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6 Mar 1868
Died. FAIRCHILD - In this village, on the morning of the 2nd inst., Katy, youngest daughter of James and Helen FAIRCHILD, aged 4 yrs.

10 Apr 1868
Obituary. Died. At the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. E. A. FISH, in Cortland village, on Sunday morning, April 5th, 1868, after a severe and painful illness (cancer), Eunice P., consort of Rev. James F. STARK, aged 64 years.

    The subject of this notice was born in Exeter, Otsego Co., N.Y. where she remained with her father's (Gurshum PALMER) family until her marriage, forty-one years ago. whence she removed to Trumansburg, Tompkins Co., afterwards attending her husband in his different places of labor as a Christian Minister, in Central and Western New York.

    She wrought with great patience and always delighted in rendering aid to the needy. Her hope was unfaultering; her faith in Christ unshaken to the last; her death was as when one falls asleep to take rest.

     "Calm on the bosom of thy God,
       Fair spirit! rest thee now!
     E'en while with us thy footsteps trod,
       His seal was on thy brow.
     Dust to the narrow home beneath!
       Soul to its place on high!
     They that have seen thy look in death,
       Nor more may fear to die."

17 Apr 1868

Suicide by Hanging. - Mr. Charles C. ROUNDS, residing near Truxton village, hung himself in his barn last Saturday morning.

1 May 1868

Boy Burns At McLean. - Last Sunday morning the residence of Mr. William DeCOUTER, about one mile south of McLean, took fire and was burned to the ground. After the househad become almost enveloped in flames, it occurred to Mr. DeCOUTER that there were valuable papersin the upper rooms of the house, and he went after them. While upstairs, he went into a room in which a son of Mr. John KEENAN (aged 16) was sleeping, and finding him in bed attempted to awaken him. Supposing he had succeeded in doing so he obtained his papers and started down stairs, falling when near the bottom completely exhausted and badly burned. He was dragged from his perilous position by the spectators in an insensible condition, but when in the open air he recovered sufficiently to say that he had awakened the boy and he would be down in a moment.
    The boy not making an appearance, however, an attempt was made to secure him by placing a ladder against the window of his room, but the "fire fiend" had by this time become master of the situation, and the attempt had to be abandoned. The crowd that had collected were unable to do anything to rescue the lad, and were compelled to witness the burning of the building knowing that a human being was being burned to death, and that they were powerless to help.

10 Jul 1868

Deaths. BURNHAM - In East Homer, on the 29th ult., Mr. Wm. H. H. BURNHAM, aged 55 years.

Deaths. MOORE - In Preble, on the 30th ult., Mr. Amos MOORE, aged 38 years.

7 Aug 1868

Last Saturday, as Mr. Montgomery STEVENS, formerly a resident of this place and for a year or two past of McLean, was raising the frame of a block he had commenced to build, he met with an accident which may yet prove fatal. He was assisting to raise one of the bents to its place, and was using his right shoulder for the purpose, when the hold of the men was prematurely loosened, and its entire weight thus resting on Mr. STEVENS, he was crushed to the earth, some of his ribs being broken, one of his legs smashed, and his back fractured. Mr. S. is not sensible of any pain, has his usual appetite, but below the fracture in his back there is no feeling. His Physicians say that the latter part of this week will tell whether the injury proves fatal, although is Mr. S. lives, he cannot be else than a cripple.
[SEE: notice in 28 Aug 1868]

14 Aug 1868

Deaths. HUNTINGTON - In Truxton, on the 8th inst., Marion HUNTINGTON, aged about 70 years. The deceased was a native of Mansfield, Conn.

28 Aug 1868

Mr. M. STEVENS, of McLean, who was injured two or three weeks since while assisting in raising a building, died last Friday. [SEE: item in Democrat 7 Aug 1868]

4 Sep 1868

Deaths. PUTNAM - At Keewaydin, Orange County, the residence of her grandfather Wm. A. WOODWARD, Aug. 25, Mary Evertson, daughter of Mary N. and E. G. PUTNAM, aged 8 months.

16 Oct 1868

Deaths. HAWKS - In Cortland, Oct 14th, 1868, Abigal M. HAWKS, aged 63 years.

23 Oct 1868

Deaths. CAPRON - In Cortlandville, Oct 12th, 1868 the Rev. Barton CAPRON, aged 78 years.

Deaths. BENSON - In Brooklyn, on Saturday, Oct. 17th, Charles E. BENSON, aged 55 years 3 months and 14 days.

27 Nov 1868

Homer Inklings. Another prominent and wealthy citizen of Homer has gone from us to return no more. Hiram CLARK died of apoplexy on the evening of the 18th inst., aged 58 years. He had been very sick during the summer, but had so far recovered as to be considered out of danger. He was able to attend to his business and visit with friends. On Wednesday evening he lit his pipe, took his lamp and went out, and in a half hour was found dead. He most likely died instantly, as there was nothing to indicate his having struggled at all. Mr. CLARK possessed many good qualities - had many friends. He was living with his second wife, a woman of many virtues and excellent judgment. He leaves no children to wrangle about his property.

18 Dec 1868

We are informed that a young woman named Alice SIMPSON, whose parents reside at Blodgett's Mills, but who has of late been in the employ of one of our citizens residing near this village, committed suicide last Saturday night by taking arsenic. She was immediately taken home and every effort made to prevent death from ensuing, but in vain. Yesterday morning she died. She gave no other reason for the committal of the act than that she was "tired of life" and no other has been discovered.

Solon Items. Col. Elijah WHEELER, for the past sixty-three years a resident of this town, died on the 8th inst., aged ninety years. Col. WHEELER, was one of the first settlers of the town - possessed a vigorous constitution, and a man of temperate habits - a kind and obliging man - an honest, upright citizen. During his long and active life he had been entrusted with many important offices by his fellow townsmen. He reared an intelligent family of children. Of his sons now living, John, Elijah and Charles, reside in Cortland, and Johnson is the present Supervisor from this town. A year ago he went to Willet to reside temporarily with his son-in-law, Elisha NICHOLS, Esq., but the infirmities of age prevented him from returning to his home as he at first intended.
[Obituary:25 Dec 1868 issue]

Soon Items. Harlow L. EMERSON, who formerly was a leading business man of this town, died at his mother's residence, on the 16th ult., aged 56 years. Mr. EMERSON served honorably during the late war, first as a member of the 37th Reg't Ills. Vol., and subsequently as Hospital Steward in New Orleans. It was while performing his arduous duties that he contracted the disease that ultimately caused his death. At the close of the war he continued to reside in Illinois until a few months since, when in compliance with his mother's request he returned home to assist her in the management of the farm but was unable to engage in active business, owing to his rapidly failing health.

25 Dec 1868

Obituary. WHEELER - Died at the residence of his daughter, in Willet, Tuesday, Dec. 8th, 1868, Col. Elijah WHEELER. Aged ninety years. [An obituary nearly a column in length, not all copied here. Some details: "nearly ninety years have passed since Col. WHEELER came to Solon"; "at the foot of what is now known as Mt. Roderick he made himself a home"; "family of six sons and three daughters"; "all but two, the youngest daughters, had left him for homes of their own before he exchanged the farm, now too large for his declining years, for a smaller one, and that soon, for a house and garden"; "his great passion was for owning and driving fine and spirited horses";"in early years was made Col. in the militia, and against his wishes forty years ago, supervisor of his town"; "in his later years he and his wife became members of the Baptist Church"; "he gave his last vote for Seymour, as he had given his first for Jefferson, sixty eight years before".

Transcribed by Merton Sarvay
May - June, 2005
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