Cortland County Standard and Journal


7 Jan 1873

Died. WEBSTER - In Allen, Allegany Co., on the 12th ult., Mrs. Caroline, wife of Abel WEBSTER, and daughter of the late Dea. Aaron SMITH, formerly of McGrawville, aged 57 years.

Died. GRAHAM - In Cortlandville, on the 22 ult., Mr. Charles M. GRAHAM, aged 25 years.

In memoriam.

Betsey FULLER was born in Freetown, Cortland Co., N.Y., Sept. 13, 1813, and died in Cortland, Dec. 27, 1872, aged 59 years. She was married to William MANTANYE, Nov. 20 , 1831.
    She was the mother of three children; all are living and were present at her death. This is the first time the family circle has been broken by death. She was the youngest of a family of four children, two of whom survive, one a Methodist preacher in Indiana. Her father was one of the pioneer Methodists in Freetown. She was converted to God when about 22 years of age, joined the M.E. church, and ever remained a consistent member. Her Christian life was even, faithful and constant. Her faith was strong and confiding. In manner, cheerful and hopeful. In devotion, earnest and zealous. Full of sympathy and kindness toward all. Very unselfish, always thinking of others.
    In her last sickness her mind was upon her family, so that she seemed to forget her own pain and wants. Her health had been feeble for years. She was taken, two weeks before her death, with paralysis, which, with her previous debility, gradually brought her down to the edge of the river, which she safely crossed with her hand in the hand of the Savior, for she said confidently many times during her sickness, "My trust is in Him," "All is well." "He has promised to walk with me through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil." She has gone to her rest - blessed rest. She was a faithful companion, a kind mother. The family will often call to mind her counsels, her sympathy, her sacrifices, and her prayers.
14 Jan 1873

Died. FRENCH - In Texas Valley, on the 24th ult., Eleanor FRENCH, widow of Calvin FRENCH, in the 87th year of her age.

Died. LIVERMORE - In Cortland, on the 9th inst., of typhoid fever, Emma R., wife of William H. LIVERMORE, aged 22 years and 8 months.
    Mr. LIVERMORE will be remembered by our readers as the former publisher of the Cortland Weekly Journal. He has now a situation in the Government Printing Office, Washington. The first intimation of his wife's sickness was a telegram. Coming instantly home, she was past recognizing those around her, and soon died. He and the parents are sorely afflicted. The mother, Mrs. ROGERS, is very sick, as is also a sister - the latter, however, believed to be recovering. Mrs. LIVERMORE was a member of the Presbyterian Church, an exemplary member, and leaves a grief-stricken husband and parents.

The Moravia Shooting Tragedy.

    We mentioned last week in a brief paragraph a shocking shooting tragedy in Moravia. From the particulars which have since come to hand, we learn on Sunday towards noon, on the 5th inst., a man named John HILLSMAN, shot his wife at the residence of William J.N. SHEPBERD, a farmer residing about a mile and one half north east of Moravia. He then shot Mr. SHEPHERD, and subsequently himself. Jealousy and anger and general ill-temper seemed to be the actuating cause of the terrible deed. But from the best reports attainable, there does not seem to be any reason for his suspicions in regard to his wife.
    The report of the tragedy created a wild sensation, and brought many citizens to the spot. The spectacle presented to their view
                 A sickening sight!

    In the middle of the room, the woman lay only partly dressed stretched out on the floor. Her neck and shoulders were bare and in one hand was a wash-cloth. Through her head was a bullet hole from which streams of blood had run on the carpet. Lying with his head on the skirt of the woman's underclothing the man who had done the horrible work rested dead and with a calm countenance. A bullet had passed through his temple letting the life-blood stream out on the floor. On his breast lay a five barreled revolver while by his left side lay a seven-shooter.
    The dead body of SHEPHERD lay in the sitting-room below a lounge where it had been placed upon moving it from near the foot of the stairs where it fell on the instant that the fatal shot was fired.
    The Auburn Daily Advertiser gives the following:
    A relative of Mr. SHEPHERD's family tells us the introductory history of the sad affair, by which it seems that some eight years ago, Mr. GUTHRIE, the father of Mrs. HILLSMAN, who was then a young girl took her with him from this county, on a visit to the State of Georgia, where he was taken ill and died.
    She was left with some two thousand dollars, and was there married to HILLSMAN, living with his family until he had spent the money, when he and his family began a series of abuse which resulted in driving the wife to seek protection in her old home at the place where the tragedy occurred Sunday, and where she was holding other property left by her father at his decease.
    HILLSMAN, as related by our informant, had visited his wife here at various times, to induce her to live with him again and give him control of her means; but by the advice of her friends, and in accordance with her bitter experience, she refused his overtures, and he left her in anger and disappointment.
    She being without protection, made her home in the family of Mr. SHEPHERD, its members comprising himself, wife and daughter, with whom she boarded, occupying an upper room. She had a cousin in the neighborhood, named PALMER, who with his wife were visiting at Mr. SHEPHERD's on the day of the tragedy.
    The last time HILLSMAN came up from Georgia to see his victim was last summer, and she finally promised to go back with him, and they packed up their things and sent them on.
    But a few days before they were to start, HILLSMAN told the family one morning, that he was going out hunting, and that was the last they saw of him until last Friday, when he made his appearance again.
    He went to SHEPHERD's house and stayed until the murder. On Saturday he bought a revolver at Hale's hardware store, Moravia, saying he had lost his in coming up. On Sunday morning between 11 and 12 o'clock, while Mr. SHEPHERD's daughter was at church, Mr. HILLSMAN's cousin, PALMER, and his wife, called at SHEPHERD's. While they were sitting below, talking, they heard the report of a pistol and heard some one fall to the floor in the room over where they sat.
    HILLSMAN was small, of wiry build, and forty years of age. His wife was a handsome, intelligent woman aged about thirty. Mr. SHEPHERD was well known as a thriving farmer, and was fifty years of age.
    A sum of money amounting to $280 was found on HILLSMAN's body. He was evidently a desperate man, and was abundantly prepared for the deed of murder. He had two revolvers, and after emptying the barrels of one of them, in shooting his victims, pushed out the cartridge shells, (which were found on the floor up stairs), and reloaded the weapon to fire at PALMER and to kill himself.
18 Jan 1873

- On Friday last, Wm. B. PELLET, Esq., of Norwich, cashier of the Bank of Chenango, died suddenly while at dinner at the Eagle Hotel, supposed from apoplexy. It will be remembered that only last week we recorded the death of Mr. Walter M. CONKEY, President of the Bank, from the same cause. a fatality seems to have set in against the officers of this bank.

21 Jan 1873

Died. BLISS - In Lapeer, on the 9th inst., Mr. Levi P. BLISS, of consumption, aged 27 years.

Died. SPENCER - At Homer, West Hill, on the 6th inst., of consumption, Mr. John E. SPENCER, aged 47 years, 3 months and 7 days.

Died. RHOADES - In Homer, on the 11th inst., Mrs. Abigail, widow of the late Otis RHOADES, in the 83d year of her age.

Died. FAIRBANKS - In Homer, on the 9th inst., Mrs. Lois FIARBANKS, wife of Henry FAIRBANKS, aged 79 years, 8 months and 7 days.

Died. CALL - In Truxton, on the 7th inst., Susan, wife of Joel CALL, aged 46 years.

Died. Written on the death of Calista BULMAN, who died Dec. 25th, aged 20 years.

    The angel-messenger of Death
      Relieved her of her pain;
    Sickness, sorrow, pain and grief
      She ne'er will know again.
    A youth of innocence and love.
      She has gone from earth thus soon
    To join the heavenly choir above,
      Around her Father's throne.
    We may not call her back to earth
      To join her kindred here;
    Around the lonely fireside hearth
      Her form will ne'er appear.
    But in that glorious world of light
      By faith we now may see
    Her angel form in robes of white
      And spotless purity.
    Thus may she serve a beacon light
      To guide us on our way
    To that bright world to know no night,
      But one eternal day.
  Cortland                          P.C.

28 Jan 1873

Died. QUAIL - In Lapeer, on the 11th inst., of dropsey, Maria, wife of William B. QUAIL, aged 69 years and 7 months.

4 Feb 1873

Died. In Freetown, on the 17th ult., William CARR, aged 70 years.
    Bro. CARR was an old resident of Cortland Co. - nearly 50 years. He was a good citizen and a good neighbor, and is missed by all who knew him. And withal he was an earnest and faithful christian, a bold defender of the pure gospel of Christ, continually seeking for the old landmarks of primitive Methodism, having maintained a chrisitan character for 40 years. He was honored of God by being permitted to warn sinners of their danger with his latest breath.
    He was suddenly called home. On Friday evening he was at the school-house and spoke in defense of the Redeemer's cause, and faithfully warned the people against the rejecting of Christ. He urged them to get ready to die, and sat down, and immediately expired. Thus died a good man, and may we follow his example and be also ready.

                                S.A. LUCE.
Virgil, Jan. 27, 1873.

Died. BULLMAN - In Cortland, Saturday, the 25th ult., Mrs. Polly BULLMAN, aged 83 years.
    Sixty years ago, the subject of this notice came to this place with her husband, whom she buried two years ago, and located on the farm where they lived together fifty-eight years, and where they both died.
    More than fifty years ago she was baptized into the fellowship of the Baptist Church of Cortlandville, by Eld. Alfred BENNETT.
    Though for several years past she has been deprived of church privileges by infirmities, her trust in Jesus was strong and unshaken, and her hope bright and clear. Nor was it delusion -

  For when she through Jordan her journey must take,
  E'en then the poor pilgrim Christ did not forsake.

    She will be missed by two surviving sisters, seven children, and many grandchildren; but their loss is gain to her.     N.
11 Feb 1873

Died. CARTER - In Marathon, on the 31st ult., Cornelia , wife of Mr. George CARTER, aged 41 years

Died. WOOLWORTH - In Brooklyn, on the 1st inst., Henry Seymour, eldest son of S.B. WOOLWORTH, Jr., aged 14 years and 10 months.
    His remains were taken to Homer for interment.

Died. MOREHOUSE - In Summer Hill, on the 3d inst., Mr. Hiram MOREHOUSE, aged 47 years.

Died. HONEYWELL, In Homer, on the 3d inst., Crawford, son of Isaac HONEYWELL, aged 45 years.

Died. BOSWORTH - On the 16th ult., at his father's house in German, Chenango Co., Geo. G. BOSWORTH, M.D., late of Truxton, aged 29 years.
    Dr. BOSWORTH graduated at the Albany Medical College in 1869. He was a reputable member of the Cortland County Medical Society.

Died. HOAG - In St. Paul, Minn., on the 11th ult, of consumption, R. Ann HOAG, eldest daughter of the late Rev. E. HOAG, aged 27 years.
    Her remains were brought to New York Mills, Oneida Co., and interred beside her parents.

18 Feb 1873

Died. BEEMAN - In Preble, on the 8th of February, Sarah BEEMAN, wife of James BEEMAN, aged 72 years.

25 Feb 1873

Died. CARSON - In Virgil, on the 21st ult., Abram CARTER, aged 81 years.

Died. PIERCE - In Homer, on the 17th inst., Samuel PIERCE, aged 74 years.
    Mr. PIERCE was born in Cold Rain, Mass. Feb. 3d, 1799. His father, Judah PIERCE, removed to Truxton, Cortland Co., with his family in 1807. Feb. 20th, 1823, the deceased was married to Permella BURNHAM, daughter of the late John BURNHAM, deceased, of Homer, and always since lived in the town of Homer. The funeral was held on the 20th, on their fiftieth marriage anniversary. - Homer Republican.

Died. CASE - In this village, on the 23d inst., Mrs. Mary CASE, aged 59 years, 4 months.

4 Mar 1873

Died. MANROE - In Freetown, on the 9th ult., Mr. Daniel MANROE, aged 69 years.

Died. CUDWORTH - In Cortland, on the 25th ult., Mr. Leavitt CUDWORTH, aged 64 years.

Died. JOY - In Cortland, Feb. 28th, at the residence of her son- in-law, Francis H. HIBBARD, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of the late Lewis JOY, aged 79 years.

11 Mar 1873

Died. DYER - In Willett, on the 25th ult., Mr. John S. DYER, aged 59 years, 10 months and 28 days.

Died. JACOBSON - In German, on the 23d ult., Mr. Jacob JACOBSON, in his 75th year.

Died. McMINN - In Willett, on the 27th ult., Lovina, wife of Jackson McMINN, aged 28 years, 11 months and 9 days.

Died. BAUCUS - At his residence, in Dryden village, on the 3d inst., Merritt BAUCUS, of typhoid fever, aged 46 years.

Died. CAMPBELL - In Willett, on the 25th inst., Mr. Aaron CAMPBELL, aged 83 years.

18 Mar 1873

Died. PEEBLES - In Marathon, on the 3d inst., Abigail, wife of Mr. Joseph PEEBLES, in her 70th year.

Died. WITTY - In Owego, on the 4th inst., Mr. Thomas WITTY, in the 40th year of his age.

Died. TRIPP - In Harford, on the 6th inst., of dropsy of the heart, Mrs. Loretta TRIPP, aged 69 years.

Died. CLAPP - At his residence, about three miles north of Homer Village, on the 27th ult., Justin B. CLAPP, in the 54th year of his age.

Died. CHASE - Near Groton City, on the 3d inst., Ezra T. CHASE, aged 40 years.

Died. VAN HOESEN - In Preble, on the 11th inst., of consumption, Cornelia B. VAN LOAN, widow of the late T. Spencer VAN HOESEN, aged 50 years and 11 months.

Died. HALL - On East River, Cortlandville, March 7th, 1873, Mr. Wm. A. HALL, aged 49 years.

    A sad accident occurred on the D.L. & W. Railroad, between Binghamton and Chenango Forks, on Tuesday evening last, by which the news boy, a lad some fifteen years of age, named William ADAMS, lost his life. He had passed through the cars, with his bundle of papers and books for sale, and was returning to the baggage car, when, in stepping from one car to another, he fell from the track, the rear car passing over him, cutting off both legs above the knee, and mangleing one arm in a shocking manner. The first intimation of his absence from the train was the discovery of some object on the track by the passengers, which fact was announced to Conductor LUCAS, who found the boy to be missing, and immediately backed the train, when the unfortunate lad was picked up, and conveyed to Chenango Forks, where he was left in good care, attended by physicians. At that time he was conscious, and wished to be taken to his home in Utica, which was impossible. Death ended his sufferings about eight o'clock on the same evening. He is spoken of as an intelligent boy, to whom the employes on the train were much attached. - Chenango Union

25 Mar 1873

Died. BLODGETT - Died in this village, on the evening of Monday, the 24th, J. Randolph BLODGETT, aged 44 years.

Died. CROSBY - In McGrawville, on the 13th inst., Mr. Lemuel CROSBY, of Marathon, aged 76 years, 9 months and 29 days.

Died. TURNER - At Ketchumville, Tioga Co., on the 22d ult., Mr. John TURNER, formerly of Marathon, aged 87 years, 11 months and 8 days.

Died. LEARNED - At Clarkson, Monroe Co., N.Y., on the 11th inst., Mrs. Betsey LEARNED, daughter of Mr. M. HAVENS, deceased, formerly resident of Marathon, and sister of Dr. HUNT's wife of Marathon, in the 60th year of her age.

Died. LIVINGSTON - In Marathon, on the 15th inst., Mrs. Hattie A., wife of Frank LIVINGSTON, in the 31st year of her age.

Died. MORGAN - At the Elm Tree Hotel, in McLean, on the 18th inst., Mary Taylor MORGAN, adopted daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth MORGAN, aged three years.

Died. WOOLSTON - On Sunday morning, the 16th inst., at Toledo, Ohio, Henry G. WOOLSTON, aged 72 years.
    For over half a century the deceased was a resident of this county.

1 Apr 1873

Died. BUCK - In Hillsdale city, Michigan, March 17th, in the 18th year of her age, Alice A.E., eldest daughter of Philander BUCK, formerly of Cortland, N.Y. We miss her every where.

Died. COOK - In Homer, on the 7th of February, Mrs. Amelia COOK, wife of Weaver COOK, aged 34 years.

Died. HOTCHKISS - In Conquest, N.Y., on the 17th ult., Alfred HOTCHKISS, formerly a resident of this town, in his 75th year.

Died. NILES - In Healdsburg, Lonoma Co., California, on the 10th ult., of cardiac dropsy, Martin E. NILES, eldest son of Hon. Geo. N. NILES, aged 40 years.

Died. BROWN - At Blodgett's Mills, on the 14th ult., Ruby Hortense, daughter of Rufus and Abigail BROWN, of brain fever, aged 12 years and 28 days.

    Death of J.R. BLODGETT. In the obituary corner, last week, was announced the death of J.R. BLODGETT on Monday night last, at the residence of his brother-in-law, Dr. POMEROY, in this village - being too weak to proceed on to his brother's residence. Mr. BLODGETT returned to his old home and friends after long wanderings and varied successes and disappointments and trials of life. Came home, as he pathetically exclaimed to his friends, "to die of a broken heart." He had recently been living in Peoria and Bloomington, Ill., where he was taken sick unto death, but could not resist the impulse to come home to die - an impulse which sustained him and urged him on under fever and nervous prostration - and reaching here on Thursday evening, he died suddenly on the Monday evening following. During his sojourn from home he made many friends, and won the love of those among whom his lot was cast. The Buffalo Commercial Advertiser, in this State, contributes the following on Wednesday last:
    Mr. BLODGETT, we believe, was in his forty-fourth year, and at one time held a high position here in musical circles, besides carrying on a large music store. He had been organist of several of our principal churches, and at one time was conductor of the Continental and St. Cecial singing societies, besides having been a successful pianoforte teacher. Very many of the now grown-up ladies of this city owe their early musical training to him, and will hear with regret of his death. Since he left Buffalo his life appears to have been a very unsuccessful and unhappy one, from various causes which we do not feel at liberty to write about; but recent family troubles exercised a very disastrous effect on his mind and health. He was a man of the best impulses and kindest heart, which, added to a fine personal appearance and generous disposition, made him many friends who will sincerely mourn his early death and blighted life. Peace has come at last to his troubled soul.

8 Apr 1873

Died. GRANT - In Freetown, on the 13th ult., Mr. Daniel GRANT, aged 48 years.

Died. VANDENBURGH - In Preble, on the 24th ult., Lambert VANDENBURGH, aged 83 years.

Died. GRANGER - At Sackett's Harbor, Jefferson Co., N.Y., on the 11th ult., David GRANGER, aged 83 years.
    Mr. G. was the father of Mrs. Geo. COOK, of Homer.

Died. HUTCHINGS - In Harford, January 28th, of heart disease, Mrs. Mary L., wife of R.E. HUTCHINGS, aged 38 years.

Died. DYE - In Pitcher, on the 12th ult., Mr. Albertus DYE, don of Amos DYE, aged 30 years and 9 months.

Died. BARNES - In Cortland, on the 17th ult., of cancer, Sarah Ann, wife of Wm. BARNES, aged 44 years.

Died. FINCH - In East Homer, on the 1st inst., Fred M., only child of Daniel and Cynthia FINCH, aged 4 years, 9 months and 20 days.

    Gone to the land of perpetual spring;
    Gone with angels, sweet anthems to sing;
    Gone, the Redeemer's bright face to behold;
    Gone to the glories that never were told.

8 Apr 1873

- On Monday last week, the son of Ami NICKERSON, aged about thirteen years, was instantly killed by the falling of a tree, which had been lodged against another. Mr. NICKERSON lives about two miles east of McGrawville, and was engaged in the woods sawing, assisted by the son. The tree fell without noise or warning of any kind, crushing the boy instantly to the earth. No assistance could be had, and the father could only release the mangled body of his child after chopping the log in two. A similar accident killed a son of Mr. N. while logging together.

- Thaddeus DUNBAR, of Ira, was on Saturday last on his way to his brother's in Scott, Cortland County. Taken with symptoms of sickness near Calvin MATTERSON's in Sempronius, he went into his barn to rest for a moment, there immediately expiring. Coroner COX being sick, R.D. WADE, Jr., of Moravia was sent for to hold an inquest, the jury reporting death resulting from clotting of the heart. He was 68 years of age. Auburn Democrat.

15 Apr 1873

Died. NEYLON - In Lapeer, on the 31st ult., Lottie, daughter of James and Ellen NEYLON, aged about three years.

Died. REED - At Berlin Heights, Ohio, on the 22d ult., Horace K. REED, formerly of Upper Lisle, N.Y., aged 63 years.

Died. PHILLIPS - At Onondaga, on the 31st ult., Mr. Abel F. PHILLIPS, aged 60 years.
    Deceased was brother of Hon Geo. W. PHILLIPS, of Homer.

Died. KOCHER - In Homer, on the 4th inst., Maria, wife of John J. KOCHER, aged 42 years and 1 day.

Died. DEXTER - In Belvidere, Ill., on the 2d inst., Blanche, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.B. DEXTER, formerly of this village.

Died. EATON - In Groton City, on the 5th inst., Mrs. Esther O. EATON, aged 66 years. Mrs. E. was the wife of the late Charles EATON, formerly of Groton, Tompkins Co.

Died. ANTISDAL - In Cortland, on the 14th ult., Mr. Simon ANTISDAL, aged 82 years.
    For more than fifty years he had been a member of the Baptist Church, thirty of which he had filled the office of Deacon well.

    Gone before us, yet not dead
      Though pulseless lies his breast
    Though earth clods cover now his head.
      Though marble marks his rest
    His form, 'tis true, cheers not our way.
      His voice no more is heard,
    But angels' whispers sweetly say -
      "He sleeps, - he is not dead."
    It often seems a mournful dream
      Which may not yet be true,
    But tears which oft from eyelids gleam
      Revive his loss anew.
    But still the heart entwined with his
      Draws comfort from on high;
    Faith bears the words of cheer and bliss - 
      He sleeps - he cannot die.

Died. LAMBERT - In this city, on Thursday, the 20th ult., after a lingering illness, Henry LAMBERT, aged 61 years. - Ripon (Wis.) Commonwealth.
    Mr. LAMBERT was born in the county of Surrey, England, January 31st 1819. He emigrated to this country many years ago, and first settled at Syracuse, N.Y., and was a resident of Onondaga Co. many years and gained many friends and acquaintances. He is the father of Richard LAMBERT, of this village, and of James H. LAMBERT, the well-known editor of New York; also four other sons now living in the Western States. he was a genial friend, kind neighbor and active citizen, and all who were acquainted with him will mourn his death. His remains were followed to their last resting place the Monday following by a large concourse of citizens, all of whom felt that they were following to the grave a man who died at peace with all mankind.

- Near Genoa village one day last week, Mrs. Amy TOWNSEND, in getting out of a wagon, slipped on the ice and fell to the ground with her full weight. She lay still, and when assistance was rendered, he neck was found to be broken! She was lifted up, but died in about fifteen minutes. She was about 28 years of age. - Groton Journal.

    Accidental Drowning. - On Monday afternoon last, Mr. Wales FAIRBANK, of Cuyler, an old gentleman, some 69 years old, started to go to DeRuyter in a cutter, accompanied by his daughter. When they were just east of the old Sears Oil mill, at the second bridge, the water in the road was found very high and running across in a swift current. The horse became frightened and restiff. The daughter got out and Mr. FAIRBANK tried to drive across, and in the progress of crossing the current the horse became so much frightened as to back up and the cutter became upset, pitching Mr. F. into a whirlpool formed by the action of the water. He was drawn into the eddying current and his body went out of sight, and notwithstanding protracted and diligent search by the neighbors they have not been able to find him. Whether he became lodged in the deep pool dug out by the eddying currents or carried by the stream into the Tioughnioga river, is not known. The fatal accident has caused a deep gloom to rest upon the neighborhood.

22 Apr 1873

Died. BELLOWS - In Scott, on the 12th inst., Cora BELLOWS, daughter of the late Isaac N. BELLOWS, and granddaughter of Wm. W. SKEEL, Esq., aged 17 years.

Died. ELLIS - At Preble, on the 2d inst., David M. ELLIS, aged 20 years and 5 months.

Died. WARREN - In this village, Thursday afternoon, the 17th inst., Mrs. Clara E. WARREN, aged 27 years, wife of Capt. Geo. L. WARREN.

Died. MINSON - In the town of Virgil, on the 19th inst., widow MUNSON, wife of the late Isaac MUNSON, aged 77 years.
    One by one our mothers fall; one by one they pass along to yon spirit world of glory. We hope to meet them in the judgment day.

Died. WOODWARD - In Belvidere, Illinois, on the 6th inst., Mr. Abraham WOODWARD, in the 69th years of his age - formerly a resident of Homer, N.Y.

29 Apr 1873

Died. DUDLEY - At the residence of her brother, Mr. W. NOYES, in Homer, on the 20th inst., Mrs. Grace DUDLEY, aged 74 years.
    Her remains were interred at McLean. Funeral services by Rev. Mr. FOSTER.

Died. ROCKWELL - In Taylor, on the 29th ult., at the residence of his son-in-law, T.S. WHITNEY, Thomas ROCKWELL, in the 96th year of his age.
    Deceased was born in Lenox, Berkshire Co., Mass., and came to this place when he was 16 years of age, and residing in this place and the adjoining town of Cincinnatus for a period of about 80 years. Being one of the first settlers, he witnessed all the improvements of the country, from an almost unbroken wilderness to its present prosperous condition. Always taking a lively interest in all public improvements of the day, living a consistent Christian life for more than 70 years, he has gone to his rest in a good old age.

In Memoriam.

    Died. April 18, 1873, at Schoharie, N.Y., Miss Amelia MIERS, aged 23 years.
    Such was the sad announcement of a comrade last evening, and with a heart full of sorrow, we take the pen to pay our last token of respect to the memory of the departed.
    September 14, 1870 her name was recorded upon the "Normal Roll" and she graduated in the class of June 30, '71.
    For the first time the destroying Angel of death has visited the circle of our Normal graduates, and to-day we mourn the loss of one who by her earnest efforts and christian characters has left a record which places her name upon the honored roll of life's true workers.
    Previous to joining us, she partially completed the classical course at the Albany Normal school and devoting the best energies of her life to the cause of education, she accepted the position of Preceptress at Cobbleskill, and faithful to her charge, she labored until called to the haven of eternal rest.
6 May 1873

Died. DOUD - At the residence of his mother, in Cortland, on Thursday evening, the 1st inst., T. Hance DOUD, aged 23 years.
    Again is stricken down another from the thinned ranks of our young men. For the sudden loss of so many of its most popular youths and esteemed associates the entire community are adding their sympathies to the severe sorrow of bereaved parents and relatives.
    The character of him whose sudden death we now mourn, is too well known to need any eulogy. Amiable, refined, generous and affectionate, Hance DOUD had hosts of friends and was without an enemy. During the fatal illness of his young companions who preceded him from earth, none were more attentive and solicitous than he. Dear friends all, is not God preaching in these startling providences to us, who are lingering in this "Land of the Dying," the imperative call of preparation for our awaiting change? J.P.F.

    A shocking murder. On Saturday forenoon last, a girl named Ettie CONKLING, about fourteen years old, an adopted daughter, we understand, of Abram WESCOTT, in the southwestern part of the town of Locke, in Cayuga Co., was murdered by a hired man named Charles CONRAD - a young German eighteen years of age, recently from New York. It seems that the family went in the morning to Moravia, leaving the girl to take care of the house, and the man at work on the farm. The next that was seen of the girl she was found dead, having been stabbed several times with a shoe-knife - the knife still sticking fast in her body when found. The house had been thoroughly ransacked, drawers broken open - but precisely what her been stolen and carried off, we have not learned. The young man CONRAD, had fled. We learn that he was caught Sunday afternoon, about two miles north of Slaterville, in the town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., and locked in the jail at Ithaca to be conveyed to Auburn. Intense excitement prevailed in the neighborhood of the atrocious murder.

- We learn that W.S. HUNTER of this village died very suddenly yesterday about noon, from pleurisy - having been sick only a brief length of time.

- The funeral of Truman Hance DOUD was attended on Sunday last by Fire Department in uniform, of which the deceased was a member, and by a large number of citizens.

13 May 1873

The Locke Murder.

    The brief account which we gave in the last Standard and Journal of the terrible murder in Locke, on Saturday, the 3d inst., was in all essential particulars correct. Chas. CONRAD, or Charles EGGLER, as he now calls himself, acknowledges to having committed the terrible deed, and offers no excuse for it, save that he went to the house for something to eat, and the girl, Ettie CONKLING, refused to let him have it. A scuffle ensued, and he got mad and stabbed her.

Died. BROWN - In Homer, on the 25th inst., of consumption, Mrs. A.C. BROWN, wife of A.D. BROWN, aged 50 years and 4 months.

Died. HUNTER - In this village, suddenly, on Monday, the 5th inst., Wm. S. HUNTER, aged 53 years.

Died. REED - In Cortland, on the 7th inst., Eunice B., wife of Artemus REED, in her 63d year.
    Her illness was long and painful, but without a murmer, through grace, she surmounted all and passed to her reward in triumph.
    "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord."

20 May 1873

Died. BROWNELL - In McGrawville, Thursday, on the 1st inst., Cynthia A. White, wife of David BROWNELL, Jr., aged 44 years.

Died. CORWIN - In Blodgett's Mills, Thursday, the 15th inst., Ebenezer CORWIN, aged 77 years.

27 May 1873

Died. HOTCHKISS - In Homer, on the 12th inst., [James?] HOTCHKISS, Esq. aged 71 years.

Died. PIKE In Taylor, on the 19th ult., Mrs. [Waite?] J. PIKE, aged 39 years.

Died. HARD - In Virgil, on the 26th ult., of typhoid fever, George HARD, aged 26 years.

Died. SPENCER - In Fairfield, Iowa, on the 12th [inst?], Mrs. Eugenia SPENCER, wife of Fayette SPENCER, formerly of this village, aged 23 years.

Died. PALMER - In Taunton, Mass., on the 21st. inst., Flora Sophia, daughter of Rev. W.N. and Harriet E. COBB, and wife of Rev. Albert P. PALMER, in her 25th year.
    She was called suddenly, but found ready.

27 May 1873

- The body of Wales FAIRBANK, who was drowned during the freshet in April last, was on Thursday of this week found by Dr. Geo. B. BENTLEY, dentist of DeRuyter, whilst fishing in the Tioughnioga river in Cuyler. It was some distance below the old pond known as Hull's mill-dam and about two miles from the place where he went into the water, in the deep gorge nearly opposite the BARKER cut on the railroad. The body was two-thirds or more imbedded in the debris and gravel where the water had become shallow since the subsidence of the flood. One arm and hand, with mitten still on, one of the lower limbs and a small part of the body about the hip were exposed. The soldier's overcoat which deceased had on at his death, was also found near by. Whilst threading the stream at this point, Mr. BENTLEY accidentally recognized the body of the missing man. He communicated his discovery to young Mr. MATHEWSON, a fishing companion further up the stream, and they together made such reconnaissance of the locality as enabled them next day to identify the spot, when the body was recovered in a state of tolerable preservation. - DeRuyter New Era.

3 Jun 1873

Died. MALLERY - In Marathon, on the 22d ult., Mrs. Hannah MALLERY, relict of Capt. Patrick MALLERY, aged 90 years.

Died. TALBOT - In the town of Lisle, on the 24th ult., Miss Alfreda TALBOT, aged 62 years.

Died. RANNEY - In Summer Hill, on the 22d ult., Alfred RANNEY, in the 79th year of his age.

Died. RANNEY - In Summer Hill, April 5th, in the 80th year of her age, Lydia, wife of Samuel RANNEY.

Died. PIERCE - In Vernon, Oneida Co., on the 17th ult., Mr. Lyman PIERCE, late School Commissioner of the second School District of this county.

Died. JEPSON - In Homer, on the 26th ult., Mr. Benjamin JEPSON, aged 71 years.

To The Memory of Mrs. P.M. ALEXANDER.

Formerly Eliza HOWELL, niece of Mrs. Samuel BLAIR - suggested in part by the remarks of Rev. Mr. SICKELS on the occasion of her burial.
It was a sunny face that in the coffin lay
Within God's temple on that sad funeral day,
When many to the silent sepulchre were borne,
Whom death precipitate from life and home had torn.
For she had been a soldier in life's warfare too,
And fought in her meek way, with courage high and true.
For weal, with weapons from the armory above:-
Fought care and sorrow with the gentle might of love.
Her heart was sunny ever 'mid life's good or ill;
And so in death the evening clouds were gilded still;
And the soft smile that death itself could not destroy,
Still eloquently spake the sainted spirit's joy.
Farewell! 'tis but a little while, and then dear friends
Shall clasp thee to their hearts again and find amends
For all the stricken woe they felt in yielding thee,
In the bright, fadeless bowers of Immortality.

10 Jun 1873

Died. ALDRICH - In McLean, on the 26th ult., John ALDRICH, aged 23 years.

Died. WARWICK - At the residence of his parents, east of Cortland Village, on the 7th inst., George WARWICK, son of John and Jane WARWICK, aged 22 years.

Died. HICKS - In McGrawville, on the 16th ult., after an illness of three days, of typhoid pneumonia, Dea. Geo. Washington HICKS, aged 56 years.

    Death of Andrew M. STEELE - On the 28th of May, Andrew M. STEELE, a brother of Mr. S.H. STEELE, the present supervisor of Harford, died from the effects of an injury received from the bursting of a wooden pully in the Handle Factory at Olean, Cattaraugus Co., N.Y. The pully was running at a high rate of speed, and split near the centre, one half striking Mr. STEELE between and a little above the eyes, fracturing the skull. He fell to the floor, inconscious, in which state he remained until death ensued thirty-six hours after. His brother was telegraphed for and arrived four hours before his death.
    His funeral was attended by a large number of citizens who thereby testified the respect in which he was held. His many friends in this county feel the bereavement, while to his wife and children and relatives, his loss is irreparable. It is a consolation to them, however, to receive, as they do, the warmest sympathy of those in Olean, to whom Mr. STEELE had become endeared and whose confidence he had so fully earned.

17 Jun 1873

Died. SALISBURY - In this village, on the 10th inst., Emory A. SALISBURY, aged 36 years.

Died. BEAN - In Homer, on the 10th inst., of diptheria, Jennie Augusta, only daughter of Wm. A. BEAN, aged 5 years and two months.

Died. WARWICK - On the 7th inst., George WARWICK, eldest son of John and Jane WARWICK, aged 21 years and 10 months.
    Though to all who knew him no praise need be written, yet this young life is so fragrant with purity and dutifulness and an invincible faith, that it seems that the gaze of all men should be pointed to his example - to learn and to be encouraged by the brief career of this young disciple, - patience, submission, and the hope that reaches across the grave to blossom in eternity. In affectionate obedience and industry unrelaxing, this good young man grew up to his majority; and when the blight of consumption came upon him, waited patiently for the "change." He incurred the disease which led him painfully out of the present, in performing his duty like a true son. He hoped to lie, but was "prepared to die." Thus we call it, "to die," but we know it is to live that we go hence, when we have the blessed hope that was his.

    Resolution of Respect. - At the semiannual meeting of the Cortland County Medical Society, held on the 10th inst., Dr. H.C. HENDRICK announced the decease of our brother and fellow-member, Dr. Geo. G. BOSWORTH, of Truxton, and moved that Drs. GREEN and NELSON be a committee to present resolutions appropriate to this event and publish the same in one or more of the county papers, and also to communicate them to the family of Dr. BOSWORTH.

24 Jun 1873

Died. WOOD - In McGrawville, on the 18th inst., Helen L., youngest child of William and Abby J. WOOD, aged four years and six months.

1 Jul 1873

Died. COUCH - In Lisle, on the 19th ult., Sally COUCH, wife of Elijah S. COUCH, aged 67 years, 7 days.

Died. FOX - In Homer, on the 15th ult., Mr. Herman FOX, aged 73 years.

Died. LYNDE - At Grand Rapids, Mich., on the 16th ult., Dr. John LYNDE, in the 82nd year of his age. Deceased was formerly a resident of Homer.

Died. ALLEN - In Marathon, on the 19th ult., Lydia, wife of Mr. P.S. ALLEN, aged 66 years.

Died. CHAPLIN - In Lapeer, on the 19th ult., Camilla, wife of Walter L. CHAPLIN, aged 45 years.

Died. ELDRIDGE - In Pitcher, on the 16th ult., Anna, relict of Samuel S. ELDRIDGE, aged 67 years and 5 months.

Died. NEAL - In North Pitcher, April 13th, Dea. William NEAL, aged 53 years.

Died. NIXON - In this village, on Tuesday, the 24th of June, of consumption, Julia W. CUYLER, wife of James A. NIXON, Esq.
    Deceased had resided in this village since a child. She possessed those traits of character which endeared her to all her acquaintances, and her death has made a void that will not easily be filled. She was amiable, kind, and considerate. The distressed never appealed to her in vain, and the unfortunate found her heart ever open to their afflictions.
    Nearly twenty years ago she gave he heart unreservedly to God, and has ever since led a devoted christian life. She has left a sorrow-stricken husband, together with a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn her untimely loss. After a long and painful sickness she met the final hour with christian fortitude - the only one present who was calm and composed. When the final summons came, she meekly and without murmer yielded up her spirit to the God who gave it. She has entered now upon the last long sleep. By the loving hands she has been deposited in the bosom of the earth, and the hearts of those who loved her will cherish her memory so long as life endures.

- On Wednesday evening last, a man named Patrick MAHAR, who gave his residence as Plymouth, Luzerne Co., Pa., got off of the south bound train in this village, for the ostensible purpose of lighting his pipe. He neglected getting back on the train until it was in motion, when hurriedly attempting to enter the rear car and coming in contact with the platform, fell under the car wheels which cut his right leg off above the knee and crushed the left foot and ankle and leg up to the knee. So badly was he injured that the doctors, who quickly come to him, had no hopes of his recovery. Every thing was done for him that could be, but he died in less than two hours, after terrible suffering. Father McLAUGHLIN was sent for and came and prayed with him and administered the last rites of the Roman Catholic Church before he expired. The injured man held a ticket from Jamesville to Binghamton and said he was on his way to visit his brother, who was afterwards telegraphed for. This is an example of the danger of getting on or off of moving cars, and should be a warning to be heeded by all who can be induced by anything besides their own self assurance. This man was as confident of his ability to get on a moving train safely as any one can be, and his life was the penalty paid for that confidence. Who shall be the next?
    The Irish Catholics of the village, although the deceased was a stranger to them, with their usual liberality contributed the means to procure D.H. DOUBLEDAY & Son a solid mahogany coffin, with heavy silver trimmings, and turned out largely to the funeral - the body being buried in the Catholic burying grounds on Port Watson St. The brother of the deceased arrived just as the coffin was being closed.

8 Jul 1873

Died. TROWBRIDGE - At Cedar Falls, on the 13th ult., of consumption, Adolphus TROWBRIDGE, aged 31 years, son of Henry TROWBRIDGE, deceased, formerly a resident of Marathon.

Died. PIERCE - In Homer, on the 29th ult., Miss Effie A., youngest daughter of S.B. PIERCE, aged 15 years and 8 months.

Died. SALISBURY - In Scott, on the 26th ult., Mary T. wife of Artemus SALISBURY, aged 61 years.

Died. WELLINGTON - At Little York, on the 3d ult., Miss M. Ellen WELLINGTON, aged 17 years.

Died. BOIES - In Cortland, on the 2d inst., Orsemus BOIES, aged 82 years.

Died. PERSONS - In McGrawville, on the 25th ult., Mr. Reuben PERSONS, aged 88 years.
    Mr. PERSONS had lived in this town and occupied the same farm for about 68 years.

Died. BOYNTON - In Mansfield, Conn., on the 26th ult., Louisa, wife of Deacon Nathaniel BOYNTON, aged 64 years, formerly a resident of this town.

Died. AYERS - At Albany, on the 29th ult., Mr. James D. AYERS, aged 56 years.
    His death was caused by the bite of a mad dog in September last. He formerly lived in Auburn, and the remains were carried to Massachusetts for burial. He leaves a brother in Truxton, and other friends, who will mourn his loss.

    Death of Mr. WILLIAMS. - Mr. WILLIAMS, an account of whose injury we gave two or three weeks ago, from a runaway team in Freetown, died on the 28th of June. Inflammation set in , and he died after days of painful suffering. He was a resident of East Freetown, aged 63 years.
[See article in issue of 17 June 1873:
    Freetown - A terrible accident. - On Saturday afternoon last, Mr. E. WILLIAMS and his son, and a Mr. WAVLE, of Freetown, were riding on the road toward Marathon in a democrat wagon, when for some unexplained reason the horses started to run. The forward end board gave way going down hill and WAVLE fell through to the ground, not seriously hurt. At the foot of the hill the horses ran into a house - bringing everything to a stand still with a shock. Mr. WILLIAMS was thrown against the house with great force, injuring his head and breaking both legs - crushing them so that they will have to be amputated, and his life despaired of. The son was knocked senseless, but will recover without permanent injury.]

15 Jul 1873

Died. INGERSOLL - In Marathon, on the 25th ult., Melissa S., wife of Mr. Frank INGERSOLL, aged 29 years.

Died. MILLER - In Willett, on the 2d inst., Mr. John MILLER, of cancer, aged 55 years.

Died. BURNHAM - In East Homer, on the 8th inst., Mrs. Harriet M. BURNHAM, relict of Wm. H.H. BURNHAM, aged 54 years.

22 Jul 1873

Died. PERSONS - In McGrawville, on the 25th ult., Mr. Reuben PERSONS, aged 88 years.

Died. TIMMERSON - In Homer, on the 6th inst., at the home of Hiram BURT, Mrs. Jennie TIMMERSON, aged 34 years.

Died. BOYNTON - In Mansfield, Ct., on the 26th ult., Mrs. Louisa, wife of Deacon Nathaniel BOYNTON, aged 64 years, formerly of Cortlandville.

Died. BOCKES - In Scott, on the 12th ult., Olive, wife of Smith BOCKES, aged 64 years.

Died. BABCOCK - In Scott, on the 9th inst., Porter BABCOCK, aged 21 years.

Died. GARLOCK - In McLean, on the 1st inst., Milo GARLOCK, aged 69 years.

Died. GALLAGHER - In Virgil, on the 11th inst., Geo. GALLAGHER, formerly of Cortland.

29 Jul 1873

Died. MINER - In Homer, on the 21st inst., at the residence of her grandfather, Mr. Joseph ATWATER, Miss M. Adele MINER, aged 15 years.

Died. CHAFFEE - In Cortland, July 22d, of apoploxy, Miss Myra CHAFFEE, aged 50 years.

Died. ELLIS - At East Preble, Sunday evening, the [2..?] inst., Robert ELLIS, aged 44 years.
    Funeral at his late residence to-day (Tuesday) 10 A.M., and at the Methodist church, Preble at 11 A.M. The Rev. Mr. FOSTER, of Cortland, will read the Burial Service of the Protestant Episcopal Church, and will make funeral addresses at the house and church.

Lines Written on the Death of Mrs. John SMITH of Cincinnatus.

  A guest, all unbidden, came to your home,
    At the close of a summer day.
  His coming brought sadness to all save one -
    The one whom he bore away!
  And though his mission to your brought pain,
    We know it was done in love,
  For it brought to your darling priceless gain,
    E'en a home in heaven above.
  'Twas the angel of death who entered your door
    That beautiful Sabbath at even,
  And this was the message from God he bore -
    Go gather in sheaves for heaven.
         *     *     *     *     *     *
  So, gently he sundered the silver cord,
    And the golden bowl as well,
  And out from the prison-house of clay
    Passed the beautiful Belle.
  Out of the darkness into the light,
    Out from all sorrow and pain,
  Into the home of angels bright,
    Where Christ himself doth reign.
        *     *    *    *    *    *    *
Center Lisle, July 21, 1873             E.T.S.

5 Aug 1873

Died. BROWN - In Harford, on the 26th ult., Mr. [D..mer] BROWN, aged 27 years.

Died. SOUTHWORTH - In this village, on the 27th ult., Charles N. SOUTHWORTH, aged 38 years.

- Mrs. Homer BROWN, of Harford, died on Saturday morning, July 26th, of inflammation the bowels, aged 27 years.

    A Fatal Accident. - On Friday last, Mr. Robert B. FISH, of Solon, met with an accident, by which he was instantly killed. He was riding on a load of fence posts, going down a steep pitch in the road, this side of Nelson STONE's house, when he slipped off the front end of the load, falling between the horses and the wagon. His feet or one foot caught in the whiffletrees and the horses ran dragging him upon the ground under the wagon, fearfully beating and bruising and breaking and mangling him about the head and shoulders, and killing him before the team was stopped and assistance coming to his release. It was a most sad affair. He was a brother of Emmet A. FISH, of Fish & Walrad, in this village. He leaves a wife, but we believe no children.

    Dreadful Accident. - Mrs. Warren LITTLE, of Groton City, has been subject to Epileptic fits for fifteen years. In one of these fits a few years ago, she fell on the stove, while holding a young child in her arms, and burned herself severely, but the child was unhurt. On Wednesday while washing, she had one of those fits, and took the babae that she was nursing, and placed it in the boiler, with the boiling clothes, and attempted to push it down with the clothes-stick, when her son saw what she was doing, and took the child from the boiler. The child lived but four hours after the accident. - Groton Journal.

12 Aug 1873

Died. CLARKE - In Homer, on the 3d inst., of [con......tion]. Mrs. Lydia CLARKE, aged 31 years.

Died. MULDOON - In Seneca Falls, June 18th, Mrs. [...lisa] MULDOON, aged 39 years.

Died. BURGESS - In Marathon, on the 31st ult., [Ca...rine] S., wife of Lewis A. BURGESS, Esq., aged [..] years.

Died. SMITH In Freetown, on the 31st ult., Mr. [...ley] SMITH.

Died. TERRY - In McGrawville, on the 30th ult., of consumption, Edwin N. TERRY, aged 47 years.

Died. ALDRICH - In Preble, on the 31st ult., of [....] stroke, A. George ALDRICH, aged 35 years.

Died. STURTEVANT - In this village, on the 9th [....], James W. STURTEVANT, aged 62 years.
    Funeral at his late residence on Wednesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock.

    Four deaths have occurred in our usually healthy town within the last week or ten days. Mr. John BURLEY, who was returning from Marathon, in company with Mr. Frank MAHAN, fell from the wagon, and it is supposed, broke his neck. Mr. Charles B. ELLIS, former proprietor of the Southern Central House, died the 31st of July, after a protracted illness. Mrs. H.J. BROWN was buried one week ago yesterday, leaving two small children, just old enough to begin to appreciate the tender care of so faithful a mother. Mrs. Benj. SHELDON, a sister of Robert PURVIS, died Friday. Mrs. S. was sick only three or four days, and was irrational all the time. The family are greatly afflicted by this sudden bereavement. The funeral services were held in the Congregational Church. The Rev. A.B. ECKERT, of the M.E. Church, of which the deceased was a faithful member, preached from Rev., 1st chapter, 18th verse.

- A young man about 25 years of age named Wm. BRANDON, was drowned in Willett, about two miles north of Upper Lisle on Thursday last. He was in bathing with a boy named Ben. MEACHAM, and ventured out, with the assistance of two logs, to where it was over his head, when getting frightened he jumped from the logs and immediately went down, as he could not swim. - Marathon Independent.

- Mr. Geo. ALDRICH, of Preble, aged thirty-five years, died last Thursday night from the effects of a sunstroke received from the previous Friday. He was sitting on a log, we are told, watching an encounter between his dog and a woodchuck, when he was attacked. He fell over and remained unconscious until his death. He left a wife and one child. He bore a good reputation among his townsmen. - Homer Republican.

19 Aug 1873

Died. PARKER - In Lapeer, on the 7th inst., Mr. James PARKER, aged 68 years.

Died. AYERS - In Lapeer, on the 7th inst., Mr. Daniel AYERS, aged about 75 years.

Died. WATROUS - In Freetown, on the 16th ult., Josie L., wife of Mr. E.A. WATROUS, aged 22 years.

Died. BOWEN - In Lockport, on the 10th inst., Mr. Erasmus BOWEN, aged 62 years.
    Mr. BOWEN was a native of Homer.

Died. MITCHELL - In DeRuyter, on the 2d inst., after a long and painful illness, Anna H., relict of Oliver MITCHELL, aged 73 years.

Died. SODERGREN - In this village, on the 4th inst., Ida Mathilda Louisa, only child of Carl and Emila SODERGREN, of New York, aged 7 months and 10 days. Fourth morning.

Died. BAYBROOKS - At South Cortland, on the 13th inst., William BAYBROOKS, aged 80 (or 60) years.

- John BURLEE, of Harford, Cortland county, attempted to jump from a wagon a few days ago, but fell and broke his neck, killing him instantly. - Ithaca Daily Journal.

    Dear Sir: - It is strongly urged by many that the verdict of the coroner's jury in the case of the fatal accident in Solon, be published.

                Yours sincerely,
                           T.C. POMEROY, Coroner.

    This is the substance of the verdict, viz:
    "We, the undersigned (twelve) good and lawful citizens of the county of Cortland, do say, upon our oaths, that the said Robert B. FISH came to his death by an accident, solely in consequence of inebriety produced by brandy purchased by him at the house of James WARDEN and his mother, in the town of Solon, on the morning of the 1st inst."
    We refrained from publishing the above until we had satisfied ourself that the evidence warranted the severe verdict. More than that, we took care to ascertain the general character and management of the house, and have become satisfied it is not such as to entitle it to any consideration or leniency- but that it is a persistent law breaker and corrupter of the habits and morals in the community and ought to be suppressed.
26 Aug 1873

Died. KINGSBURY - At East River, on the 18th inst., Mrs. Charles KINGSBURY aged 66 years.

Died. STEADMAN - In Homer, on the 17th inst., Eugene M., son of Mr. and Mrs. A. STEADMAN, aged [..] months.

Died. HALLSTEAD - In Marathon, on the 16th inst., Jennie, daughter of J.B. and Hannah HALLSTEAD, aged 14 years, 4 months and 4 days.

Died. SIXBY - In this village, on the 24th inst., after a long illness, J.W. SIXBY, of Castile, Wyoming county.

- On Saturday afternoon an accident occurred about a mile and a half east of this village, on the road to McGrawville. Persons were engaged in raising a barn on the premises of Judge COWAN, when one of the posts to a bent slipped and the bent came down instantly, killing Mr. James GREENMAN, a young carpenter of this village, and injuring a Mr. MOORE seriously, and a boy not so severely.

2 Sep 1873

Died. BARNES - In Marathon, on the 20th ult., Miss Emily BARNES, aged 37 years.

Died. GILBERT - In Homer, on the 24th ult., Susie Eloise, daughter of George S. and Florence L. GILBERT, aged eleven months and nine days.

Died. HOBART - In Brooklyn, (E.D.,) N.Y., on the 21st ult., at the residence of her son-in-law, F.A. BURGER, Jane M. HOBART, beloved wife of Amos HOBART, of Homer, in the 68th year of her age.

Died. MILLER - In Weedsport, Cayuga county, on the 7th ult., Fannie A., wife of E.D. MILLER, aged 27 years

Died. BAYBROOK - In this village, Aug. 31, John BAYBROOK, aged 61 years. Funeral at 1 o'clock this Tuesday afternoon, at his late residence on Mill street.

9 Sep 1873

Died. CRANE - In this village, on the 8th inst., Annie Hill, infant daughter of Wm. H. and Jennie M. CRANE, aged 9 months and 7 days.

Died. NORTHRUP - In Homer, on the 31st ult., of consumption, Miss Lottie K., daughter of [James?] and Elsina NORTHRUP, aged 16 years.

Died. TAYLOR - In Truxton, on the 2d inst., Col. [Jehial?] W. TAYLOR, aged 82 years.
    Col. TAYLOR was for many years a well known citizen of this place.

Died. BRAYTON - In Cortland, on the 31st ult., [John?] BRAYTON, aged 67 years.

Died. MEDES - In Cortland, on the 7th inst., of typhoid fever, Mrs. Mary E. MEDES, aged 42 years.

16 Sep 1873

Died. PETERS - In this village, on the 9th inst., Anna, daughter of Duane and Maria PETERS, aged 6 months and 21 days.

23 Sep 1873

Died. SMITH - In Allen, Allegany Co., N.Y., July 31st, Mrs. Sarah A. MASON, wife of the late Dea. Aaron SMITH, formerly of McGrawville, aged 80 years.


- Hon. Mills VAN VALKENBURGH, of Ithaca, County Judge of Tompkins County, died on Sunday morning last, of typhoid fever. In his death Tompkins County loses one of her most estimable citizens, and the bar and the judiciary, an upright and able member. It was our privilege to know Judge VAN VALKENBURGH intimately, and we can say unhesitatingly that we never knew a better man. He was able as a lawyer, just and upright as a judge, and high minded and pure as a citizen. His was one of those noble natures, calculated to win the love and esteem of all those with whom he came in contact. He was one of those few men of whom it may be said the world was the better for his having lived it.
    Judge VAN VALKENBURGH was born in Preble, Cortland county, July 13, 1830. He graduated at Homer Academy, and studied law with Milo GOODRICH, in Dryden, and was twice elected County Judge of Tompkins county - the last time in 1871, for six years.
30 Sep 1873

Died. SULLIVAN - In Cortland, on the 22d inst., Altheada C. SULLIVAN, aged 33 years.

Died. KINNEY - In Cortland, on the 20th inst., Maria KINNEY, wife of Daniel KINNEY, aged 57 years.

Died. HARDIE - In East Homer, on the 23d inst., David HARDIE, aged 76 years.

Died. HUNT - In Homer, on the 12th inst., of consumption, Jeanette Bartlett HUNT, aged 38 years.

Died. WILLSON - In Pittsfield, Otsego county, N.Y., on the 14th inst., Parker B. WILLSON, in the 77th year of his age.

Died. BABCOCK - In Homer, on the 20th inst., at the residence of his father, Horace S. BABCOCK, Isaac T. BABCOCK, aged [29?] years, 5 months and [6?] days.

Died. HART - In Homer, on the 22d inst., at the residence of J. DEVOE, Mrs. Catharine HART, aged 75 years and 6 months.

In Memoriam.

    Mary Austin HUBBARD, born September 5, 1848, died at six o'clock, on the afternoon of September 24, 1873, aged twenty-five years and nineteen days.
    Miss HUBBARD lived most of her life in Norwich, the place of her birth and of her death. Her student life was spent in Norwich Academy, and in the State Normal School at Cortland, from which latter institution she graduated with honor, January 30, 1872.
    As an educator she discovered herself possessed of marked ability. On the fourth of September , 1872, she commenced duty as Principal of the Intermediate Department of the School of Practice, connected with the Normal School from which she graduated. This position she retained until her death, although declining health had forbidden her, since last May, to engage in active school work.
    Miss HUBBARD's home, school, and religious life was characterized by deep filial affection and tenderness as a daughter and a sister; by warm attachments as a friend, and by a saving faith as a follower of her Savior. Her individuality of character manifested itself in her self reliance, in her appreciation of kind attention, in her self-sacrifice whereby happiness and comfort should come to others, in her ambition that her life might realize the cherished hopes of her affectionate parents, and in her unswerving trust in her Redeemer.
    She had been expectant that she would soon recover her health. Yet her many days of great suffering finally brought her near to the shores of Time. And the sight of the "Valley of the Shadow" brought with it no shrinking. Life looked pleasant to her, and she had hoped to enjoy it longer. Yet, "Mother, I am going very soon," was uttered with all her usual calmness, for it was well with her. Her directions concerning her burial - her selections of hymns for friends to sing to her - her thoughtful messages of tenderness to all her dear ones - her beautiful reflection that when her body should be laid in the grave, it were pleasant to have the earth joyous with flowers and the sun just setting beyond the hills - her last kiss of love - her last words, "Tell grandfather I am about gone" - her sweet, cheerful countenance as she neared the Shores and visions of beauty seemed to open upon her sight - all these uttered forth her young life's beautiful close.
    The burial services were held at the house at three o'clock in the afternoon of Saturday. The day was one of the loveliest of the year. - fit time to render the following words, which were sung at the grave as the casket rested in its final place:-
    "Behold the western evening light!
      It melts in deepening gloom;
    So calmly Christians sink away,
      Descending to the tomb.

    "The winds breathe low; the with'ring leaf
      Scarce whispers from the trees;
    So gently flows the parting breath,
      When loved ones cease to be.

    "How beautiful on all the hills
      The evening light is shed!
    'Tis like the peace the Christian gives,
      to mourners round her bed.

    "How mildly on the wandering cloud,
      The sunset beam is cast!
    'Tis like the memory left behind,
      When loved ones breathe their last."

7 Oct 1873

Died. PIERCE - In Truxton, on the 27th ult., Fidelia F. PIERCE, aged 54 years, 5 months and 8 days.

Died. ATWILL - In Bradford, Steuben Co., N.Y., Aug. 26th, Mrs. Ruth Ann ATWILL, aged 57 years, wife of Rev. Wm. ATWILL, rector of St. Andrew's Church, Bradford, N.Y.
    Deceased was a sister of Dr. H.O. JEWETT, of this village.

Died. MURPHEY - In this village, on the 2d inst., Henry L. MURPHEY, in the 26th year of his age.
    Sincere, genial, pure through life - in sickness and suffering patient and heroic - a dutiful and affectionate son and brother, a consistent Christian, - these are a few of the many praises that might justly be spoken of his spotless career upon earth. Doubtless his spirit is safe with his Lord. "Certainly" his trust is realized, and in Paradise he is awaiting - free from pain and all apprehensions - until the family circle is eternally re- united; and from the little church of his love upon earth the faithful will join him to swell the ranks of the Church Triumphant in heaven.

Died. BARNUM - In this village, on the 1st inst., after a short illness, Mr. Delos BARNUM, aged 48 years.
    The sudden departure of our friend has given a shock to the community; many of his associates not hearing of his illness until the rapid strides of disease had carried him past all hope of recovery. A faithful husband, a fond father, a genial citizen, and thoroughly honest and sincere nature, Delos BARNUM will be greatly missed, and his memory treasured by all who knew him.
    Called quickly away to the sunny clime of the Better Land, let us believe that God knew what future was best for him; - that this good man has gone before to his reward, and that for his widow and orphans the Heavenly Father will provide. Let us, too, give to them our sympathies and support.

Died. HITCHCOCK - In Boone, Iowa, on the 24th ult., after a brief illness of eight days, Mrs. Sophronia A., wife of Mr. Benjamin HITCHCOCK. The immediate cause of death was apoplexy, induced by dropsy of the chest.
    The old and many friends of Mrs. HITCHCOCK in Cortland county will hear of her sudden death with pain, and with sympathy for her husband. Though far from her early home and dearest associations in life, she did not die among strangers. Her kindness and promptness in Christian duty had made her many friends in the three years since she left the East. Her pastor, who buried her, Rev. Joshua COOKE, was from western New York, and western New York people joined in the sad burial service; some of them, also, from Cortland county. It will cheer all her friends in Christ to know that in the last trying hours her Savior was near her, and her trust in Him conquered her fear of death. It is the richest legacy to her husband, children and friends that, suddenly and in most painful manner as the last summons came, it made her trust but the firmer, and her end was peace.

14 Oct 1873

Died. HARVEY - In Marathon, on the 29th ult., Mrs. Mary HARVEY, aged 34 years.

Died. BAKER - In Lapeer, on the 4th inst., Mr. Horace BAKER, aged 50 years.

Died. FRENCH - In Marathon, on the 30th ult., I. Willie, son of C.L. and Chloe A. FRENCH, aged 11 years.

Died. SWIFT - In Marathon, on the 1st inst., Mr. Wm. A. SWIFT, aged 44 years and 10 months.

Died. COON - In Scott, on the 25th ult., at the residence of his father, Rev. A.W. COON, George S. COON, aged 23 years, 8 months and 5 days.

Died. BEACH - In Homer, on the 4th inst., Nathaniel BEACH, aged 84 years.

Died. WOOD - In Bellows Falls, Vt., on the 27th ult., Scott WOOD, in the 78th years of his age.
    Mr. WOOD was for more than fifty years a resident of Homer, before he moved to Bellows Falls.

Died. SHORT - August 1st, 1873, from the effects of a cancer, Zadoc SHORT, of Knoxville, Pa., formerly of Cincinnatus, Cortland Co., N.Y., in the 80th year of his age.

Died. HARDY - In Cortland, on the 23d ult., Dea. David HARDY, aged 76 years. Coming to the grave as a shock of corn fully ripe for the harvest.
    He was born in Nelson, N.H. Came to Preble, in this county, in 1838.
    He had followed Jesus in his christian profession for more than half a century, and as was truthfully said in the funeral discourse, "he was a living epistle, known and read of all men." His christian life was eminently cheerful, fulfilling the words of Jesus - "Ye are the light of the world." Ever bearing with him the light of the Son of Righteousness - shining in him and through him upon all around him.
    Christian steadfastness gave him character. Christian zeal and energy moved him to the performance of life's great duties, and made him a conqueror. A young man said: "I once tried to disbelieve the christian faith, but I could not with the daily life of Dea. HARDY before me."
    Living near the county poor-house, he often visited the sick and dying - telling the glad tidings, and serving as Chaplain to give the poor a christian service and burial.
    He sweetly fulfilled his mission as husband, father and friend, leaving a companion who had walked with him over fifty years, and many he loved, and going to many he loved. For him to die was gain.

21 Oct 1873

Died. RADCLIFFE - In Truxton, on the 4th inst., Miss John Ann RADCLIFFE, after a short illness, aged 67 years. A native of Dumfrieshire, Scotland.

Died. PALMER - In Cortland, Oct. 17th, after a painful illness of ten days, John A. PALMER, aged 53 years and 8 months.

28 Oct 1873

Died. HAY - In Lapeer, on the 16th inst., Elizabeth HAY, in the 95th years of her age, mother of Lansing and V.R. HAY.

Died. PHILLIPS - In Homer, on the 15th inst., Miss Susan E. PHILLIPS, in the 45th year of her age.

Died. LANSING - In Cortland, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Augustus BALLARD, on the 16th inst., Mrs. Hannah LANSING, aged 80 years.

- Mr. William SCOTT, of this village, aged about 60 years, died suddenly of apoplexy yesterday.

4 Nov 1873

Died. HIBBARD - In East Homer, on the 11th ult., of heart disease, Mrs. Diana HIBBARD, widow of the late John L. HIBBARD, aged 83 years.

Died. SCOTT - In this village, Monday, Oct. 27th, Wm. SCOTT, aged 62 years.
    Wm. SCOTT was born in the Parish of Lon May, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, in 1833. Thinking to try his fortune in America, he sailed, leaving behind him a father, mother and ten brothers and sisters, and after a long and tedious voyage he landed safely in New York. He worked about one year in New Jersey, then came to Cortland and commenced work for Wm. RANDALL, whose garden he [has?] taken care of for the remaining years with the exception of a short time way. While engaged in his favorite occupation he was suddenly stricken and transferred to those heavenly gardens where "everlasting spring abides" and flowers never fade. Honest, faithful and true, he will most certainly receive a rich reward.

Died. BOYCE - In Lockport, on the 21st ult., Mrs. Esther BOYCE, aged 96 years.
    Mrs. BOYCE was formerly a resident of Cortland. She was left a widow at 44 years of age, with a family of five children to rear and educate. She was sustained by faith in Him who has promised to be the widow's God, and took up the added burden of life with steady firmness, and to the day of her death managed her own business affairs. She took a great interest in all good works, and the affairs of the country, and during the war, although more than eighty years of age, was actively engaged in all the efforts to supply our sick and wounded soldiers with comforts. She lived and died a Christian.

11 Nov 1873

Died. ALVORD - In Homer, N.Y., November 1st, 1873, Mrs. Helen, wife of J.G. ALVORD, Esq., aged 48 years, 7 months and 24 days.

Died. SMITH - In Texas Valley, Oct. 26, Rev. G.M. SMITH, aged 69 years.

Died. HILSINGER - In Marathon, Oct. 31, Mr. Chauncey HILSINGER, aged 47 years.

Died. KIMBERLY - In Freetown, at the residence of Wm. ESMAY, Esq., Miss Lillie J. KIMBERLY, aged 17 years.

Died. VAN HOESEN - At Preble, Nov. 3, 1873, Laroy Markham, oldest child of Gerrit S. and Carrie M. VAN HOESEN, aged 6 years, 3 months and [..] days.

Died. ANGELL - In Cuyler, Cortland Co., Sept. 15, Mary Ann, wife of Dr. N. ANGELL, aged 55 years.

Died. YORK - In Cuyler, Sept. 16, Ann, wife of D. YORK, aged 68 years.

Died. SPENCER - In Mason, Mich., on the 21st ult., Mr. John E. SPENCER, aged 48 years, formerly of this town.

Died. BLODGETT - At the family residence in this village, on the 4th inst., after a brief illness, Mrs. Achsah Dewey, wife of the late Deacon Franklin B. BLODGETT, aged 75 years.

18 Nov 1873

Died. GREENE - At Philadelphia, on the 15th inst., [of?] lung complaint, Miss Helen L. GREENE, daughter of Col. A.G. GREENE, of Cortland N.Y., in the 29th year of her life.
    A frail flower - plucked thus early in life from the arms of a loving father to join the angels in Heaven. A gem of Christ's own setting - a worthy [....] if such there be, to shine forever with the Lamb of God. A star in the crown of glory.

Died. NEWKIRK - In this village, on Monday evening, the 17th inst., Mary D., child of William and Jane NEWKIRK, aged nine months.

Died. GLOVER - In Genoa, Nov. 5th, Lucy B., wife of Deloss W. GLOVER.

Died. SOUTHWORTH - In Homer, Oct. 30th, Mr. Constance SOUTHWORTH, aged 82 years.

Died. JOHNSON - In Marathon, on the 8th inst., Mrs. Ann JOHNSON, aged 39 years.

Died. PETERS - In Cortland, on the 16th inst., of diptheria, Dannie, son of Duane D. and Ellen M. PETERS, aged 4 years and 4 months.

25 Nov 1873

Died. FERTIG - In Cortland, on the 12th inst., of diptheria, Estella, youngest daughter of Valentine FERTIG, aged 8 years and 1 month.

Died. STROWBRIDGE - In Cortland, on Tuesday, the 18th inst., of diptheria, Johnny, youngest son of John W. and Lydia A. STROWBRIDGE, aged 5 years and 11 months.

   Gem of our hearth, our household pride,
       Earth's undefiled,
   Could love have saved, thou hadst not died.
       Our dear, sweet child!
   Humbly we bow to Heaven's decree,
   Yet had we hoped that Time should see
   Thee mourn for us, not us for thee.

   Yet 'tis sweet balm to our despair,
       Fond, fairest boy,
   That heaven is God's, and thou art there
       With him in joy.
   There passed are death and all its woes,
   There beauty's stream forever flows,
   And pleasure's day no sunset knows.

Died. MAYBURY - In Binghamton, very suddenly, on Sunday afternoon, the 9th inst., John MAYBURY, Esq., formerly an old and respected citizen of Solon, in this county, in the 83d year of his age.

Died. LANING - At McLean, on the 24th ult., Lillian Gabrielle, infant daughter of Dr. Oliver and Mrs. Sabrina LANING.

Died. SYKES - In Cortland, on the 14th inst., Mr. Samuel B. SYKES, aged 56 years and 10 months.
    At about the age of twenty he professed faith in Christ, and was baptized into the fellowship of the Groton Baptist Church by Dr. BACKUS. Though naturally quite a retiring man, he was usually in his place and acting instead of talking.
    He leaves a good record and the evidence of a triumphant hope to comfort his afflicted companion and children.

        Husband, from thy labors rest,
          Father, brother, cease from strife;
        With the myriads of the blest
          Thou hast entered into life.

Died. GREENE - In Cortland, Sunday, the 23d inst., at the residence of his father, Mr. Ranson GREENE, of typhoid fever, F.E. GREENE, of Unadilla, Otsego Co., aged 28 years, 8 months.
    A young man, just in his prime, thus stricken down. A person thoroughly respected by his large circle of friends, who will deplore his untimely death. A member of the Baptist Church, with a firm trust in the Lord.

2 Dec. 1873

Died. PETERS - In Cortland, on the 25th ult., of diptheria, Emergene, daughter of Duane D. and Ellen M. PETERS, aged 11 years.

Died. PETERS - In Cortland, on the 27th ult., of diptheria, Frederick J., son of Duane D. and Ellen M. PETERS, aged four years.

Died. HUBBARD - In Bridgeport, Madison Co., on the 18th ult., Mrs. Mary L. HUBBARD, sister of R.L. WEBB, of Marathon, in the 45th year of her age.

9 Dec 1873

Died. SHIRLEY - In Homer, on the 21st ult., Mrs. Susan, wife of Ezekiel SHIRLEY, aged 64 years.

Died. GUTCHES - In Cortland, on the 30th ult., Mrs. Nancy E. GUTCHES, aged 69 years, 8 months and 15 days.

Died. PHILLIPS - In East Homer, on the 25th ult., Levi PHILLIPS, aged 79 years.

Died. SWAIN - Wednesday, the 3d inst., Charles H. SWAIN, of Toledo Ohio, aged 20 years and 11 months, a student of the State Normal School here.

In Memoriam.

    Whereas, God, in His all-wise providence, has seen fit to remove, by death, our respected fellow-student, Charles H. SWAIN, Class C. Cortland State Normal and Training School, on this 3d day of December, 1873; and
    Whereas, By this sad event our class has been deprived of an earnest co-worker; and
    Whereas, By this bereavement his mother and other relatives have been plunged into deep grief; therefore,
    Resolved, That we, the members of the class with which he was connected, recognize in this affliction the hand of a loving Father, who has taken from our number one who has been faithful in the least of his duties as a student and a Christian.
    Resolved, That we, as a class, wear a badge of mourning, in respect to his memory.

Died. RADCLIFFE - In Truxton, on the 19th ult., Henry RADCLIFFE, a native of Dumfriesshire, Scotland, aged 53 years.

16 Dec 1873

Died. HIGGINS- In Otisco, Iona Co., Michigan, on the 17th ult., Mr. William HIGGINS, after a long illness, aged 72 years. He was formerly a resident of Cortland, N.Y.
    Mr. HIGGINS moved here when the country was new, and lived here a good many years, then moved west to live the last of his days. He was father of Norman HIGGINS of this village, also of Mrs. Louiza BURT, of Blodgett's Mills. He was highly respected by all who knew him, and leaves a large family and many relatives and friends to mourn his loss.

Died. BODFISH - In Cortland, on the 9th inst., Hattie D. BODFISH, aged 13 years and 10 months.

In Memory.

Died, at half-past eleven o'clock on the forenoon of Tuesday, Dec. 9, 1873, Hattie D., daughter of Benjamin and Abbie L. BODFISH, aged thirteen years and ten months.
    Diptheria, followed by consumption of the blood, caused her death, after an illness of seven weeks.
    And thus passed away the interesting young girl - this promising hope of fond parents - this affectionate school-mate - this young friend, the center of a large circle of loving companions - this pupil, the pride of her instructors - the earnest Sabbath School learner - this loving child, wishing once more to see all her teachers and classmates - and with the words, "I am going home to Jesus!"
    Her mind was mature beyond her years - she always stood at the lead in study - her conduct was exceptionally worthy of praise.
    During her last suffering she was patient and tender in her thoughtfulness for others.
    The funeral services were attended at eleven o'clock in the forenoon of Friday, Dec. 19. Her class of schoolmates was present, affectionately offering a beautiful "cross and anchor" of flowers.
    Both the choir and the kind pastor brought words of sympathy and of comfort to the sad and lonely hearts of the sorrowing.
    Her short yet beautiful life persuades to follow her whither she dwells above.

Died. DICKINSON - In Freetown, on the 4th inst., of consumption, Polly DICKINSON, daughter of Wm. DICKINSON, aged 53 years.

Died. AINSLIE - In Homer, at the residence of her brother, Mr. Lyman HUBBARD, Mrs. Polly AINSLIE, aged nearly 77 years.

Died. MATHEWS - In Homer, on the 4th inst., Col. David MATHEWS, aged 74 years.

A sudden death in a school-room.

On Thursday, Dec. 11, Henry OAKS, while at school at the school-house, about two miles east of Virgil Corners, on the State road, fell dead with his book in his hand. He was fifteen years of age, and lived with his uncle, Mr. John RYAN, his parents having died when he was quite young. He had been afflicted with the heart disease since a child, but it was thought he would outgrow it. On the day of his death he came to school apparently as well as usual. While playing ball at the middle of forenoon he complained of a pain in his side, and told the boys that he could not play. When they were called in, he took his book and stood by the stove for a few minutes, then started to his seat, when he fell and expired in about three minutes. He was obedient and kind in school, a favorite among his fellow school-mates, and will be greatly missed by the teacher as being a steady, faithful student.
23 Dec 1873

Died. SMITH - In Freetown, on the 14th inst., of consumption, Mary A., wife of Chauncey SMITH, and daughter of Ithamar and Rachel PARKER, formerly of Reading, Vermont, aged 31 years, [..] months and 12 days.

Died. WILSON - In this village, on the 8th inst., D. [..] WILSON, aged 49 years.

Died. MARKHAM - In Onondaga Valley, on the 13th inst., Milo R. MARKHAM, aged 47 years.

Died. KINGSBURY - In Homer, on the 16th inst., Mr. Eliezur KINGSBURY, aged 85 years.

Died. McCUE - In Solon, on the 4th inst., of diptheria, Agnes, daughter of Patrick and Ann McCUE, aged 7 years.

Died. CLARK - In Cortland, on the 15th inst., Thomas CLARK, aged 63 years.

    Mr. Daniel J. SHAW, of Homer, formerly of Groton, Tompkins County, died at his residence at a quarter past one o'clock, a.m. on Saturday last, 86 years old. Mr. SHAW, leaves a large estate, distributed by will, with Hiram CRANDALL and Aaron SAGER, of Cortland, and James DOUGLASS, of Sempronius, Executors. The will was drawn up by M.M. WATERS, Esq., two years ago, and has had but slight alteration since.

30 Dec 1873

Died. DICKINSON - In Marathon, on the 21st inst., Mr. H. DICKINSON, aged 73 years.

Died. WOOD - In Marathon, on the 13th inst., Eugene, only son of R.S. and Mary E. WOOD, aged [18?] years.

Died. ESMAY - In Marathon, on the 21st inst., Alice F. ESMAY, aged 25 years.

Died. HITCHCOCK - In Homer, on the21st inst., Mrs. Melissa, wife of Homer HITCHCOCK, aged 54 years

Died. WILBER - In Homer, on the 19th inst., Thomas WILBER, aged 81 years.

Died. DYKE - In Covington, Pa., on the 13th inst., Harriet Wilcox, Wife of William DYKE.

Died. WADSWORTH - In Cortland, on the 19th inst., Mr. Archibald WADSWORTH, aged 86 years.

Died. SHAW - In Homer, on the 20th inst., Col. Daniel J. SHAW, aged 90 years.

Died. SMITH - In DeRuyter, on the 12th inst., of apoplexy, Dr. Arabert B. SMITH, in the 74th years of his age.

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January, 2006
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