Richland County, Wisconsin Pictures


Bird's Eye View
Lutheran Church
Street Scene
Scenic View

Lutheran Church contributed by Mel Sherman - July, 2001


1946 class in Melancthon Creek

Back row, left to right- Mrs. Vanourek, Bernard Shields, Wilma Janecek, Clarence Shields, Francis Jelinek, Ellen Bruce, Larry Liska.
Front Row, left to right- Ronald Jelinek, Janet Dvorak, Donald Janecek, Arlene Bruce, Jeannette Dvorak.

July 30, 1911 - St. Patrick's Church Picture

Front row, right end, standing is Edward Shields. Third man to his left is Timothy Thomas, Martin is next to him. Patrick Shields is standing in the back, between left two windows with hair parted. The lady with the largest white hat on is Helen Escher.

Owner Marcella Shields Liska

Lone Rock

Cyclone Damage - May 1918
Tornado Damage
More Tornado Damage

Tornado damage pictures - contributed by Jackie Hufschmid, Aug. 2002

Richland Center

Court St at Central Ave
Swimming Pool - Krouskup Park
Park Hotel
Post Office
Main Street

Class of 1912 - Richland County Normal School
Class of 1915 - Brush Creek School - Richland TWP
First Locomotive - 1876 - Richland Center Branch

Class of 1912, 1915, Locomotive contributed by Jackie Hufschmid, Aug. 2002


Rockbridge Store


Viola Band
Kickapoo River Floods Viola

Viola flood contributed by Jackie Hufschmid, Aug. 2002

Viola Class of 1905

Julia Shillins, 19 (seated at left) Prof. Geo. Sanford Florence Snead, 16 (seated right)
Cora Smith, 16 (standing right) Lena Ames, 17 Lulu Mathews, 16 Curtis Cushman, 16
Ethel Beck, 16 Nora Edna Williams, 19 Olive Rabbitt, 17


William Meredith and Malinda Beeson
great great grandparents of Jane Beeson-Marzano, contributor,
1 Jun 2013


Reed Family


Bloom City Cemetery
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Sexton Cemetery
Veteran's Memorial - left half - Czech National (Champion Valley) Cemetery
Veteran's Memorial - right half - Czech National (Champion Valley) Cemetery
Original Gate - Czech National (Champion Valley) Cemetery
Modern Gate - Czech National (Champion Valley) Cemetery

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