Dane County Officers.

1839 to 1877.


    In pursuanee of an act entitled "An act to organize the counties of Dane and Fond du Lac," approved Mar. 11, 1839, an election was held at the American Hotel, Madison, on the first Monday of May, 1839, and the following officers elected for Dane county:

Board of Commissioners.

1839-40. Eben Peck, chairman, Simeon Mills, Jeremiah Lycan, commissioners; La Fayette Kellogg, clerk (resigned, R. L. Ream appointed); John Stoner, treasurer; Robert L. Ream, register of deeds; George P. Delaplaine, county surveyor (resigned, Wm. N. Seymour, appointed); Wm. A. Wheeler, assessor; N. T. Parkinson, sheriff; John Catlin, district attorney; David Hyer, coroner; Isaac Atwood, public administrator; John T. Wilson, auctioneer; Adam Smith, constable.

August 7, 1839-40. Adam Smith, collector; Mahlan Blaker (resigned, La Fayette Kellogg appointed), Wm. N. Seymour, George Vroman, assessors; Ed. Campbell, school inspector; Wm. N. Seymour, district supervisor; Abel Rasdall, constable.

October 5, 1840-41. Simeon Mills, chairman, Eben Peck, Prescott Brigham, commissioners; R. L. Ream, clerk; I. H. Palmer, treasurer; H. F. Crossman, collector (to fill vacancy by resignation of A. Smith); E. M. Williamson, H. W. Porter, David Hyer, assessors; A. Rasdall, constable.

January 3, 1842. Prescott Brigham, chairman, Horace W. Potter, P. W. Matts, commissioners; E. M. Williamson, clerk; Erastus Quivey, treasurer; Ira W. Bird, register of deeds; Calvin Frink, collector; Wm. A. Webb (resigned, George P. Delaplaine appointed), Volney Moore, Nathan Kellogg, assessors; T. M. Wilcox, county surveyor (resigned, E. M. Williamson appointed); A. A. Bird, sheriff; H. C. Parker, constable (app'd).

1843. Wm. D. Daggett, chairman, Wm. A. Wheeler, Solomon Shafer, commissioners; E. M. Williamson, clerk; Erastus Quivey, treasurer (resigned, Darwin Clark appointed); Ira W. Bird, register of deeds; A. A. Bird, sheriff; Calvin Frink, collector; Alex. L. Collins, district attorney.

1844. W. A. Wheeler, chairman, A. W. Dickinson, W. H. Hubbard (resigned, B. F. Collins appointed); S. Catlin, clerk; P. W. Matts, treasurer; Jas. Sullivan, assessor; E. M. Williamson, surveyor; Geo. P. Delaplaine, collector; I. W. Bird, register of deeds; A. A. Bird, sheriff; A. L. Collins, district attorney; Andrus Viall and J. E. Abbott, constables.

1845. E. Brigham, chairman, L. S. Augur, Wm. A. Webb, commissioners; E. M. Williamson, clerk; P. W. Matts, treasurer; E. Burdick, county surveyor; G. T. Long, register of deeds; I. W. Bird, sheriff; T. Daily, W. Rasdall, J. W. Thomas, ass'rs; C. Abbott, dist. att'y; A. B. Catlin, collector.

January 5, 1846. Wm. A. Wheeler, chairman, J. R. Larkin, L. Stone, commissioners; E. Burdick, clerk (appointed in place of E. M. Williamson, resigned); M. S. Van Bergen, treasurer; J. G. Knapp, register of deeds; E. M. Williamson, county surveyor; G. B. Smith, district attorney; G. Vroman, J. Meyers, assessors; R. G. Carpenter, N. H. Smith, constables.

    THE Board of Commissioners having been changed by law to the Board of Supervisors, represented by the chairman from each town in the county, the first session of said board was held on Monday, the 14th day of September, 1846, when the following gentleman appeared as members:

Board of Supervisors.

1846-47. Wm. C. Wells, chairman, Ed. Campbell, Jas. R. Larkin, S. Head, A. Barlow, J. Lawrence, R. Boyce (Wm. Quivey acted as substitute for Mr. Boyce, during his sickness, until January 4, 1847).

1847-48. W. C. Wells, chairman, H. L. Bush, W. H. H. Coon (deputy for Wm. Mayhew till January 3, 1848), R. Warden, L. Farnum, D. M. Holt, R. Boyce, D. Tipple, W. A. Pierce, R. Atwood, C. M. Nichols, J. Vroman, J. Sanders, W. M. Mayhew, W. Boyce.

1848-49. Geo. Anderson, chairman, C. Maxon, W. W. Patrick, E. Brigham, A. Keyes, B. Hancy, A. Harris, G. C. Cowen, D. C. Miller, R. P. Rawson (resigned, O. B. Moore elected), J. Vroman, W. C. Wells, C. Lum, T. F. Whittlesey, J. Webb, A. Salsbury, D. Wheeler, J. Lawrence, S. R. Ayers, J. M. Babcock, (deceased, P. Rider appointed); M. Nash, S. Taylor, C. M. Nichols, B. B. Freeman.

1849-50. Berry Haney, chairman, J. J. Clark, Wm. H. Clark, E. Brigham, Chas. Drakeley, Geo. O. Babcock, O. B. Moore, S. R. Ayres, L. S. Argur, J. M. Matts, A. Salsbury, J. Lawrence, B. Fairchild, D. Cody, Wm. Barrus, A. A. Boyce, N. P. Spaulding, M. Mallory, W. Brown, D. Thomas, G. E. Cowen (resigned, J. Blake appointed), R. Brown, A. E. Adsitt, J. Nelson, William C. Rood, O. Cook, D. Wheeler, J. Harlow, Charles Bird.

1850-51. Wm. M. Colladay, chairman, I. S. Brown, J. Bowman, G. D. Neal (resigned, D. M. Stillman appointed), J. T. Lewis (substitute for N. H. Dryden during his sickness), W. W. Patrick, R. Brown, M. S. Foster, J. W. Thomas, G. O. Babcock, H. L. Foster, S. Oziah, C. Reeves, H. W. Yager, W. N. Seymour, L. Parmer, C. Lum, J. M. Matts (resigned, N. J. Tompkins appointed), Wm. Dudley, J. Phillips, Z. Gilbert, T. M. Warren, E. Isham, R. Winston, P. Munger, C. Bird, A. A. Boyce, W. Barrus, T. R. Hill, N. P. Spaulding, D. E. Emery.

1851-52. C. Lum, chairman, A. Burdick, T. Haney, M. Ripley, J. Bowman, N. J. Tompkins, C. Reeve, D. Davidson, H. Van Orman, T. Arland, D. C. Miller, A. E. Adsit, O. B. Moore, J. Glott, J. Keenan, L. J. Farwell, (R. T. Davis to fill vacancy), W. Gammon, J. W. Thornton, W. Dudley, (J. Devine to fill vacancy), H. C. Chandler, Z. Gilbert, T. M. Warren, E. Isham, W. Beardsley, R. N. Ashmore, A. Bailey, A. Henry, I. Mann, J. Collins, E. Grover, D. E. Emery.

1852-53. E. Isham, chairman, J. H. Potter, R. W. Denison, T. Steele, R. D. Frost, J. Bowman, J. R. Butler, A. E. Adsit, J. Keenan, J. Webb, W. Gammon, I. M. Bennett, H. C. Chandler, J. Bronte, W. Beardsley, H. Childs, C. Flower, W. Barrus, I. Mann, O. M. Cross, J. Collins, d. E. Emery, A. Smith, R. Brown, H. Van Orman, J. Steele, O. E. McIntyre, C. Barnard, P. Dunning (Mr. Warren to fill vacancy), H. J. Jackson, R. Richards, Mr. Thompson.

1853-54. Calvin Barnard, chairman; J. J. Clark, Thomas Barber, Richard D. Frost, Thos. Steele, Daniel Pickett, John Vroman, Orien B. Hazeltine, Nathan G. Van Horn, W. R. Taylor, Wm. F. Baker, Jas. Steele, A. E. Adsit, Wm. M. Colladay, John Keenan, J. T. Marston, Sardine Muzzy, Elisha Bailey, O. H. Mullette, C. P. Moseley, D. Wheeler, J. C. B. Richards, E. Isham, J. P. McPherson, G. O. Babcock; W. A. Pierce, A. White, D. K. Butler, M. Read, O. M. Cross, D. E. Emery, J. Mosher.

1854-55. Wm. R. Taylor, chairman; J. M. Wood, Thos. Barber, Levi E. Thompson, R. D. Frost, E. Brigham, Daniel Pickett, E. Grover, Jr., G. Dow, J. Read, J. Steele, A. E. Adsit, J. Mosher, Wm. M. Colladay, S. W. Field, J. H. Lewis, L. Hatch, E. Bailey, O. H. Mullette, C. P. Moseley, B. F. Denson, Z. Gilbert, J. Chandler, C. W. Waterbury, H. Bigelow, R. Blackburn, Wm. Beardsley, C. Flowers, J. Beath, J. Poyner, J. Collins, J. C. Pinney, G. Van Gaasbeck.

1855-56. Wm. M. Colladay, chairman; E. Sherman, J. W. Ford, L. E. Thompson, J. R. Hiestand, T. Steele, Wm. A. Field, N. G. Van Horn, H. Catlin, J. Read, A. G. Hadder, L. Knudson, C. Barnard, S. W. Field, H. J. Hill, M. D. Currier, W. Gammons, O. H. Mullette, I. M. Bennett, B. F. Denson, J. A. Johnson, J. La Follette, C. W. Waterbury, S. W. Graves, A. Malone, Geo. Johnson, B. T. Cameron, J. Beath, J. Poyner, L. Ryan, E. Combs, G. H. Van Gaasbeck, E. Grover, Jr., O. M. Palmer.

1856-57. W. M. Colladay, chairman; E. Sherman, C. Laughlin, J. B. Sweat, J. R. Hiestand, T. Steele, W. A. Fields, D. B. Crandall, A. Norman, J. Bryan, A. G. Hadder, A. E. Adsit, J. Allen, S. Nye, H. J. Hill, A. E. Brooks, N. B. Van Slyke, A. S. Wood, S. M. Van Bergen, H. S. Clark, W. Gammons, P. W. Matts, E. W. Dwight, A. Sanderson, J. L. Lewis, Z. Gilbert, I. M. Warren, S. W. Graves, J. P. McPherson, W. Beardsley, C. Bailey, J. Caldwell, S. B. Coryell, M. O'Malley, J. W. Helden, A. A. Huntington, C. G. Lewis, G. Bjornson, H. Jones.

1857-58. P. W. Matts, chairman; G. W. McDougal, Chas. Laughlin, S. H. Vedder, R. D. Frost, T. Steele, W. A. Field, C. G. Lewis, I. Brown, W. R. Taylor, J. Bryan, W. J. Welch, W. H. Miller, E. H. Lacy, O. B. Moore, J. Keenan, H. J. Hill, A. E. Brooks, N. B. Van Slyke, C. G. Mayers, S. M. Van Bergen, C. Lum, E. Bailey, R. Boyce, B. F. Denson, J. Chandler, J. A. Johnson, J. Pauly, S. Axtell, J. P. McPherson, Wm. Beardsley, L. H. Pearsons, J. H. Steele, W. D. Stanley, J. Beath, J. Kershaw, J. W. Helden, A. A. Huntington, H. M. Warner.

1858-59. J. Beath, chairman; G. W. McDougal, C. Laughlin, J. Greening, R. S. Frost, E. Dale, W. A. Field, C. G. Lewis, N. G. Van Horn, W. R. Taylor, J. M. Hawley, R. Bower, W. H. Miller, E. E. Roberts, O. E. McIntire, J. Keenan, W. D. Bird, T. Heeran, D. J. Powers (resigned, E. S. Oakley appointed), J. G. Griffin, T. Kenney, C. Lum, J. B. Colton, P. W. Matts, M. Wolf, B. F. Denson, N. Randall, J. A. Johnson, S. W. Graves, C. W. Waterbury, O. B. Hazeltine, J. P. McPherson, J. Wiessenborn, L. H. Pearsons, J. C. Steele, D. K. Britton, C. H. Arnold, S. H. Sabine, A. Sawyer.

1859-60. A. M. Hanchett, chairman; G. F. Lawton, O. Kerl, W. A. Webb, S. F. Lighthizier, N. H. Dryden, E. Crowell, E. Grover, Jr., J. T. Crandall, E. E. Emerson, J. M. Haney, W. Dunlap, A. E. Adsit, E. E. Roberts, A. L. Beebe, J. E. Mann, T. Reynolds, A. Sherwin, E. S. Oakley, D. Clark, C. Fairchild, L. A. Lincoln, J. B. Colton, P. W. Matts, M. Colby, O. B. Daley, H. M. La Follette, T. B. Ames, C. E. Loveland, F. Ritchie, R. Blackburn, R. Ford, C. Flowers, G. Beatty, J. Beath, H. Cramer, W. Keefe, A. H. Pinney, A. Sawyer.

1860-61. T. Reynolds, chairman; L. O. Humphrey, J. W. Ford, H. M. Warner, S. F. Lighthizier, E. Dale, Mr. Adams, Mr. Lewis, W. D. Potter, C. Drakeley, J. Haney, W. Dunlap, L. Torgerson, B. Barnard, A. L. Beebe, J. Keenan, Mr. Zehnpfenning, J. Byer, J. Byrne, Mr. Stickney (O. Park substitute during sickness of Mr. Stickney), A. M. Hanchett, E. Bailey, J. M. Matts, E. W. Dwight, Mr. Sanderson, G. Tollefson, F. B. Ames, S. W. Graves, F. Ritchie, H. Stevens, S. T. F. Ward, C. Flower, G. Beatty, W. Carlton, H. Cramer, J. Tiernes, I. N. DeForest, L. G. Shephard, J. M. Gile, F. C. Festner.

1861-62. J. P. McPherson, chairman, L. O. Humphrey, J. Bunnagel, O. B. Hazeltine, J. L. Davison, T. Haney, R. W. Davison, A. D. Goodrich, D. B. Crandall, W. R. Taylor, T. Murphy, A. J. Luce, L. Torgerson, H. H. Giles (resigned; W. M. Key appointed), W. M. Colladay, J. Keenan, H. A. Tenney, F. O'Bryan, J. W. Sumner, D. Clark, T. Kinney, G. T. Whitney, E. Bailey, P. W. Matts, J. D. Tipple, J. Jones, G. Bjornson, W. Chandler, Z. Gilbert, H. A. Colburn, F. Ritchie, R. Ford, C. Flower, G. Beatty, W. Charleton (resigned, J. Beath appointed), H. Cramer, H. J. Benson, I. N. DeForest (resigned, J. M. Miller appointed), W. H. Slater, Mr. McBride.

    THE Board having met under the law providing for the government of the county by district representation, the following gentlemen appeared on the 13th day of January, 1862, and took their seats:

District Representatives.

1862-63. 1st district, W. M. Colladay; 2d, J. Douglas; 3d, Otto Kerl; 4th, E. Dale; 5th, P. H. Turner. Mr. Colladay, chairman.
1864-65. 1st district, F. B. Ames; 2d, J. E. Hidden; 3d, Otto Kerl; 4th, M. Colby; 5th, H. J. Hill. Mr. Colby, chairman.
1866-67. 1st district, F. B. Ames; 2d, O. W. Thornton; 3d, Mansfield Arries; 4th, M. Colby; 5th, Neely Gray, (deceased, Timothy Brown appointed), Mr. Ames, chairman.
1867. 1st district, F. B. Ames; 2d, O. W. Thornton; 3d, D. Schafer; 4th, M. Colby; 5th, Timothy Brown. Mr. Ames, chairman.
1868. 1st district, F. B. Ames; 2d, O. W. Thornton; 3d, D. Schafer; 4th, D. L. Daley; 5th, Timothy Brown. Mr. Ames, chairman.
1869. 1st district, W. M. Colladay; 2d, O. W. Thornton; 3d, M. Arries; 4th, D. L. Daley (resigned, W. C. B. Weltzin substituted); 5th, H. J. Hill. Mr. Thornton, chairman.
1870, ending March 24th. 1st district, W. M. Colladay; 2d, H. D. Goodnow; 3d, O. B. Hazeltine; 4th L. M. Anderson; 5th, H. J. Hill. Mr. Hill, chairman.
1870-71. Commencing May 23d, when Board met under the township system of representatives, and the following chairmen of towns and representatives from the wards of Madison, took their seats:

County Supervisors by Towns and City Wards.

J. P. McPherson, chairman, L. O. Humphrey, J. C. Fischer, J. Adams, R. D. Frost, J. Mitchell, R. D. Freeman, S. H. Hall, J. E. Johnson, T. Black, T. Murphy, H. H. Brereton, K. O. Heimdall, W. H. Watson, W. T. McConnell, W. D. Bird, H. J. Hill, T. C. Bourke, W. T. Leitch, J. M. Bowman, C. G. Mayers, S. Moulton, W. H. Porter, E. Bailey, J. Lyle, J. S. Jackson, L. M. Anderson, S. Halland (resg'd, Mr. Glenhus appt'd), W. Seamonson, J. Brosmer, C. E. Loveland, W. Beardsley, F. Allen, C. Pond, W. H. Chandler, J. Ollis, J. H. Steaman, G. Beatty, W. Woodward, E. A. Spencer, J. Phillips.

1871-72. W. H. Chandler, chairman; O. S. Head, H. Keller, J. McKenzie, A. Morton, O. Hanson, I. W. Haner, S. H. Hall, W. B. West, W. R. Taylor, T. Murphy, H. H. Brereton, A. E. Adsit, R. S. Allen, O. B. Moore, J. Travis, E. E. Bryant, T. C. Bourke, C. H. Billings, A. Herfurth, J. Miller, S. Moulton, W. H. Porter, W. Ankitell, J. W. Norton, P. Baldwin, L. M. Anderson, W. C. B. Weltzin, W. Seamonson, J. Brosmer, S. Divali, J. P. McPherson, N. Martin, J. Norris, C. Pond, J. Ollis, J. Stewart, S. Caldwell, J. H. Tierney, E. A. Spencer, G. Weeks.

1872-73. E. A. Spencer, chairman; W. Short, F. Schuman, J. McKenzie, S. F. Lighthizier, O. Hanson, A. Chipman, T. S. Phillips, J. E. Johnson, W. R. Taylor, R. Burns, O. Chipman, P. B. Grinde, G. B. Moore, R. S. Allen, Abel Dunning, P. Barry, M. B. French, C. H. Billings, H. Christoffers, L. D. Stone, S. Moulton (resigned, Mr. Clifford appointed), W. H. Porter, W. Gammon, J. Seeley, P. Baldwin, L. M. Anderson, W. C. B. Weltzin, W. Seamonson, M. Theisen, M. Johnson, N. Martin, J. Norris, C. Pond, J. Gibbons, J. Ollis, J. Stewart, S. Caldwell, J. H. Tierney, J. Johnson, S. Divall.

1873-74. W. R. Taylor, chairman (resigned, P. Baldwin elected); G. B. Huntington, F. Schuman, J. McKenzie, D. Bechtel, O. Hanson, J. M. Haner, A. Smith, S. H. Butler, P. Zander, R. Steele, P. B. Grinde, J. Allen, W. T. McConnell, P. Barry, G. C. Russell, B. M. Minch, J. Rodermund, J. G. Ott, L. D. Stone, G. F. Clifford, J. Hart, W. Gammons, J. Seeley, P. Baldwin, L. M. Anderson, C. Dixon (resigned, Mr. Seamonson appointed), G. T. Mandt, M. Theisen, S. Tusler, M. Johnson (resigned, Mr. Malone appointed,) N. Martin, R. S. Allen, F. L. Warner, W. H. Angell, J. Ollis, H. H. Cornwell, S. J. Caldwell, J. H. Tierney, W. Blanchard, J. Phillips.

1874-75. G. C. Russell, chairman; J. H. Palmiter, W. Stumpf, W. Manwaring, D. Betchel, O. Hanson, A. Chipman, A. Smith, J. E. Johnson, I. Adams, P. Zander, T. Leitch, P. B. Grinde, W. H. Watson, W. Lalor, J. Travis, Thos. C. Bourke, George A. Mason, John Geo. Ott, L. D. Stone, L. Clark, W. H. Porter, W. Gammons (resigned, E. Bailey appointed), J. Lyle, P. Baldwin, L. M. Anderson, E. Pederson, W. Seamonson, P. M. Fabing (resigned, M. Theison appointed), S. Tusler, M. Johnson, D. Ford, F. Allen, W. H. Slatter, W. H. Angell, R. J. Poyner, J. Stewart, O. M. Helland (resig'd, Mr. Blake appointed), J. H. Tierney, D. Crowley, J. Phillip.

1875-76. G. C. Russell, chairman; J. H. Palmiter, W. Stumpf, W. Manwarring, D. Bechtel, O. Hanson, J. E. Hidden, F. Ritchie, S. E. Billsted, C. Drakeley, H. J. Bolling, T. Leitch, P. B. Grinde, J. E. Wright, J. Sampson, J. McWilliams, William Vallender, John N. Jones, Stephen D. Carpenter, A. Sexton, L. Clark, W. H. Porter, (W. Knapton, substitute) F. Elver, J. Lyle, P. Baldwin, L. M. Anderson, W. C. B. Weltzin, A. B. Devoe, P. M. Fabing, C. E. Loveland, M. Johnson, D. Ford, J. Norris, T. C. Hayden, C. G. Cross, R. J. Poyner, J. Stewart, A. B. Erbe, J. H. Tierney, D. Crowley (resigned, O. S. Holum appointed), J. Phillips.

1876-77. G. C. Russell, chairman; J. H. Palmiter, J. C. Fischer, D. D. Logan, D. Bechtel, O. Hanson, J. E. Hidden, F. Ritchie, P. N. Johnson, C. Drakeley, H. J. Bolling, M. L. Boyce, K. O. Himdall, J. E. Wright, J. M. Sampson, D. L. Van Hoesen, J. Hess, Robert Wootton, Stephen D. Carpenter, J. Nader, J. D. Bradford, L. Clark, W. H. Porter, F. Elver, J. Lyle, P. Baldwin, L. M. Anderson, W. C. B. Weltzin (resigned, O. O. Barton app'd), W. B. Atkinson, P. M. Fabing, C. E. Loveland, M. Johnson, D. Ford, J. C. Chandler (re'gned, J. Norris app'd), F. L. Warner, C. G. Cross, R. J. Poyner, H. Hathaway, S. J. Caldwell, J. H. Tierney, H. S. Grinde, J. Phillips.

County Clerks from the date of their election to each successor.

1847---Elisha Burdick1853---Gabr. Bjornson1860---J. A. Johnson
1848---Royal Buck1857---E. J. Reuter1869---H. Borchsenius
1849---Syslvester Giles1859---J. P. McPherson1873---W. C. B. Weltzin
1875---Phillip Barry, present incumbent

County Treasurers from date of election up to their successors.

1847---J. R. Larkin1853---Wm. D. Bird1860---Wm. Vroman
1848---Chas. Holt1855---Wm. A. Wheeler1865---L. W. Hoyt
1849---Wm. W. Wyman1857---E. H. Gleason1867---Wm. Charleton
1850---Ezra L. Varney1859---Frank Gault1871---Frank B. Ames*
1875---B. M. Minch, present incumbent
[* Deceased, Wm. McConnell elected to fill vacancy.]

Register of Deeds from date of election up to their successors.

1847---Ira W. Bird1853---John B. Sweet1860---Andw. Pickarts
1848---J. D. Ruggles1855---James G. Fox1867---John Gibbon
1849---Gabriel T. Long1857---C. Corneliusen1871---John H. Clark
1851---James G. Fox1859---Fred. Mohr1873---L. J. Grinde
1877---O. S. Holum, present incumbent.

County Surveyors from date of election up to their successors.

1849---D. P. Travis1860---T. D. Coryell1869---L. P. Drake
1853---R. Babbitt1862---P. W. McCabe1871---S. W. Graves
1855---Wm. H. Hough1865---H. A. Warner1875---John Douglas
1859---John Douglas1867---C. H. Barton1877---Jas. Melvile

District Attorneys from date of election up to their successors.
1849---Chaun. Abbott1859---E. W. Keyes1869---R. J. Chase
1851---Geo. B. Smith1860---Henry M. Lewis1871---J. C. McKenney
1853---Samuel R. Roys1862---C. T. Wakeley1873---Burr W. Jones
1855---Myron H. Orton1865---Sidney Foote1877---W. H. Rogers
1857---J. W. Johnson1867---Farlin Q. Ball

Sheriffs from date of election up to their successors.
1849---P. W. Matts1859---Andrew Bishop1869---B. Hancock
1851---A. Main1861---Albert Sherwin1871---Andrew Sexton
1853---Willet S. Main1863---Willett S. Main1873---John Adams
1855---Andrew Bishop1865---Geo. McDougal1875---J. C. Kizer
1857---John D. Welch1867---Willett S. Main1877---Wm. Charleton

Coroners---1851, Chas. Wilson. 1853-4, Andew Bishop. 1855-6, O. W. Thornton. 1857-8, B. N. Caswell. 1859-60, Alex. Norman. 1860-61, Alex. Stillwell. 1862-5, D. D. Carpenter. 1865-6, William M. Colladay. 1867 to 1872, P. R. Tierney. 1873-4, P. Bacon. 1875-7, John Arians.

County Superintendents of Poor.

    AT a meeting of the board of supervisors, held January 18, 1854, a resolution was offered by Mr. O. H. Mallette, from town of Montrose, that three superintendents of county poor be appointed; one to hold office for three years, one for two years, and one for one year, which was adopted, and on the 19th the board proceeded to ballot for candidates with the following result: 1854-6---Wm. R. Taylor. 1854-5---James P. McPherson. 1854---Elijah Isham.

    Each election thereafter being for three years, commencing in January and ending December, the following gentlemen have been elected to the office: 1855-7---Geo. Dow 1856-8---J. P. McPherson 1857-9---W. R. Taylor 1858-60---H. M. Warner 1859-61---Peter W. Matts 1860-2---W. R. Taylor 1861-3---H. M. Warner 1862-4---P. W. Matts 1863-5---W. R. Taylor 1864-6---H. M. Warner 1865-7---P. W. Matts 1866-8---W. R. Taylor 1867-9---H. M. Warner 1868-70---W. W. Tredway. 1869-71---Wm. R. Taylor, (resigned, O. W. Thornton elected to fill vacancy) 1870-2---H. M. Warner 1871-3---T. E. Bird 1872-4---O. W. Thornton 1873-5---H. M. Warner (deceased, J. McKenzie elected to fill vacancy) 1874-6---T. E. Bird 1875-7---J. E. Mann 1876-8---John McKenzie 1877-9.

    THE following named persons have been the successive judges of the county court of the county of Dane, from its organization up the present time, which has been kindly furnished us by the Hon. Gabriel Bjornson.

County Judges.

Hon. I. H. Palmer, of Lodi, Columbia county, was the first acting county judge; but only one signed order as such, dated June 20th, 1840.
Hon. A. Botkin was next judge, dating from Nov. 28, 1842, to May 1, 1843.
William W. Wyman became county judge from June 1, 1843, to Jan. 4, 1845.
Jesse A. Clark, from April 12, 1845, to December 31, 1846.
E. B. Dean, Jr., from January 1, 1847 to December 31, 1848.
Daniel B. Snedden, from January 1849 to end of December of the same year
Hon. Johu Catlin, from January, 1850 to October 28th of the same year
Hon. N. B. Eddy from November 4th, 1850, to July 3d, 1854
Hon. Julius P. Atwood, from July 6th, 1854, to December 31st, 1856
J. G. Knapp, from January 5th, 1857, to April 20th of the same year
D. C. Bush, form April 23d, 1857, to April 13th, 1858
Hon. S. R. Roys, elected April, 1857 for term of 1858, but died in the fall of 1857
Hon. Thos. Hood, to fill the above vacancy, from April 16, 1858, to Dec. 31, 1865
Hon. Geo. E. Bryant, from Jan. 1, 1866, to December 31, 1877, when his successor, Hon. Alden S. Sanborn, will commence his term, January 1, 1878.

Clerks of County Court.

The clerks successively employed in said court were: Daniel Noble Johnson, Chas. Reese, T. J. Widvey, Benton McConnell, Richard Randolph, Gabriel Bjornson, Miss Hattie Bryant (now Mrs. Loomis), sister of Judge Geo. E. Bryant; and M. B. French. Of those, Mrs. Loomis served the longest time, to wit, six years, and Gabriel Bjornson, the present clerk under Judge Bryant, the next longest time, five years, he having served from 1864 to the 31st day of December, 1865, under Hon. Thos. Hood, and commenced service under Judge Bryant, April 1st, 1874.

    THE following list of clerks of the circuit court, has been kindly furnished us by the Hon. Wm. A. Wheeler, deputy clerk.

Clerks of Circuit Court.

Oct. 7th, 1839.---Simeon Mills, appointed by Judge Irvin.
Nov. 10th, 1847---Elisha Burdick, appointed by Judge Irvin.
1853---Charles Lum.1861---J. J. Starks.1869---Geo. W. Stoner.
1855---Frank H. Firman1863---Carl Habich.1871---L. D. Frost.
1857---Myron T. Bailey.1865---H. A. Lewis.1873---L. D. Frost.
1859---Lucius Fairchild1867---H. A. Lewis.1875-7---Bernard Esser.

County Superintendents of Schools.

11th Senate District2d District.1872---O. J. Taylor
1862---B. A. Barlow1863---S. L. Hookerr1874-6---M. S. Frawley.
26th District.1868---S. H. Carpenter1st District
1862---E. Kelly (except
1869---Isaac Kierstad1868---J. Q. Emery
1870---S. C. Cooledge1870---Theo. D. Kanouse
1st District.---1872-4---W. H. Chandler1876---A. R. Ames



Council from 1838 to 1848.

1838-42---E. Brigham | 1843-4---Lucius I. Barber | 1845-6---John Catlin

1847-8---A. L. Collns

Representatives from 1838 to 1848.

1838-40---D. S. Sutherland | 1845--Chas. S. Bristol | 1847---Wm. A. Wheeler
1840-2---Lucius I. Barber |            Noah Phelps |              Chas. Lum
               Jas. Sutherland |            Geo. H. Slaughter |              John W. Stewart
1842-4---I. H. Palmer | 1846---Mark R. Clapp | 1847-8---E. T. Gardner
               L. Crossman |            Wm. M. Dennis |                Alex. Botkin
               Robert Masters |            Noah Phelps |                John W. Stewart

Constitutional Conventions.

    The following were members, for Dane county, of the first constitutional convention, assembled at Madison, October 5th, 1846, and adjourned in December, of the same year, after having framed a constitution. This constitution was rejected by the people at the election in April, 1847:
    John Y. Smith, Abel Dunning, Benjamin Fuller, Geo. B. Smith, Nathaniel F. Hyer, John Babcock.


    On the 15th of December, 1847, a second convention met, and framed a constitution that was adopted by the people in March, 1848. The following gentlemen were members for Dane:
    Chas. M. Nichols, Wm. A. Wheeler, Wm. H. Fox.

Senate from 1848 to 1877.

9th District. | 1863-6---W. H. Chandler. | 1864-5---Thos. Hood.
1848---Simeon Mills. | 1867-8---C. E. Warner. | 1866-7---Jas. K. Proudfit.
1849-50---Alex. Botkin. | 1869-70---N. Williams. | 1868-9---Carl Habich.
1851-2---E. B. Dean, Jr. | 1871---WM. M. Colladay. | 1870-7---R. E. Davis
11th District | 26th District. | 7th District.
1853-4---T. T. Whittlesey. | 1857---Hiram C. Bull. | 1872---Wm. M. Colladay.
1855-8---Hiram H. Giles. | 1858-9---And. Proudfit. | 1873-4---J. A. Johnson
1859-60---Wm. R. Taylor. | 1860-1---John B. Sweat. | 1875-6---Geo. E. Bryant.
1861-2---Sam'l c. Bean. | 1862-3---B. F. Hopkins. | 1877-8---Geo. B. Burrows.

Members of Assembly, from 1848 to 1877.

1848. --- Henry M. Warner, Ebenezer Brigham, Samuel R. Roys.
1849. --- Charles Rickerson, Ira W. Bird, Samuel R. Roys.
1850. --- John Hasey, Chauncey Abbott, Oliver B. Bryant.
1851. --- Abram A. Boyce, Augustus A. Bird, Gabriel Bjornson.
1852. --- Alex Botkin, Hiram H. Giles, William A. Pierce.
1853. --- M. Roache, H. Barnes, Storer W. Fields, P. C. Burdick, H. L. Foster.
1854. --- Samuel H. Baker, H. Barnes, H. S. Orton, P. W. Matts, C. R. Head.
1855. --- L. B. Vilas, J. Mosher, S. G. Abbott, G. P. Thompson, W. R. Taylor.
1856. --- Augustus A. Bird, Geo. A. P. Thompson, Augustus A. Huntington, Wm. M. Colladay, Chas. R. Head.
1857. --- John A. Johnson, Robert W. Davison, Robt. P. Maine, John B. Sweat, Horace A. Tenney, Natl. W. Dean.
1858. --- Daniel B. Crandall, John W. Sharp, Storer W. Field, Henry K. Belding, Frank Gault, Alex. A. McDonell.
1859. --- Wm. M. Blackman, Adam Smith, John Keenan, Chest. N. Waterbury, Harlow S. Orton, Geo. B. Smith.
1860. --- Wm. M. Blackman, Eleazer Grover, Jr., John Beath, Francis Fischer, Leonard J. Farwell, Cassius Fairchild.
1861. --- Sereno W. Graves, W. H. Chandler, Edward W. Dwight, Fred. A. Pfaff, Dominick O'Malley, David Atwood.
1862. --- B. F. Adams, W. H. Chandler, A. S. Sanborn, N. M. Matts, E. Jussen.
1863. --- Chas. R. Head, W. H. Miller, A. S. Sanborn, Geo. Wright, Geo. Hyer.
1864. --- W. M. Blackman, W. H. Miller, A. S. Sanborn, G. Wright, Geo. B. Smith.
1865. --- Wm. M. Colladay, A. A. Boyce, David Ford, John S. Frary, Jas. Ross.
1866. --- W. D. Potter, J. M. Flint, G. H. Slaughter, W. Charleton, B. F. Hopkins.
1867. --- Isaac Adams, J. M. Flint, Frank Gault, Hugh Cathcart, E. Wakeley.
1868. --- N. Williams, Knute Nelson, Frank Gault, G. Tollefson, L. B. Vilas.
1869. --- J. E. Johnson, Knute Nelson, J. Adams, Andw. Henry, Geo. B. Smith.
1870. --- C. E. Loveland, W. H. Chandler, J. Adams, J. R. Crocker, A. S. Sanborn.
1871. --- L. O. Humphrey, K. O. Heimdal, M. Anderson, O. Torgerson, H. S. Orton.
1872. --- Benjamin F. Adams, John D. Gurnee, John Adams, Phineas Baldwin.
1873. --- Oliver W. Thornton, Levi B. Vilas, Otto Kerl, Hiram H. Cornwell.
1874. --- John Johnson, Philo Dunning, John B. Kehl, Michael Johnson.
1875. --- Isaac Adams, S. U. Pinney, David Ford, Michael Johnson.
1876. --- Wm. Seamonson, Wm. Charleton, Peter Zander, Michael Johnson.
1877. --- Michael Johnson, Phineas Baldwin, Geo. Weeks.

    If you have resources for Dane County or would like to volunteer, please e-mail Tim Stowell
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