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ISBELL; 1850-1860 Odette Brandt
IVESTER; 1845-1859 Emma Cronin
JACKSON; 1800-now Joseph Kery
JACKSON; 1800-now Heloise J. Smith
JACKSON; 1800-now Wendy Jacobs
JAMES; 1850-1900 Sylvia Caldwell Rankin
JAMES; 1833-??? Pam Mullinax
JANES; 1800 Lebron Scheivelhud
JAY; 1870-1920 Vince King
JENKINS; 1810-now Karen Baker
JOHNSON; 1830-now Jeff Bott
JONES; 1850-now Charline Bird Needham
JUSTICE; 1820-now Beth H. Sauceman
KELLEY; 1830-now Jeff Bott
KELLEY; 1775-??? Pam Mullinax
KENNEMORE;1830-now Judy Conrad
KEOWN; 1840-now Julia Kedroff
KEOWN; 1840-now Joyce Buffat
KEOWN; 1835-now Sharon Cheney
KEY; 1870-now Missy Mayne
KIGHT; 1800-now Wendy Jacobs
KING; Paula Bickett
KING; 1880-now Bob Maynard
KINSEY; 1850-now Linda Townsend Thompson
KNIGHT; 1850-1900 Hope Ginn
LACKEY; 1800-now Michael E. Cole
LANCASTER; 1850-1870 Jean Lancaster
LANE; 1605-now Jeff Bott
LANGSTON; 1800-now Ernest Nichols
LAWRENCE; 1848-1900 Carolyn C Baugh
LEE; 1840-1910 Lynda Durfee
LEMONS; 1800-now T.L. Duncan
LEONARD; 1800-now Ernest Nichols
LITTLE; 1860-now Joe M. Little
LONG; 1800-now Ernest Nichols
LONG; 1847-??? Pam Mullinax
LOUGHRIDGE;1880-? Patti
LOVE; 1845-now Harriet Kennon
LOWRANCE; 1830-now Tony Duran
LUMPKIN; 1800-1900 Charles Lumpkin
LYTLE; 1860-??? Michelle Moreland Orlando
MADDUX; 1600-now Donna Cook Freeman
MAGNUSSON; 1800-now Ken Magnusson
MALLICOAT; 1800's-now Elizabeth Elswick
MANERY; 1817-1925 Pauletta Nimmons
MANNING; 1830's-1889 Beth H. Sauceman
MARTIN; 1760-1850 Boyd Martin
MARTIN; 1837-now Sherman Gibbs
MASON; Paula Bickett
MASSEY; 1700-now Linda Sue Hollingsworth
MASSEY; 1830-1880 Pat Worsham
MASSEY; Dougan Jacobs
MAYBERRY; 1835-1849 Leila Mayberry
McCAIN; 1850-1890 Thomas McCahon
McCLAIN; 1800-now Ernest Nichols
MCCONNELL; 1780-now Deborah McConnell Blackmon
MCCOY; 1880-1909 Cindy Gardner
McCULLEY; 1850-now Bill Clody
McCULLY; 1850-now Bill Clody
McCULLOCH; 1850-now Bill Clody
McDADE; 1750-now M. Thoeni
MCDONALD; 1700-now Donna Cook Freeman
McFARLAND; 1840-1870 Barbara Ekiss
McINTYRE; ??-now Mary McIntyre Hendijani
McKEEHAN; 1840 - 1900
Mark Shaw
McKINNEY; 1860-??? Pam Mullinax
McKINNEY; c1869-1880 Dana K. Hill
MCKNIGHT; 1870-now Mark McKnight
McNEELY; 1860-1866 Pat McNeely
McWHORTER; 1840-1896 Rebecca Robinson Morris
MEDCALF; 1850-1950 Sherry
METCALF; 1850-1950 Sherry
MILLER; 1800 Lebron Scheivelhud
MILLS; 1840 Lebron Scheivelhud
MITCHELL; 1850-now Sharon Jung
MITCHELL; 1800-now Ellen Livell
MITCHELL; 1852-?? James D. Hill
MORELAND; 1840-now Gerrie Giddens
MORELAND; 1840-now Michelle Moreland Orlando
MORGAN; 1800-now Betty Burrows
MORGAN; 1800-now Heloise J. Smith
MORGAN; 1850-1875 Barry Morgan
MORRIS; 1813-1858 Jean Copple
MORTON; 1800's-now Elizabeth Elswick
MOXLEY; 1873-1920 Diane Searels
MURDOCK; 1840-1870 Linda Burks
MURPHY Mary McIntyre Hendijani
MURRAY; 1800-now Ernest Nichols
MURRAY; 1840-??? Tina Hubbard
MURRY; 1840-??? Tina Hubbard
NAPIER; 1850-1960 Dave Napier
NAVE; 1870-1920 Vince King
NAVE; 1700-now Lee Nave
NEWTON; 1800's Ruth Byrne
NICHOLS Ernest Nichols
NOWLIN; 1840-now Leanne Dooley
NUCKOLS;1800's-now Adrianne Hopkins
NUCKOLLS;1800's-now Adrianne Hopkins
NUCHOLLS'; 1800's-now Adrianne Hopkins
O'REAR; 1870-1878 Donna Sarchet
ORR; 1820-now Beth H. Sauceman
OSBURN; 1820-now Debbie Osburn
OWENSBY; 1800-now Michael E. Cole



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