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ABERCROMBIE; 1845-1900 Dennis Abercrombie
ABERCROMBIE; Dougan Jacobs
ADAMS; 1750-now Rose Brown
ADAMS; 1842-1880 Donald F. Forsythe
AKINS; 1870-1920 Vince King
ALLISON; 1860-?? Pam Mullinax
ANDREWS; 1840-1865 Joe James
ARNOLD; 1800's-now Kathy Arnold
ARNOLD; 1840's-now Beth H. Sauceman
ASHWORTH; 1800's Ruth Byrne
BAILEY; 1850-1900 Sherry Hopkins
BAILEY Dougan Jacobs
BAKER; bef 1847-?? Pam Mullinax
BAKER; 1860-1889 Bettie Dorman Clancybett
BALLARD; 1840-1860 Diane Bingham
BALLEW; 1800's Ruth Byrne
BANKSTON; 1800's Trudy Heyden
BARTLETT; 1920-now Lori Rowlette
BAYLESS; 1850-1891 Barbara Ribling
BEARD; 1870-1910 Missy Mayne
BEARDEN; 1840-now Joe M. Little
BENNETT; 1832-now Jackye Light
BIRD; 1843-??? Pam Mullinax
BIRD; 1840-now Charline Bird Needham
BLACKWELL; 1830-now James Goolsby
BLANCETT; 1800 to now Norman Blansett
BLANSETT; 1800 to now Norman Blansett
BLANSIT; 1800 to now Norman Blansett
BOATMAN; 1814-now Tammy Boatman-Young
BOLDING; 1830-1845 Mark Bolding
BOSS; 1800-now Betty Burrows
BOSS; 1875 Anita Richardson
BOSS; 1830-now Lebron Scheivelhud
BOYD; 1860-1880's Sharon Jung
BREEDLOVE; 1830-now Suzie Breedlove
BRIDGES;1840-now Joyce Buffat
BROCK; 1840-1875 Barry Morgan
BROOKS; 1830-now Bobbie J. Brooks
BROOM; 1840-1860 Diane Bingham
BROWN; 1750-now Rose Brown
BRUCE; 1800's Jean A. Taylor
BRUMMITT; 1850-now John Cannon
BRYAN; 1832-now Mike Patterson
BRYANT; 1840-now Louise (Bryant) Rogers
BRYANT; 1870-1910 James Huskey
BUFFINGTON; 1830-now Suzie Breedlove
BURKHART; 1890-now Mary Ann Kuebel
BURK; 1800-now Ernest Nichols
BURKE; 1800-now Ernest Nichols
BURRESS; 1855-1860's Vicki Burress Roach
BURRIS; 1855-1860's Vicki Burress Roach
BURROWS; 1800-now Betty Burrows
BURROWS; 1830-now Rick A. Burrows
CAGLE; 1750-now Rose Brown
CALDWELL; 1838-1870 Ruby Stokes
CALDWELL; 1835-1900 Sylvia Caldwell Rankin
CANNAMORE; 1830 - ?? Judy Conrad
CANNON; 1800-now Heloise J. Smith
CANNON; 1840-now Louise (Bryant) Rogers
CANTRELL; 1910-now Gayle Hassler
CARGAL; 1840-now Joe M. Little
CARGILE; 1840-now Joe M. Little
CARGILL; 1840-now Joe M. Little
CARGLE; 1840-now Joe M. Little
CARLISLE; 1850-1860 Pat King
CARNES: 1800's Trudy Heyden
CARROLL; 1850-now Bill Dunn
CARROLL; 1880-now Charline Bird Needham
CARSON; 1850-1870 Linda Burks
CATLET; 1850-??? Tina Hubbard
CATLETT; 1830-now Betty Burrows
CATLETT; 1830-??? Pam Mullinax
CATLETT; 1850-now Paul Quattlebaum
CATLETT; 1850-??? Tina Hubbard
CAUGHRAN; 1870-??? Pam Mullinax
CAVENDER; 1830-now Eddie Hightower
CAVENDER; 1830-now Julia Kedroff
CAVENDER; 1835-now Mike Patterson
CHAMBERS; 1800's-now Kathy Arnold
CHASTAIN; 1840-1855 Brenda Beyer
CHILDRESS; 1755-now Linda Sue Hollingsworth
CHILDRESS; 1850-now Charline Bird Needham
CHILDRESS; 1850-??? Tina Hubbard
CHILDRESS; 1830-1880 Pat Worsham
CHILDRESS; 1860-1871 Michelle Moreland Orlando
CHILDRESS; Dougan Jacobs
CLEMENTS; 1850-now Eddie Hightower
CLEMENTS; 1850-now Rollie Taylor
CLEMONS; ???-1890 Karen Smith
CLENDENEN; 1850-1860 Honey Lanham Dodge
CLOUD; 1865-1915 Michael Baughn
CODY; 1800-now Michael E. Cole
COFFMAN; 1847-1880
Loretta Davis
COLLINS; 1850-now Eddie Hightower
COLLINS; 1870-now David Williamson
COLQUITT; 1852?-1900 Sherman Gibbs
CONNELLY; 1800's Ruth Byrne
CORDELL; 1800-now David Cordell
COUCH; 1830 Lebron Scheivelhud
COULTER; 1850-now Michelle Moreland Orlando
COULTER; 1740-now Jeff Bott
COULTER; 1850-now Delores Riley
CROWE; 1850-now Joe M. Little
CUNNINGHAM; 1850-1950 Sherry Hopkins
DALEY; 1875-1962 Michael Baughn
DALTON; 1800-now Betty Harbour
DANIEL; 1800's-now Kathy Arnold
DAVIS; 1800-now Betty Burrows
DAVIS; 1808-1850 Rita Wood
DAVIS; 1830-1900 Ricky L. Holsomback
DEADMAN/DEADMON; early 1800's Leroy Dedmon
DEAN; 1800-1900 Sherry
DEDMAN/DEDMON; early 1800's Leroy Dedmon
DEDMON; Paula Bickett
DEDMOND; early 1800's Leroy Dedmon
DEDMON; 1850-now Bill Clody
DEERING: 1900-now Sandra Hickey
DICKERSON; 1850-??? Char Herron
DICKEY/DICKIE; 1840-1860 Diane Bingham
DICKSON; 1835-1840 Leroy Dedmon
DIXON; 1835-1840 Leroy Dedmon
DOOLEY/DOOLY; 1830-1860 Mike Patterson
DOUGLASS;1790-1900 Virginia White
DOVER; 1800-1900 Jimmie S. Page
DOVER; 1840-1860 Diane Bingham
DOYAL; 1840-1860 Jeanne Park
DUCK; 1830-50 Loretta Davis
DUNCAN; 1840-now Leanne Dooley
DURHAM; 1849-1910 James Huskey
DUYCK; 1830-50 Loretta Davis
DYER Byron Fulton
ELLIS; 1800-now Lebron Scheivelhud
FAIN; 1850-now Bill Clody
FALKNER; 18??-now Robert Fletcher
FALLACE; 1800-1950 Lee Fallis
FALLIS; 1800-1950 Lee Fallis
FAULKNER; 18??-now Robert Fletcher
FLETCHER; 18??-now Robert Fletcher
FLOYD Byron Fulton
FOSTER; 1840-1908 Carolyn C Baugh
FOWLER; 1800's-now Kathy Arnold
GANN; 1850-??? Dale Johnson
GARRETT; 1824-now Tammy Boatman-Young
GEEMS; 1880-now Joe M. Little
GERBER; 1884-1900 Jeanie Collier
GIDDENS; 1800-now Ernest Nichols
GIDDENS; 1800-now Gerrie Giddens
GILLEAN; 1812-1870 Bobby Luck
GILLIAN; 1812-1870 Bobby Luck
GINN; 1800-1910 Hope Ginn
GIZZARD; 1880-1920 Sharon Cheney
GLENN; 1830 Lebron Scheivelhud
GOBER; 1830 Lebron Scheivelhud
GOOLSBY; ???-1875 Jeanette Martin
GORDON; 1836 Margaret McCleskey
GORDY; 1800's-now Kathy Arnold
GRANT; 1860-1880 Jean A. Taylor
GREEN; 1800-now Ernest Nichols
GREENE; 1800-now Ernest Nichols
GRIFFIN: Susan Kendall
GRIFFITH; 1808-1843 Rita Wood
GUTHRIE; 1840=1910 Lynda Durfee
HAMILTON; 1700-now Betty Harbour
HAMMOND; 1799-now Billie Hammond Smith
HAMMONS; 1799-now Billie Hammond Smith
HAMPTON; 1800-now Betty Harbour
HANCOCK; 1850-??? Dale Johnson
HANKINS; 1840-now Mildred Kent
HANSON; 1847-??? Pam Mullinax
HANSON; 1820-1865 Hal Hanson
HARDIN; 1740-??? Pam Mullinax
HARMON; 1830-1900 Ricky L. Holsomback
HARP; 1800-now Bob Price
HARPER; 1890-1930 Mary Ann Kuebel
HARRIS Jean Houston Crisp
HARRIS; 1792-1833 Christina Madros
HARWELL; 1800-1860 Mary Hodges
HAWKINS; Paula Bickett
HAWKINS; 1860-1900 Amy Vaughn
HAYES;1830-now Suzie Breedlove
HAYS;1830-now Suzie Breedlove
HEARD; 1840-now Leanne Dooley
HEARTSILL; 1865 - now Othilla Heartsill Thompson
HEATHERLY; 1800's-now Kathy Arnold
HEFNER; 1830-1900 Ricky L. Holsomback
HEGWOOD; 1868-now Beth Sauceman
HEGWOOD; 1865-now Othilla Heartsill Thompson
HELTON; 1880-1920 Sherman Gibbs
HEWATT; 1832-now Jackye Light
HICKS; 1850-now Bill Clody
HICKSON; 1800 Lebron Scheivelhud
HILL;1800-now Betty Burrows
HINKLE; 1840-1900 Robbie Burkhart
HINNARD; Dougan Jacobs
HINYARD; Dougan Jacobs
HISE; 1838-now Sherman Gibbs
HIX(S)ON; 1700's-now Verner "LEON" Hixon
HIXON; 1800-now Cindy Strickland
HIXON; 1800 Lebron Scheivelhud
HOBBS; 1800-now John F. Hobbs Jr.
HOLBROOK; 1865-1890 Sue Feild
HOLBROOK; 1870-??? Missy Mayne
HOLLINGSWORTH; 1645-now Linda Sue Hollingsworth
HOLSOMBACK; 1830-1900 Ricky L. Holsomback
HOUSTON Jean Houston Crisp
HOWELL; 1850 Camellia Howell Foster
HUBBARD;1865-now Othilla Heartsill Thompson
HUETT; 1832-1902 Jackye Light
HUGGINS; 1850-now Sherry Huggins
HULSEY; 1900-now Sherry Hopkins
HUNT;1800-1900 Teresa Whitley
HUNT; 1780-1850 Cindy Williams
HUSKEY; 1836-now James Huskey
HUSKEY; 1840-1890 James Huskey



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