Thompson's Richland County, Wisconsin
Death Index (To 1998)

This Death Record Index resulted from my efforts to enhance Richland County historical/genealogical research and provide these to the Richland County History Room.

I recorded the information by reviewing each death record at the Register of Deeds office. In some cases a person may have multiple records (reported more than once). These usually contain the same data (so you normally do not gain any information by ordering both records). I recorded the spelling as listed on the record, even when very questionable, unless I KNEW the spelling to be in error, which would cause researchers to miss finding that person.

Layout: Surname,First/Middle BURIED UNDER** Death date Volume/Page. (If I know the person is buried under a different name than what was on the Death record, I included it here in CAPS).

PLEASE NOTE: My Volume/Page labeling vs the original. Due to sorting and page numbers repeating within a volume, I padded the page number (added zero/s in front) and expanded numbered Volumes (added a letter after).

The only original numbered Volume that has a letter was 2A, the rest are my labeling and do not appear on the original record. Please use the original Volume/Page when ordering.

Some examples of labeling: Original My labeling What this corrects for my records:
2-1 02-001 (Padded Volume) volume 2,
now sorts before vol. 10 to 19.

1-51 01-051 (Padded Page) page 51,
now sorts before pages 6,7,8,9.

10-1 10a-001 (Expanded Volume) Vol 10 page 1,
now points to only one of three;
10a-001, 10b-001 and 10c-001.

Ordering: Records can be ordered from the Richland County Register of Deeds. The present prices per record, which are set by the State of Wisconsin are: Death $20.00 Marriage $20.00 Birth $20.00

Write to:
Richland County Register of Deeds
PO Box 337
Richland Center, WI 53581

In your letter:
1. Reason and relationship for the request.
2. Name, date, Vol/Page (if known).
3. SASE Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (So they can mail you your copy of the record).
4. Payment for the records.

Example: I am requesting the death record for Frank Baxter Brown, who died in Richland County on May 13, 1920. My records show the record as Vol 5 Page 1. This is a family member and I am using the information for genealogical purposes. Enclosed is a SASE and a check for $20.00
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David B. Thompson - Thompson's Death Index (to 1998) - December 1998
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