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21 Jan 1846

Died, In this village, on the 20th inst., after a short illness, Mr. Alexander McFARLAN, in the 37th year of his age.

Died, In Solon, Dec. 27, at the residence of his son, near McGrawville, Rev. Isaac BELLOWS, a Revolutionary soldier, aged 83 years.

Died, Also, at the same place [near McGrawville], Jan. 11, Miss Susan A. MERRIAM, aged 29 years. Although this afflicted family have once and again, within a short time, been called to follow those who have been near and dear, to the grave, yet they sorrow not as those without the blessed assurance, that the loss is their eternal gain.

11 Feb 1846

Died, Of Erysilelas, on the 15th inst., at the house of Mrs. LEACH, in LaPorte, Ind., Mr. Henry FLINT, Student of Medicaine; of Fayetteville, Onondaga Co., N. Y. [there followed a lengthy item from the LaPorte County Whig, not copied here]

25 Feb 1846

Died, In this village, on the 19th inst., of consumption, Miss Hannah Elizabeth HIGDAY, aged 23 years.

Died, in this village, on the 21st inst., Miss Eliza HUNTER, daughter of Jesse HUNTER, aged 18 years.

Died, In Norwich, Chenango co., on the 14th inst., of consumption, Mr. William WICKS, formerly a resident of this village, aged 26 years.

Died, At the residence of her grandfather, Wm. ROOKS, in Virgil, on the 25th inst., of scarlet fever, Mary Jane GRIDLEY, aged 6 years and 6 months.

11 Mar 1846

Died, In this village, on the 4th inst., Solomon, son of D. R. HUBBARD, aged 2 years and 4 months.

Died, At Union Springs, Cayuga co., on the 8th inst., Frederick, son of Charles F. and Caroline F. SAYLES, aged 8 months.

15 Apr 1846

Died, In this town, suddenly, on the 10th inst., Mr. Quartus NOBLE, aged 56 years.

29 Apr 1846

Died, At his residence, in Solon, on the 25thult., of acute pneumonia, James FINN, M. D., in the 32d year of his age.
    The deceased was born in Scipio, Cayuga co., whence his parents removed to this county when he was quite young. He early manifested in his obscure situation an unusual thirst for mental cultivation, and chiefly by his own exertions obtained a good English education.
    Afterward, aspiring to the attainment of a profession, he chose that boundless field of knowledge among the natural sciences, and that which comprehends nearly the whole - the profession of Medicine - in which to labor and regale his intellectual powers. He graduated at Geneva Medical College, in the spring of 1844, and immediately commenced practice in the vicinity where he was raised. Such was his known worth and merit, that he immediately enjoyed the confidence and patronage of all around him, which is generally acquired only by long and prudent toil and experience.
    He was Inspector of Common Schools in Solon for several yers, and at his death he held the responsible office of Superintendent of the same, for the second term. Few men combine in their character so many amiable qualities, and at the same time are so well appreciated by an entire community.
    In this severe dispensation of Divine Providence, the aged parents have lost the long cherished dependence of their declining years - the sisters and brothers, a most kind and tender brother - an amiable and intelligent wife, a faithful, affectionate and devoted husband - and the town, an invaluable citizen. An entire community, clothed in mourning, deeply sympathized with the bereaved relatives, and united in shedding tears of grief over the remains of the departed one.

Died, on the 23d inst., at the Bloomingdale Asylum, near New York, Mr. James C. ROBERTSON, son of the late George ROBERTSON, of that city.

6 May 1846

Died, In Virgil, on the 27th ult., Emma, wife of Dea. N. BOUTON, aged 39 years. Her illness, which continued about a month, was of a kind to deprive her of reason for the most of the time; but it is a matter of great satisfaction to her friends, that she honored the profession of religion which she made in early youth, by an exemplary and pious life of more than twenty years.

13 May 1846

Died, In this village, April 27th, of scarlet fever, John R., son of C. C. SIMPSON, aged 2 years.

20 May 1846

Died, In Solon, on the 10th inst., of inflammation upon the lungs, Mrs. Polly NESMITH, aged 62 years.
    By this stroke of Divine Providence, a husband has been bereft of the companion of his youth - eight children of an affectionate and tender mother - and her neightbors and friends of one endeared to them by her many Christian virtues. But Death did not find her unprepared. For more than twenty years she had professed religion, and had felt its heavenly principles and supporting power in her own experience; and though she desired longer to live, could it be the will of God, for the sake of her family, and especially for the sake of her youngest daughter, now declining with consumption, yet she was enabled to resign herself, her family, her friends, and all, into the hands of God, and could say with the dying Bishop McKENDRY - "All is well - all is well!" Before her departure, she called the family and friends who were present, and taking each by the hand, bid them farewell, and exhorted them to meet her in heaven.

10 Jun 1846

Died, On the 28th ult., of consumption, at the residence of her father, in Port Watson, Jane Elizabeth, daughter of Lester and Delight ROYCE, aged 22 years.

Died, In Mount Morris, Dist. Columbia, May 28th ult., Amos L. KEEN, aged 22 years.

Died, In Barton, Tioga Co., Mary Ann, wife of Milton S. LATHROP, formerly of this place, aged 36.

17 Jun 1846

Died, At Kingston, Ulster County, N. Y., on the 12th inst., Louisa Antoinette, daughter of the Rev. J.C.F. HOES, aged one year two months and nineteen days.

Died, On the 10th inst., Sarah H., daughter of Alexander H. and Clarina RANDALL, aged 7 months and 10 days.

19 Aug 1846

Died, In this town, on the 15th inst., Ethurial BROOKS, aged 65 years.

Died, In this town, on the 15th inst., Elisha HARLOW, aged 72 years.

9 Sep 1846

Died, In Truxton, the 14th inst., Huldah B., widow of Ashley T. CHAMBERLAINE, deceased of Mt. Upton, Chenango co., and daughter of Eli STETSON, formerly of New Lisbon, Otsego co., in the 48th year of her age.

7 Oct 1846

Died, In this town, on the 24th ult., of Consumption, Miss Drusilla PLUMB, aged 20 years.

28 Oct 1846

Died, In Preble, Cortland co., Sep 29, Amasa H., only son of Amasa and Hannah WARNER, aged 2 years, 6 months, 7 days.

4 Nov 1846

Coroners Inquest. The Coroner, Doct. PATTERSON, was called on Monday the 26th inst, to hold an inquest on the body of Waterman JOY, who was found dead in a barn at French's Corners, in Marathon, in this County. It appears in evidence before the Coroner, that the deceased was about 50 or 55 years of age, of intemperate habits of long standing - that he had no relations in this section of country - he has a wife and child in Wisconsin, where he proposed to go as soon as he could procure the means.
    It also appears that he was a mild inoffensive man, and was very poor, a pint bottle half full of whiskey was found in his pocket. After a short absence from the house, he was found in the stable of Mr. John Henry HAMMOND, who had kindly and gratuitously given him a temporary shelter in his house. By request of the jury, a port mortem examinationof the body was made by Docts. KELLEY and EELES, who testified that the stomach was extensively diseased by the long continued and intemperate use of ardent spirits, and sufficiently so in their opinion to cause death suddenly. It appeared that he had formerly been subject to fits of epilectic character.
    In accordance with these facts the jury returned a verdict of "death from a fit caused by the intemperate use of ardent spirits."

Died, In Millsville, Allegany Co., N. Y. Oct 8th Gilbert BUDD, aged 77 years, formerly of this place.

9 Dec 1846

Died, At the residence of his son, in Cortland Village, Doc. Samuel HUTCHINSON, a Revolutionary Soldier, in the 85th years of his age.

Transcribed by Merton Sarvay
May, 2005
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