The Cortland County Standard


7 Jan 1868
Married. HUNTER - LITTLEFIELD - In Syracuse, Wednesday evening, Dec. 25th, 1867, by Rev. Chas. P. LYFORD, Mr. E. J. HUNTER, of Cortland, and Miss Mira LITTLEFIELD, of Toledo, Ohio.
18 Feb 1868
Married. CHAPLIN - GAULT - At Grace Church, in this village, on Thursday, the 15th inst., by the Rev. Geo. S. TELLER, Walter L. CHAPLIN to Camilla GAULT.

Married. MILLER - SCHERMERHORN - At the house of the bride's father, Feb. 4, 1868, by the Rev. S. HINMAN, Mr. William H. MILLER, of Homer, N.Y., to Miss Anna J. SCHERMERHORN, of Truxton, N.Y.

Married. SAXTON - COLE - In Cincinnatus, at the residence of the bride's father, the 12th inst., by Rev. E. ROGERS, Miss Mary R. COLE, of Cincinnatus, to Capt. Wm. SAXTON, of Mackinaw, Illinois.

17 Mar 1868
Married. ROUNSEVELL - DARLING - At Oramel, Allegany county, New York, on the 14th inst., by Rev. E. WILDMAN, of Corning Free Academy, Col. Jas. P. ROUNSEVELL, of Oramel, to Electa DARLING, of this village.
24 Mar 1868
Married. SNIDER - BISHOP - In this village, Monday, the 23d inst., at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Luman BISHOP, by the Rev. J. M. AUSTIN, Charles P. SNIDER to Miss Helen M. BISHOP, all of Cortland.
7 Apr 1868
Married. PHELPS - HITCHCOCK - In this village on the 11th ult., by Rev. S. F. BACON, Mr. William E. PHELPS to Miss Mary T. HITCHCOCK.

Married. WELCH - GREEN - In this village, by the same (Rev. S. F. BACON), on the 1st inst., Mr. Luther J. WELCH to Miss Lucy E. GREEN, all of Cortland.

Married. DICKINSON - SPRAGUE - On the 25th ult., by Rev. A. WILKINS, Mr. J. H. DICKINSON, of Virgil, to Miss Louisa SPRAGUE, of Cortland.

14 Apr 1868
Married. WARNER - OSBORNE - At McGrawville, on the 12th inst., by Rev. W.H. BATES, Dr. L. C. WARNER to Miss K. OSBORNE. No cards.
5 May 1868
Married. WATERS - CURTIS - On the 28th ult., at the bride's father's, by Rev. L. C. QUEAL, Lieut.-Col. A. D. WATERS, of this village, to Miss Hellen E. CURTIS, of Manlius, N.Y.
19 May 1868
Married. HATHWAY - SQUIRES - In this village, on the 18th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. A. WILKINS, Mr. Jerome R. HATHWAY and Miss L. Verdine SQUIRES.

Married. JOHNSON - BRIDGEMAN - At the residence of the bride's father, in Cortland, by Rev. P. C. BRIDGEMAN, on Monday evening, the 18th inst., Mr. Wallace H. JOHNSON, editor of the Courant, Iola, Kansas, and Miss Mary L., youngest daughter of the officiating clergyman.

Married. HOOPER - MERROW - On Thursday morning, the 14th inst., at the house of the bride's mother, by Rev. S. F. BACON, Mr. Robert E. HOOPER, of Binghamton, to Miss Mary A. MERROW, of Cortland.

26 May 1868
Married. HAVENS - HICKS - At the residence of Daniel ROSE, May 20th, by the Rev. S. S. DAY, Clifton J. HAVENS, of Syracuse, to Miss D. S. HICKS, of Cortland.
23 Jun 1868
Married. VAN BUSKIRK - MERRY - At McGrawville, June 10th, 1868, by Rev. W. H. BATES, Charles L. VAN BUSKIRK, and Abby MERRY, both of Preble, N.Y.
30 Jun 1868
Married. BROWN - BATES - At the residence of the bride's father, June 18th, by Rev. J. D. BARNES, Mr. Levi F. BROWN, foreman of the Republican office, to Miss Hattie E. BATES, all of Homer.
7 Jul 1868
Married. HILL - POMEROY - In the Presbyterian Church, July 2d, by Rev. A. K. STRONG, and assisted by Rev. S. F. BACON, Robert C. HILL, to Louise M. POMEROY, all of Cortland.

Married. CASS - MERICLE - July 4th, by Rev. S. F. BACON, Edwin S. CASS, of Taylor, to Lydia M. MERICLE, of Pitcher.

Married. TAYLOR - CHAFY - July 5th, by the same (Rev. S. F. BACON), Col. Jehiel W. TAYLOR, of Truxton, to Mrs. Sarah M. CHAFY, of Cortland.

Married. MATTESON - HATCH - In Marathon, July 4th, by Rev. A. C. BOWDISH, Justus G. MATTESON, of Solon, to Mary L. HATCH, of Marathon.

Married. BROOKER - LUCE - By the same (Rev. A. C. BOWDISH) and in the same place (in Marathon), July 5th, Rev. Jacob BROOKER, of Maine, to Mrs. Lydia M. LUCE, of Virgil.

28 Jul 1868
Married. SEAMAN - EGGLESTON - In Elmira, on the 21st inst., by Rev. Thos. H. BEECHER, James F. SEAMAN, of Cortland, and Miss Agga M. EGGLESTON, of Binghamton.
25 Aug 1868
Married. SANDERS - WICKWIRE - In the Presbyterian Church, in this village, August 19th, by Rev. Samuel F. BACON, Charles W. SANDERS, Jr., of New York city, to Ella A. WICKWIRE, of Cortland.
1 Sep 1868
Married. PECK - GREENE - On Tuesday, Sept. 1st, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. S. F. BACON, Mr. John E. PECK to Miss Mary H. GREENE, all of Cortland.
8 Sep 1868
Married. LA GRANGE - TILLINGHAST - In Marathon, N.Y., on the 16th ult., by Rev. Jas. H. SAGE, Rev. J. LA GRANGE to Miss Frances E. TILLINGHAST, both of Marathon.

Married. HINMAN - QUINN - Also in Marathon, N.Y., on the 30th ult., by the same (Rev. Jas. H. SAGE), Mr. Seth V. HINMAN to Miss Hannah D. QUINN, both of Marathon.

Married. BROWN - RUSSELL - On Thursday, Sept. 3d, at the residence of Mrs. E.A. BENNETT, by the Rev. A. WILKINS, Manly M. BROWN to Lucetta V. RUSSELL.

15 Sep 1868
Married. KENNEY - CORWIN - At the residence of the bride's father, Sept. 15th, by Rev. Sam'l F. BACON, Manly L. KENNEY of Truxton, to Hattie M. CORWIN, of Cortland.
22 Sep 1868
Married. PHELPS - BARBER - At Moravia, on the 20th inst., by the Rev. E. BENEDICT, Mr. Byron M. PHELPS, of Cortland, to Miss Nettie BARBER, of Moravia.
    Friend Byron has our heartiest thanks for the kind manner in which he remembered the printer, and having been, in boyhood days, a schoolmate of ours, we feel to wish him and his bride an abundance of happiness in the married life, and we can say that his many friends in this vicinity join with us in the wish.
29 Sep 1868
Married. BURDICK - SPERRY - In this village, on the 29th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. S. F. BACON, Mr. Will F. BURDICK and Josie R. SPERRY, both of this place.

Married. PIERCE - PIKE - On Wednesday, the 9th inst., at the residence of the bride's mother, in this village, by Rev. A. WILKINS, Mr. Wilson A. PIERCE to Miss Sarah A. PIKE, both of Cortland.

Married. BROWN - PHILLIPS - At the house of the bride's father, Sept. 17th, by Rev. I. LORD, Mr. David U. BROWN of Scott, to Miss Mary A. PHILLIPS of East Homer.

6 Oct 1868
Married. JOHNSON - McKEVITT - In Truxton, on the 1st inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. I. TAYLOR, Mr. I. W. JOHNSON, of Middleville, Barry Co., Mich., to Miss Mary Ann McKEVITT, of the former place.
20 Oct 1868
Married. KELLOGG - BALLARD - In Cortland, Oct. 14th, 1868, by the Rev. S. F. BACON, James H. KELLOGG, of Toledo, Ohio, and Ursula, daughter of the Hon. Horatio BALLARD, of the former place.
    The beginning of life together by these two young people is attended by the love and respect of all that know them, and many heartfelt wishes for their happiness will constantly attend them during life.

Married. McDONALD - HILL - At Chenango Forks, at the residence of the bride's father, on the 7th inst., by Rev. G. N. BOARDMAN, Mr. Will H. McDONALD, of Binghamton, to Miss Blanche A. HILL, of the above place.

10 Nov 1868
On Wednesday evening, Nov. 4th, Rev. A. F. BROWN united in the bounds of holy wedlock Charles D. FINN and Irene COE, of this town. There were between forty and fifty invited guests at the wedding, which passed off in great eclat, and all unite in saying they had a good time. Long may the happy couple live in the enjoyment of perfect domestic felicity, and may the shadow of the lilliputian bride never be less. May she be blessed with Finns sufficient to enable her to stem any and all life's currents. God bless Charley and his bride, and may others follow the worthy example thus set until old maids are as scarce in Willett as truly repentent rebels are in Dixie.
17 Nov 1868
Married. BYRAM - SCOTT - In Cortland Village, on the 11th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. S. F. BACON, Maj. S. M. BYRAM, of Virgil, and Laura A. SCOTT, of the former place.
24 Nov 1868
On Thursday, Nov. 19th, Rev. A. F. BROWN united in marriage Irving J. DELAVAN and Miss Eleanore NEWCOMB, both of Willett. The ceremony took place at the residence of S. E. NEWCOMB, the father ot the bride.
    There was a large company present, composed of the elite of Willett and surrounding towns. It was an occasion long to be remembered by those who were present, for all the arrangements were comme il faut.
    The friends of the bride gave her a complete tea service of silver, and her brotheer, Dr. G. L. NEWCOMB, of New York City, presented as a bridal gift a splendid set of furs. The happy couple started immediately upon a wedding tour, which will include a visit to Niagara Falls and other places of note. The congratulations and good wishes of all are extended to Irving and his beautiful and accomplished bride, and may each be a source of comfort and joy to the other as they lovingly glide along life's journey.
1 Dec 1868
Married. ROGERS - BROOKS - In Cortland, on the 26th ult., by Rev. A. WILKINS, Mr. Daniel ROGERS, of Greene, Chenango Co., and Mrs. L. Jane BROOKS, of Cortland.
8 Dec 1868
Married. RAYMOND- BARTON - In this village, on the 24th ult., at the residence of the bride's sister, by the Rev. A. WILKINS, Isaac N. RAYMOND, of Michigan, and Miss Fannie J. BARTON, of the former place.

Married. HOLMES - JIPSON - On the 24th ult., at the residence of the bride's father, by Almon ANGEL, Esq., Mr. Bertrand HOLMES, of Lincklaen, to Miss Rosina JIPSON, of Union Valley.

Married. HENRY - MILLER - At the home of the bride's father, in East Homer, on the 18th ult., by Rev. I. LORD, Mr. John B. HENRY to Miss Libby MILLER.

22 Dec 1868
Married. SALISBURY - WELLS - On the 9th inst., at the residence of the bride's mother, in Ashaway, R. I., by the Rev. A. B. BURDICK, Dr. E. E. SALISBURY, of McGrawville, N.Y., to Miss Sylvia E. WELLS, only daughter of the late Col. J.R. WELLS.

Mr.and Mrs. Irving of Delavan(sic) held a second day wedding on Dec. 10th, at the residence of the bridegroom's father in Willett. There were about fifty invited guests present, who partook of a bounteous wedding feast and enjoyed to the utmost the generous hospitality of Uncle Charley and his excellent wife.
[SEE:Irving J. DELAVAN and Eleanore NEWCOMB 24 Nov 1868]

29 Dec 1868
Married. ROCKWELL - HOPPER - By the Rev. E. HOLROYD, in Cincinnatus, on the 17th inst., Mr. Ira C. ROCKWELL, of Tompkins Co., to Miss Lorinda HOPPER, of Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.
Transcribed by Merton Sarvay
June / July, 2005
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