, of Ithaca, and Miss Betsey GREENFIELD, of New Hope.

Married. WOOD - STRINGER - Also at the same time [11th inst.] and place [Sperry's Hotel in Cortland] by the same [Rev. J. T. CRIPPEN], Mr. Orrin M. WOOD and Miss Debbie A. STRINGER, both of Ithaca.

Married. ORMSBY - KINGSLEY - In Syracuse, Wednesday, Sept. 8th, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. A. F. BEARD, Mr. D. D. ORMSBY to Miss Libbie KINGSLEY, all of Syracuse.

Married. WADSWORTH - LAGRANGE - In Cortland, Monday, Sept 6th, 1869, Mr. Manley WADSWORTH to Mrs. Lu[illegible]ella LAGRANGE, of Cortland.

Married. BENEDICT - CLEMENT - At McLean, Sept. 16, 1869, Mr. M[illegible]in S. BENEDICT, to Miss Ella CLEMENT, of McLean.

1 Oct 1869
Married. BEARDSLEY - WYCKOFF - In Groton, Sept. 14th, 1869, by Rev. G. H. BRIGHAM, Mr. Frank BEARDSLEY, of Lansing, and Miss Ella E. WYCKOFF, of Groton.

Married. CUNNINGHAM - WARNER - At the residence of the bride's father, at West Winfield, Herkimer Co., N. Y., Sept. 14th, 1869, by Rev. Anson J. UPSON, of Hamilton College, Haines D. CUNNINGHAM, editor of the ITHACAN, to Fannie Louisa, daughter of Dr. L. WARNER.

Married. HUNTLEY - BOSWORTH - At the residence of the bride's father, in Truxton, by the Rev. W. H. BATES, Wm Henry HUNTLEY, of McGrawville, and Mary Sophia BOSWORTH.

8 Oct 1869
Married. SALISBURY - CAMP - In Tully, Sept. 28, by Rev. N. CAMP, Mr. Franklin SALISBURY, of Wisconsin, and Miss mary A. CAMP, daughter of the officiating clergyman.

Married. STETSON - SHUFELT - In Cazenovia, Sept. 7, 1869, by Rev. L. E. SWAN, Mr. Horace S. STETSON and Miss Lottie M. SHUFELT.

Married. STORY - MATHEWS - At the residence of the bride's father, in Homer, Sept. 30, 1869, by Rev. A. M. LAKE, Mr. Thomas C. STORY and Miss Mary C. MATHEWS, all of Homer.

Married. TOPLIFF - JEFFREY - At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. S. T. JEFFREY, at 9 A. M., Sept. 28, 1869, by the Rev. A. K. STRONG, Mr. John H. TOPLIFF and Miss Sarah E. JEFFREY, all of Syracuse.

15 Oct 1869
Married. RAYNOR - COLLIER - By Rev. Mr. PARK, Oct. 6th, at the Ithaca Hotel, Mr. David N. RAYNOR to Miss Carrie M. COLLIER, both of Locke, N. Y.

Married. COONROD - DELAND - In Willett, at the residence of Peter EATON, Jr., Sept. 27th, Mr. Henry COONROD, to Mrs Sarah DeLAND, both of Cincinnatus.

Married. BILLINGS - GWEYE - At the residence of the brides father, Mr. A. GWEYE in Truxton, Oct. 12th, by Rev. Mr. REED, Mr. H. N. BILLINGS of Lebanon, to Miss Pamelia GWEYE.

22 Oct 1869
Married. BARBER - FAY - In Homer, October 6th, by Rev. Dr. HOLBROOK, Mr. Charles H. BARBER and Miss Sarah FAY, both of Spafford.

Married. BAKER - LEACH - At Dryden, Oct. 4th, by Rev. A. C. BOWDISH, Mr. E. D. BAKER and Miss Ella LEACH, both of Marathon.

Married. NEWTON - HINMAN - At the residence of the bride's father, in Locke, Sept. 28th, by Rev. A. BOUGHTON, W. H. C. NEWTON of Groton, and Miss Amanda HINMAN, of the former place.

Married. SYKES - HICKS - At the residence of the bride's father , Mr. David HICKS, Oct 6th, 1869, by Rev. R. H. CLARK, Mr. Byron SYKES and Miss Nancy HICKS, both of Groton.

Married. BRUCE - HYDE - At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. David HYDE,in Groton, Oct. 6th, 1869, by Rev. R. H. CLARK, Mr. Wallace BRUCE and Miss Leucia HYDE, both of Groton.

Married. ELLIS - WEST - At the residence of the bride's father. Oct. 12th, 1869, by Rev. H. MEEKER, Mr. J. R. ELLIS and Miss Vill A., only daughter of Wm. WEST, both of Dryden.

Married. REED - HAM - At the residence of the bride's parents, Annandale, Wednesday morning, Oct. 20th, by Rev. J. W. ACKERLY, Mr. Chauncey A. REED and Miss Henrietta HAM.]

Married. SHERMAN - PITTS - At Samson's Hotel in Homer, Oct 6, by Rev. A. M. LAKE, Mr. Wm. SHERMAN, of Summer Hill, and Mary E. PITTS of Sempronius, N. Y.

Married. THAYER - ATWOOD- At the Parsonage in Cortland, on the 24th inst., by Rev. J. T. CRIPPEN, Andrew J. THAYER of Cortland, and Miss Helen E. ATWOOD of Virgil.

Married. TODD - SALISBERY - At the home of the bride's in this village, on the 27th inst., by Rev. J. T. CRIPPEN, Mr. Dewitt C. TODD and Miss Rose SALISBURY, both of Cortland.

19 Nov 1869
Married. HARRINGTON - SPENCE - On the 10th inst., by Rev. J. T. CROPPEN, Mr. Wm. T. HARRINGTON and Miss Jennie SPENCE, both of Ithaca.

Married. M'CUMBER - FISHER - In Tully, on the 10th inst., by the Rev. Wm. E. YORK, Mr. Randall K. M'CUMBER of Preble, and Miss Phoebe FISHER, of Tully.

Married. KELLOGG - CHURCHILL - At The Messenger House in this village, on the 18th inst., by Rev. J. T. CRIPPEN, Mr. Wm. A. KELLOGG, of Cleveland, Ohio, and Miss Chloe I. CHURCHILL, of Scott.

Married. MASON - BURGESS - In Binghamton, on the 10th inst., by the Rev. D. W. BRISTOL, Mr. Charles S. MASON, and Miss Flora BURGESS, both of Cortland.

26 Nov 1869
Married. WHITLOCK - EGGLESTON - At the Parsonage on the 20th inst. by Rev. J. T. CRIPPEN, Hiram M. WHITLOCK and Miss Matilda A. EGGLESTON, both of Ithaca, N. Y.

Married. FINNEY - SMITH - In Eaton, on the 15th inst., by Rev. L. BENNETT, Mr. G. S. FINNEY, of Eaton, and M-- Orpha C. SMITH, of North Pitcher.

3 Dec 1869
Married. HUNT - BAKER - At the residence of Mrs. T. C. ROGERS, Cincinnatus, N. Y., Nov 16th, 1868, by the Rev. Mr. McDONALDS, Mr. D. M. HUNT, and Mrs. E. M. BAKER, both of Marathon, N. Y. (1868 probably a typographical error!)

Married. SUMNER - WOODWARD - At the residence of the brides father in this village, Nov. 30, 1869, by Rev. Dr. HOLBROOK, of Homer, Mr. William P. SUMNER, to Miss Fannie M. WOODWARD, all of Cortland.

Married. ACKLEY - HALL - In Pharsalia, N. Y., on the 25th inst., by Rev. E. W. ALLEN, Geo. W. ACKLEY, of DeRuyter to Miss Lucy B. HALL, of the former place.

Married. FARGO - MAGOVERN - At the residence of Mr. W. W. TANNER, Poland, Chautauqua county N. Y., by the Rev. Mr. PRATT, Mr. Charles T. FARGO, of the former place, and Miss Nellie MAGOVERN, formerly of this village.

Married. PITTS - BROWN - At the residence of the bride's father, in Scott, Oct. 29, by the Rev. A. ENSIGN, Mr. George A. PITTS, of Schoolcraft, Mich., and Miss Julia E. BROWN of Scott N. Y.

10 Dec 1869
Married. KENNEY - GODDARD - December 7, 1869, by Rev. W. SPAULDING, Mr. James KENNEY, of Truxton, N. Y., to Miss M. E. GODDARD, of Syracuse.

Married. STOUT - SLOPER - In Homer by Rev. Dr. HOLBROOK, Dec. 25th, Mr. Geo. P. STOUT, of Dryden, and Miss Alice SLOPER, of Homer. (obviously the date is a typographical error!)

Married. BLISS - LUCAS - At the residence of the officiating clergyman in Meridian, Cayuga Co., N. Y., on Wednesday, Dec., 1st. 1869, by the Rev. Wallace B. LUCAS, Mr. Abel H. BLISS, of Groton City, Tompkins Co., N. Y., to Miss Emma B. LUCAS, of Cortland.

Married. HOLLENBECK - SESSIONS - In Amber, Nov. 30th, by Rev. Mr. BROOKS, Frank A. HOLLENBECK and Miss Angie F. SESSIONS, both of Homer.

17 Dec 1869
Married. MINEAH - LAMONT - At the residence of William LAMONT, Esq., Nov. 30th, 1869, by Rev. E. R. WADE, Miss Sarah LAMONT to Mr. R. I. MINEAH, all of Dryden.

Married. CASE - PRICE - At Sperry's Hotel, in this village, on the 14th inst., by Rev. J. T. CRIPPEN, Mr. S. P. CASE, of Orange Co., N. Y. and Miss Henrietta L. PRICE, of Groton.

24 Dec 1869
Married. TERRELL - JONES - At the Parsonage in Homer, by the Rev. Dr. HOLBROOK, Mr. Ransom TERRELL, of Cortland, and Miss Mary E. JONES of Scott.

Married. JONES - COBB - By the same [Rev. Dr. HOLBROOK], at the same time [no specific date given]and place [The Parsonage in Homer], Mr. Charles E. JONES, of Scott, and Miss Marcia A. COBB, of Homer.

Married. DEDERICK - WILLIAMS - At the residence of Mr. Ralph BARNUM, in Dryden, Nov 16th, by Rev. H. MEEKER, Mr. E. C. DEDERICK, of Binghamton, N. Y. to Miss N. E. WILLIAMS, of Dryden, N. Y.

Married. BARNUM - HILL - By the same [Rev. H. MEEKER], at the residence of the bride, Dec. 9th, 1869, Mr. Ralph BARNUM to Miss Sarah J. HILL, all of Dryden.

Married. BALDWIN - BARNES - By the same [Rev. H. MEEKER], at the hotel in Dryden, Dec. 12th inst., Mr. John G. BALDWIN to Miss Ruth BARNES, both of Ithaca, N. Y.

Married. BABCOCK - BURDICK - In DeRuyter on the 30th ult., by Rev. L. E. LIVERMORE, Frank H. BABCOCK, of De Ruyter, and Nancy BURDICK, of Cuyler.

Married. BRIGHAM - KENT - In this village, on the 23d inst., by Rev. J. T. CRIPPEN, George W. BRIGHAM, of Knoxboro, Oneida Co., and Miss Adda M. KENT, of Cortland.

31 Dec 1869
Married. JUDD - OAKLY - In Groton, at the residence of the brides sister, on the 16th inst., by Rev. J. C. TAYLOR, Mr. Jesse JUDD and Miss Mandane C. OAKLY. All of Marathon, N. Y.

Married. CORTWRIGHT - DEVOE - In Homer, Dec. 21st, by Rev. J. D. BARNES, Mr. Day CORTWRIGHT and Miss Mary M. DEVOE, daughter of Jeremiah DEVOE.

Transcribed by Merton Sarvay
June, 2005
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