The Cortland Repository

1814 - 1824

Scattered copies are on microfilm at the Cortland Free Library.
Some marriages were reported as follows.

21 Jul 1814

    In this town, on the 17th inst., by the Rev. Elnathan WALKER, Mr. Charles DAVIS to Miss Eliza BLACKMAN.

15 Sep 1814

Married. - On the 7th inst., by Elder Alfred BENNET, Mr. Jeremiah CHEVALIER of Virgil to the Widow Charity CHANDLER of this town.

20 Oct 1814

Married. - At Preble, on the 13th inst., by the Rev. Mathew HARRISON, Mr. Abraham VanBUSKIRK, of Tully, to Miss Betsey CONINE, of the former place.

14 Jan 1820

Married - At Preble, on the 9th inst. by Rev. Matthew HARRISON, Mr. Elijah B. MOREY to Miss Mary DAVIS.

Married - In this village, on the 13th inst. by Rev. Elnathan WALKER, Mr. William SHERMAN to Miss Nancy ANDREWS

12 Nov 1823

    In this town, on the 9th inst. by Rev. J. KEEP, Mr. Nathaniel DODGE to Miss Betsey MILES.

14 Dec 1823

    On the 4th inst. by Rev. Alfred BENNET, Mr. Alexander LANSING, of Truxton, to Miss Frances WOOD, of this town.

    On the 11th inst. Doct. Samuel M. HUNT, of Lisle, to Miss Maria HAVENS, of Harrison.

    At the same time [11th inst.], Mr. Jacob D. MEECHAM, to Miss Maria HUNT, both of Harrison.

    In this village on the 11th by Rev. John KEEP, Mr. John LEWIS, to Miss Emily SIMONS.

    In this town of the 14th, Mr. Ira M. WALTER to Miss Cynthia HURLBUT.

24 Mar 1824

    In Locke, on the 18th inst. by Rev. John KEEP, Mr. John T. ROLLO to Miss Polly PENOYR [sic].

    In this town, the same day [18th inst.], by Rev. Alfred BENNET, Mr. Chester PHILLIPS to Miss Amanda CLARK.

    In Preble, Mr. Rufus STANTON of Syracuse, to Miss Minerva PHELPS, of the former place.

12 Nov 1824

    In this town, on the 7th inst., by Rev. Alfred BENNET, Mr. Charles SMITH, to Miss Lovina WELLS.

Transcribed by Merton Sarvay
June, 2006
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