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Alice Cockroft Wed Jan 9 18:57:18 2008
A while ago I saw a website with a picture of a old Mormon Cemetery. I can't see to locate the site again, could you please tell me where this cemetery is located? Thank you.


Mary Bachtenkircher Lindsted Sun Feb 3 09:42:28 2008
My father's family came from Richland Co., Wisconsin. I read that Jimtown, Wisconsin was named for two Jim's. One was Jim BACHTENKIRCHER. I have not been able to locate any information on Jim and was wondering if someone could direct me in the right direction. My Great Grandfather was James BACHTENKIRCHER.
Thanks for your help,


mrs Beacon Sat Feb 16 23:51:53 2008
Looking for information on the ROSEMEYERS who settled and lived in Excelsior and Richland County WI


Kathryn Cummings Sat Mar 8 10:31:29 2008
I am requesting look ups on marriage information on children of Robert CLEMENTS and Mary HATELY, residents of Buena Vista township:
1. Jane CLEMENTS to John NICHOLS Abt 1856
4. Elizabeth CLEMENTS to James William PARKER
5. William CLEMENTS to Ella POST
6. Sarah CLEMENTS to possibly James CLEMENTS
7. Lydia CLEMENTS to James NOLAN
8. Christine CLEMENTS to John W. POST
9. John CLEMENTS to Julia DORGAN Abt 1885

Any help would be appreciated. I don't know if records were kept back this far. Thank You. Kathryn Cummings


Don Lambertson Thu Apr 10 08:35:46 2008
Josh and Dorothy BATTERSON. I'm their grandson. Am trying to find out which cemetery they are buried in.


Ruth Surges Fri May 2 07:21:50 2008
William F. FISHER family lived here during the Civil War years.


Howard A Sutherland Thu May 15 09:06:35 2008
Looking for information on Alexander SUTHERLAND born 1866 in Scotland . Alexander was shown as a resident of Richland Center in a 1945 obituary for his son William SUTHERLAND. Alexander came to Richland Center from Staten Island, NY . Any information will be helpful. I am compiling a family history and have very little information about Alexander.


Donna Baker Sat May 24 13:31:09 2008
In 1920 at the Richland Center, Richland, Wi. my Great Uncle Lewis ( went by the name of "Dewey") BAKER was at the Center. The U.S. Government sent him there. Dewey had diabetius and needed both of his legs amputated. He was trained to do a new trade. He was trained to do shoe repair.

The 1920 census shows he lived in a household listed with a variety of names on the Richland Center Grounds or housing provided by Richland Center off main property.

If any one has history of Richland Center at this time with the different kinds of healthcare and training they had available please contact me.


Linda Kingery Thu Jun 12 14:34:31 2008
My grandfather was Frederick O. KINGERY. My father told me he is buried in Wisconsin and I am sure he told me it was Richland Center. I know that my father lived with him for a short while at Richland Center after he graduated from high school in the 1930's. How can I find out which cemetery he is buried in?

I would appreciate any assistance in this matter.
Thank you.
Linda Kingery


Marjorie King Wed Jul 2 22:58:06 2008
Where do we find where Justice J PERRIGO is prior to 1800? Does anyone know of him when he was in Pownal, Vermont?


virginia wiedenfeld Thu Jul 24 11:38:13 2008
Looking for information on carvings completed by Theodore KLANG. There is a KLANG family tree being completed. Need information by November 15th


MICHAEL ANDERSON Sat Aug 23 21:19:13 2008
Jacob ANDERSON and Elizabeth KEVER
John Major ANDERSON and Susan FRY
Major Edward ANDERSON and Naomi RENICK
John Edward Wallace ANDERSON and Audrey MILLER
Michael Lee ANDERSON and Holly LOHRY
Jamie Leigh ANDERSON and Daniel SIMONS

Looking for any history about these people and the father of Jacob is still Unknown. Any leads would be appreciated.


Ann K. Brown Gonzalez Mon Sep 15 15:09:24 2008
These are the names of my maternal grandparents (Martin and Cecelia McNAMARA) and paternal grandparents (Perry and Jessie (DIXON) BROWN) who I think were born in Richland or Vernon County. I am planning to visit 9-22-08 to 9-25-08 and I was hoping to find some information on "homesteads", cemetaries/graves, or possible relatives.


Valerie Mon Oct 27 09:52:36 2008
Seeking death / burial information on Charles EATON who married Eureka CHITWOOD on 14 Jan 1872, Richland Co., Wisconsin. Charles EATON was born 5 Sep 1846 in Indiana.

Charles and Eureka EATON had children:
Walter EATON
Arthur EATON
Elizabeth EATON

Dora EATON married Daniel BURRINGTON in Richland Co., Wisconsin. Daniel BURRINGTON was the son of Calvin Horatio BURRINGTON b: 27 Feb 1836 in Truxton, NY & Rosetta M. JOHNSON b: 1844 in Huron County, OH.

Both Calvin and Dora BURRINGTON are buried in Pierce County, WA.

Any information and connections to this family are appreciated!


Betty Palmer Mon Nov 3 07:10:13 2008
I am looking for information on P. V. and Mae/May COPPERNOLL and family. P. V. lived in Harpers Ferry for several years his first wife was Ada Florence HARPER daughter of David HARPER the man our town was renamed after.

P. V. and Ada Florence had a daughter named A. F. too. P. V.'s wife died shortly after giving birth due to complications. Eventually he married Mae/May BRENNAN / BRANNAN / BRANNON.

I would like to figure out who her parents and siblings were and would like to know who their descendants are. I did track P. V.'s daughter Ada to Herman, Nebraska. She married and had 2 children. Ada's daughter Edris did come back and visit Harpers as did descendants of David Hall HARPER son of the man the town was renamed for.

I think Mae/May was from Harpers Ferry too, so anything to answer the question what happened to P. V. and May after they left Harpers would be appreciated. Was Mae her real name or was it short for something?

Thank You,


Joe Porter Tue Nov 4 11:17:46 2008
Under "Civil War Soldiers" in "Misc Military Units" there are two mentions of men from Richland County serving in the "Iowa Cavalry" and in the "Iowa Infantry". Does anyone know if this was a local unit, an Iowa County unit, or a unit from the state of Iowa.

I ask because John N. PORTER, Town of Sylvan" is mentioned in Richland County records in the Court House as having been in the "Iowa Guard." I am a direct descendent of John N. PORTER. I am looking for any information on how these "Iowa" units are associated with men from Richland County. Thank you.


Joe Railton Sat Nov 15 15:19:50 2008
I am looking for the place of birth for Alfred RAILTON who lived in Lloyd. His grave stone said he left England from Bristol. Can you do a birthplace look up on his death cert? Can you see if he gave a birth place on his claim for citizenship?
I need the same information for Jessie (FLETCHER) RAILTON. Thanks in advance for any help you can lend.


Marjorie M King Tue Dec 2 20:09:37 2008
I need info on Mary (CUOMBE) ANDREWS, PERRIGO. Mary's daughter Mary Jane (PERRIGO) DUNSTON is my GrGr Grandmother. Her daughter Henrietta DUNSTON) married my GRGrandfather William Andrew SCOTT in Richland County, Wisconsin.


vicki Sat Jan 24 14:47:49 2009
Bertha MORNINGSTAR was a daughter of Franc and Henrietta (MORGENSTERN) MORNINGSTAR She had two children Falix and Lucious with Alexander SMITH. Any further information would be so helpful. Don't have any info on Alexander SMITH. I know Bertha and sons moved to Sherburne county, Mn. and she married Abel SLABACK.


Don Trotier Wed Jan 28 09:48:16 2009
Looking for information on Amanda Joanna CORELL who was married to George Alexander SMELCER. They resided in Richland County and are buried there. She died in 1894 and he died in 1914. I am interested in her parents as I know she lived with a LEWIS family before she was married.


Duane DeVoe Thu Feb 12 11:11:21 2009
I am related to the DEVOEs who once lived in Richland Center. I am not related to the DEVOEs who lived in Sextonville, would someone please prove me wrong! :)
Thank you, Duane


Mark Swingle Thu Feb 12 17:36:23 2009
Looking for anyone with information on the following surnames. I am interested in finding out what happened to the General Store of Swingle/Meyer. Frank SWINGLE, my great grandfather, was the senior partner of the business. He died of tuberculosis in 1910. Charles SPEIDEL, my great-great grandfather ran a jewerly store. O. G. KLEIN, my great grandfather as well, was a blacksmith. I have a very nice photgraph of him working in his shop presumably in the 1930's.


Darwin Mainwaring Tue Mar 3 12:19:32 2009
Does anyone have any information about Joseph and Alta ZLUTICKY buried in the Haskins Cemetery? My maternal grandmother's maiden name was ZLUTICKY and she lived in Blue River, Wisconsin


Howard A Sutherland Mon Apr 20 14:11:51 2009
Hoping to learn more about my great-grandfather Alexander Dallas SUTHERLAND. He lived in Richland Center from about 1931 until his death in Aug. of 1948. Alexander, who was known as "Pops", ran a variety store in Richland Center called "Sutherlands" and dressed up as Santa Claus every year. He also had a son named Ernest/Edward G. that lived in Richland Center. Alexander is buried in the Richland Center Cemetery. Any information about Alexander or Ernest will be helpful.


CbJohnson Thu May 14 10:58:12 2009
Looking for information on a retreat, "Pine Needles", possibly owned by James A. BRUUN in the early part of the 20th century. My mother, Phyllis (BRUUN) BALLEW, remembers visiting there once as a child.


Lisa Groehler Thu May 14 18:17:02 2009
Seeking info on Charles William DORGAN, Jr. in Richland County.


Violet Barner Shaffer Mon Jun 8 14:09:06 2009
I would like to see if there is any information on the death of Lee BARNES (senior), son of William BARNES who was the son of Rezin BARNES. William operated a mill in the Richland County area. Lee may have died in Chicago. My father, Lee BARNES junior, was Lee senior's son (he was born in 1908 in Hammond, Louisiana when Lee and brothers went down there to build another mill, but spent his youth in Wisconsin and went to Black Earth High School). I don't really know anything about my grandfather, like what his profession was, except that I believe his wife's name was Mary FORD. I would like to see a death notice or know when and where he died or was buried.

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