The Cortland County Standard


4 Jan 1870

Married. SHOLES - HAWLEY - In Cortland, Dec. 23d, 1869, by Rev. A. WILKINS, Mr. Stephen SHOLES to Miss Maria E. HAWLEY, both of Marathon.

Married. REAS - FRANK - At the residence of the bride's father, Jan. 2d, by the Rev. A.J. LENT, Mr. John H. REAS to Miss Anna FRANK, both of Harford Mills.

11 Jan 1870

Willett, Jan. 3, 1870

    Mr. Adelbert GREENE, of this town, and Miss Ella FERRIS, of Broome county, were joined in holy matrimony December 30th. Quite a number of Dell's friends assembled together and gave him a right royal serenade.
18 Jan 1870

Married. SAMSON - DeBARR - At the residence of Mr. Wm. ALVORD, in this village, on the 12th inst., by Rev. J.T. CRIPPEN, Barclay SAMSON of Noble county, Indiana, to Miss Rhoda M. DeBARR, of Cortland.

1 Feb 1870

Married. DEXTER - BENEDICT - At the residence of the bride's mother in this village, on the 27th ult., by Rev. J.M. BENEDICT, Mr. Clark H. DEXTER, to Miss Nettie BENEDICT, all of Cortland.
    We join with their many friends in sincere wishes for their future health and happiness.

8 Feb 1870

Married. KIRBY - CUDWORTH - On the 1st inst., by Rev. A. WILKINS, Wm. D. KIRBY, of Bainbridge, to Hattie J. CUDWORTH, of Cortland.

Married. COLE - HUNT - At the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Joseph A. COLE to Miss Maria HUNT, all of Marathon.

15 Feb 1870

Married. SWEET - WEST - At the residence of Peter EATON, Jr. Esq., in Willett, on the 2d inst., by Peter EATON, Jr. Esq., Mr. Amos SWEET to Miss Cynthia WEST, all of the above place.

Married. SEARS - DYKE - At the residence of the bride's father on the 3d inst., by Rev. J.D. BARNES, Mr. Geo. Alonzo BARNES, of Homer, to Miss Addie G. DYKE, of Spafford.

22 Feb 1870

    PALMER - HUNTER - In this village, at the Baptist church, on the 10th inst., by Rev. A. WILKINS, Irving H. PALMER, Esq., to Miss Maggie A. HUNTER, all of Cortland.
    A young, but hard-working and promising lawyer; a genial warm-hearted and wholesome companion, we feel unusual pleasure in welcoming friend Irving to the upper and higher rank of life. Formerly connected with Cortlandville Academy, and, since it commencement to the end of last term, with the Normal school, Miss HUNTER has endeared herself to her associates, and to the scholars and their parents especially. Beloved and respected by all who know them, the warmest congratulations, and the heartiest wishes for their future happiness are extended to the newly married pair.

Married. ROSS - ZINTZ - In this village on the 19th inst., by Rev. J.T. CRIPPEN, August Wm. ROSS, of Homer, to Miss Terressa Charlotte ZINTZ, of Sweden.

Married. TANNER - KETCHUM - At the residence of the bride's mother, by Rev. W.H. BATES, Feb. 3d, 1870, Mr. Edward Lemon TANNER to Miss Julia Loretta KETCHUM, both of Blodgett's Mills, N.Y.

Married. HARKNESS - BRAYTON - In this village on the 18th inst., at the residence of the bride's parents, by Rev. J.H. BARNES, Mr. John L. HARKNESS to Miss Eliza BRAYTON of the former place.

1 Mar 1870

Married. PECKHAM - SMITH - At the residence of Mr. S.M. BENJAMIN in this village, on the 24th of February, by the Rev. J.T. CRIPPEN, Mr. Albert H. PECKHAM, of Virgil, to Miss Lydia A. SMITH of Cortland.

Married. HILL - PHETTEPLACE - In this village, on the 1st inst., by Rev. J.T. CRIPPEN, Mr. James D. HILL, of Lapeer, to Miss Clarrissa E. PHETTEPLACE, of Marathon.

Married. GRAHAM - SMITH - In Homer, Tuesday evening, Feb. 22d, by Rev. A.M. LAKE, Mr. Charles GRAHAM, of Cortland, to Miss Mary SMITH, of Homer.

8 Mar 1870

Married. SPEAR - GREENMAN - In Truxton on Sunday, February 27, at the house of the bride's brother, by the Rev. William PIKE, Lyman F. SPEAR Esq., of DeRuyter, to Miss Ann GREENMAN, of Truxton.

22 Mar 1870

Married. GRIDLEY - STEVENS - At the Cortland House, in this village, on the 2d inst., by Rev. J.T. CRIPPEN, Mr. Irving H. GRIDLEY, of Virgil, to Miss Mary STEVENS, of Solon.

Married. BUTTERFIELD - SHULTZ - At the residence of the bride's father, March 6th, 1870, by the Rev. Geo. A. J. LENT, Mr. Charles H. BUTTERFIELD, of Hunts Corners, to Miss Martha E. SHULTZ, of Harford, N.Y.

Married. STOUT - SMITH - In Cortland, March 22, 1870, by Rev. A. WILKINS, Mr. Jerome W. STOUT, of Groton, to Miss Mary E. SMITH, of McLean.

29 Mar 1870

Married. JARVIS - WHITE - At the home of the bride in this village, on the 29th inst., by Rev. J.T. CRIPPEN, Mr. Grove E. JARVIS, to Miss Mary F. WHITE, both of Cortland.

5 Apr 1870

Married. JOHNSON - CHAPLIN - By Rev. H. LYMAN, Feb 7th, in Virgil, Clinton C. JOHNSON to Sarah Ella CHAPLIN, daughter of Walter CHAPLIN, Esq.

Married. DORWARD - LEECH - By the same [Rev. H. LYMAN] in Virgil, March 30th. Albert D. DORWARD to Mary Clarissa LEECH.

Married. BAUM - DANN - By the same [Rev. H. LYMAN], April 3d, at Marathon, James N. BAUM, merchant, to P.G. DANN.

Married. COPELAND - SMITH - By the same [Rev. H. LYMAN], April 3d, at Marathon, George W. COPELAND to Martha SMITH.

19 Apr 1870

Married. WATSON - GRIFFIN - On the 12th inst., in this city, by the Rev. J.D.ADAMS, Mr. F.G. WATSON and Miss Clara GRIFFIN, both of Truxton, Cortland county.

10 May 1870

Married. CARR - AYERS - In McGrawville, by Rev. W.H. BATES, April 20, 1870, at the residence of the bride's mother, Eugene L. CARR, and Miss Julia E. AYERS.

17 May 1870

Married. WOODWARD - BECKWITH - At Malloryville, Sunday, May 8, 1870, by Rev. Edwin R. WADE, Mr. C. L. WOODWARD, of Cortland, and Miss Georgia BECKWITH, of Dryden.

31 May 1870

Married. PECKHAM - SUGGETT - At the home of the bride, May 26th, by Rev. J.T. CRIPPEN, Charles A. PECKHAM to Miss Rosanna SUGGETT, both of this village.
    If for no other reason, the unusually generous manner in which the printer was remembered by Mr. & Mrs. C.A. PECKHAM, would induce us to extend to them our sincere congratulations. May their future be as free from care as heart could wish.

Married. GROVER - KARR - In Whitesboro, at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs. T.W. GOFF, May 224, 1870, by the Rev. S.B. GREGORY, Mr. Eugene M. GROVER to Miss Alma G. KARR, both of Syracuse.
    An acquaintance of many years with the bridegroom, who is a brother printer, has fully made known to us the excellent qualities of his mind and heart, and prompts us to extend to him and his bride our most cordial wishes for their future happiness.

7 Jun 1870

Married. SODERGREN - MALMBERG - In this village on the 2d inst., by Rev. J.T. CRIPPEN, Carl Ludwig SODERGREN, of New York, to Miss Emelie MALMBERG, of Cortland.

Married. RICHARDSON - BARNES - At the residence of the bride's father, on the 1st day of June, 1870, by the Rev. S.H. HOWE, Lloyd E. RICHARDSON to Miss H.E. BARNES, all of Cortland.
    Lloyd and Hannah, we wish you oceans of happiness and joy in the journey you have just commenced. May the state of matrimony prove to be the finest state you ever lived in. May the cares of life fall lightly upon you and find you prepared for them, and may the large circle of friends you now have, never be lost.

21 Jun 1870

Married. TRIPP - SQUIRES - at Marathon at the home of the bride's father, on Wednesday, the 15th inst., by Rev. H. LYMAN, Daniel R. TRIPP to Margaret SQUIRES, daughter of William SQUIRES, Esq.

5 Jul 1870

Married. NICHOLS - OSTROM - In Syracuse, on the 28th ult., by Rev. S.B. CANFIELD, D.D., Prof. Edward P. NICHOLS, of the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, to Emma A., only daughter of the late Smith OSTROM, Esq., of Syracuse.

Married. PHILLIPS - HOWLAND - At the M.E. parsonage in this village, on the 4th inst., by Rev. J.T. CRIPPEN, Lewis P. PHILLIPS to Miss Addie HOWLAND, both of Center Lisle, N.Y.

12 Jul 1870

Married. BRIDGEFORD - GROVER - At the bride's home in this village on Tuesday, July 12, by Rev. G.S. WHITE, Mr. Will C. BRIDGEFORD to Miss Julia GROVER, eldest daughter of the late major A.J. GROVER

19 Jul 1870

Married. TAYLOR - ANDERSON - At the residence of the bride, Newfield, N.Y., June 17th, 1870, by the Rev. Jas. C. SMITH, Mr. C.C. TAYLOR, of Cortlandville, to Mrs. Alvira ANDERSON, of Newfield, Tompkins Co.

26 Jul 1870

Married. FITCH - SMITH- On the 21st instant, at the residence of the bride's mother, in Syracuse, by the Rev. Charles A. STODDARD, of New York, assisted by the Rev. Dr. CANFIELD, Charles Elliot FITCH, of the Standard, and Louise Lawrence, eldest daughter of Charlotte L. and the late Thomas A, SMITH.

9 Aug 1870

Married. LIVINGSTON - CHANDLER - In Pitcher, July 24th, by R.P. CHAPMAN, Esq., John LIVINGSTON, of Cincinnatus, and Mrs. Almiry CHANDLER, of Pitcher.

16 Aug 1870

Married. BEEBE - RUMSEY - In Canandaigua, on the 4th inst., by Rev. J. ALABASTER, Mr. Ira E. BEEBE, of West Bloomfield, and Miss Mary E. RUMSEY, of Homer.

23 Aug 1870

Married. BEERS - WADSWORTH - In Groton, August 16th, 1870, by Rev. G.H. BRIGHAM at his residence, Mr. David C. BEEBE, to Miss Helen M. WADSWORTH, both of Cortland.

Married. DICKINSON - HARRINGTON - In Homer, August 10th, 1870, by Wm. ANDREWS, Esq., Franklin P. DICKINSON, of Groton, to Miss Almira M. HARRINGTON, of McGrawville.

Married. DWIGHT - RICE - In Smithville, on the 7th inst., by Rev. James C. NIGHTINGALE, Mr. Charles DWIGHT, to Miss Delia RICE, both of Cincinnatus.

6 Sep 1870

Married. WATERS - WILLETT. - At the residence of the bride's parents, September 5th, 1870, by the Rev. A. WILKINS, George L. WATERS to Helen WILLETT, all of Cortland.
    With many bright expectations for future happiness do George and Helen launch out together on the voyage of life. With peaceful waters their journey can but be pleasant wherever fate may will it. We congratulate them in the consummation of those vows which will ever bind them together as one. In after years wherever duty shall lead them, the best wishes of their many friends will follow them. May the cares of life deal lightly with them; may Heaven bestow upon them her choicest blessings, giving her assurance that the union here, so sacredly made, is carefully preserved by divine influences of that better world.

13 Sep 1870


ALLYN - BRANARD - In Cortlandville, Sept. 7th, 1870, Mr. William H. ALLYN, Jr., of Washington, D.C., to Linda S., only daughter of W.O. BARNARD, of Cortlandville.
    The bare announcement of the above interesting event would hardly seem sufficient, in view of the elaborate wedding which it was my good fortune to attend, and a plain description of the ceremony may prove interesting to the readers of the Standard.
    The house was most beautifully and tastefully trimmed, under the direction of Dr. J.A. TODD, who showed his good taste in the arrangements of the decorations, which consisted of evergreens, relieved by the traditional white flowers. A graceful arch was erected in the parlor, under which the ceremony was performed, in accordance with the solemn services of the Episcopal church, by the Rev. Dr. Ferdinand ROGERS, of Greene, assisted by the Rev. J.M. BENEDICT, the Rector of the Cortland Parish.
    The toilets of the bride and bridesmaid were very becoming, and evinced the good sense of the parties. The bride wore an elegant dress of white satin, with the usual bridal veil and orange wreath, but no ornaments, - a fine simplicity which well became her. Miss THURBER, of Greene, and Miss Nellie McDANIELS, of Cortland, were beautifully dressed - the one in rose-colored tarlatan, with rose bud trimmings, and the other in a delicate green tarlatan, with appropriate ornaments. They both appeared lovely, and the time should not be far distant when they should stand as principals in the same interesting ceremony. The bride's mother was attired in dove-colored satin, relieved with point lace, and the groom's mother in pearl-colored satin, which had a fine effect.
    The presents to the bride were many and valuable, in which her friends had an opportunity to show their ideas of taste in the beauty and elegance of their gifts. a superior gold watch and chain was presented by Mr. ALLYN, the father of the groom, and the groom showed his appreciation of his prize by presenting a set of jewelry of pink coral and gold, with an elaborate set of gold bracelets. The bride's mother's gift was a rich set of point lace, and the bride's father did not fail to present the Holy Bible, without which no married life would be long happy. The only brother was happy in the selection of a China tea set and silver cup and napkins to match. Miss Nellie McDANIELS showed her appreciation in an elegant lace handkerchief, whose extreme tenuity was designed to mark the degree of grief of the happy groom.
    Many and appropriate were the other gifts by rejoicing friends, yet time forbids a more extended description.
    After the solemn services, and when the gay company present had saluted the blushing bride and congratulated the happy groom, they proceeded to the dining-room and did ample justice to the entertainment prepared for their gratification. All appeared to enjoy themselves to the utmost, and to be fully pleased with the efforts made to render the occasion one of hearty enjoyment.
    The day was beautiful and balmy, and the intention to make the bride as happy as any the sun ever shone upon, was fully concurred in by the clerk of the weather. The whole occasion was one of joy to all concerned, and may there be many and often repetitions of the same.


BOUTON - LAMONT - At the residence of the bride's father, in Virgil, on Thursday, Sept. 8th, by the Rev. S.H.HOWE, Lewis BOUTON, Esq., of Cortland, to Miss Emily A. LAMONT.
    We are prompted by personal regard to extend to friend Lewis our heartiest congratulations, and to wish him and his bride all the joys which have ever clustered around or been associated with the marriage state.


BENEDICT - CLAPP - In Homer, on the 8th inst., by Rev. G.H. BINGHAM, of Groton, Mr. Byron A. BENEDICT, Attorney and Counselor, of Cortland, to Miss Anna T.C. CLAPP, of Homer.


AUSTIN - WOODARD - At his residence in Malloryville, on the 2d inst., by Rev. E.R.WADE, Mr. Isaac W. AUSTIN, of Cortland, to Miss Mary S. WOODARD, of Virgil.


HOLDEN - HARTSON - At the residence of Mr. D. SHAPLEY, on the 7th ult., by the Rev. Geo. A. LENT, Mr. Luther F. HOLDEN to miss Sarah M. HARTSON, all of Harford, N.Y.


CHATTERTON - GREENMAN - At the home of the bride's father, on the 7th inst., by Rev. Wm. PIKE, Mr. F.H. CHATTERTON, of Lisle, to Miss Anna V. GREENMAN, of Truxton.


HOUSE - BECKWITH - At Malloryville, Sunday, Aug. 28th, by Rev. Ewin R. WADE, Mr. Charles HOUSE, of Cortland, to Miss Lydia Ann BECKWITH, of Dryden.


SMITH - VALENTINE - In New York, Sept. 7th, Ferdinand D. SMITH, of Cortland, to Miss Jennie K. VALENTINE, of New York.


TAYLOR - VAN RENSSELAER - At Bagg's Hotel, in Utica, Sept. 5th, by Rev. Mr. COX, Mr. Benjamin F. TAYLOR to Miss Sarah VanRENNSELAER, all of Cortland.


LONG - STEWART - At Truxton, Sept. 7th, by the Rev. Martin Luther BERGER, of Syracuse, assisted by the Rev. Eben B. PARSONS, of Baldwinsville, Rev. John E. LONG to Mrs. Helen STEWART.


SMITH - PER LEE - At the home of the bride on the 13th inst., by Rev. J.T. CRIPPEN, Mr. Otis C. SMITH, of Cortland, and Miss Milie C. PER LEE, of McLean.


FREEMAN - TICKNER - On the 11th of Sept., 1870, at Mr. MARSH's Hotel in Harford, by the Rev. Geo. A. LENT, Mr. A.J. FREEMAN, of Lapeer, to Miss Mary A. TICKNER, of Harford.
20 Sep 1870

Married. HATCH - THORPE - In Cortland, on the 14th inst., by Rev. A. WILKINS, Mr. Henry O. HATCH, of Michigan, to Miss Ellen F. THORPE, of Binghamton, N.Y.

Married. GOTENBERG - WOODRUFF - In Cortland, on the 20th inst., by Rev. A. WILKINS, Mr. Michael GOTENBERG to Miss Angie WOODRUFF, both of Texas, Cortland Co.

27 Sep 1870

Married. RUSH - HAIGHT - In New York City, on Monday, Sept. 12th, by Rev. Dr. CHAPIN, John RUSH, of Brooklyn, to Miss Ida M. HAIGHT of Cortland, N.Y.

Married. BRADFORD - SMITH - At the residence of the bride's parents, on the 19th inst., by the Rev. W.D. TAYLOR, of Mansfield, Pa., Mr. Wm. H. BRADFORD, of Cortland, to Miss Damie F. SMITH, of Sullivan, Tioga Co., Pa.

4 Oct 1870

Married. JOSLIN - NORWOOD - In Harford, on the 25th of Sept. 1870, by the Rev. Geo. A. LENT, Mr. Judson JOSLIN, of Owego, N.Y. to Miss Lottie R. NORWOOD, of Dryden, N.Y.

Married. SEAMAN - ROWE - In this village, on the 1st inst., by Rev. J.T. CRIPPEN, Isaac SEAMAN, of Groton, to Mrs. Mary ROWE, of Virgil.

18 Oct 1870

Married. HATFIELD - MOURIN - At the Cortland House, on the 12th inst., by Rev. Wm. N. TOWER, Mr. Fred A. HATFIELD, of Summerhill, to Miss Kate L. MOURIN, of Homer.

Married. MILLS - SKEEL - At the home of the bride, on the 18th inst., by the Rev. J.T. CRIPPEN, Monroe MILLS, of Fabius, Onondaga county, to Miss Ella M. SKEEL, of Virgil.

25 Oct 1870

Married. ATCHISON - SMITH - In DeRuyter, on the 15th inst., by A.V. BENTLEY, Esq., Mr. Robert ATCHISON, of Solon, to Miss Alzina SMITH of McGrawville.

1 Nov 1870

Married. MALLERY - GARDNER - At the M.E. parsonage, in this village, Oct. 23d, by Rev. J.T. CRIPPEN, Charles MALLERY to Miss Jennie GARDNER, both of Dryden.

Married. PALMER - ROSE - At the residence of Mrs. SWEETLOVE, South Cortland, Oct. 26th, by Rev. J.T. CRIPPEN, John A. PALMER to Miss Eliza ROSE, both of Cortland.

Married. MORE - PIKE - At the home of the bride in this village, Oct. 26th, by Rev. J.T. CRIPPEN, Henry M. MORE, of Roxbury, Delaware county, to Miss Sarah PIKE, of Cortland.

8 Nov 1870

Married. SPOOR - HINE - At the home of the bride, in this village, on the 5th inst., by Rev. W.N. TOWER, Mr. Hamilton D. SPOOR to Miss Annie HINE, all of Cortland.

Married. DeCOUDRES - HART - In McLean, on Thursday evening, Oct. 27th, by Rev. J.V.C. NELLIS, Mr. William F. DeCOUDRES, of Dryden, to Miss Mary C., daughter of the late John P. HART, Esq., of the former place.

Married. BURLINGAME - DRISCALL - In Greene, Oct. 2d, by Rev. J.H. SAGE, Mr. Samuel E. BURLINGAME, of Willett, to Miss Em. D. DRISCALL, of Greene.

15 Nov 1870

Married. SEEBER - SMITH - At the M.E. parsonage, in Pratt's Hollow, N.Y., Oct 25th, 1870, by the Rev. Wm. J. MILLS, Mr. James H. SEEBER, of Freetown, to Mrs. Jane E. SMITH, of Texas Valley, Marathon, N.Y.

Married. RICE - BREWER - In Homer, on the 9th inst., by the Rev. Wm. N. TOWER, Mr. Melvin A. RICE, of Cortland, and Miss Melissa E. BREWER, of Homer.

Married. TOWER - BABCOCK - In Homer, on the 10th inst., by the Rev. Wm. N. TOWER, Mr. Chas. TOWER, and Mrs. S.M. GATES, both of Homer.

Married. TROTT - BABCOCK - In Homer, Nov. 9, 1870, by the Rev. Mr. CORNELL, Mr. J. Winslow TROTT, of Niagara Falls, to Miss A. Callie BABCOCK, of Homer.

Married. STRONG - BRADLEY - Nov. 3, 1870, in Tarr Farm, Venango Co., Pa., by the Rev. J.S.LYTLE, Mr. Charles F. STRONG, of McLean, Tompkins Co., N.Y. to Miss Mary A. BRADLEY, of the former place.

22 Nov 1870

Married. CHRISTMAN - HOLDRIDGE - In Hamilton, N.Y., at the residence of the bride's father, Nov. 10, 1870, by Rev. W.R. BROOKS, Mr. Eaton CHRISTMAN, of Virgil, N.Y., to Miss Helen HOLDRIDGE, of Hamilton.

6 Dec 1870

Married. DODD - ALLEN - At Canastota, Nov. 30th, at the residence of Dr. V.W. MASON, by the Rev. B.G. BENEDICT, Rev. Henry M. DODD, pastor elect of the Presbyterian Church of Manlius, and Miss Ella ALLEN, late of Great Barrington, Mass.

Married. DORAN - LAMB - By Rev. A. CLEGHORN, D.D., on the 30th ult., at the residence of Freeman WHEELER, Esq., in the township of Rutland, LaSalle Co., Ill., Mr. Albertus DORAN, of Cortland, N.Y., to Miss Clara A. LAMB, of Ottawa, Ill.

13 Dec 1870

Married. TWISS - JARVIS - At the M.E. church in this village, on the 13th inst., by Rev. J.T. CRIPPEN, assisted by Rev. G.S. WHITE, Mr. William Harvey TWISS, of Topeka, Kansas, to Miss Julia F. JARVIS, of Cortland.
    The bride is well known as the daughter of postmaster JARVIS, and we take pleasure in joining in the earnest congratulations, and wishes for her future happiness, which have been so freely bestowed on one so generally well-esteemed.

Married. RICHOLSON - MEHAN - On the 16th of November, in the Catholic church at Ottawa, Ill., by the Rev. Father TERRY, Samuel RICHOLSON, Esq., of Ottawa, to Miss Etta MEHAN, formerly of Cortland, N.Y.

Married. UTLEY - CLARK - At the residence of Col. A. GREENE, on the 12th inst., by Rev. Wm. N. TOWER, Mr. D.E. UTLEY to Mrs. A.T. CLARK, all of Cortland.

27 Dec 1870

Married. FREEMAN- HOLMES - At Taylor, Dec. 27th, by Rev. J.H. BARNUM, Mr. Albert E. FREEMAN, of Truxton, to Miss Viola H. HOLMES, of Taylor.

Married. BIRDLEBOUGH - HOLMES - At the same time and place [Taylor, Dec. 27th], and by the same [Rev. J.H. BARNUM], Mr. Lucian BIRDLEBOUGH, of German, to Miss Ella L. HOLMES, of Taylor.

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