Adams, North Dakota 
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Adams County was established March 13, 1885, and was organized April 17, 1907 by Governor John Burke.  It was taken from Hettinger County. 


Adams County Online Information


Adams County Political Graveyard
Find a Grave
Internment Net
Rosehill Cemetery

Census Information

1885 North Dakota Territorial Census
Census Records
North Dakota Census' Online
ND Census Finder
North Dakota Morticians - offsite link

History, Historical Societies & Miscellaneous Information

Adams County Historical Societies
Adams County Newspapers
Adams County Profile
Adams County Clerk of the Court
Adams County Register of Deeds
American Historical Society of Germans from Russia
Capitol Impact - Adams County, ND
Chester Fritz Library - University of North Dakota
Civil War Roster - 1st Dakota Cavalry - offsite
Dakota Territory in the Civil War  - offsite link
Department of Special Collections, University of North Dakota
Explore ND's Past
Chris Gaunt and John Fuller's Genealogy Resources
Germans from Odessa Genealogical Library
Ghost Towns of ND
Homestead Records
Institute for Regional Studies - Biography & Genealogy
Internet Public Library Newspapers
Lewis and Clark in North Dakota
North Dakota Biography Index Search Page
ND County Populations from 1870 to present
National Archives Genealogy Page
National Register of Public Places - ND
North Dakota Nationalization Records
North Dakota State Genealogical Society
North Dakota State Archives and Library
Occupations - Browse
Occupations - List
Pioneers residing in the Dakota Territory prior to Nov. 1889
The Northern Great Plains 1880-1920
Ship and Immigration Records
Social Security Index Interactive Search
State Historical Society of ND
Town Search Rootsweb
U.S. City Directories on Microfilm at the Library of Congress
Vital Records

Maps and Geographical Information

1888 Territorial Map
1895 Atlas, North Dakota
1917 Plat Map Adams County
Gazetteer of ND Place Names in Andreas' Atlas - offsite link
ND Counties from the Library of the University of Texas at Austin
North Dakota Plat Map Indexes

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