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Biographies from Compendium of History and Biography of Central and Northern Minnesota (Chicago, Geo. A Ogle & Co., 1904).


Randolph Macy, David


Aitkin Eaton, George A. Kelly, Dr. Benjamin W. Knox, George W.
McQuillin, Frank P. Shook, Hon. F. M. Thorson, I. A. Wakefield, Joseph W.
Beltrami Brown, Benjamin F. Dickerson, Henry A.
Blue Earth Glynn, William J.

Carlton Hultman, P. Alfred Johnson, Dr. Andrew E. McKinnon, William
Nilsen, Nils Greger Peterson, Charles P. Rohlf, Henry E. Vibert, Fred D.
Cass Rodwell, Theodore F., M. D. Smith, Frederick W. Strawbridge Brothers
Strawbridge, B. A. Strawbridge, J. H.

Chippewa Berghnis, Cornelius Burns, M. Alpheus, M. D. Hafermann, Rev. Martin
Iverson, Helger T. Marken, Halvor N. Myhre, M. O. Oleson, James
Schumacher, Rev. Ignatius
Severens, J. M.
Crow Wing Halsted, A. J. Ingersoll, N. H.
Fillmore Haugland, John O.

Hubbard Conard, William J. Cutler, Dr. Charles W. Irish, Palmer H., M. D.
King, Frederick O. Nye, George, M. D. Walling, Plympton A., M. D.
Itasca Aiken, Charles E. Barnard, John L. Brooks, Asa D.
Farrell, Edward J. Henshaw, William Powers, Hubert D. Tyndall, William C.
Kanabec Conger, Alva J. Johnson, Alex B. Larson, Andrew
Lewis, Arthur J., M. D. Newbert, George H. Pope, Raleigh M. Safford, Roger W.
Lake Budd, J. D., M. D.

Mille Lacs Campbell, Collin Cardiner, William Nelson, Nels N.
Walker, Frank S.

Morrison Tuttle, Ensign R.

Pine Dennie, Fred L. Folsom, Jacob J. Greeley, Douglas
Marty, Jacob Patrick, John S. Rath, Henry J. Stephan, Dr. Ernest L., M. D.
Van Hoven, Judge E. Wandel, James H.

Pope Aaberg, Prof. A. O. Felt, Axel Gannon, Thomas S.
Reine, Martin F. Rooney, Thomas J. Thorson, G. S. Wick, Andrew H.
Wollan, G. B.

Red Lake Bottineau, Pierre Buse, Ernest Demann, William C. L.
Gibeau, Samuel Lambert, Francois Sampson, Charles Sutor, James
Watson, Dr. Neill M., M. D.

Renville Buethe, William Christensen, William P. Ericson, Eric
Wilson, Harry W.

Scott Linn, M.

Stevens Johnson, Charles R. C. Lee, Charles Spooner, Lewis C.
Trantow, Max C. Vinje, Nicolai

Todd Allen, Frank H., M. D. Peterson, Herman Conrad
Wadena Ashburner, Stephen Brockhoff, Theodore Grow, Orville N.
Knight, Rev. John, M. D. Marshall, John Williams, Matthew

South Dakota

Roberts Oscarson, Solomon E.

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