The Cortland County Democrat


4 Jan 1889

Died. SIGNOR - In Homer Village, on Thursday, December 20, 1888, Edson SIGNOR aged 76 years.

Died. HOAG - At her late home in Homer village on Thursday, December 20th, Mrs. Tryphena HOAG, wife of Ami H. HOAG aged 52 years.

Died. BURKE - In Homer, December 16, 1888, at the home of Mrs. A. DOUBLEDAY, James R. BURKE, aged ?5 [illegible] years.

Died. ROBINSON - At her home in Homer village, Wednesday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, Anna W. ROBINSON, wife of Dr. J. H. ROBINSON, aged 33 years 9 months and 17 days.

Died. MacBRAERTY - Entered into rest in Binghamton, N.Y., December 28, 1888, Johnny MacBRAERTY, aged 10 years and 6 months.

     Our Johnny has gone from his home on earth,
          To a home beyond the skies;
     And we are left so lonely and sad,
          In this land of tears and sighs.
     But God knows best, and we have this hope,
          That when our work is done,
     We shall dwell at last in the beautiful land,
          Which knows no setting sun.

Died. FREEMAN - In Taylor Centre, Dec. 8, 1888, of obstruction of the bowels, John FREEMAN.

Died. YOUNGS - In Cortland, N.Y., Dec. 23, 1888, of pneumonia, Mr. John YOUNGS, aged 59 years and 9 months.

Died. McCARTHY - In Cortland, N.Y., December 27, 1888, Patrick McCARTHY, aged 42 years.

Died. NIVER - In Cortland, N.Y., Dec. 22, 1888, Mrs. Lydia NIVER, aged 76 years and 6 months.

Died. BAKER - In Texas Valley, N.Y., Dec. 23, 1888, of typhoid fever, Mr. John BAKER.

Died. SEVERANCE - In Cortlandville, N.Y., Dec. 29, 1888, Mrs. George SEVERANCE, aged 40 years.

Death of Mrs. S. H. CARPENTER.
    On Thursday Dec. 13th, 1888, Mrs. S. H. CARPENTER died at her home near Groton, of consumption, aged 53 years. The deceased had been in poor health for nearly two years past. She was a consistent member of the M. E. church and leaves a husband and son to mourn her loss. Rev. M. S. REES conducted the funeral services which were held at her late residence on the following Sunday. Mrs. CARPENTER was the youngest daughter of the late Michael SPENCER of Cortland, and was a sister of Jas. L. SPENCER of this town.

Death of John E. NORTH.
    John E. NORTH, Esq., of Syracuse, died at his home in that city last Tuesday afternoon. Mr. NORTH was born in Freetown, this county, Jan'y 2nd, 1837 and moved to Syracuse in 1858. He was Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue for several years but resigned the office in 1882 to engage in business. He was quite well known in this county where he had many friends.
11 Jan 1889

Died. BATES - In Freetown, N.Y., December 23, 1888, Nellie E., eldest daughter of William and Margaret BATES, aged 16 years and 11 months.

Died. RICKARD - In Cortland, N.Y., January 6, 1889, of pneumonia, Mrs. Ann RICKARD, aged 70 years and 3 months.

Died. UTLEY - In Blodgett Mills, N.Y., January 9, 1889, of pneumonia, Emma C., wife of David C. UTLEY, aged 37 years.

Died. BAKER - At her late home in Homer village, Monday, January 1, Sarah J. BAKER, wife of J. B. BARKER [sic], aged 74 years.

Here and There.
    Horace ROBBINS, an old and highly respected citizen of Cincinnatus, was found dead in bed, on Sunday morning.

Death of M. J. KENDALL.
    The many friends of McDonough J. KENDALL, will be pained to hear that he died at his rooms in the Crouse block in Syracuse last Monday evening. He returned home from a business trip last week Tuesday complaining of the pain caused by a boil upon his neck, with which he had been afflicted about a week. The boil turned out to be a carbuncle of a malignant type which caused his death. "Mac," as he was familiarly called wherever he was known was born in Homer and was 65 years of age at the time of his death. When a young man he went to Syracuse and engaged in the confectionery trade on South Salina street. For several years he traveled throughout Central New York with a team selling confectionery, cigars and tobacco for Morehouse & Hern. In 1878 he moved to Rochester, where for thirteen years he conducted a confectionery establishment. Seven or eight years ago he returned to Syracuse and entered into the employ of Perry, Candee & Co., confectioners, as a travelling salesman. "Mac" was one of the most genial of men and thoroughly enjoyed a joke. He will be sadly missed by his many friends throughout the central part of the State. The funeral services were held from the Baptist church in Syracuse Thursday afternoon. He leaves a widow, six brothers and one sister.
18 Jan 1889

Died. PARKS - In Union Valley, Jan. 7, 1889, Mrs. Calvin E. PARKS.

Died. BLOOMER - In Groton, Tompkins county, N.Y., December 31, 1888, of chronic heart disease, Mrs. S. D. BLOOMER, aged 52 years.
    Deceased was the mother of Miss Eva BLOOMER and Mr. L. A. BLOOMER, residents of Cortland.

Died. HUNT - At Chicago, N.Y., January 8, 1889, of typhoid pneumonia, Mr. Patrick HUNT, aged 72 years and 10 months.

Died. PALMER - In Cortland, N.Y., Jan. 14, 1889, of heart failure, Mr. Ransford PALMER, aged 75 years, 1 month and 13 days.

Died. PETTIS - Near Groton City, N.Y., Jan. 8, 1889, of apoplexy, Mrs. Hiram PETTIS, aged 64 years, 11 months and 9 days.

Died. ROSE - In Willett, N.Y., Jan. 4, 1889, Carrie, daughter of Mrs. Hasbrouck ROSE, aged 12 years.

Died. BROWN - In Cortland, N.Y., Jan 13, 1889, of pneumonia, Ora Lula, daughter of Theodore and Nella BROWN, aged 3 years, 9 months and 11 days.

Died. LUCY - In Cortland, N.Y., Jan. 14, 1889, of heart failure, Mrs. Mary LUCY, aged 52 years and 7 months.

    Last Monday morning, Mr. Ransford PALMER, a well known and highly respected citizen residing on Grant street, died suddenly aged 75 years. He had been as well as usual and was pumping water from the well in the house when he complained of feeling badly. He was helped to a chair and soon after breathed his last. Mr. and Mrs. PALMER celebrated their golden wedding in March last. The funeral services took place at 2 P.M. on Thursday.

    On Friday morning, January 11th, Mr. Horace SESSIONS, aged 77 years, died very suddenly with heart difficulty. The funeral was held at the house on Sunday January 13th. He was taken by his son to Oneonta for burial.

    George H. LADD died on Wednesday morning, Jan. 16th. He was taken sick on Saturday January 12th, with inflammation of the bowels, funeral to be held on Friday January 18th.

25 Jan 1889

    One more of Virgil's respected citizens has passed to his rest. George H. LADD was born in the village of Virgil Jan. 2d, 1834, and was a resident of this village until his death, Jan. 16th, 1889. He married Mary CRAIN Oct. 2d, 1853, who now survives him.
    Although not a communicant of any religious organization, yet was he equally respected with many that are such communicants. His word was his bond, and no man had occasion to doubt his integrity while his circumstances were such that he could meet his obligations. But, in his case, as in so many others, reverses came, and he died a poor man. The funeral services were held at the M. E. church, on the 18th inst., at 1 o'clock P.M., conducted by the Rev. O. J. PURINTON. Mr. LADD was highly respected by not only the citizens of his own town, but by those of adjoining towns, as was fully shown by the large numbers in attendance at his funeral, it being the largest attendance of any funeral held here for years. The clergyman pronounced a few touching words at the grave, dust was given to dust, and the large concourse of people returned to their homes with the admonition that the reaper may come in midday and gather the ripening grain.
     Out of the earth's bright sunshine,
          Out of its cold and rain,
     Thou wilt meet it no more dear
          Neighbor, in this weary life below,
     But will greet us all in the future,
          For Christ would have it so.

Died. NIVER - December 22, 1888, Mrs. NIVER, wife of L. A. NIVER, aged 76 years and 6 months.

          Sad is our hearts tonight,
     Death sudden claimed its right,
          The vacant chair so lonely stands
     And her spirit rests in God's own hands.
          Then blesses be thy bed to-night,
     Thy soul for ever blest.
          While living thou didst do the right
     And earned thy sweet calm rest.

Blodgett's Mills.
    The remains of Mrs. Bessie STOWELL of East Virgil were brought here Tuesday the 22nd, and placed in the vault. Mrs. STOWELL was the only daughter of G. E. STOWELL of this place. She leaves a husband and infant son six days old.

Death of Cornelius Brown.
    Cornelius BROWN, of Marathon, died at his home in that village Monday afternoon, aged 64 years. Mr. BROWN was well known in this place where he had many friends who will be sorry to hear of his death. For several years he and John WHEELER kept the Cortland House in this village, doing a large business. Mr. BROWN was of a very genial disposition, and was always very liberal with his friends. Three or four years ago, when Barnum's circus tent was blown down in this village, he was seriously injured and it is believed that his death resulted from the injuries received at that time. He leaves a widow and two sons. The funeral took place on Wednesday.
1 Feb 1889

    Curtis SMITH, who used to live here eighteen or twenty years ago, died January 10, 1889, at his home in Wolverine, Sheboygan Co., Mich. He is a brother of Isaac H. SMITH of this town.

Died. McDONALD - In Cortland, N.Y., January 16, 1889, of phthisis Puimonalis [?], Martin McDONALD, aged 31 years and 6 months.

Died. WHEATON - In Utica, N.Y., January 30th, 1889, Emma WHEATON, aged 36 years.
    Miss WHEATON was a niece of Mr. L. B. PLUMB of this village, and graduated from the Normal in 1879.

Died. NIXON - In Cortland, N.Y., January 26, 1889, of paralysis, Mr. William NIXON, aged 70 years and 11 months and 8 days.

Died. BALLARD - In Cortland, N.Y., January 27, 1889, Frederick H., son of S. D. and Nellie BALLARD, aged 4 months and 18 days.

Died. KENFIELD - In Cortland, N.Y., January 26, 1889, of consumption, Mr. William L. KENFIELD, aged 23 years.

Died. FRALIC - In Willett, N.Y., January 23, 1889, Emeline, relict of George FRALIC, aged 75 years.

Died. GOODALE - In Lapeer, N.Y., January 26, 1889, George GOODALE, aged 65 years.

Died. BEAN - In Binghamton, N.Y., January 26, 1889, Mrs. Jennie BEAN.

In Memoriam.
    Mrs. Emma C. UTLEY, wife of David UTLEY of Blodgett Mills, N.Y., departed this life January 9, 1889, aged 37 years. Her last sickness was of less than a week's duration but was a period of intense suffering.
    For two or three years she had been in poor health, but had so far recovered her usual strength as to be able to attend to all her household cares and had also been frequently to render loving services at the bedside of her invalid mother, at Little York. Her last visit to the paternal home having been the 11th of December when the five sisters made a beautiful birthday surprise for their father.
    New Years day she was in usual health and the loved ones of the happy home circle little dreamed that in one week they would gather around her death bed. She was suddenly taken with typhoid pneumonia and lived only five days after the physician was summoned. She was the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. WHEELER of Little York. A portion of her childhood had been spent in Blodgett Mills to which place she returned after a few year's absence, to finish her life work near her girlhood home. Loved by all, her sudden death cast a dark pall over the entire community. A very large congregation assembled at her funeral. The pastor said, truly, that she had not a known enemy. Her life was one of love. Her death comes with crushing weight to the bereaved husband, who was deeply devoted to her; and upon her only child Minnie, of eleven years, whose grief has touched all hearts; this sudden bereavement has also cast its great wave of abiding sorrow over the home of the aging parents and four remaining sisters, to whom she was warmly attached.
    But alas, until the Eternal re-union all must say farewell to "dear Emma," dutiful daughter, devoted wife, tender mother, loving sister and faithful friend. Farewell.
8 Feb 1889

Died. STANTON - In Cortland, N.Y., January 15, 1889, infant daughter of William W. and Lillie O. STANTON.

Died. KENFIELD - In Cortland, N.Y., February 4, 1889, of consumption, Miss Cora B. KENFIELD, aged 16 years and 6 months.

Died. CURTIN - In Cortland, N.Y., February 2, 1889, of consumption, Mr. John J. CURTIN, aged 41 years.

Died. INGALLS - In Cortland, N.Y., February 6, 1889, Dr. Hiram G. INGALLS, aged 68 years, 2 months and 5 days.
    Funeral Saturday at 2 P.M.

Died. GREENMAN - At the County Alms House, February 5 [?], 188?, Mrs. Eliza GREENMAN, formerly of Solon, aged 77 years.
    Deceased had been in the Alms House longer than any other inmate, having been admitted April 2, 1852. She was born in Chenango county.

Died. WATERS - In Fabius, N.Y., February 5, 1889, Mrs. Sally WATERS, aged 89 years.
    Mrs. WATERS was [in the ?] of N. J. PARSONS of Cortland and the remains were brought here for burial.

Here and There.
    Edward BEVEN, who was sent to the Onondaga Penitentiary from this town, December 28th on a sentence of 120 days for petty larceny, died at the penitentiary pest house, last week Wednesday, of small pox. He was taken sick January 22d, and his home was in McGrawville. He is said to have been an incorrigible lad.

Mr. Julius SEAMANS' family attended the funeral of his son-in-law, Joseph LAWTON, at McLean, on Sunday last.

In Memoriam.
    After an illness of about one year, Mr. William L. KENFIELD died on January 26, 1889 at the residence of his parents on Clinton avenue. The decease of this young man, at the early age of 23 years has brought great sorrow to a wide circle of relatives and friends. A year and three months ago he was married to Miss Emma E. MEAGER, Rev. CORDO performing the ceremony, and there was bright promise of happiness in their married life. The cloud of affliction and painful illness, however, soon began to settle over him and for many weary months he was a great, yet patient sufferer. In the midst of his sickness he turned to Christ and became a glad Christian, eagerly laying hold on the hope set before him in the gospel. The hands of loving wife and parents ministered tenderly to him during the long sickness, but they could not stay the approach of death. At his funeral a large company of relatives and friends assembled, notably many of the young men of Cortland with whom he was extremely popular, and by whom he was greatly beloved. Dr. CORDO, who officiated at his marriage also delivered the address at his funeral, Rev. Mr. AVERY offering prayer at the close. While his parents and companions mourn his early death they are consoled in the thought that their loss is his eternal gain.
15 Feb 1889

Died. SMITH - In Willett, January 30, 1889, Clara B. SMITH, aged 17 years.

Died. BUTTON - In Homer, N.Y., February 7, 1889, Mr. Elijah BUTTON, aged 90 years.

Died. STOKER - In Cold Brook, N.Y., February 3, 1889, Maggie, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter STOKER, aged 10 years.

Died. LYMAN - In Sheboygan, Wis., January 21, 1889, Mrs. A. P. LYMAN, aged 72 years.

Died. YORK - In Homer, N.Y., February 5, 1889, Mrs. M. S. YORK, aged 88 years.

    The funeral of Oscar DAGER, son of Daniel DAGER [sic], was held here to-day.

    Oscar DAYGER, of South Cuyler, who has been suffering for some time with heart trouble died Sunday.

    Paul, the only son of Mr. and Mrs. F. B. BROOKS, M.D., of Syracuse, formerly of this place and Cincinnatus, after an illness of three days of scarlet fever, died Jan. 29, aged 5 years and 3 months.

22 Feb 1889

Died. DAYGER - In Cheningo, N.Y., February 10, 1889, Oscar DAYGER, aged 26 years.

Died. KENNEY - In Truxton, N.Y., February 13, 1889, Mr. Oscar J. KENNEY, aged 52 years.

Died. FOWLER - In Homer, N.Y., February 11, 1889, Edith, twin daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Earl FOWLER.

Died. BURLINGAME - In Willett, N.Y., February 13, 1889, Mrs. Augustus BURLINGAME, aged 78 years.

Died. WINSLOW - In Virgil, N.Y., February 15, 1889, Mrs. Elisha WINSLOW, aged 72 years.

Died. SHERWOOD - In Marathon, N.Y., February 18, 1889, Mrs. Lydia SHERWOOD, widow of Mr. Tracy SHERWOOD.

Died. VanDENBURGH - In Cortland, N.Y., February 16, 1889, Mrs. Sarah VanDENBURGH, aged 88 years.

Died. RANDALL - In Cortland, N.Y., February 13, 1889, Mrs. Clarinda RANDALL, aged 79 years.

Died. SPERRY - In Cortland, N.Y., February 20, 1889, at his residence, of heart disease, Mr. Stephen D. SPERRY, aged 61 years.

Died. FINN - In Solon, N.Y., Wednesday, February 6, 1889, Mary J. FINN, aged 54 years.

    Mrs. Elisha WINSLOW was buried on Monday last. She was one of the oldest residents in town, having lived here a great many years. It is said of her what cannot be truthfully said of many, she has not an enemy, and this truly proves the passage of Scripture, "By their lives ye shall know them."
1 Mar 1889

    Elmer A. SPERRY, of Chicago, attended the funeral of his father in this village last Saturday.

Card of Thanks.
    Mr. E. A. SPERRY and Mrs. C. A. WILLETT, wish to thank the friends and neighbors who so kindly assisted them during their late bereavement in the loss of their father and brother Stephen D. SPERRY.

Died. SIGNOR - In Newark, N. J., February 20[?], 1889, John SIGNOR, aged 43 years. Formerly of Homer.

Died. KELLY - In Chicago, Ill., February 20[?], 1889, Hiram KELLY, brother-in-law of Dr. C. GREEN of Homer, N.Y.

Died. SMITH - In Marathon, N.Y., February 26[?], 1889, Irvin SMITH, aged 28[?] years.

Died. VanDENBURGH - In San Diego, Cal., February 23, 1889, of consumption, Edward H. VanDENBURGH, aged 22 years.
    Deceased was a nephew of Mr. Hugh DUFFY of Cortland, and formerly lived in this place.

Died. MAYHEW - In Binghamton, February 17, 1889, Miss Sadie MAYHEW, aged 18 years, daughter of E.[?] W. MAYHEW. Interment at Cortland.

Died. MALTBY - In Cortland, N.Y., February 19[?], 1889, Pearl MALTBY, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilber[?] MALTBY, aged 2 years and 7 months.

Irwin [sic] SMITH died at the residence of his brother-in-law, Dr. M. B. ALDRICH, on Monday of this week.
8 Mar 1889

    Mr. Andrew HUTCHINGS, 72 years old, another of Virgil's oldest residents, was buried on Sunday last. He has been sick a number of years, but bore his trials without murmuring.

Died. HUTCHINGS - In Virgil, N.Y., Feb. 27, 1889, Andrew HUTCHINGS, aged 72 years.

Died. WHEELER - In Little York, March 5, 1889, Matie C., youngest daughter of Charles WHEELER.
    Funeral at the house at 10 o'clock A.M. Interment in Cortland Cemetery.

Died. SWAN - In Columbia, S.C., March 2, 1889, Mrs. Robert J. SWAN, of Geneva, N.Y.
    Mrs. SWAN was an aunt of Mrs. J. L. ROBERTSON, of Cortland, N.Y.,

Died. SMITH - In Cortlandville, N.Y., March 3, 1889, of heart disease, Mrs. Nancy SMITH, aged 71 years.

Died. BEAL - In Cleveland, Ohio, March 5, 1889, Mrs. H. W. BEAL, formerly of Cortland, N.Y.

Died. CARVER - In Glenwood Springs, Col., Feb 20, 1889, Prof. Henry CARVER, of Denver, Col., aged 68 years.
    Prof. CARVER was for nearly five years Principal of the old Cortlandville Academy, leaving this place about 1865.

Died. MURPHY - In Cortland, N.Y., March 1, 1889, Mr. Wm. MURPHY, aged 86[?] years.

15 Mar 1889

Died. KEENE - In Valparaiso, Porter county, Ind., February 14, 1889, Mrs. KEENE, wife of Zebulon KEENE, formerly of McGraw, aged 73 years.

Died. MARBLE - In Little York, N.Y., March 6, 1889, Mr. E. J. MARBLE, aged 49 years.

Died. RYAN - In Cortland, N.Y., March 11, 1889, of heart disease, Mrs. Bridget RYAN, aged 74 years.

Died. PERSONS - In Cortland, N.Y., March 8, 1889, of pneumonia, C. A. PERSONS, aged 55 years.

Died. BURGESS - In Marathon, N.Y., March 5, 1889, of pneumonia, Mrs. Scott BURGESS, aged 34 years.

    The funeral of Mrs. W. S. BURGESS was held at her residence on Front street, Friday afternoon last. Rev. J. F. HOWARD, pastor of the Presbyterian church officiated. Mrs. BURGESS was taken quite suddenly with an acute attack of pneumonia, which resulted fatally in a few days. She leaves a husband and infant daughter to mourn her demise.

    Mr. Dell HUSON and his sister Mrs. Fred HOLLENBECK were called to Georgetown last week to attend the funeral of their mother, Mrs. Richard HUSON, who was once a resident of this place.

    On Tuesday last, the youngest child of Mr. Dell JENISON was buried here.

Here and There.
    Abbie J. THOMPSON, who conducted a barber shop in this place for some months two or three years ago, died last week in Syracuse. It is supposed she took poison with the intention of committing suicide. She was a rather comely appearing mulatto, and was probably about 50 years of age. She was the wife of Prof. MOULSON, a prominent colored man of Norwich, with whom she lived until a few years since, when she left him and went to Oxford to reside. About three years ago she came here and opened a barber shop in Masonic Hall block. Business was not very good, and after some months she moved to Syracuse. The remains were taken to Oxford for interment.

Little York.
    Before the printers had announced our item of sickness last week, both Miss Matie WHEELER and Mr. E. J. MARBLE had passed away. The funeral of Miss WHEELER was attended at the home of her parents on Friday, and that of Mr. MARBLE at Grange Hall on Saturday. Elder ROBINSON of Homer, attended each occasion. We say without flattery, that we think he can express more thoughts in fewer words than any Rev. that we have heard. Mr. MARBLE was not a granger, but the use of the hall was kindly tendered by the Master and gratefully accepted by his many friends.
    Mrs. DeWOLFE and son with his wife, came on from New York, to attend the funeral of Mr. MARBLE. They returned by the Sunday 10 P.M. train.

    Jared NORTHWAY died Monday at 6 P.M. He was one of the oldest residents of East Scott, having occupied some parts of his present farm since 1815. His father was one of the pioneers of Scott, and a pillar of the Baptist Church, which was built on a part of his farm at the forks of the road. He was quiet farmer and a good citizen. He has adopted and brought up several children, but leaves none of his own. His age was 86 years.

Blodgett's Mills.
    Mr. John CATLIN died last Thursday after an illness of one week. His funeral was held Sunday afternoon at the M. E. church. The clergyman and choir were from the Presbyterian church of McGrawville, of which Mr. CATLIN was a consistent attendant and worthy member. Much sympathy is felt for the stricken family which consists of a wife and four children; three daughters and a son.

    Mr. and Mrs. John HUBBARD and David UTLEY went to Little York last Friday to attend the funeral of their youngest sister Miss Matie WHEELER.

22 Mar 1889

    Garrett PENNOYER, an old resident of this place, died at the County House on Wednesday of last week. He was taken there some time ago on account of frequent fits of insanity. His remains were brought here for interment. Mr. PENNOYER formerly held many offices in our town.

Died. CATLIN - In Blodgett Mills, N.Y., Thursday, March 7, 1889, John H. CATLIN, aged 53 years and 6 months.

Died. McELHENY - In McGrawville, N.Y., Tuesday morning, March 12, 1889, Mrs. Ella C. McELHENY, aged 60 years and six months.

Died. GILBERT - At his home in McGrawville, N.Y., Wednesday morning, March 12, 1889, of plurisy, Mr. Charles GILBERT, aged 29 years.

Died. BAUDER - In Cortland, N.Y., March 17, 1889, Mrs. Angeline BAUDER, aged 77 years.

Died. ROOD - In Cuyler, N.Y., March 17, 1889, Joseph ROOD, aged 73 years.

Died. SHERMAN - At the Cortland county Alms House, in Cortlandville, N.Y., March 17, 1889, Mrs. Almira SHERMAN.

Died. HOPKINS - In Marathon, N.Y., March 15, 1889, Joshua HOPKINS, aged 60 years.

Died. PERKINS - In Cortland, N.Y., March 17, 1889, Mrs. Polly K. PERKINS, aged 92 years and 11 months.

Died. COLEGROVE - In Cortland, N.Y., March 15, 1889, Miss Ida May COLEGROVE, aged 14 years.

Death of Mrs. Bauder.
    Mrs. L. L. BAUDER died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. O. L. INGRAHAM, on Port Watson street, last Sunday evening, aged 77 years. She was born in the town of Oppenheim, Fulton county, N.Y., in 1812, and at the age of 18 years married Mr. L. L. BAUDER of the same place. In 1868, Mr. and Mrs. BAUDER moved to this place and resided on Lincoln Ave., until Mr. BAUDER's death, which occurred in 1875, since which time Mrs. BAUDER has lived with her children. She had been blessed with ten children, nine of whom are living, and it was a noticeable circumstance that all of the children stood about her bedside at her death. Mrs. BAUDER was a devoted wife and mother, and left the impress of her excellent example on her children, all of whom will cherish her memory while life lasts. The funeral services were held at Mrs. INGRAHAM's residence on Tuesday afternoon, Rev. John ARTHUR officiating. The remains were taken to Ingham's Mills, near Little Falls, on Wednesday, for interment.
    Deceased was the mother of Delos and Ann Eliza BAUDER, Mrs. Kate INGHAM, Mrs. O. L. INGRAHAM and Mrs. Frankie PORTER, of Cortland; Norman BAUDER, of Gloversville; Mrs. Mary OVERBAUGH and Mrs. Helen INGRAHAM, of Centreville, Mich., and Delevan BAUDER, of New York
29 Mar 1889

Here and There.
    Richard HISCOCK, father of United States Senator Frank HISCOCK, died at his home near Preble Wednesday morning, aged 91 years.

John SCOTT, a prominent and well-to-do farmer died suddenly at his home between Homer and Little York, on Tuesday evening, of apoplexy. He had been in Homer during the day and was feeling as well as usual.

Died. SCOTT - In Homer, March 26, 1889, of apoplexy, John SCOTT, aged 65 years.
    Funeral services from his late residence at 1 o'clock P.M. Friday.

Died. MYERS - In Cortland, March 14, 1889, William H. MYERS, aged 48 years.

Died. WOODWARD - At her home on the Truxton road, Saturday, March 23, Mrs. Nancy WOODWARD.

Died. BLISS - At her home on Clinton avenue, March 24, 1889, Mrs. Deborah C. BLISS, aged 90 years.

Died. PALMER - At her home in Willett, N.Y., March 17, 1889, of measles, Mrs. George PALMER.

Died. MAINE - In Cortland, N.Y., March 21, 1889, Mrs. Mary E. MAINE, aged 73 years.

Died. FOSTER - In Virgil, N.Y., March 25, 1889, Mrs. John FOSTER, aged 35 years.

Died. KERWIN - In Cortland, N.Y., March 23, 1889, of consumption, Mrs. John F. KERWIN, aged 30 years.

Died. HULL - At the home of her daughter, Mrs. William LEWIS, in Homer, N.Y., March 24, 1889, Mrs. Joel HULL, of Scott, N.Y.

Died. DEITRICH - In Texas Valley, N.Y., March 25, 1889, Mrs. Charles DEITRICH.

Died. WOOD - In Aurora, Ill., March 1, 1889, Horace C. WOOD, aged 62 years, formerly of Homer, N.Y.

    The funeral of Mrs. John FOSTER was held on Wednesday last, at her late residence. She leaves a little girl one week old. Again we are called to mourn the loss of one in the prime of life.

Blodgett's Mills.
    The remains of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin GOODELL were brought here from Lapeer for burial last Saturday. The funeral was held at the M. E. church, Sunday afternoon.

    H. A. WHITE died on Sunday evening. The remains were taken to Redwood, Jefferson county, N.Y., on Tuesday, for interment. Mr. WHITE moved to this place about a year ago and during his brief stay here made many friends.

    Mrs. Cora GARDA, wife of Louis GARDA, and daughter of Dea. Charles L. KINNEY after a long and painful illness died on Monday morning. The funeral will take place at the Baptist church on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock.

    Mary C. WHEELER, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles WHEELER, died Tuesday March 5, 1889, at the home of her parents in Little York. A lovely life has passed into the beautiful beyond, where no pain can mar its happiness.
    "Matie's" life was one of more than usual loveliness. It was not strange that she was the idol of the household, the youngest born, attractive in person, gentle in her ways, with a soul of transparent truthfulness, and a heart filled with rare unselfishness. During the last illness of George, the only brother, who died with consumption fourteen years ago, Matie left school, giving up freely her cherished plans to be with him. And as the years have passed, she has been the light of the old home. While her sisters went out to homes of their own, Matie remained with her sweetness and cheer to comfort her parents. A cough had at times troubled her ever since the death of George, and it was feared the seeds of consumption were developing, but not until about six months ago did her friends become alarmed. Her devotion to her invalid mother was so great that, when she was urged to leave home for the benefit it might bring herself, she would not consent until she thought her mother better. But it was at last evident that Matie was herself passing beyond all earthly help. She was deeply affected by the sudden death of her sister, Mrs. Emma UTLEY, just seven weeks before her own death. Her stricken friends felt that Matie must soon follow. She failed rapidly from that time, but the passing away was as peaceful as though the angels had kissed away the gentle spirit. She looked too beautiful to bury as she lay in the lovely white casket, sleeping her long peaceful sleep amid the beautiful, pure flowers. But the storm of the day was in keeping with the storm of grief in the torn hearts of those who must bid her farewell. The sister who had died a few weeks previously had been placed in the receiving vault, and Emma and Matie were buried together in one wide grave.
    Truly, "lovely in their lives, in death they were not divided."
5 Apr 1889

Died. MILLS - Entered into rest at her home in Binghamton, Sunday morning, Augusta Webb MILLS, in the 53 year of her age, wife of Myron H. MILLS.
    Interment in Cortland Rural Cemetery on Wednesday.

Died. COLLINS - In Cortland, March 31st, 1889, Mrs. Mary E., wife of Chas. W. COLLINS aged 47 years.

Died. CURTIS - In Cheningo, N.Y., April 2, 1889, of inflammation of the bowels, Stephen CURTIS, formerly of Hampshire, England, aged 27 years.

Died. LATHROP - In Homer, N.Y., March 29, 1889, of pneumonia, Mr. George D. LATHROP, aged 28 years.

Died. BAKER - In Marathon, N.Y., March 27, 1889, Mr. Rufus BAKER, aged 78 years.

Died. MORE - In Roxbury, Delaware Co., N.Y., March 28, 1889, Mr. Charles MORE, aged 66 years. Burial in Marathon, N.Y.
    Mr. MORE was a brother of Mrs. Betsey KEATOR and Mr. D. G. MORE of Cortland, N.Y.

Died. CALVERT - At the home of his son-in-law, Mr. Marvin R. WOOD, in Virgil, N.Y., March 30, 1889, Mr. John CALVERT, aged 82 years. Also at the same place, April 1, 1889, Mrs. Samantha CALVERT, wife of Mr. John CALVERT, aged 80 years.
    The funeral will be held at Mr. WOOD's, to-day (Friday) at 11 o'clock A.M.

    The death of the late Oscar J. KENNEY compels me at once to close up the copartnership of Kenney & Clark of Truxton, N.Y. All indebtedness to said firm must be settled and paid to me without delay.
    Dated Truxton, April 2, 1889.
                                                         Elmer H. CLARK,
                                                               Surviving Partner.

Death of Mrs. C. W. COLLINS.
    Last Sunday morning, many hearts in this village were saddened by the announcement that Mary E., the devoted wife of Charles W. COLLINS was dead. She was seen upon the streets apparently in her usual health on the Monday previous, but on the following day was stricken with an attack of pneumonia which finally involved the heart and caused her death, at the early age of 47 years. Mrs. COLLINS was the only surviving daughter of Eben MUDGE, Esq., of this village and had always resided in this place. For many years past she had been active in promoting the interests of the church of which she was a zealous member and she was also a leader in every movement in the cause of temperance. She possessed a wonderfully keen mind and besides being an excellent conversationalist was a very witty and incisive writer. She had made the most of the excellent opportunity afforded by her indulgent parents to obtain a thorough education in her earlier years. She always found time to read the latest literature of the day and with a mind well stored with current information she was a delightful companion in the social circle. Kind hearted to an unusual degree she seldom if ever gave free reign to a vein of sarcasm which she knew so well how to use. She was president of the Cortland Library Association from its organization, until its property was turned over to the Franklin Hatch Association, and was connected with the Woman's Christian Temperance Union from the outset until her death.
    Mrs. COLLINS leaves three children besides her husband to mourn her early departure. She was a devoted wife and mother and it is in the home circle that she will be most sadly missed. She will be mourned by hundreds of friends, who were sincerely attached to her, by ties of more than ordinary friendship and who will realize from day to day that a lovely woman has been suddenly snatched from a life of singular usefulness.
    The funeral services were held at her late residence on Wednesday afternoon and was largely attended. Oceans of flowers attested to the love and sorrow of kind friends.

Blodgett's Mills.
    The funeral of Mr. Timothy ATWOOD was held at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Andrew THAYER, last Friday.

Death Did Not Part Them.
    John CALVERT, for many years a highly respected citizen of this town, died at the home of his son-in-law, Mr. M. R. WOOD, near South Cortland, on Saturday last aged 82 years. Mr. CALVERT was a successful farmer and lived for a long time on one of the best farms in the county until a few years ago when he retired from active life, with a handsome competency and rested from his labors. Since his retirement he and his estimable wife have made their home with their children. Mrs. CALVERT did not long survive her husband for on Monday last she too passed over the river to join her consort. She was a most estimable woman and was sincerely loved and respected by all who knew her. They fought the battle of life bravely and it was meet that they should begin the new life without being separated. They were honest and deserving people here and it is believed that they will be happy there.

    The two year old and only son of Mr. and Mrs. E. N. ANDREWS, of Lincklaen, was taken suddenly with convulsions while at the supper table last Thursday, and died within half an hour. Their many friends here and elsewhere sympathize with them in this their great affliction.
12 Apr 1889

    Jacob SEEBER died Saturday last, at his home a short distance north of Texas Valley. His remains are to (be?) brought here for burial. He leaves a wife and several children to mourn his loss. Cause of death was consumption.
--------. --------
    Mr. Perry FOOTE's youngest child died of croup last Sunday, in Binghamton, where he had recently moved his family. The remains were brought to Cortland for interment, the funeral being held on Wednesday, at the former home of his father's home on Hubbard St. They have the sympathy of their many Cortland friends in their late bereavement.

To the Memory of Mrs. Collins.
    At a regular meeting of the W.C.T.U. of Cortland, the following tribute to Mrs. Mary E. COLLINS, who passed from this into the higher life, March 31, 1889, was adopted, with the recommendation that a copy be furnished each of the village papers and one also sent to the family of our sister.
    In the death of our beloved sister, Mrs. Mary E. COLLINS, the Woman's Christian Temperance Union has lost an earnest, intelligent and conscientious fellow laborer, who was like an inspired leader among us, whose example is worthy our imitation, and whose spirit and life rest upon us as a benediction. Yet, while we mourn her loss, we thank our Heavenly Father for her spotless life, and pray that her death may lead us to a more thorough consecration of our powers to the work of raising up the fallen, comforting the afflicted and opposing wrong-doing wherever we may find it.

Died. HARRINGTON - In Homer, N.Y., April 3, 1889, Miss May HARRINGTON, aged 17 years.

Died. BOCKES - In Homer, N.Y., April 6, 1889, Mrs. E. J. BOCKES, aged 31 years.

Died. DOWD - In Cortland, N.Y., April 6, 1889, Robert Emmett, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. John F. DOWD, aged 10 months and 8 days.

Died. WOOD - In Cortland, N.Y., April 4, 1889, of bronchitis, William J., infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. WOOD, aged 3 months and 6 days.

Died. FOOTE - In Binghamton, N.Y., April 7, 1889, of membraneous croup, Bertie, son of Mr. and Mrs. Perry FOOTE, formerly of Cortland, N.Y.

Died. SEEBER - In Texas Valley, N.Y., April 6, 1889, Mr. Jacob SEEBER, aged 64 years.

Died. COURTNEY - In Willett, N.Y., April 5, 1889, Retta, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert COURTNEY, aged 8 years.

    Stephen CURTIS, of whose sickness mentioned was made last week, died Wednesday morning, April 3, at the residence of his brother in Truxton. Five years ago he came to this country from Southamton (Southampton?), Hampshire, England, and settled in Manheim, Herkimer county. From there he came to Truxton two years ago where he has since lived. Only fifteen weeks ago the day of his death he was united in marriage to Miss Jennie JORDAN, of this place, since which they have lived happily together and were looking forward to a continuance of the same for years in the future, when cruel death came and rendered asunder the tie that bound them together. "He was a good fellow," are the words we hear spoken of him on all sides. None knew him but to love and respect him for his friendliness, not only for this but because he was one of the most amiable and genial of men. Surely "Death loves a shining mark."
19 Apr 1889

Died. WILCOX - At the residence of her brother-in-law, Mr. D. K. CUTLER, at Scott, N.Y., April 11, 1889, Miss Lydia WILCOX.

Here and There.
    Mrs. Jacob MOSCHELL, who lived alone in a house in the west part of Homer village, was found dead in her bed on Monday morning. Coroner BRADFORD decided after a post mortem examination, that she died of natural causes, and that an inquest was consequently unnecessary.
26 Apr 1889

The funeral services for Deacon John TYLER were held at his daughter's, Mrs. P. WEST's on Tuesday afternoon. They were attended by a large number of his friends and neighbors. Rev. Dr. CRANDALL delivered a very impressive discourse. He was 94 years old.

Died. McFALL - In Cortland, N.Y., April 19, 1889, Mrs. Mary M. McFALL, aged 71 years.

Died. CORL - In Homer, N.Y., April 21, 1889, Mr. Jacob CORL, aged 81 years.

Died. HALL - In Virgil, N.Y., April 16, 1889, Mr. Amos HALL, aged 70 years.

Died. BROWN - At the Cortland County Alms House, April 17, 1889, Mr. Horace S. BROWN, aged 85 years.

Died. TYLER - In Hunts Corners, N.Y., April 22, 1889, Mr. John TYLER, aged 94 years.

Died. SPERRY - Near Helena, Montana, April 7, 1889, Mr. Miles SPERRY, aged 49 years and 8 months.
    Deceased was a cousin of Mr. Howard J. HARRINGTON, of Cortland, N.Y., and was a native and former resident of Taylor, Cortland county, N.Y. He was a member of Co. B., 76th Regiment New York Volunteers, and served three years and ten months. For seven months he was a prisoner at Andersonville, and there contracted the disease which has finally resulted in his death. A little over twenty-one years ago he moved to Montana, which has since been his home. He leaves a widow and two children.

Died. BOIES - In Wyoming, Iowa, April 10, 1889, Mrs. Mary I. BOIES, aged 77 years.
    Mrs. BOIES was the daughter of the late Deacon Jesse IVES, of Homer, N.Y., where she spent her early life and was married to Mr. Israel BOIES. They afterward moved to Marengo, Ill., where they remained until the death of Mr. BOIES, five years ago. For the past three years Mrs. BOIES had lived with her daughter, Mrs. A. J. NEGUS. She was the mother of six children and the sister of Mr. Fred IVES, of this village.

----- .. -----
    The will of the late Fred. FORBES, of Cincinnatus, which gave most of the property inherited from his father, O. F. FORBES, amounting to about $30,000, to persons but little related to him, was admitted to probate by the surrogate, last Saturday. FORBES committed suicide by hanging himself in an out building of the brick school house, about a mile west of this village, some two or three years ago, soon after the will was made. His brother, Charles FORBES, also of Cincinnatus, contested the will on the ground that the testator was incompetent to make a will. The case has been on trial for a long time, and has finally been decided in favor of the will. F. M. BENJAMIN and Hon. O. U. KELLOGG for the contestants, and B. T. WRIGHT and Hon. R. H. DUELL for the executors.

    Mrs. William C. ANGEL, an old and respected citizen of Union Valley, died quite suddenly Monday evening.

    The three weeks old child of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest CROSS, died with convulsions Sunday night.

3 May 1889

Died. ANGEL - In Union Valley, N.Y., April 22, 1889, Mrs. Samantha Converse ANGEL, wife of Mr. William C. ANGEL, aged 77 years.

Died. KEARY - In Cortland, N.Y., April 30, 1889, Mr. Thomas KEARY, aged 30 years.

Died. BOLSTER - In Pitcher, N.Y., Saturday, April 13, 1889, Mrs. Joseph BOLSTER, aged 89 years.

Died. McGUIRE - In Cortland, N.Y., April 11, 1889, of old age, Mrs. Catharine McGUIRE, aged 80 years.

Died. TRIPP - In Cuyler, N.Y., April 20, 1889, Lyman TRIPP, aged 65 years, 2 months and 16 days.

    Joseph GARDNER, after a painful illness of five days, died on Monday evening. The funeral was held at the M. E. church on Thursday afternoon.

Killed While Coupling Cars.
Thomas KEARY, an employee of E. C. & N. in their round house at this station met his death last Tuesday while coupling Engine No. 22 to a flat car. The accident occurred at about 8 o'clock in the morning and from the evidence taken at the coroner's inquest it appears that no one was to blame for the accident. The engine had backed very slowly to the car which stood about ten rods from the round house and KEARY was seen to step between the tender of the engine and the car, stoop down in order to reach the "link" from under side of the "draw heads" and fall to the ground. Norman HASKELL, a night hand at the round house, lives a few rods from the scene of the accident and happened to be looking out of his window facing the engine and car, and was a witness to the accident. HASKELL ran from his house and shouted to Chas. ALSOP, the engineer, that KEARY was either injured or killed, and with the aid of one or two others who were called to the scene, carried the body to the round house where it was placed on a cushion. When picked up, KEARY had every appearance of being dead, but as soon as he was placed on the cushion, blood ran from his mouth and ears and he made one or two attempts to breathe, and then straightened out full length, when all was over. Dr. H. O. JEWETT was called and made a post mortem examination and testified that KEARY had evidently raised up just in time to have the back of his head caught between the dead blocks, enough to break his neck and cause a fracture at the base of the skull, without crushing or mangling, as the only external mark that could be discovered was an abrasion of the left ear, from which a portion of the skin was gone.
    Coroner BRADFORD of Homer, was notified and empanelled a jury consisting of Edwin C. CLEAVES as foreman, Jas. E. SEAGER, H. L. YATES, Thos. KEARSLEY, H. E. WOODIN and David H. YATES. After viewing the remains the inquest was adjourned till 10 o'clock Thursday morning, which was held in the company's depot and the evidence taken brought forth the facts above stated.
    KEARY was very highly spoken of by his employers and associates as a young man of good habits and very saving of his earnings. He had over $400 to his credit in the Cortland Savings Bank. He was a single man about thirty years of age and had several relatives living in Cortland and a brother in South Cortland. The funeral took place in Groton yesterday to which place the remains were taken Wednesday.

Killed by the Cars.
    Last Saturday afternoon I. H. PALMER, president of this village, received a dispatch from Coroner MARSH of Port Jervis stating that Harold PAULSON, a Norwegian, who was injured on the railroad there was dead. The dispatch also stated that he claimed Cortland as his home and that he had a trunk here. Investigation proved that PAULSON was a tramp and that he worked for a time as a mason on the new buildings of the Homer Wagon Company. During his stay here he was arrested twice for intoxication and spent some time in jail. He was released last week Monday and left town of Saturday last. He was indebted to Jas. RYAN who keeps a boarding house on East Railroad street in the sum of $17.50 for board and Mr. RYAN kept his trunk in lieu of payment.
10 May 1889

Died. BLISS - In Groton City, N.Y., April 24, 1889, Mrs. Eunice Lucas BLISS, widow of the late Isaac BLISS, aged 65 years and 5 months.

Died. GARDNER - At his late residence in McGrawville, N.Y., Monday evening, April 29, 1889, Mr. Joseph GARDNER, aged 62 years.

Died. O'CONNELL - In Cortland, N.Y., May 3, 1889, of diphtheria, Mr. Daniel O'CONNELL.

Died. CHASE - In Cincinnatus, N.Y., May 6, 1889, Mr. Benjamin CHASE, aged 91 years.

Died. WHEELER - In Little York, N.Y., May 8, 1889, of pneumonia, Mr. Charles WHEELER, aged 77 years.
    Funeral from his late home on Friday, May 10th, at 11 o'clock A.M. Interment in Cortland cemetery.

17 May 1889

Little York.
    In the death of Charles WHEELER we mourn a kind neighbor and a good citizen. He was a son of Colonel WHEELER of Solon and a brother of John WHEELER who kept the Cortland House some years ago. He is the third one of his family that has died in the past four months. He leaves an invalid wife and three married daughters. Some of the girls has (have?) been with their parents since the mother became an invalid. Mr. WHEELER moved from a farm on the west road of this place. The Democrat loses a constant subscriber and the party a voter who has never wavered.


Dr. Clark WARREN, a veterinary, of Marathon, dropped dead from heart disease in front of his house in that village, last Thursday morning.

Died. WARREN - In Marathon, May 9, 1889, Clark WARREN, aged 50 years.

Died. McGUIRE - In Cortland May 8th, 1889, of brain difficulty, Bridget McGUIRE, aged 25 years.

Died. CULVER - In Cortland, May 10th, 1889, of meningitis, Zenia CULVER, daughter of Lewis J. and Maria M. CULVER, aged 1 year, 2 months and 8 days.

Died. FULLER - In Cortland, N.Y., May 13, 1889, of consumption, Miss May Belle FULLER, aged 15 years.

Died. WATROUS - In Freetown, May 9, 1889, Mrs. Munson WATROUS, aged 66 years.

Died. PHETTEPLACE - In Marathon, May 11, 1889, Mrs. Phebe E. PHETTEPLACE, aged 61 years.

Died. WAGNER - In Syracuse, N.Y., May 13, 1889, George WAGNER, aged 84 years.
    Mr. WAGNER was the father of Mrs. Frank SMITH of Cortland, N.Y.

Died. SWIFT - At the residence of her son-in-law, Rev. Wm. A. ROBINSON, D.D., in Homer, N.Y., May 12, 1889, Mrs. Sylvia C. SWIFT, aged 79 years.

Died. SMITH - In McGrawville, N.Y., May 8, 1889, Dr. M. G. SMITH, aged 66 years.
Dr. SMITH was the father of Dr. G.H. SMITH and Mrs. F. W. HIGGINS, of Cortland.

Died. DEMBOWITCH - On May 10th, at No. 83 Madison Street, Syracuse, of meningitis, SIMON DEMBOWITCH, aged 24 years and 2 months. Formerly of Freetown, N.Y.

A Sudden Death.
    Yesterday morning Mr. Munson WATROUS and wife, living near Freetown, arose early and went about their usual routine of work, such as farmers do, Mr. WATROUS going to the barn to do chores and Mrs. WATROUS preparing the morning meal. When Mr. WATROUS returned to the house he found his wife lying dead on the floor. Mrs. WATROUS is sixty years old and a very large woman. She has always been very healthy, more especially so this spring. She remarked to her husband during the morning that she felt "so well and just like work." A few years since she fell down the cellar stairs striking on her head and shoulders. Mr. WATROUS is an own uncle to Mrs. D. H. BROWN. - Daily Message May 10.
24 May 1889

Died. CRANNELL - In Marathon, N.Y., May 13, 1889, Susie CRANNELL, aged 10 years and 4 months.

Died. O'LEARY - In Cortland, N.Y., May 18, 1889, of consumption, Miss Ellen O'LEARY, aged 25 years.

Died. FRANCIS - In Cortland, N.Y., May 18, 1889, of pluro-pneumonia, Mr. Fred M. FRANCIS, aged 40 years, 2 months and 14 days.

Died. MEEKLE - In Ithaca, N.Y., May 10, 1889, Mr. John I. MEEKLE, aged 58 years, formerly of Cortland, N.Y.

Died. TINKHAM - In Glen Haven, N.Y., May 19, 1889, Mr. John C. TINKHAM, aged 73 years.

Died. BISHOP - In Truxton, N.Y., May 15, 1889, Mr. William BISHOP, aged 82 years.

Died. HOTCHKISS - In Cortland, N.Y., May 23, 1889, George W. HOTCHKISS, aged 18 years.
    Funeral at St. Mary's church Saturday at 10 A.M. Carriages for mourners only.

Died. WOODMANCY - In Cortland, N.Y., May 23, 1889, Mrs. Harriet WOODMANCY, aged 55 years.
    Funeral Monday, at 9:30 A.M.

Died. GOODYEAR - At his home in Buffalo, N.Y., May 16, 1889, Dr. Bradley GOODYEAR, aged 72 years.
    Deceased was born in Cayuga county December 6, 1816, and studied medicine in Cortland with Drs. GOODYEAR and HYDE, after which he was graduated at the Geneva Medical College. He settled and practiced his profession at Holland, Hinsdale and Alden, N.Y., until 1873, when he moved to Buffalo, which place has since been his home. He leaves a widow and two sons. Mrs. GOODYEAR is a sister of Mrs. John McFARLAN, of Cortland, and both Dr. and Mrs. GOODYEAR were well known in this place.

31 May 1889

Died. CULVER - In Ilion, N.Y., May 23, 1889, Mary Jane CULVER, daughter of the late John MARK, of Cuyler, aged 34 years.

Died. TWISS - In Cleveland, O., suddenly, May 26, 1889, David M. TWISS.
    Mr. TWISS was well known in this vicinity where he had many friends.

Died. TURNER - At the home of her son, Mr. Asa TURNER, in Marathon, N.Y., May 25, 1889, Mrs. David TURNER, aged 77 years.

Died. STEARNS - In Homer, N.Y., May 16, 1889, Mr. Ephraim STEARNS, aged 50 years.

Died. BROWN - In Cortland, N.Y., May 28, 1889, Mrs. Ann E. BROWN, aged 61 years

Suicide In Freetown.
Isaac Hall, while Insane Hangs Himself in a Barn.
From the Marathon Independent, May 29.
    As we go to press information reaches us of the death of Isaac HALL of Freetown, which sad event occurred yesterday, the body being discovered last evening.
    Deceased resided just a little north of the corners at Freetown. He was a carpenter by trade, and well known as an upright, honorable man and citizen. He was a member of the Marathon Lodge, F. & A. M. Some years ago he had serious nervous trouble brought on by excessive use of tobacco, and since that time has had occasional periods of flightiness. In fact it was only a few days since that Dr. REED told a friend that watch should be kept, or he would make way with himself.
    Mr. HALL left home about 1 o'clock, remarking that he thought a walk would do him good, as one had some days before. From that time until the body was found, we have no information of his movements. His wife became anxious over his extended absence, and a search party was organized. Joseph UNDERWOOD, one of the party, entered a barn on a farm owned by Dr. ALLEN, and formerly occupied by Eugene WATROUS of this place, and the body of Mr. HALL was found hanging to a beam, suspended by a bed cord. He was dead when found.
    Solomon ROBINSON cut the body down, and it was carried to the home of the deceased. Charles DICKINSON drove to the village and summoned Coroner TRAFFORD, who took charge. The inquest will be held at 1 o'clock this afternoon.
    Mr. HALL was about sixty-six years of age, he leaves a wife to mourn his untimely demise. There is no doubt but that his death was the act of an insane person, as no other motive can be ascribed. The funeral will be held on Friday.
7 Jun 1889

    Little Corna PARSONS, aged four years, daughter of Lorenzo PARSONS, after a painful illness of five days died on Wednesday of last week. The funeral was held from the residence of her parents on Saturday, Rev. Mr. WHITE of Seneca Falls officiating. Little Corna was the pet of the entire community and her loss is deeply felt. The stricken parents have the heartfelt sympathy of the whole community.

Died. PARSONS - In McGrawville, N.Y., Wednesday, May 28, 1889, Corna, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo PARSONS, aged four years.

Died. PURVIS - At her late residence on Port Watson St., of consumption, Mrs. P. H. PURVIS, aged 66 years.
    Funeral on Friday at 1 P.M., at 135 Port Watson St.

Died. TURNER - In Willett, N.Y., Saturday, May 25, 1889, of Paralysis, Mrs. David TURNER, aged 77 years.

Died. SWEET - In McGrawville, Thursday, May 23, 1889, Mrs. Amanda SWEET, wife of the late Michael SWEET, aged 79 years.

Died. BROWN - In Cortland, May 28, Mrs. Ann E. BROWN, aged 60 years.

Died. WILLIAMS - In Cincinnatus, May 23, 1889, Daniel B. WILLIAMS, aged 89 years.

Died. DUNTON - In Cincinnatus, May 28, N. F. DUNTON, aged 85 years.

Died. WIRE - In Taylor, N.Y., May 30, 1889, Willie WIRE, son of Ballard and Lucinda WIRE, aged 11 years.

    Willie, son of Ballard WIRE, died Thursday, after but a few days sickness, aged 11 years.

Blodgett's Mills.
    A frightful accident occurred near here last Monday morning. The six o'clock A.M. mail and passenger train going north, at the second railroad crossing about a mile north of this place, struck and instantly killed Timothy GRADY, who was driving his cows from the pasture to the barn for milking. He had succeeded in getting a portion of them across while two remained upon the opposite side. It is believed that in his efforts to save his cows he lost his own life.
    His body was hurled with such terrific violence against the fence as to splinter the boards and break down a fence post. Nearly every bone in his body was said to be broken, but strange to say, his face remained without a mar. The train stopped and after informing Mrs. GRADY of the accident, carried his body to the undertaker's rooms, where it remained until interment, which occurred Tuesday. Mr. GRADY was a man of about 60 years of age, and had lived in this vicinity nearly twenty years. He was a stone mason by trade and had accumulated a snug little fortune. He belonged to the better class of Irish citizens, was a strictly temperate man, and a most obliging neighbor. He leaves a widow and two sons to mourn his untimely demise. Also several children by a former marriage, who live near Auburn, N.Y.
    Thos. F. GRADY, son of the deceased, telegraph operator at Whitney's Point, was in town Monday and Tuesday.
14 Jun 1889

In Memoriam.
    Mr. Charles WHEELER died May 8th, 1889, at his home in Little York, in his 78th year, after a brief illness of only six days of typhoid pneumonia.
    The bereaved household from which he has been so suddenly summoned has been indeed sorely afflicted. Within the past year the wife and mother, by a stroke became an invalid. The five daughters untiring in their devotion, came in turns from their various homes to assist their father in caring for their beloved mother.
    On Mr. Wheeler's last birthday, November 13, 1888, the five daughters and their families brightened the old home by a surprise gathering and presented their father with a handsome easy chair. The sick mother entered the spirit of the day. It was a time ever to be memorable in the history of the family, for it proved to be the last time they were ever all to meet to gather again in this life. Two months later one of the daughters, Mrs. Emma UTLEY died. Hardly two months more passed when Matie, the youngest of the household was buried by the side of her sister, and now after only two months more, the beloved father has been borne from that broken home to join the dear ones who have gone on before, leaving the deeply afflicted wife and three daughters in the darkest circle to mourn. Half of the dear ones are now on the other side, the only son and brother having been taken several years ago.
    Mr. WHEELER was the 4th son of Colonel WHEELER of Solon. In Politics he was, through life, a democrat, never missing an election and was much interested in the issues of the day. Most of his life was spent in Cortland county, and at the different points where he lived he always won warm friends. Rev. Dr. ROBINSON of Homer, who conducted the funeral services and who knew him in his last years and had been especially drawn to him in the deep affliction of the last few months, paid a just tribute to his memory. There is a sad void in the place he filled. A true husband, loving father, kind neighbor and good citizen has fallen.

Died. TUCKERMAN - In Preble, N.Y., June 8, 1889, Mr. Fred. TUCKERMAN.

Died. HOFFMAN - In Scott, N.Y., June 7, 1889, Mr. George HOFFMAN.

Died. VanHOESEN - In Franklinville, Cattaraugus Co., N.Y., April 2, 1889, at an advanced age, Mr. John VanHOESEN, former toll gate keeper between Homer and Cortland villages.

Died. CHOLLAR - In Homer, N.Y., June 10, 1889, Mr. Thos. D. CHOLLAR, aged 81 years.

Died. BENNETT - In Glen Haven, N.Y., June 11, 1889, Hon. Abel BENNETT of Binghamton, N.Y., aged 70 years.

Died. FOLEY - In Cortland, N.Y., June 6, 1889, Mr. John FOLEY, aged 73 years.

Died. HOTCHKISS - In Cortland, N.Y., June 8, 1889, Mrs. Sally A. HOTCHKISS, widow of the late Samuel HOTCHKISS, aged 87 years.

Died. JULIAN - In Cortland, N.Y., June 10, 1889, of apoplexy, Mrs. Caroline M. JULIAN, aged 70 years and 6 months.

Died. TROWBRIDGE - In Cortland, N.Y., June 9, 1889, of paralysis, Mr. LeviH (?). TROWBRIDGE, aged 57 years and 5 months.

Died. McFALL - In Cortland, N.Y., June 10, 1889, Carrie, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. McFALL, aged 14 years and 10 months

Died. HUTCHINGS - In Virgil, N.Y., June 5, 1889, Mrs. Aaron HUTCHINGS, aged 73 years.

Died. PARK - In Union Valley, N.Y., May 28, 1889, Mr. J. T. PARK, aged 72 years.

    Mrs. Philinda PURVIS, of Cortland, was buried here on Friday.
    Mr. B. HUBBEL, of Olean, was in town to attend his sister's funeral.
    The remains of Irving OVERTON, of Autumn Leaf, Pa., were brought here and deposited in our cemetery June 5th.
    Mrs. MARSH, of Owego Hill, died June 5th, of dropsy, at the age of 65 years.

    Dr. A. ROBINSON died quite suddenly at his home in McLean last week Wednesday.
21 Jun 1889

Died. HAY - In Cortland, N.Y., June 14, 1889, Gertrude HAY, aged 17 months.

Died. BLAIR - In Cortland, N.Y., June 19, 1889, Mrs. Lavinia W. BLAIR, aged 86 years. Funeral at 2 P.M. from her late residence, 209 Groton Avenue.

Died. SPENCER - In Cincinnatus, N.Y., June 5, 1889, Orange SPENCER, aged 90 years.

    Mr. J. Price ROUNDS was at Center Lisle Tuesday, to attend the funeral of his friend Mr. I. T. LEET.
    Mr. and Mrs. E. V. PRICE was (were?) at Center Lisle Tuesday, to attend the funeral of Mr. LEET, father of Mrs. PRICE.
28 Jun 1889

Died. McMASTERS - In Marathon, N.Y., June 19, 1889, Mrs. Alvin J. McMASTERS, aged 45 years.

Died. SHARPSTEEN - In Dryden, N.Y., June 5, 1889, at the residence of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. HOUPT, of Consumption, Mrs. Letesia Louise SHARPSTEEN, of Harbor Springs, Mich., aged 26 years.
    Mrs. SHARPSTEEN was a graduate of the Normal school in the class of July '83.

Died. GOODYEAR - At New Haven, Conn., June 16th, 1889, William B. GOODYEAR, in his 82d year, formerly of Cortland, N.Y.

5 Jul 1889

Died. CLARK - In Cortland, N.Y., June 19, 1889, of dropsy, Mr. Roman L. CLARK, aged 74 years.

Died. LANE - In Cortland, June 29, 1889, Mrs. Jane E. LANE, aged 54 years.

          Dearest sister thou hast left me,
          And thy loss we deeply feel,
          But 'tis God that has bereft us,
          He can all our sorrows heal.

Died. VanHOESEN - In Truxton, June 28, 1889, Mrs. Henry B. VanHOESEN, of Preble, N.Y., aged 59[?] years.

    Died, in Wolverine, Cheboygan Co., Mich., June 11, 1889, Mrs. Rose Smith BALLARD, daughter of the late Curtis SMITH, of the same place. She was formerly a resident of this place.

    Orlando HORTON, of Richford, dropped dead last Wednesday, while getting ready for dinner. Dr. ALLEN was called, and pronounced it heart difficulty.
12 Jul 1889

Death of Geo. W. HALL.
    A dispatch from San Francisco, announces the death of George W. HALL, Chief Engineer of the Nipsiq, at Leone, [???????]. He was born in Lafayette, Onondaga County, and married a sister of [Mrs. H. T. DANA?], of this place. In 1870-1 he was engaged in business [as a member?] of the firm of Hall & VanBergen, machinists and founders. In 1872 he was ordered to report for active duty and since that time he has been on board [ship?] with the exception of an occasional [vacation?]. Mr. HALL was a very genial man and had many friends in this place who will sincerely regret his death. He was about 50 years of age and stood high in his profession. The Nipsic was one of the U.S. war vessels that survived the hurricane at Samoa.

Death of Charles W. Sanders.
    Charles W. SANDERS, author of the well known series of school books bearing his name, died at his home in New York city, July 5, 1889, at the age of nearly 85 years. He was born in Newport, Herkimer county, March 24th, 1805, and moved with his parents to Homer, N.Y. in 1814. Two years later he commenced teaching school, which occupation he followed mainly for about seventeen years, when he began the work which resulted in the publication of his system of readers and spellers. Although the series was vastly superior to any then in use, it was some time before they were adopted in all the schools of the State. The writer remembers very well the first time he ever saw the subject of this sketch. It was away back in the forties and Mr. SANDERS called at the district school where the writer was learning his letters, and explained his system. They were soon after adopted, and in a very short time became the standard, successfully withstanding the efforts of all subsequent publications to dislodge them. The books have been published in nearly every part of the globe, and Mr. SANDERS, in his later years, is said to have received a very large annual income from their sale. Mr. SANDERS was a pleasant speaker and a very graceful writer. He possessed a very cheerful and sunny disposition, and, in consequence, made many warm friends who were sincerely attached to him. In 1842 he married Miss Elizabeth BARKER, of New York, who, with two sons, Rev. Henry M. SANDERS and Dr. Charles W. SANDERS, survive him. He has two brothers yet living, Joshua C. SANDERS, a lawyer of New York, and Martin SANDERS, of this place. The latter is 88 years of age and still quite hale and hearty.
    The funeral services were held in the Baptist church in this place, on Tuesday last, at 11 A.M., Dr. Thos. H. ARMITAGE, of New York, preaching the sermon from Mark iv:29. The remains were deposited in the family vault in Cortland Rural cemetery. Rev. Henry M. SANDERS is now in Europe.

    Mrs. CRUMB, wife of Silas CRUMB, after a long illness died on Wednesday morning at one o'clock. Funeral at her late residence on Friday at 10 o'clock.
19 Jul 1889

Died. SANDERS - In Keeney Settlement, N.Y., July 3[?], 1889, Mr. P.H. SANDERS.

Died. SANDERS - At his home in New York City, July 5, 1889, Charles W. SANDERS, author of Sanders' series of school books, aged 84 years, 3 months and 11 days.

Died. CRUMB - At her residence in McGrawville, N.Y., Wednesday July 10, 1889, at 1 o'clock A.M., Almeda B., wife of Silas CRUMB, aged 46 years, 7 months and 26 days.

Died. ALDRICH - In Preble, N.Y., July 12, 1889, Mrs. Seth ALDRICH, aged 70 years.

Died. MYNARD - In Virgil, N.Y., July 12, 1889, Mr. Wellington P. MYNARD, aged 47 years.

Died. COGGESHALL - In Homer, N.Y., July 10, 1889, Mrs. William COGGESHALL, aged 67 years.

Died. PERRY - In Homer, N.Y., July 13, 1889, Mrs. Oliver PERRY, aged 70 years.

    The funeral services for Mr. Wellington P. MYNARD were held at the M. E. church, Sunday, Rev. Mr. MITCHELL of Cortland officiating. His text was 2, Corinthians, 1 Chapter, third and fourth verses. Mr. MYNARD has always lived in Virgil and was known for his honest and upright dealings. He never was married, but leaves a brother and two sisters to mourn besides a large circle of relatives and friends. He was 49 years old.
Mrs. Jessie MYNARD and father of McGrawville were in town Sunday, to attend the funeral of Mr. W. P. MYNARD.

Died. THOMPSON - In Cortland, July 24, 1889, at the home of her son, C. F. THOMPSON, Mrs. Adelia THOMPSON, aged 75 years.
    Funeral services will be held from the residence of C. F. THOMPSON, No. 23 Clayton street, Friday at 3 P.M.

Died. TUBBS - In Elmira, N.Y., July 17, 1889, Mrs. M. N. TUBBS, aged 53 years.
    Mrs. TUBBS was the mother of Mr. George A. TUBBS of Cortland, N.Y.

Died. MARTIN - In Solon, N.Y., July 18, 1889, Mrs. Giles MARTIN.

Died. HILSINGER - In Willet, N.Y., July 13, 1889, Mrs. Cora HILSINGER, aged 25 years.

Died. WEEKS - At the home of her son, Mr. J. D. F. WOOLSTON, in Cortland, N.Y., July 18, 1889, Mrs. Mary J. WEEKS, formerly Mrs. Nathaniel HAIGHT, aged 74 years.

Died. POST - In Homer, N.Y., July 20, 1889, Mr. Eugene POST, aged 67 years.

26 Jul 1889

In Memoriam.
    Wellington P. MYNARD died at his home two miles west of Virgil, Friday, July 12, aged 47 years, 8 months and 26 days. In his death the town loses one of her most respected and influential citizens; the agricultural community one of its best farmers; the neighborhood, a genial and accommodating neighbor and the family, a kind and affectionate brother.
    He had been ill for nearly four months but his animation and the intense activity of his mode of life compelled a great many of his friends to believe that he would ultimately recover. Mr. MYNARD was perhaps as widely known in this section of the country as any man in town, he having been engaged in buying and shipping stock for a number of years, and he always enjoyed the reputation of an honorable dealer, a man whose word was as good as his bond.
    He was born October 16, 1841, in this town, on the old homestead which he owned when he died. His father, Madison MYNARD, was a farmer and stock dealer. His mother was Maria BOUTON. Wellington received a good common school education and his practical business qualities enabled him to accumulate a handsome property. He was at one time engaged in the livery business in Marathon. Mr. MYNARD was a charter member of the Virgil Grange and in his death the order loses a valuable and worthy member. He always took considerable interest in politics and was always a steadfast Democrat. He represented the town of Virgil on the Board of Supervisors during the years 1879 and 1880. Mr. MYNARD was never married. One brother, Mr. M. A. MYNARD and two sisters, Mrs. Lewis BELL, and Mrs. Dennis EDWARDS, (all who reside in Freetown, this county) survive him. The funeral services were held at the M. E. church on Sunday afternoon and an appropriate sermon was preached by Rev. Mr. MITCHELL of the Universalist church of Cortland. The large congregation of mourning and sympathetic friends who were present from this and adjoining towns gave ample evidence of the esteem in which deceased was held. Undertaker Galusha C. SWEET had charge of the burial services, and the remains were interred in the family lot in the Virgil Rural cemetery.
    The family wish through the columns of the Democrat, at this time to thank the choir for music furnished at the funeral and the neighbors and friends who assisted during the sickness and on the day of the funeral, also for the handsome display of floral offerings.
A Friend.

Here and There.
    While mowing grass with a mowing machine, last Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Asa CANFIELD of Upper Lisle, was thrown in front of the machine and so seriously injured about the head and shoulders that he died on the following day. Mr. CANFIELD was a prominent farmer and owned one of the best farms in that section. He leaves a wife and one son.

His Head Cut Off.
    Last Tuesday morning Darius GREEN, of the town of Scott, was instantly killed while working in a saw mill at Fair Haven, opposite Glen Haven. He was standing on a plank at the side of the large circular saw, greasing the same while it was running at full speed. The plank tipped up and flung him headlong in front of the saw, which cut the top of his head completely off, spilling the brains on the floor. His left hand was also severed and fell into the lake and has not been recovered at our latest advices. He leaves a wife and nine children in poor circumstances.
2 Aug 1889

Blodgett's Mills.
    Mr. Isaah [sic] SIMPSON died last Wednesday night after a most painful and protracted illness. The funeral took place last Saturday at the W. M. church, Rev. D. P. RATHBUN officiating. He was a member of the G. A. R. of Cortland and also of Harmony Grange of this place. Both organizations were present, two members of each society acting as bearers.

Suicide at Glen Haven.
On Wednesday morning the guests at Glen Haven Sanitarium were both startled and shocked by the announcement that Miss Lillian DUMONT, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. DUMONT of Brooklyn, had committed suicide. Miss DUMONT had many friends in this place, where she has frequently visited the family of her uncle Mr. John H. HULL, and the Democrat at once sent a reporter to learn the full particulars. For some weeks past Mr. and Mrs. DUMONT and daughter Lillian and Mabel have been occupying the first floor of the cottage known as "Liberty Hall" located near the old hotel. They took their meals at the new hotel and when Mrs. DUMONT looked into Lillian's room at 8 o'clock on Wednesday morning on her way to breakfast, the girl seemed to be asleep and she concluded not to disturb her. Mrs. DUMONT was gone not to exceed fifteen minutes and she brought some breakfast for Lillian, but when she entered the room the bed was unoccupied. Thinking Lillian was in the closet she went to the door and calling her name asked to be admitted. Just then she noticed a hand protruding from the closet and she at once gave the alarm. Some ladies who happened to be near rushed in and the door being opened, Lillian was found hanging to the same. The cord was cut and the body laid upon the bed. She gasped a few times, but all efforts to resuscitate her were unavailing.
    She had taken four corset laces, tied a knot in one end and fastening the knotted end firmly in the top of the door, stood upon the bed and after tying the other end of the laces about her neck, jumped into the closet. The weight of her body had almost closed the door.
    Miss DUMONT was about 22 years of age and was a very beautiful and amiable young lady and had many admirers. Every wish of hers had been anticipated by her fond parents and the cause that led her to commit the deed is as much a mystery to them as to her many friends. For some weeks past she had occasional fits of melancholy and when asked by her mother as to the cause, had answered that "everything seemed to be against her." Usually she was very bright and cheerful in temperament. She had assured her mother only a few days since that her despondency was not caused by any disappointment or unrequited affection. It was only last Friday that she with her mother took dinner at the Messenger House in this village, and while here they met many friends, who noted that Miss Lillian seemed to be as cheerful and amiable as usual.
    The remains were taken to Brooklyn on the 10 P.M. train Thursday.

Engineer Hall's Death Confirmed.
    News from Samoa under date of June 22 is to the effect that G. W. HALL, chief engineer on board the U.S. man-of-war Nipsic, of whose death information had already been received, died at Lioni, not Leone on the African coast, as first stated. He was detached from his ship at Lioni, a port on the Samoan group, because of sickness, and was taken under the care of the Catholic priest there. It was expected that Mr. HALL would be taken to San Francisco by the first steamer passing there, but for some reason no stop was made, and he had to face the prospect of waiting a month. Meanwhile death occurred. Mr. HALL suffered from several complaints including Bright's disease, dysentery and gastric fever. Mrs. HALL, his widow, who lives in Onondaga Valley, has been notified by the Navy Department at Washington that she is entitled to a pension of $30 a month. When Mr. HALL left Cortland, only a few years since he was a very healthy, rugged man. About two years ago he was here visiting relatives and old friends and was apparently in the enjoyment of excellent health.

Died. SIMPSON - In Blodgett Mills, N.Y., July 24, 1889, Mr. Isaiah SIMPSON, aged 52 years.

Died. BROCKWAY - In Elmira, on Wednesday, July 24, 1889, Mrs. Minerva BROCKWAY, aged 80 years. Burial in Glenwood cemetery in Homer village.

Died. LOVELESS - At his home on Clinton street, in Homer village on Sunday, July 21, 1889, Lewis LOVELESS, aged 63 years.

Died. HUNT - In Marathon, July 29, 1889, Asa HUNT, aged 87 years.

Died. DAVIS - In Cortland, July 27, 1889, of consumption of the bowels, Mrs. Lottie F. DAVIS, aged 32 years.

Died. FINCH - In Woodstock, Ill., July 26, 1889, Mrs. Calvin FINCH, formerly of Cortland, N.Y., aged 84 years and 10 months.

Died. BURNS - In Cortland, N.Y., July 30, 1889, of cholera infantum, Frank Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank BURNS, aged 4 years.

Died. VanHOESEN - In Cortland, N.Y., July 25, 1889, Mr. Martin VanHOESEN, aged 65 years.

Died. BENSON - In Cortland, N.Y., July 24, 1889, Mr. George BENSON, of Port Perry, Ontario, Canada, aged 22 years.
    Burial at Port Perry.

Died. O'BIERNE - In Homer, N.Y., July 24, 1889, of Malarial fever, Mr. John O'BIERNE, aged 56 years.

Another Suicide.
    Just as we go to press we learn that James C. TERRY, a well-known citizen of this place, drowned himself in Skaneatles Lake, at Glen Haven, Thursday afternoon. He hired a boat, and rowing to the middle of the lake, jumped in. Parties went after him and pulled him out. He breathed only once or twice after being taken from the water. Mr. TERRY was about 58 years of age and in very poor health. He leaves no family.
9 Aug 1889

Died. HOLMES - In Syracuse, August 2, 1889, Abby Baker HOLMES, wife of Geo. F. HOLMES, formerly of Cortland, aged 56 years.

Died. RYAN - In Cortland, N.Y., August 1st, 1889, Martin RYAN, aged 65 years.

Died. STEELE - In Cortland, N.Y., August 4th, 1889, of typhoid fever, Mr. Almon STEELE, aged 19 years.

Died. EDWARDS - In Syracuse, N.Y., July 30, 1889, Mrs. Susan EDWARDS, relict of the late Jerome B. EDWARDS and mother of Mrs. H. R. ROUSSE of Cortland, in the 81st year of her age.

Died. TUTTLE - In Cortland, N.Y., August 5, 1889, Mr. Abel G. TUTTLE, aged 75 years.

Died. WEST - In Willett, N.Y., August 1, 1889, Mr. Shepherd WEST, aged 69 years.

16 Aug 1889

Died. UNDERWOOD - In Freetown, N.Y., Sunday August 4, 1889, Vander UNDERWOOD, aged 63 years.

Died. TARBLE - In Wayne, Nebraska, July 26, 1889, Mrs. Amanda M. TARBLE, aged 71 years. Mother of Mrs. Wm. H. BRADFORD, formerly of Cortland, N.Y.

Died. McSWEENY - In Freetown, N.Y., August 11, 1889, John McSWEENY, aged 70 years, 7 months, and 4 days.

Died. ALVORD - In Lapeer, N.Y., August 13, 1889, Mr. Alfred ALVORD, aged 70 years.

Died. ASHBY - In Cortland, N.Y., August 13, 1889, Mr. Frank ASHBY, aged 28 years.

Died. PUDNEY - In Sherburne, N.Y., August 8, 1889, of consumption, Mr. Charles W. PUDNEY, aged 60 years, father of Mr. T. N. PUDNEY, of Cortland, N.Y.

Died. HARDENBURG - In Harford, N.Y., August 12, 1889, Philip L. HARDENBURG, aged 71 years.

Died. TEED - In Harford, N.Y., August 10, 1889, Mr. Jeffrey TEED, aged 80 years.

Died. LYMAN - In Homer, N.Y., August 9, 1889, Mrs. Francis Kingman LYMAN, wife of Rev. Huntington LYMAN, aged 82 years.

Died. GREEN - In Cortland, N.Y., August 9, 1889, Lue Ann GREEN, aged 76 years, 1 month, 1 day.

    Mr. Robert PURVIS was in Harford last week Tuesday attending the funeral of Miss Mary HARDENBURG of that place.

    The remains of Mr. George SALTSMAN of Owego, were buried in our cemetery, Monday.

Death of Mrs. Fitzgerald.
From the Syracuse Standard, Aug. 13.
    Mrs. William FITZGERALD died suddenly of apoplexy on Sunday at her home in Chicago. For 15 years Mrs. FITZGERALD was a resident of this city, during the greater part of which time she was Mrs. Patrick CORBETT. After Mr. CORBETT died she married William FITZGERALD. Mr. FITZGERALD is a brother of State Treasurer Lawrence J. FITZGERALD, and is a wealthy citizen of Chicago. There is said to be a tinge of romance to their marriage. FITZGERALD was a Skaneatles boy and his now dead wife was a belle at Auburn, N.Y. A friendship sprang up between them, which ripened into a feeling more deep and tender. At the time Pat CORBETT was making a bright name for himself as an orator and politician, and he proposed to the young lady and was accepted. When Mr. CORBETT's death found FITZGERALD, too a widower, after a becoming period elapsed, the marriage of Mr. FITZGERALD and Mrs. CORBETT took place. Mrs. FITZGERALD's maiden name was Rose GAVAGAN and she was a daughter of Capt. GAVAGAN who formed a company in Auburn, under W. S. SEWARD's patronage and served during the war. Her husband, father and daughter, May CORBETT, survive her. Miss May CORBETT and deceased's step-daughter, Miss Minnie FITZGERALD, have been visiting the latter's grandfather, James FITZGERALD at Skaneatles, for the last week and were informed by telegraph Sunday of Mrs. FITZGERALD's death. They left Sunday night for Chicago. Mrs. Catharine HUGHES, of this city, the wife of James HUGHES, is an aunt of the deceased.
23 Aug 1889

Death of D. P. GARDNER.
    Last May, D. Page GARDNER and son of this place, left for Washington Territory, leaving Mrs. GARDNER and three children here until they had provided a home for them. They located in Tacoma where Mr. GARDNER engaged in the grocery trade. News was received here from the son on Monday, that his father died suddenly on the evening previous and that he would start for home on Monday. The remains are expected here on Friday evening. Mr. GARDNER was sixty-two years of age and had always apparently enjoyed good health.

Died. GARDNER - In Tacoma, Washington Territory, Aug. 18, 1889, Mr. D. P. GARDNER, aged 62 years.

Died. RORABACK - In Cortland, N.Y., August 17, 1889 at 9:30 A.M., of internal cancer, Mrs. Maria RORABACK, aged 75 years and 7 months.

Died. BARTLETT - In Homer, N.Y., Aug. 9, 1889, Mrs. Lydia H. BARTLETT, wife of Edgar BARTLETT, aged 71 years.

Died. SHEDD - At Suncook, New Hampshire, August 4, 1889, Mr. Randolph SHEDD, of Boston. Burial in Glenwood cemetery in Homer village.

Died. KENNEDY - In Cortland, N.Y., August 14, 1889, of cerebro-spinal meningitis, Anna KENNEDY, aged 45 years.

Died. ANGEL - At the home of his nephew, Dr. J. ANGEL, in Cortland, N.Y., Aug. 20, 1889, Mr. W. C. ANGEL, of Union Valley, N.Y., aged 77 years and 5 months.
    The body was taken to Union Valley for interment.

Died. DELAVAN - In Cortland, N.Y., Aug. 20, 1889, of [marsilitis?], Oliver J. DELAVAN, aged 4 months.

Found Hanging to a Rafter.
    Near the Price school house in the town of Virgil, and about four miles directly south from Cortland, lives Mr. Salem WILCOX. He owns a small farm and is a very respectable citizen. His son, Fred, aged 26 years, resided with him and worked on the farm. At about 4 o'clock last Sunday afternoon Fred left the house and did not return that night. He had been complaining of feeling poorly for some time and his absence caused his parents to be alarmed. Neighbors and relatives began to search for him Monday morning and the search was kept up until late in the night but no trace of him could be found. On Tuesday morning his brother-in-law, John S. PARK, went to the barn on Mr. WILCOX's premises and found what he had been searching for. Fred was hanging from a rafter over the bay and had evidently been dead for some time. He was taken down and the body carried to the house and Coroner W. J. MOORE was notified. He had cut a gash in the left arm just above the elbow over the brachial artery, but did not sever it. He had also attempted to cut the same artery in the right arm, but only succeeded in cutting a vein. Undoubtedly he became satisfied that he would not bleed to death, an so he took a rope halter and typing one end to the rafter over the bay, dug a hole in the bay to keep his feet from touching, and standing on a higher spot, adjusted the halter about his neck and swung himself off. Mr. PARKS [sic] had searched the barn carefully the night before without finding any trace of him and it is believed that he was hiding in the barn at the time, especially as a hole was found dug out in one corner and Fred's coat was hidden there.
    Young WILCOX was highly respected by all who knew him and had a large circle of acquaintances and friends who sincerely mourn his untimely end. He was engaged to be married to Miss Eva SPENCER of the same place, and it is understood that the event was to have taken place in the near future. His brother Chauncey has been an inmate of the County Alms House for some time and has occasional spells of insanity. At all other times, and in fact most of the time he is perfectly sane and harmless.
    Coroner MOORE empanelled a jury from the neighbors and held a inquest on Wednesday. The jury found that the deceased came to his death by suicide while temporarily insane.
30 Aug 1889

Died. GRAY - In Homer, N.Y., August 26, Mrs. Hala GRAY, aged __ years.

Died. GARDNER - In Marathon, Aug. 27, Isbon GARDNER, aged 59 years.

Died. WAKEFIELD - In Homer, N.Y., Aug. 17, 1889, Miss. Dora E. WAKEFIELD, aged 19 years.

Died. EATON - In Willett, N.Y., Aug. 22, 1889, Mr. Peter EATON, aged 67 years.

    Hundreds were in attendance at the funeral of W. C. ANGELL, last Thursday, by whom he was held in high esteem.

    Hiram KENYON, formerly of Pitcher, who will be remembered by many of this place, died of a fever at Newburn, N.C., August 29.

Fatal Accident.
    Just as we were going to press, one of the most painful accidents occurred that it has ever been our duty record resulting in the death of Mr. Barnum S. TANNER, one of our most esteemed and highly respected citizens. Mr. TANNER was at the depot on the arrival of the 12:28 train, and had just taken a seat in the conveyance of Mr. J. H. COLE, for the purpose of coming up town, while Mr. COLE was unloosing the horse. Before the reins could be reached the horse started suddenly and ran with terrific speed, turning the corner at Lewis street, so short that the wagon was overturned, throwing Mr. TANNER out with such force and in such a manner as to break his neck. Life was extinct by the time that he was reached, and it was found that the leg of a commercial traveler whose name we have not learned, who was seated beside him, was also broken. The body of Mr. TANNER was immediately taken to his home, where it is being prepared for burial. The blow falls with crushing force upon the family, who have been sorely afflicted within a few years past by visitations of death. For want of time we are compelled to forego further remark until our next issue. - Dryden Echo, Aug. 24.
    Mr. TANNER was a brother of Mr. A. F. TANNER, of the firm of Tanner bros., of this place, and leaves two sons and three daughters. The gentleman who was in the wagon with him was Mr. O. W. SEARS, of Binghamton, whose injuries were more serious than was first supposed. His leg was not broken, but his right arm and left leg were severely bruised and he suffered from concussion of the brain caused by striking upon his head in the road. He was taken to his home on Tuesday. Miss Jennie PADDOCK, of Syracuse, was also in the wagon and was thrown out, but was not seriously injured, although she was badly shaken up. She was on a visit to Mr. Tanner's family, and Mr. TANNER was at the depot to meet her. Miss PADDOCK is engaged to Mr. Tanner's son, who is seriously ill and not expected to recover.
6 Sep 1889

    Charles FOSTER, for many years a resident of this place, died at his home in Georgetown, Monday August 26. His remains were brought here for burial Thursday.

Died. GARDNER - In Marathon, N.Y., August 27, 1889, Mr. Isbon GARDNER, aged 59 years.

Died. BOUTON - In Cortland, N.Y., Sept. 3, 1889, Mr. Joseph BOUTON, aged 72 years.

Died. WOODWARD - In Cortland, N.Y., Sept. 3, 1889, Mr. Charles N. WOODWARD, aged 63 years.

Died. ALGER - In McGrawville, N.Y., Wednesday Aug. 28, 1889, Mr. Joseph C. ALGER, aged 83 years.

Died. PECK - In Cortland, N.Y., Aug.31, 1889, Susan Wells, wife of Hon. R. T. PECK, aged 54 years.

In Memoriam.
Susan Wells PECK, wife of Hon. R. T. PECK, died at her home on Greenbush Street, in Cortland, N.Y., Aug. 31, 1889.
    She was born in King, Ontario, Canada, Aug. 22nd, 1835. Her father was a native of England, and among the early settlers of the county of York, in the Province of Ontario, of which Province her mother was a native. She formed the acquaintance of her future husband, while attending his school as a pupil, and they were married June 25th, 1859, by the Rev. Dr. James DICK, a Presbyterian clergyman, of whose church her family were members. Prior to her marriage about one year, she was baptized by Elder LISTER, an Evangelist of the Disciple Church, with which she was connected, until she united with the First Baptist Church of Solon, in 1867. Afterwards upon her removal to Cortland in 1876, she united with the First Baptist Church of this village. Her eldest brother William, of Aurora, is a retired farmer; another, Gabriel, of Acton, is an Evangelist of the Disciple Church. The Hon. James P., of Aurora, another brother, was a member of the Canadian parliament for twelve years; a third Walter W., of Waterloo, is a doctor of Dental Surgery. Her only sister is Betsey, Mrs. Robert NORMAN, of Lexington, Mich.
    Her children are Louise N., wife of W. E. ALBEE, of Minneapolis, Minn., Arthur R., a merchant of Cortland, Frank J., cashier of the National Bank of Cortland, and Fred. R. PECK.
    Mrs. PECK was reared in the strictest manner by her parents, under the discipline of the Presbyterian faith. Her father's family were noted for longevity, most of a large family recording the age of nearly ninety years. She was a very active, exemplary Christian, a member of Mr. E. P. Slafter's Bible class from the time she united with the church until her death. Mrs. PECK was a consistent Christian and always ready to do her duty. She was sympathetic, a friend to the poor, and none came to her door needy who went away empty handed. Quiet and unostentatious, she sought no notoriety, but tried to fill her place as wife and mother. During her sickness she said "If my time has come I am ready to go." She was exemplary in her life work and set a christian example before her children, whom she lived to see grown to manhood and become members of the church.
    We are forcibly reminded that we are [now?] among the shadows. How heavy they sometimes lie along our pathway. She died in hope. Very soon the shadows shall flee away. Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning. Till the morning dawns let us who still are where the shadows linger, be comforted with the comfort God gives, and do with all diligence the work given us.
13 Sep 1889

Death of Rev. O. H. SEYMOUR.
Rev. O. H. SEYMOUR, a former pastor of the Presbyterian church in this village, died at his home in Onondaga Valley, last Sunday, aged sixty-three years. Mr. SEYMOUR was educated at the Michigan University and Union Theological Seminary. In January, 1858, he came to Cortland and assumed the pastorate of the Presbyterian church. In September, 1863, he resigned to accept the office of chaplain of the 157th regiment. After the close of the war he held pastorates at Hammondsport, Trumansburgh, Port Byron and Onondaga Valley. A few months before coming to Cortland to reside, he married Miss Mary L. BLODGETT, a sister of Mr. Alonzo D. BLODGETT, who died in 1862, leaving a son. In 1866 Mr. SEYMOUR married Miss Harriet HOES, of Kingston, who, with two daughters, survive him. Mr. SEYMOUR was a Christian gentleman, and was greatly respected by all who knew him. The funeral services were held in Onondaga Valley on Wednesday forenoon, and the body was buried in the cemetery in this place, in the afternoon of the same day.

Died. SEYMOUR - In Onondaga Valley, N.Y., September 8, 1889, Rev. O. H. SEYMOUR, aged 62 years and eleven months.

Died. ROBINSON - At the County Alms House in Cortland, N.Y., September 2, 1889, Miss Phoebe ROBINSON, aged 78 years.

Died. GRANGER - At the County Alms House, in Cortland, N.Y., September 7, 1889, Mrs. Nancy GRANGER, aged 81 years.

Died. STEVENS - In Homer, N.Y., September 1, 1889, Mrs. Edmund STEVENS, aged 70 years.

Died. ALDERMAN - In Homer, N.Y., September 3, 1889, Mrs. Sarah ALDERMAN, aged 59 years.

    Mrs. Jerome NORTON, of Georgetown, whose husband kept the store in this place, died a few days since. Mr. NORTON is very low.
20 Sep 1889

Died. PATTERSON - In South Cortland, N.Y., September 11, 1889, Mr. Robert PATTERSON, aged 49 years.

Died. ORMSBEE - In Kalamazoo, Mich., September 13, 1889, Mrs. Ida Jones ORMSBEE, wife of Mr. William ORMSBEE and daughter of Mr. C. H. JONES of Cortland, N.Y., aged 32 years.
    The body was brought to Cortland, where burial was made on Monday.

Died. BEIRNE [sic] - In Preble, N.Y., September 15, 1889, Frank BEIRNE of Homer, N.Y., aged 16 years. [see below: O'BEIRNE]

Died. BALLARD - In South Cortland, N.Y., September 14, 1889, of typhoid fever, Geo. Henry BALLARD, aged 28 years and 8 months.

Died. JORDAN - In Taylor Center, N.Y., September 13, 1889, Miss Nina E., daughter of A. H. and Hattie JORDAN, aged 15 years and 10 months.

    Miss Nina E. JORDN died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. JORDAN, at about seven o'clock Friday evening September 13, aged 15 years, ten months and eight days. For nearly a year she has been gradually declining, despite all that medical skill and loving hands could do for her. The end came a little sooner than was expected but there was no hope that she could ever get well. We should all feel thankful that she was spared from further suffering and that she has gone to that land where there is no more toil and suffering; where she said she was going, just before she breathed her last. She recognized all her old friends as they came in and surrounded her bedside. She said to them: "I am dying;" and to each one she said "good bye." She also bid them tell her absent friends that she bid them all good bye and to meet her in heaven. We have never seen anyone more reconciled than was she. She fully realized that she was fast passing over the river. Just before she died she told her parents who she wished to preach her funeral sermon. Nina was a girl of more than ordinary intelligence. To her credit, be it said, she was no back biter. What she had to say she said to one's face. All her life she has lived among us, and during that time she has maintained an upright character and an honorable life. She had many friends. Integrity and morality were marked traits of her character. To a friend, a few days before she died, she said: "Once I thought it was hard to die, but now ______." Her mother then entering the room, the sentence remained unfinished. We leave it with the reader to conjecture what she intended to say. The funeral was held from the house Monday, Rev. W. H. ROBERTSON officiating. A large concourse of friends and neighbors were present to testify by their presence and by the profusion of flowers, with which they surrounded the casket, the respect with which they held the deceased, whom we all loved. A letter of condolence was received from Miss Elizabeth HATHAWAY. The family wish to extend to all who manifested by their presence and to those who brought flowers and furnished music, their sincere thanks.

Kicked to Death.
    Last Sunday, Frank O'BEIRNE, aged 16 years and residing with his mother on the hill east of Homer, borrowed a horse and carriage of Thos. LUCY and took his sister, Mrs. Thos. SULLIVAN and her sister-in-law Miss Kate SULLIVAN out riding. After driving to Cortland they started for Preble. From Preble they drove to Baltimore on the east side of the valley and when near the residence of Collier VanHOESEN, O'BEIRNE leaned over the dashboard and attempted to adjust the breeching of the harness, when the colt let both heels fly striking him in the stomach and knocking him out of the buggy. Some men who stood near by ran to their assistance and caught the horse, which had kicked himself free from the vehicle. The ladies got out of the wagon and went to where young O'BEIRNE lay apparently lifeless. A physician was hastily summoned who pronounced life extinct. He was carried into Mr. VanHOESEN's house and an examination showed that he was hit in the pit of the stomach and that death must have followed almost instantly. The sad news was conveyed to his mother at once, and Messrs. Mourin Bros., the undertakers of this place, went after the body and brought it to his home in Homer. Miss SULLIVAN was also hit in the face, but was not seriously hurt. O'BEIRNE's funeral was held on Wednesday morning.
27 Sep 1889

Killed by the Cars.
    At about 6 o'clock last Saturday afternoon, Daniel McBREARTY, for the past five years night watchman at the E., C. & N. car shops, boarded engine No. 8 at or near the round house just west of Owego street, intending to ride down to the car shops between Owego and South Main streets. He was not seen alive again by any one after the train passed Owego street, but was picked up on the track near the car shops dead and horribly mangled. It is supposed that he undertook to jump from the engine and fell under the wheels of the tender which passed over him. He was carried to his late residence, No. 18 Squires street, and Coroner MOORE was notified. The following named persons were summoned as a Coroner's Jury and an inquest was held at Firemen's Hall on Monday morning, after viewing the body: A. W. KEELER, A. GORDENIER, J. TUTTLE, John CONWAY, W. M. TURNER, N. H. WINTER, A.TERRELL, Wm. DONNEGAN, J. C. THOMPSON. Mr. KEELER was sworn as foreman. The post-mortem examination was made by Dr. DANA. After hearing the evidence the jury rendered the following verdict: -
"That Daniel McBREARTY came to his death by being struck by the tender of engine No. 8, in the yard of the E., C. & N. railroad, Saturday, Sept. 21st, 1889, and that his death was purely accidental."
    Mr. McBREARTY was an industrious and respected citizen, forty-five years of age, and leaves a wife and two children. By his industry and economy he had paid for a comfortable home since he came to this place from Marathon, some six or seven years since. The funeral was held on Monday last.

Died. JENNINGS - In Harford, N.Y., September 21, 1889, Ransom JENNINGS.

Died. GILLETT - At the residence of his son, in Indianapolis, Ind., September 22, 1889, Mr. Hiram GILLETT, aged 86 years.
    The body was brought to this village for burial, accompanied by Mr. GILLETT's three sons. Twenty-five years ago he owned the Graham brick-yard farm two miles two miles north-east of Cortland.

Died. NORTHRUP - In Marathon, N.Y., September 17, 1889, Mrs. Olive NORTHRUP, aged 76 years.

Robert W. Griswold Shoots Dennis O' Shea in a Quarrel Tuesday Morning.
    Last Tuesday morning the citizens of Preble were somewhat startled to learn that Robert W. GRISWOLD, who resides with his son on a farm about three miles east of Preble Corners, had shot his neighbor, Dennis O'SHEA. For some months past there has been some feeling between the parties over the fact that O'SHEA's cows were frequently found on GRISWOLD's premises. Although the farm is owned by GRISWOLD's son Robert, the old gentleman has taken it upon himself to do fault-finding and quarrelling with O'SHEA. GRISWOLD'S farm adjoins the Truxton town line and lies on both sides of the road running east and west in the direction of Truxton village. Another road runs parallel with this highway and about a mile south. A few rods west of GRISWOLD's house is a cross road leading to the last mentioned road and O'SHEA and family, consisting of a wife and five or six children, lived on this cross road about midway between the two roads running east and west. There is a piece of woods between GRISWOLD's house and O'SHEA's.
    A warrant was issued by Justice Frank DALEY, soon after the news of the shooting reached Preble and the same was placed in the hands of Constables A. W. MORGAN and Henry CURRIE, who started for the home of GRISWOLD. He could not be found, but Mrs. GRISWOLD was seen driving towards Homer and she was followed. On arriving at the latter place she drove about on several streets and finally stopped at the residence of Geo. STEBBINS where she stayed to dinner; after which she resumed her journey and drove straight to the jail in this place, where the officers found GRISWOLD, who had given himself up to the sheriff. The officers took him to Preble on the 3:08 accommodation train. The examination was adjourned until Wednesday at 10 A.M., and the prisoner was brought to Cortland for safekeeping and returned in the morning.
    The People were represented by District Attorney BRONSON, and Frank PIERCE of Homer appeared for the prisoner.
    The first and only witness summoned was Daniel O'SHEA, second son of the deceased and who is about 19 or 20 years of age. His evidence was substantially as follows: "I had just got up and dressed and was at the top of the stairs when GRISWOLD appeared on his own premises and said to father 'Your cattle are in my lot.' Father said 'Whose fence did they get over?' GRISWOLD answered, 'Not mine.' Father then said, 'I will go and get them out and see whose fence they got over.' As they were walking away across the lot, father said 'What are you doing with that gun?' GRISWOLD answered, 'I'm hunting.' They then disappeared between the two barns and had been gone about eight minutes when I heard father yell 'put down that gun.' I ran and stood upon the linefence between GRISWOLD's farm and ours and saw father about 10 rods on GRISWOLD's land and about ten feet from GRISWOLD himself, dodging back and forth trying to confuse GRISWOLD's aim. Finally GRISWOLD fired and father fell after walking two or three steps. GRISWOLD said 'Ther G-d d---m you,' and then turned and ran toward his own home. I returned and went after a doctor and made a complaint against GRISWOLD. Before the warrant for his arrest could be served, however, GRISWOLD had walked the entire 14 miles to Cortland and given himself up to Sheriff BORTHWICK. Father was shot between 7 and 8 o'clock in the morning and died at 2:35 in the afternoon."
    GRISWOLD was held to await the action of the Grand Jury and was brought to Cortland and landed in jail.
    The line fence between the two families is near O'SHEA's house. It is claimed by parties who talked with the witness after the occurrence that his first story does not agree in scarcely any particular with the story he told on the stand. It is also claimed that Mrs. O'SHEA, who was standing in the door of her house at the time of the shooting, does not agree with her son.
    Coroner BRADFORD of Homer, summoned the following jury on Wednesday morning: John H. GAY, John MANCHESTER, Richard EGBERTSON, Edwin WILBUR, Seth HOBART and Frank J. COLLIER. After viewing the remains, the evidence of Justice Perry HAYNES, who produced an ante-mortem statement, and the evidence of Mrs. O'SHEA was taken and the inquest was adjourned until Monday at 10 A.M.
    The gun used was a shot gun and the charge struck O'SHEA in the left side just below the heart, making a hole as large as a silver dollar and a much larger one on the opposite side where it came out. The charge passed through the diaphragm, kidneys and spleen. The funeral was held Thursday morning.
    O'SHEA was about 55 years of age, and is said to have been of a quarrelsome disposition and disposed to fight on rather slight provocation.
    Somewhere about 1868 or 1869 GRISWOLD turned up in Homer and opened a watch repairing shop. He traveled about the country on foot a good part of the time calling at farmhouses to repair watches and clocks. About 1870 or 1871, he moved to Cortland and after a while located in the rooms now occupied by the Gas company's office on Court street, where he hung out a sign as a watch repairer. Business in his line not being very good he added bill posting, and frequently traveled about the county posting and distributing bills. He invariably wore a stove pipe hat, with an open faced silver watch fastened about midway between the crown and rim in front, and was known everywhere as "the man with a watch in his hat." After several years of unsuccessful effort in business here he left town and the next we heard of him he was running a small farm in McLean and was trying, with some prospects of success, to revolutionize the potato growing industry. For one season at least he astonished everybody with the size and yield of his "bulbous roots" and sold his large crop at high prices. A year ago last spring he went to live on the farm where the killing was done, with his son Jay, who had rented it. Last spring his son Robert bought the place, Jay moving to East River, and the old man remained with Robert.
    GRISWOLD is about 65 years of age, very slim and about five feet nine inches in height. His health has always been good and he is an excellent pedestrian. He has always been considered a sort of harmless crank, and no one who knew him would have imagined he could muster up spunk enough to kill anybody.
4 Oct 1889

Died. SWEENEY - In Cortland, N.Y., Sept. 27, 1889, of consumption, Cornelius SWEENEY, aged 80 years.

Died. STOUT - At her home, 62 Railroad St., Cortland, N.Y., September 29, 1889, Louisa, wife of Andrew STOUT, aged 65 years, 8 months and 20 days.

Died. TARBOX - At the county House in Cortland, N.Y., October 1, 1889, Mr. Ira B. TARBOX, aged 70 years.

Died. SLATER - At the County House in Cortland, N.Y., September 17, 1889, Miss Lavina SLATER, aged 31 years.

Died. BROWN - In Blodgett Mills, N.Y., September 25, 1889, Mrs. Volucia [?] BROWN, aged 69 years.

Died. FOX - In Cortland, N.Y., September 27, 1889, Susan B. FOX, aged 73 [?] years and 11 months.

Died. REED - In Cortland, N.Y., September 28 [?], 1889, of Bronchitis, Ada REED, aged 3 years and 6 months.

Died. CONRAD - In Messengerville, N.Y., September 24, 1889, Mr. Henry CONRAD, aged 84 years.
    Interment was made in the Texas Valley cemetery.

Died. GLISSMAN - In Marathon, N.Y., at the residence of Mr. David HILSINGER, September 6, 1889, Mrs. Isabella GLISSMAN, aged 43 years.
    Deceased was a daughter of Mr. Henry CONRAD and formerly lived in Cuba, N.Y.

Died. CARMICHAEL - In Cortland, N.Y., October 1, 1889, Col. Jas. C. CARMICHAEL, aged 60 years.

Died. SHEVALIER - In Virgil, N.Y., of apoplexy, September 27, 1889, Briggs [?] SHEVALIER.

Died. CORDO - In Cortland, N.Y., October 2, 1889, Mary L., wife of Rev. H. A. CORDO, aged 53 years.
    Funeral at her late residence at 2 o'clock P.M. Saturday. Interment in New Brunswick, N. J.

11 Oct 1889

Died. STAFFORD - At the County Insane Asylum, in Cortland, N.Y., October 2, 1889, Mrs. Eva J. STAFFORD, age 33 years, formerly of Cortland.

Died. SEACORD - In East Homer, N.Y., October 6, 1889, Ella, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. SEACORD.

Died. JUSTICE - In Union Valley, N.Y., October 3, 1889, Mrs. Luther JUSTICE, aged 89 years and 5 months.

Died. SNYDER - In Cortland, N.Y., October 5, 1889, Mrs. Christopher A. SNYDER, aged 66 years.

Died. CHILDS - In Scott, N.Y., Tuesday, September 24, 1889, Mrs. S. W. CHILDS.

Died. OGDEN - In Marathon, N.Y., September 23, 1889, of heart disease, Merrick OGDEN, aged 69 years.

Died. KINNEY - In Homer village, September 28, 1889, Katharine Daley KINNEY, aged 36 years.

Died. CHEPPU - At his home in Homer village, September 28, John T. CHEPPU, aged 40 years. Burial at Preble.

    Carrie WATERS, aged 13, daughter of Charles WATERS, died on Thursday morning. Her funeral was held at the Presbyterian church on Sunday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, Rev. Mr. GRAVES officiating.
18 Oct 1889

Blodgett's Mills.
    Mr. and Mrs. Burdette SPERRY went to Freetown to attend the funeral of Mr. David WILCOX.

    Mrs. Isaac SHERMAN died last Friday morning after a very brief illness. Funeral was held Saturday afternoon at the W. M. Church.

    Mrs. Luther JUSTICE who died Oct.3d, was twice married. Her first husband was Lyman ROGERS who died in 1871. To them was born fifteen children, eleven of whom survive. Some of them live in Wisconsin, the rest in this state. She lived just long enough to see the fifth generation in her family.

Died. HUNT - In Cortland, N.Y., October 15, 1889, Julia A. HUNT, aged 84 years.

Died. GOODELL - At the residence of his son, Edward B. GOODELL, in New York city, on October 7, Jonathan GOODELL, aged 76 years. Burial was made in Glenwood cemetery, Homer, last Wednesday.

Died. SMITH - In South Cortland, N.Y., Sunday, October 13, 1889, Mr. Oscar Adelbert SMITH, aged 47 years, 1 month, 13 days.

Died. WARNER - At his home on Brake Hill, Scott, N.Y., October 7, 1889, Theron R. WARNER, aged 60 years, 2 months.

Died. McGRAW - At her home in Cortland, October 12, 1889, Mrs. Melina McGRAW, wife of Marcus H. McGRAW.

Died. IVES - In Medina, N.Y., October 9, 1889, of paralysis, Mr. Augustus M. IVES, aged 72 years.
    Deceased was a brother of Mr. Frederick IVES of Cortland and formerly of Homer.

E. R. RINDGE, of Killawog, died on Saturday last. For many years he was postmaster of that place.
25 Oct 1889

On Wednesday noon of last week, Burnham HUNT committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor, severing the windpipe and jugular veins. He was first discovered by the housekeeper, in the residence of his father, lying on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood, the razor with which he committed the deed lying near. Dr. L. G. SMART, who resides near, was notified at once, but it was too late to save him. He lingered about two hours and died. When the doctor closed the wound he was able to talk, and on inquiring why he did the deed, he said he was tired of living any longer. Mr. HUNT was of intemperate habits, but for some time past had not indulged himself. His father died a short time ago, and perhaps this may have caused in a measure the fatal deed. We learn that he seemed to be brooding over something for some days previous and was more melancholy than usual. He leaves a son and a daughter, both of whom reside in Cortland. He was fifty-two years old.

    Dell BOYDEN died on Wednesday morning of last week on Cortland street. An autopsy was held on his body the following day. He had been ill for several years with a peculiar disease that baffled every physician he consulted. He had been to New York to see eminent physicians, but could receive no permanent relief from their prescriptions. At the autopsy was found cancer of the pancreas and slight thickening of the lower valves of the stomach, with some tubercles in the abdomen. The lungs, liver, heart, kidneys and spleen were all in a healthy state except reduced in size from lack of nourishment. He never suffered much pain. The physicians present were A. D. REED, E. H. BARNES, C. B. TRAFFORD, Wm. M. BRADFORD, D. C. CLARK, E. WINTERS, G. L. SMART, and Dr. GRIDLEY of Whitney's Point.

Died. FRENCH - In Cortland, October 16, Mr. Ed. FRENCH, aged 18 years, 5 months and 25 days.

Died. WATERS - In McGrawville, N.Y., October 3, 1889, Carrie P., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles WATERS, aged 13 years and 8 months.

Died. JIPSON - In Union Valley, N.Y., Oct. 16, 1889, Mrs. Susan JIPSON, widow of Mr. Elijah JIPSON, aged 82 years.

Died. BOUTWELL - At the home of A. E. FREEMAN, in Truxton, N.Y., Oct. 17, 1889, Mrs. John BOUTWELL, aged 74 years.

Died. PHILLIPS - In New Woodstock, N.Y., Oct. 19, 1889, Rev. O. G. H. PHILLIPS, formerly of Cortland, N.Y.

1 Nov 1889

Died. JONES - In Homer, N.Y., October 23, 1889, Helen, wife of Mr. Philo JONES, aged 51 years.

Died. COLE - In Union Valley, N.Y., October 25, 1889, Miss Sophia COLE, age 90 years.

Died. LaMOTT - In Cortland, October 29, 1889, Mrs. Lorette LaMOTT, wife of Allen B. LaMOTT, of Roundup, Montana, aged 45 years.
    The funeral will be held at the residence of Mr. C. F. THOMPSON, 23 Clayton-ave., Friday at 1 o'clock P.M.

Died. MERCHANT - In Truxton, N.Y., October 22, 1889, Mr. Ebenezer MERCHANT, aged 83 years.

Died. CARPENTER - In Cortland, N.Y., October 27, 1889, of pneumonia, Mr. William CARPENTER, aged 74 years.

Died. LYNCH - In Cortland, N.Y., October 26, 1889, of blood poisoning, Mr. Jeremiah LYNCH, aged 79 years.

Died. WHITBY- In Cincinnatus, October 16, 1889, of epilepsy, Lizzie Dobson WHITBY, wife of Lewis M. WHITBY, aged 39 years.

Died. WALRAD - At his home near Groton City, October 23, 1889, John WALRAD, aged 31 years.

Died. BROOKS - In Cortland, N.Y., October 21, 1889, Mr. Lewis A. BROOKS, aged 72 years.

Died. BROCKWAY - In Homer, N.Y., October 24, 1889, Mr. W. N. BROCKWAY, aged 60 years.

Death of William S. Brockway.
    William S. BROCKWAY, one of the best known and most highly respected citizens of Homer died at his home in that village October 24, 1889. He was born in Cortland June 6, 1819 but passed his early years in Groton and Cincinnatus. When he was twelve years old the family moved to Homer where his father engaged in business as a cabinet maker. Before he was of age he became the manager of the business and very soon was at the head of a large and lucrative establishment. In October 1860 he married Miss Edith HINE of Preble.
    In 1875 Mr. BROCKWAY commenced the manufacture of wagons and to this business he brought the same rare tact and business sagacity that he had exhibited in the furniture trade and it was a success from the start. With only moderate means to start with, he soon overcame every obstacle and for some years past had been making money rapidly. His wagons found a ready sale everywhere and they stood high in the estimation of dealers.
    Something over a year ago his health failed him, but his courage and energy stood by him and kept him about his business when many other men would have been in bed. He had a kindly disposition and made many friends who were sincerely attached to him. He had undoubtedly done more for Homer than any other of her citizens and his loss will be keenly felt. The business had been so thoroughly systemized, however, and the several members of his family are so thoroughly familiar with every department of it, that it will go on as usual.
    The funeral services were held at the family home on the 27th ult., and were conducted by Rev. W. A. ROBINSON, assisted by Rev. A. N. DAMON. Mr. BROCKWAY leaves a widow and four children to mourn his loss.

    Mrs. Sophia COLE died Friday of paralysis aged 91. She was respected by all who knew her.

He Took Laudanum.
    John A. HOWE, formerly a resident of this town, and who lived with his son on a farm a few miles northward of this village, took two ounces of laudanum with suicidal intent on the19th ult. He lived until the following Monday morning, when death resulted. He is said to have lived unpleasantly with his son, and became melancholy and discouraged over his poor health and poverty. He was a carpenter by trade, was industrious and honest, and brought up a large family. For the past few years he had been badly crippled with rheumatism.
8 Nov 1889

Died. QUACKENBUSH - In Freetown, N.Y., Monday, October 28, 1889, Mrs. Elizabeth QUACKENBUSH, aged 60 years 8 months.

Died. WILSON - In Summerhill, October 22, 1889, John WILSON, aged about 90 years.

Died. BOWKER - In Summer Hill, October 22, 1889, Carrie G. BOWKER, aged 15 years.

Died. SALISBURY - At her late home in East Scott, on Friday, October 25, Lovina, wife of Milton SALISBURY, aged 54 years.

Died. HAMMOND - In Marathon, November 1, 1889, Lena HAMMOND, aged 13 years, 2 months and 20 days.

Died. LYNDE - In Marathon, November 2, 1889, Ira LYNDE, Sr., aged 82 years and 7 months.

Died. CHURCH - In Cortland, N.Y., November 1, 1889, Mr. George W. CHURCH, aged 21 years.
    Interment at Upper Lisle.

Died. ALLEN - In Virgil, N.Y., November 2, 1889, Mrs. Jay ALLEN, aged 22 years.

Died. HOLBROOKS - In Virgil, N.Y., November 5, 1889, Mr. Phineas T. HOLBROOKS, aged 64 years.

Died. GROVER - In Cortland, N.Y., November 4, 1889, of heart failure, Mrs. S. Mabel GROVER, aged 57 years.

Died. COGSWELL - In Cortland, N.Y., November 9, 1889, at 7 P.M., of heart failure, Mrs. Eliza T. COGSWELL, aged 75 years, 3 months and 23 days.
    Interment was made in Cortland Rural cemetery. Deceased had been a resident of Cortland county during her entire life time with the exception of about seven years passed in Tompkins county.

Died. DAVIS - In Homer village, October 30, 1889, Mrs. Nettie May DAVIS, aged 21 years, 4 months.

Died. HOYT - In Homer village, October 25, 1889, Lena Alice HOYT, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John A. HOYT, aged 2 years, 9 months.

Died. CONGDON - In Eau Claire, Wisconsin, September 6, 1889, Alvah CONGDON, aged 78 years.
    Mr. CONGDON was born in Homer in 1811.

Died. BARBER - In Scott, Saturday evening, November 2, 1889, of heart disease, Mr. Wm. W. BARBER, aged 78 years.

Died. WOOLCOTT - In Cortland, N.Y., November 10, 1889, of epistaxis, Ethel T. WOOLCOTT, aged 11 years and 3 months.

Died. BOSWORTH - In Cortland, N.Y., November 10, 1889, of obstruction of the bowels, Mrs. Eliza BOSWORTH, aged 50 years.

Died. CARPENTER - In Cortland, N.Y., November 9, 1889, of pneumonia, Andrew CARPENTER, aged 26 years.

Died. KINNEY - In Cortland, N.Y., October 30, 1889, of old age, Parmelia KINNEY, aged 96 years and 11 months.

Died. BAILEY - In Sebewa, Mich., September 8, 1889, Mr. Joseph BAILEY, aged 65 years, formerly of Virgil, N.Y.

Died. TYLER - In Virgil, N.Y., November 10, 1889, Mrs. Mahala Burlingame TYLER, wife of Mr. Jeremiah G. TYLER, aged 78 years.

    Mrs. Mahala TYLER, wife of Mr. J. TYLER, died Nov. 10th, aged 78 years. The funeral services were held Wednesday at 12 o'clock at the Baptist Church, Rev. Mr. CRANDALL officiating.

Little York.
    Giles CORL died Sunday evening November 10th, from heart troubles, of which at times he been a sufferer for the past twenty years. He had tried many physicians but medicine seemed of no avail. Dr. R.A. GOODELL was the last one called but gave no encouragement of a permanent cure from the first diagnosis nearly two years ago. Mr. CORL was outdoors Saturday until about 11 A.M., when he was taken with the fatal attack.
22 Nov 1889

Little York.
    When one of the old pioneers, even of the second generation who assisted in clearing off the primeval forest passes away it is fitting that more than a passing notice be made. In the death of Giles CORL we lose one of our most estimable and abiding citizens. He was next to the youngest of five sons and four daughters of Henry I. CORL, who at an early day settled on East Hill. Giles had passed the three-score and ten years allotted to man by reason of strength of days. It is but little over two years since death made his first demand upon the large family and now he is the fourth to join the silent majority. In the father's allotment of a farm to each son the homestead fell to him and the careful attention which he showed to his parents in their declining years has been returned many-fold by his son. It was the reverence for his parents' wishes that sustained him through a twenty-eight years legal struggle to correct a mistake in the deed which they had given him, more than the intrinsic value at issue. For more than twenty years he had been a most patient and enduring sufferer from heart troubles which at times would confine him to bed, but at all times was mindful of the cares he caused those near him. He never joined any church but his universal generosity and the good will of all his neighbors speaks more than any outward profession. In politics he followed the teachings of his father and Dr. JONES and until confined by sickness a year ago had never failed to be at election and vote the "Democrat" ticket. Rev. Dr. W. A. ROBINSON of Homer preached a most able discourse to a house full of mourning relatives and neighbors on Wednesday, November 13, at 2 P.M. R. J. McELHENY led the quartette which rendered some most beautiful music for which the sorrowing widow, son and daughter feel very thankful. He lay in a beautiful casket surrounded by beautiful flowers of which in his lifetime he was passionately fond while sorrowing neighbors with moistened eyes passing around looked for the last time upon one whose life had not been in vain, and whose good deeds will be remembered when his body shall have returned to dust. He was buried in Glenwood on a lot which already held a dear little granddaughter buried there about a year ago.

Died. O'CONNELL - In Cortland, N.Y., November 12, 1889, Mr. David O'CONNELL, aged 67 years.

Died. HARVEY - At the home of his grand-son Charles WAVLE, in McGrawville, N.Y., Thursday, November 7, 1889, Mr. Chillis HARVEY, aged 82 years.

Died. BARNEY - In McLean, N.Y., November 4, 1889, Mrs. Sophia B. BARNEY, aged 73 years.

Died. HALLEY - In Cortland, N.Y., November 16, 1889, Grace HALLEY, aged 19 years.

Died. LOUCKS - In Cortland, N.Y., November 17, 1889, of typhoid fever, Willie O. LOUCKS, aged 18 years.

Died. SLATER - In Cortland, N.Y., November 20, 1889, Mr. Ira M. SLATER, aged 78 years, 6 months and 2 days.
    The funeral will be held at the Universalist church on Friday at 2 o'clock P.M.

Died. ROARK - In Cortland, N.Y., November 17, 1889, of diabetes millitis, Mrs. Sarah M. ROARK, aged 45 years, 4 months and 23 days.

Died. BAKER At the home of her daughter in Tully, N.Y., November 7, 1889, Mrs. H. M. BAKER, aged 58 years.

Died. WALLACE - In Cortland, N.Y., November 16, 1889, of perityphlitis, Arthur L. WALLACE, only son of Mr. and Mrs. D. F. WALLACE, aged 16 years and 9 months

Death of Arthur L. Wallace.
    Arthur L. WALLACE, only son of Mr. D. F. WALLACE of this place, died quite suddenly last Saturday in the seventeenth year of his age. He had been ill little more than a week and had not been considered dangerous until about midnight on Friday when he was awakened by terrible pains in the region of the bowels, which culminated in his death Saturday afternoon. Perforation of the bowels was the cause of death.
    Arthur was a very bright and manly youth, rather reserved than otherwise, and gave excellent promise of future usefulness. He possessed a kindly disposition and was as kind and respectful to his parents and sisters as to strangers. Always prompt and willing to serve others and generous to a fault, he made many friends. Very few parents can say truthfully what his parents could say of him, that he never caused them pain by unfilial act or word. The funeral was held from the family residence on Tuesday morning, Rev. Mr. ROBERTSON officiating.
6 Dec 1889

Died. LARASON - At the County House, in Cortland, N.Y., November 30, 1889, Mr. Peter B. LARSON [sic], aged 69 years.

Died. GILES - In Homer, November 29, Charles GILES, aged about 50 years.

Died. JAMESON - In Plano, Ill., November 9, 1889, of epilepsy, Mr. Hurd JAMESON, aged 23 years.
    Deceased was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert JAMESON, of Dryden, at which place funeral services were held and interment made.

Died. STEDMAN - In South Cortland, N.Y., November 30, 1889, of typhoid fever, Miss Sarah STEDMAN, aged 52 years, 8 months and 28 days.

Died. SHAW - In Tully, N.Y., November 26, 1889, at the home of her grand-daughter Mrs. C. W. GILBERT, Mrs. Lois SHAW of Apulia, aged 81 years.
    Deceased was formerly an old resident of the town of Truxton.

Died. LANDERS - In Willett, N.Y., November 25, 1889, Mr. Charles LANDERS, aged 94 years.

Died. DICKINSON - In Cortland, N.Y., November 30, 1889, of consumption, Mr. Elbert L. DICKINSON, aged 25 years and 8 months.

Died. CHATTERTON - In Cortland, N.Y., December 1, 1889, of pneumonia, Mr. Isaac CHATTERTON, aged 72 years.

Here and There.
    At about 1 o'clock last Thursday morning, policeman CROFOOT found Charles GILES lying in the hatchway of Carey's bakery in Homer, in an unconscious condition. He was taken to the Hotel Windsor, and later to the home of his son-in-law, Frank ROGERS, where he died the same night without having recovered consciousness. His skull was fractured, and it supposed that the fall was accidental.
13 Dec 1889

    Mrs. J. BIRDLEBOUGH was buried Monday last. Her death was caused by a cancer.

Died. BIRDLEBOUGH - In Marathon, December 7, 1889, Harriet, wife of L. T. BIRDELBOUGH, aged 52 years.

Died. HICKS - In Cortland, N.Y., December 6, 1889, William HICKS, aged 35 years.

Died. FILLER - At the home of her daughter in East Scott, N.Y., of valvular disease of the heart, Mrs. Ann Eliza FILLER, aged 42 years and 8 months.

Died. JOHNSON - At the County Poor House in Cortland, N.Y., December 7, 1889, Mr. Squire JOHNSON, aged 50 years.

Died. MASON - At the County Poor House in Cortland, N.Y., December 10, 1889, Mr. James MASON, aged 36 years.

    Died December the 8th, of heart trouble, Mr. Richard C. TYLER. He was 84 years old. He had not been sick but a day or two.

    Mr. Wm. BLOWERS attended the funeral of his mother at Taylor on Wednesday.

    The funeral services of Samuel BUSH's little child was held Monday. Interment at Cheningo.

    The sad news comes to us of the death of Mrs. EGBERTSON, who died at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Powell NORTON, Monday morning. The funeral services were held on Wednesday.

Here and There.
    Last Sunday Mrs. Sophia KIBBE, aged 92 years, who lived alone near South Cuyler, was burned to death. She insisted on living in the house alone, but her meals were brought to her and she was cared for by the family of her son, J. E. C. G. KIBBE, who lived only a few rods distant. It is supposed that her clothing caught fire from the stove, before which she was sitting when her breakfast was brought to her only an hour before, The funeral was held Tuesday.
20 Dec 1889

    Mrs. BLOWERS, relict of the late Eli BLOWERS died last Monday Dec. 9 at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Theodore DeBELL, aged about 62 years. The Friday before her death she commenced to complain and remained in about the same condition until Sunday evening when she had a stroke of paralysis. From that time she remained in an unconscious condition until death came to her relief Monday afternoon. Mrs. BLOWERS was a lady of kindly ways and was respected by the community in which she lived.

Died. MOLLOY - In Syracuse, on the 8th inst., James D. MOLLOY, aged 53 years. Formerly of Cortland.

Died. WOODS - In Freetown, Friday, December 13, Elisha WOODS, father of Sherman L. WOODS, aged 86 years.

27 Dec 1889

Died. BODFISH - At the home of his parents in West Barnstable, Mass., December 1, 1889, Irving S. BODFISH, formerly of this place, aged 22 years.

Died. McGRAW - In New York city, Saturday, December 14, 1889, of apoplexy, Samuel McGRAW, aged 83 years, 3 months and 14 days.
    Interment made in McGrawville cemetery.

Died. DOUD - At her home in McGrawville, Tuesday, December 17, 1889, Miss Marcia A. DOUD, aged 62 years and 8 months.

Died. COON - At the residence of her son, W. M. COON, in Cuyler, N.Y., December 18, Susan Bliss, widow of Thomas COON, aged 92 years, and 4 months.

Died. ALVORD - In Scott, December 15, 1889, of consumption, Shubal ALVORD, aged 51 years.

Died. TYLER - In Harford Mills, December __ Rev. Edward TYLER, aged 78 years.

Died. FRALICK - In Marathon, December 19, 1889, Mrs. Elias FRALICK, aged 64 years.

Transcribed by Merton Sarvay
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