Wisconsin, Richland Co; Town 10
Section 16th, district No 7th, 1857
School by Asaph Hockett,
Commencing, Monday, Febuary the
2 ond, A D 1857
Schollars Names Age Study Days in attendance
Sarah Abernathy13 yGeography v. Grammar40
John M Jaquish14 yMathematics, v. 5th R45
Orlando Jaquish9 yOrthography40
David D Jaquish7 yOrthography35
David Herry13 yOrthography38
William Lawrance8 yOrthography31
Luicius C. McClarry9 yReading " 2nd R45
Hiram Grover10 yGeography, v. 4th R44
Cary D. Lions14 yReading, 3rd R41
Morton L. D. Weston15 yMathematics v 4th R41
Rindon Powers11 yReading 4th R31
Ezra L. Pelton12 yReading 3rd R33
Harlen P Pelton6 yOrthohography43
Asaph L Pelton12 yReading 3rd R33
Hariot A Pelton10 yReading 2nd R22
Nancy A Weston9 yReading 2 on R20
Franklin E. Lions16 yMathemmatics5
Elijah L Weston20 yMathematics2
Lewis Grassman

Lewis Henry12 yOrthography4
William Henry7 yOrthography6
James O Taplin19 yGrammar, v Mathematics9

Mayville Dodge Co. May 11, (18)57

    Mr. William Hockett
Dear Sir

Your brother was badly
hurt here today by a limb of a tree falling on his head
& crushing in his skull if you would like to see him
before he dies you must come quick as his chances of
living are very poor.

Yours truly

J. F. Day M. D. attendant

Contributed by Omar Hockett - Nov. 2003
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