North American Cream Station
The North American Cream station at Ashley is operated by Ferdinand Brosz, who in addition to handling cream also represents the North America Co. handling wholesale hard and soft drinks. The building occupied is owned by V. S. Collins, who with Mr. Schmidt erected it in 1918. Mr. Schmidt later sold his interest in the building to Mr. Collins. Mr. Brosz is assisted at this writing by Roland Becker, William Doerr was formerly an employee of Mr. Brosz.


Dr. E. C. Huttman
Dr. E. C. Huttman, dentist, began the practice of his profession in Ashley in 1910. His office located on the second story of the First National Investment Company building. The building was built in 1912 by C. S. Johnstone and sons.

Deep Rock Service Station
In 1934, Jacob Franz built the building now occupied by this firm. He later sold the building and business to D. P. Erlenbusch, who in turn sold the filling station business to Fred J. Hoffman who now operates same.

Ashley Recreation Parlor
On May 1, 1935, George Federer, purchased the equipment of Fred Breitmeier and began operation of a pool and billiard parlor, later adding hard and soft drinks. The building he occupies was erected by the Farmers Implement Company at the time J. A. Meidinger was manager and is now owned by the Ashley State Bank.

Pfahls Beer & Liquor Store
Gust Pfahl and Elsie Pfahl, his sister, own and operate Pfahls Beer & Liquor Store. They moved here from Venturia, N. D., where they had previously been owners of a recreational parlor for several years before coming to Ashley. They began business in their present location on June 5, 1936. The building occupied by them is owned by E. W. Schock.

Photo Finishing
Jimmie Marek one of the younger business men of Ashley is the owner and operator of the photo finishing business. He started business Jan. 1, 1937 and has his office in the Ashley Hotel.

Fred's Recreation Parlor
Fred Breitmeyer is the proprietor of one of Ashley's Billiard Parlors, he is also engaged in the sale of liquor, beer, wine, pop, candy, cigars and cigarettes. He started business in October 1932 and is now located on the South side of Main Street in a building that was erected in 1913. Leonard Hager, a local boy, has been employed by Mr. Breitmeyer since Dec. 1, 1936.

Schulz Harness & Shoe Shop
Early or late you may find John Schulz busy in his cozy little shop repairing shoes or harness. In 1922 in partnership with his father the business was purchased from the Farmers Implement & Land Company and conducted in their building until about two years ago. The place which houses the business at present was bought then and is still owned by John Schulz, Jr. The building was erected in 1907 by Herbert Graham. John Schulz, Sr., has withdrawn from the business and has spent the past two years in Lodi, California.

City Meat Market
The place where you can buy fresh meats of all kinds is at the city Meat Market, owned and operated by Adam Rott. He became owner in July 1937 by purchasing the equipment and business from Reinhold Feil. The building occupied by him is owned by Mrs. Mary Straub.

Standard Oil Co.


Sam Krause is bulk agent for the Standard Oil Company in Ashley. In March 1929 he bought out F. F. Spitzer and has since been busy conducting the business in his efficient manner. His office is located in the office section of the Schrenk Store Building.

G. D. Gross Real Estate
An efficient real estate and insurance agent is G. D. Grosz. He has been in this business since 1911 and has his office conveniently located in the Stube Hotel.

A. Weber and Son
A new firm established in 1937 to buy and sell cream and poultry is A. Weber and Son. "Andy" Weber and his son Harold, better known as "Doc" are co-managers. They occupy the building which was constructed by Fred Bodman in 1915. After a time it was bought by the late R. R. Spitzer and at present is the property of his estate.

Stube Hotel
Mr. and Mrs. John Stube operate a rooming house under the name of "Stube Hotel". In 1926 they bought out the restaurant business of John Weber and conducted it for sometime. A few years ago they discontinued serving meals and gave their entire attention to providing comfortable rooms for transients. The building was erected about 1903 by Dr. F. W. Maercklein, was later owned by C. C. Hammond and is now the property of Mr. Stube. At one time this building housed a firm doing business under the name of The Ashley Drug Store.

Drews Elevator
In 1916, Herman H. Drews started operating the elevator which he purchased from L. Rubin. The building which now houses the business was erected in 1928 by Mr. Drews and is owned by him. In connection with the elevator Mr. Drews also operates a feed mill and has a stock of flour and coal. Steve Tuchscher is an efficient employee of the Drews Elevator Company.

Miles Elevator
Mr. R. C. Miles has been the manager of the Miles Elevator since 1924 when he bought the business from the Farmer Elevator Company. It was formerly owned by J. J. Doyle. Clyde Dow of Bismarck is an associate member of the present firm.

Ashley Hotel
Mrs. Louise Marek is the owner and proprietor of the Ashley Hotel, starting business in 1928 when she purchased the property from William Kautt. The hotel building was erected by Mrs. Freda Forrest in 1903 where she operated the business until she sold to Fred Wenger who in turn sold the business to Mr. Kautt. Miss Ida Mayer is now employed by Mrs. Marek.

Home Meat Market
Mr. Ed. Nies in March 1937 started the Home Meat Market and has been operating it since that time. He has at various times been assisted by Mr. George Glur. The building occupied by him is owned by Mrs. Emil Maethner.


Hinz Garage
Mr. Otto F. Hinz owns and operates the Hinz Garage having started business at the present location in October 1936. He also does commercial trucking. Our informant advises us that the building occupied by Mr. Hinz was erected in 1907 and has been occupied by W. J. Pudwill, Jacob Herr, Wm. Schulz, Gottlieb Mertz,N. Auerbach and others.

Eisenbeis Cafe
Mr. John Eisenbeis started business in Ashley in May 1937, operating a Cafe on the North side of Main street at the intersection of highways Nos. 3 and 11. In the fall of 1937 he acquired the property now occupied by him. The building was built by Mrs. Freda Forrest in 1928.

Eisenbeis Furniture Repair and Wood Work Shop
C. J. Eisenbeis is the owner of the only wood work shop in Ashley, having been engaged in the business since 1923. The building occupied by him has at times been used as a Law Office, Printing Office and residence. At the present time the building is owned by E. T. Clyde, former County Superintendent of Schools and publisher of a local newspaper.

Spitzers Store
After proving up on land filed on by him, Mr. Jakob Spitzer moved to Ashley in 1902 and started a wood work shop. Later he was in partnership with Fred Brosz and Gottlieb Becker in the general merchandise business, eventually acquiring the business as his own. The building occupied by him was built in 1902 by George Gackle, Jakob Brost, Jr., Peter Billigmeier, Fred Brosz and Gottlieb Becker where these gentlemen operated a general merchandise store, Mr. Gackle, Mr. Brost and Mr. Billigmeier retiring from the business when Mr. Spitzer bought it. Mr. Spitzer is assisted in the store business by his daughter Esther and his sons Emil and Edwin, Miss Mary Retzer is also employed.

Schock Hardware
Gottlieb C. Schock is the present owner of the Schock Hardware, having acquired the interest of his brother E. W. Schock in January 1937. Prior to that time the business had been conducted by the two brothers under the firm name of Schock Brothers, they having been in business from January 1926. The building was erected by the late John H. Schaeffer in 1907 and at present is owned by Mr. Gottlieb C. Schock.

Weber's Cafe
John Weber, now deceased, operated restaurants in Ashley beginning about 1910 and in 1932 moved to the present location where he served the public until February 1936. After his death the business was taken over by his daughter Lydia Weber who has been operating it since that time. The building occupied by Weber's Cafe is now owned by William Rall, now located in California, who together with his brother Gottlieb Rall built the building and operated a variety store for a time.

Senator Theatre
The Senator Theatre now owned by Christina Schaber, with Reinhold Schaber, Jr., as manager was originally opened for business by Reinhold Schaber, Sr., and Edwin George in 1931. These men operated the show house for a few years when it was taken over by Reinhold Schaber, Sr. Seven people are employed by Mrs. Schaber in the operation of this business, namely: Ed. Koerner, Harold Dockter, Albert Retzer, Elise Moenech, Francis Dobler, Esther Schaber and Reinhold Schaber, Jr.


Becker Chevrolet Company
Gottlieb Becker is the owner of the Becker Chevrolet Company and together with his son Otto Becker manage the business under the above firm name. The building occupied by Mr. Becker was built by Mr. V. S. Collins in 1918 and occupied by him many years. He sold the business to Mr. Becker who has continued until the present time. Mr. William J. Pudwill has charge of the repair department.

Schrenk's Store
Jacob Schrenk doing a general merchandise business, started in business in 1911, at which time he purchased the stock of merchandise from Beveridge Brothers, who had been operating a general merchandise business since 1901. Mr. Schrenk employs two clerks, Eugene Bertsch and his daughter Esther Schrenk. In addition to Beveridge Brothers and Jacob Schrenk the building has been occupied by Harry Rosen and Sam Raich all of whom operated a general store.

Gamble Store
Adam Reich is the proprietor of the Gamble Store of Ashley. The first Gamble Store in Ashley was opened April 1, 1934, by A. J. Yengling and was located in the building now occupied by the postoffice. Mr. Yengling conducted the business until October 1, 1934, when he disposed of it to Mr. Reich who moved the stock to the building formerly occupied by the First State Bank. He is now located in a building on Main Street owned by A. W. Meidinger. Mr. Reich is assisted by his wife.

Charme Beauty Parlor
Miss Edwina Weber is the owner and operator of the Charme Beauty Parlor. She started business in Ashley in August 1935 having purchased the equipment of Mrs. Arthur E. Schulz. Her first location was in the rear of the Stube Hotel but in the fall of 1937 she purchased a rebuilt School House then owned by Herbert Stube and since that time has conducted her business in her own building.

Ashley Tribune
The Ashley Tribune was established September 1, 1901. The following were the owners and editors since its establishment: A. A. Milke, owner, Clyde J. Pryor, editor from Sept. 1, 1901 to July 7, 1902; Ashley Security Company, owner, Joseph A. Stember, manager until January 1904; Ashley Security Company, owner, and E. T. Clyde, editor until Oct. 6, 1905; E. T. Clyde, publisher and editor until Sept. 1, 1915; C. C. Lowe, owner and editor until April 24, 1919; Phil W. Starkle, editor until August 7, 1919; McIntosh County Farmers Press, owner, August Pohl and Gustave Destner, editors until August 17, 1933; Ashley Tribune Corporation, owner, Gustave Destner editor until January 1934; C. W. Burgess editor until February 1, 1936; Walter Froh, editor from February 1, 1936 to present time.

Henry Huether, Jr.
Through hard study and experience gained from each succeeding contract completed, Henry Huether, Jr., has established himself as one of the most capable contractors located in North Dakota. No contract has been too small nor none too large to receive his personal attention. He is qualified to handle regular carpenter work, cement work of any kind, or fine cabinet making. He started in business for himself in 1916 and has his office in his modern home which he erected in 1925. Gottlieb Schauer and Jacob F. Gruenich have been employed by him for some time.

Lahmann Oil Company.
On November 15, 1930, Christ Lahmann and his brother Fred Lahmann opened up a bulk oil station also a filling station and operated as Lahmann Brothers until March 1934 when Christ purchased his brothers


interest and owned the business himself which he has been operating under the name of Lahmann Oil Company. In 1935 Mr. Lahmann erected a new building at his present location on Main street. Mr. Emil Hermann employed by Mr. Lahmann has been with him since 1933.

Geiszler's Blacksmith Shop
The building occupied by Theodore Geiszler as a blacksmith shop was built in 1907 by the late Joseph Tschetter, subsequent owners have been J. H. Wishek and Ashley Farmers Lumber Company who are the present owners. Mr. Geiszler started business at the present location last year, having purchased the equipment of C. J. Schaeffer. Mr. Geiszler was formerly located at Danzig, N. D.

C. G. Keim Repair Shop
C. G. Keim began his auto repair business in Ashley in the year 1935, being formerly located at Eureka, S. D. The building occupied by him was built in 1912 by C. J. Eisenbeis, and has been owned by Max Kelber, John Schmitt, Gottlieb Kessel, Schulz and George and is now the property of H. J. Schulz. Mr. Keim is assisted by Raymond Keim, his son.

Bernard Kelber's Law Office
Mr. Bernard Kelber after his graduation opened his law office in Ashley and in 1933 erected the building now occupied by him.

Inspector Regional Agricultural Credit Corporation
L. C. Mensing has been employed as the local inspector for the Regional Agricultural Credit Corporation, Minneapolis, Minn., since 1932 and has his office in the same building occupied by the Ashley Farmers Lumber Company.

Peoples Elevator Company
Stair Timmerman Company in 1901 built the building now owned by the Peoples Elevator Company. The United Grain Company owned the elevator prior to the time it was acquired by the Peoples Elevator Company who started business in 1920. During the past few years this elevator has not been in operation.

Hindemith Tin Shop
Mr. Fred Hindemith has been in business in Ashley nearly 20 years. In 1920 he opened up a tin and plumbing shop, later adding furnaces to the line. In 1921 he built the building now occupied by him. He is assisted in his work by his son Walter A. Hindemith. Mr. Christ Weber and Albert Hiller are also employed by Mr. Hindemith.

Lippert's Store
About 1901 John Geiszler, Theo. Gulack and A. Weber built the building now occupied by Albert Lippert as a general merchandise store. The building was later acquired by John Lippert, the grandfather of Albert, who for many years conducted a general merchandise. The business was later taken over by August Lippert, Albert's father, and the business was conducted as Lippert and Son until 1936 when Albert Lippert became the sole owner. Mr. Lippert employs Emma Spitzer, Asoph Sayler, Ella Lippert and Ida Maier.


Kelbers Store
In 1920, Mr. Max Kelber erected a building and started a General Merchandise store a short time thereafter. Mr. Kelber had been in Ashley for some time prior to that operating a cream station. Members of the family assist Mr. Kelber in the operation of his business. In 1937 needed improvements and additions were built that added to the appearance and size of the building.

Spitzers Dray Line
C. C. Spitzer owns and operates one of the three dray lines of Ashley. He started business in 1919 and has had in his employ Orville Dewalt.

Ashley Farmers Lumber Company
The site now occupied by the Ashley Farmers Lumber Company was originally owned by the Phoenix Lumber Company who started business there in 1907. On April 7, 1913, J. H. Wishek, G. M. Gannon and Nina Wishek organized the Ashley Lumber Company and took over the business of the Phoenix Lumber Company and on Jan. 2, 1916, J. H. Wishek, W. L. Johnson and Nina Wishek organized the Ashley Farmers Lumber Company taking aver the assets of the former owner and have continued in business at the present location since that time. This concern is owned by about 60 stockholders in and around Ashley. Various managers have been A. E. Snowden, Lewis Walker, Adam Walker, B. J. Weiler and the present manager E. P. Treick.

Doerr Service Station
In September 1934, Walter Doerr became the owner of the filling station, formerly owned by Gottfried Dobler, who after selling to Mr. Doerr moved from Ashley. Mr. Doerr has finished the building inside and outside into what is now a very fine appearing building. Former occupants have been J. M. Giblin, Stepper & Pudwill Implement dealers. Mr. Doerr is an Ashley man having been born and raised in this community.

Schaber's Barber Shop
In the spring of 1936, Mr. Reinhold Schaber, Jr., moved to his present location, after having been in the barber business since 1922. The barber shop is located in the same building as the Senator Theater and is equipped with two chairs and necessary barber equipment.

Riedlinger's Dray Line
Peter Riedlinger is the owner of one of the dray lines in Ashley, having begun his business in 1928.

A. Moench Insurance
Adolph Moench started in the insurance business in 1919 and is now located in a building owned by L. Rubin. The building was originally built by Walter Beveridge and has been owned by Jacob Schrenk. Mr. Moench is assisted by his son Herbert Moench.

I. G. A. Store
E. W. Schock, after having been in business in Ashley for several years in partnership with his brother G. C. Schock in the hardware business, started a furniture store in 1937 and about the first of this year purchased the stock of goods owned by Wentz, Grenz and Dorheim owners of I. G. A. Store up to that time. He transferred the stock of furniture to the second story of the building owned by him and installed


the grocery stock on the ground floor. Miss Anna Schlabsz and Wilbur Roloff are able assistants of Mr. Schock.

Sackman & Son
The building occupied by the firm of Sackman and Son was built a good many years ago by Israel Auerbach, a former townsman and merchant of Ashley. Later Mr. Gottlieb Becker became the owner of the building, which he in turn sold to the present owners Andreas and Andrew Sackman. The store building in addition to having been occupied by Mr. Auerbach, was in turn occupied by Mr. Becker, Gottlieb Kessel, Fred Fink and Adam Nagel, Jr. In January 1931 Sackman & Son purchased the building and acquired the stock of goods owned by Mr. Nagel and have been operating the business since then.

Klipfel's Cafe
Owner and operator of Klipfel's Cafe is Gottlieb Klipfel. He started business in October 1934, having bought out Henry Roth who had been running a restaurant in the same location prior to his sale to Mr. Klipfel. In addition to serving meals, Mr. Klipfel also handles hard and soft drinks. The building occupied by him was built about 1901 and is owned at present by the Wishek Investment Company. Mr. Klipfel is assisted by Albert Klipfel and Miss Freida Retzer.

Ashley Implement Company
The Ashley Implement Company is a corporation engaged in the implement business. The present owners started business in 1935, having acquired the stock formerly owned by the Farmers Implement & Land Company. The building now occupied is owned by the Ashley State Bank and from information we can gather was erected by Mr. John Geiszler about 1900 and has been used most continually as a farm implement store. Mr. R. G. Mensing is the present manager, assisted by Joe A. Tschetter.

Reule Beauty Parlor
In 1934, after being graduated from them Chicago Hairdressers Academy, Fargo, North Dakota, Theophilia Reule returned to Ashley and opened a Beauty Parlor. At first the business was cared for at the home of her mother Mrs. Katie Reule. As the business grew, more room was required and she rented the building on Main Street in which she is now located. This building was erected by J. A. T. Bjornson at Hoskins and is said to be one of the oldest buildings in Ashley. At one time it housed Bjornsons Drug Store and later the postoffice. N. Auerbach of Edwardsville, Illinois, is the present owner.

Edwin George's Used Market
In 1937 a new business firm known as Edwin George's Used Market was established. Business is carried on in the building formerly used as an electric light plant. R. S. Clark erected the building in 1917 and The Farmers Co-operative Milling Company of McIntosh County later acquired title. Edwin George is the present owner of the building and manager of the business.

Beaver Oil Agency
The Beaver Oil Agency is a comparatively new business, being established in 1936. Previous to this time the Ashley Oil Company operated a similar business and in 1915 erected the building which the Beaver Oil Company now occupy. Sale of building was made to Beaver Oil Company in April, 1936. Otto Feil is the present efficient manager of the agency.


Albrecht's Service Station
John Albrecht operates a service station in the west part of town where Highway No. 3 from the south intersects with Highway No. 11. He commenced business in September, 1934. The building now owned by him was built by Joe Vanorny.

Hotel Home
No one need lack a place to rest as long as Miss Anna Kautt continues as proprietress of the Home Hotel. She started business in 1924 having bought the equipment of Mrs. Alvin Huhn. The building occupied by her was built in 1904 by William Hawes and is now owned by Franz Shubeck.

Franz Shubeck
Franz Shubeck has served as States Attorney for McIntosh County for several terms and has been practicing law for himself since 1911. His office is in the Hotel Home building owned by him. He has been successful and has acquired considerable property.

The Ashley Creamery
In 1919 a new building was erected, by Farmers Cooperative Milling Company, in Ashley as a flour mill, but was never opened up for business and finally was acquired by the County for non-payment of taxes. In 1930 J. J. Fernholz and others acquired title to the building and installed up-to-date butter making machinery all operated by electricity.

In addition to butter making the company is also engaged in the wholesale distribution of beer.

Assisting Mr. Fernholz in the management of the company have been: R. R. Spitzer, Wm. Serr, Rudolf Spitzer, Walter Retzer and Jacob Ehley. Mr. Ed. Rau is the present manager.

Dr. Leo Cohen
Dr. Leo Cohen, dentist, began the practice of his profession at Ashley in 1928. His office is located in the Anhorn building, formerly known as the Johnstone building. The postoffice, Dakota Central Telephone Company and C. C. Lowe printing office having been previously housed in this building.

I. A. Mackoff
I. A. Mackoff has practiced law in Ashley since 1917. His offices are in the rear of the First National Investment Company building. He owns a very nice home in Ashley which he purchased from John Schaeffer.

Dewald Vegetable and Seed Store
Mr. George Dewald opened a fresh vegetable and seed store in 1934 and in season handles all kinds of vegetables and seeds. He makes regular trips to markets in Minneapolis by truck and after supplying his wholesale trade takes care of the retail business. He is assisted by members of his family. The building occupied by him is owned by Mrs. Emil Maethner.

Brosz Elevator Company
Fred Brosz and others in 1921 formed a corporation known as Brosz Elevator Company and in that year purchased the Stienecker-Kretschmar Elevator which they have operated since that time. The elevator was built in 1906 by Hedtke & Brosz. Mr. Gust Brosz is the present manager.


Sanitary Barber Shop
In June 1923, Mr. W. L. Hein purchased the barber business of Jacob Klipfel and since that time has been conducting a barber business at his present location. The building was erected by Mr. G. D. Grosz and has been owned by Charles Hinz.

Mr. Jacob Sayler has been assisting Mr. Hein in the past.

"Zim's Jewelry"
Jacob Zimmerman and his son August Zimmerman have been operating a jewelry stare in Ashley since 1931. They purchased the stock and equipment formerly owned by Mr. W. A. Hite, who was a jeweler in Ashley for many years. After the death of Mr. Hite, his wife Lina B. Hite disposed of the business to the present owners. The building now occupied by the Zimmermans was formerly owned by a former resident of Ashley, Mr. Henry Joerke.

Hickory Hardware Store
Ludwig Thurn is the owner and Adolph Thurn is the manager of this concern. In 1906 Mr. Ludwig Schauer erected the building and conducted a hardware store for many years. After the death of Mr. Schauer, the business was sold to Mr. Ludwig Thurn and Mr. Philip Weisz who conducted the business under the name of Thurn and Weisz until May 8, 1925, when the partnership was dissolved and Mr. Thurn took over the business. This spring the building was refinished inside and out.

Dewalt Beauty Shop
If you need a new permanent or anything in that line you may call at the Dewalt Beauty Shop located in an office in the Anhorn building. This business was established by Mrs. Dewalt in April 1937. The building was erected by Johnstone & Sons in 1904 and has since been owned by C. C. Lowe and later by Christ Anhorn the present owner.

Dakota Central Telephone Co.
Magdalena Marek is chief operator of the local exchange of the Dakota Central Telephone Company, a subsidiary of the Northwest Bell Telephone Co. with O. Hawkinson as area manager. The office is on the second floor of the building owned by the First National Investment Company.

Wishek & Wishek
The law firm of Wishek & Wishek is the outgrowth of a law practice began in 1884 by John H. Wishek. The members of the present firm, Max A. Wishek and Homer C. Wishek, became associated in 1935. The former firm was composed of John H. Wishek and Max A. Wishek starting business in 1924, this partnership continued until 1932, from that time until 1935 the business was conducted by Max A. Wishek, who also served as States Attorney of McIntosh County from 1931 to 1936 inclusive.

Fashion Dress Shop
An exclusive ladies' ready-to-wear firm, known as the Fashion Dress Shop was established in 1934 by Eva L. Schmidt. The Fashion Dress Shop is located in a building on Main street now owned by Katharine Lippert. The building was built in 1903 by C. A. Cooper and before it was acquired by Mrs. Lippert was owned by W. A. Hite.


Ashley Service Station
In 1933, Mr. Jacob Franz built the building now occupied by Edwin Blumhardt as a filling station. Mr. Franz after running the business far a time disposed of his interests to Karl Goehring and he later sold same to Mr. Arthur Jenner who ran it until September 1, 1937, when it was acquired by Mr. Blumhardt.

Ashley Sales and Service
Mr. V. S. Collins the present owner of Ashleys Sales and Service has been in business in Ashley for the past thirty years or so. He originally conducted a feed and livery barn, later taking on the Ford Agency. He built the building now occupied by Gottlieb Becker and remained there for many years. After selling this building to Mr. Becker he retired from business for a short time, later he purchased the building now occupied by him where he continues in business under the above firm name. Schaeffer Brothers, John and Christ, built the building and occupied it for several years later disposing of it. Henry F. Wolf, assisted in the past, by Gust Herr, Ted Erlenbusch and Roy Collins are active the management.

Ashley State Bank
The Ashley State Bank was organized in 1901 by the late J. H. Wishek. It was first located in the building across the street and east of Doerr Service Station. In 1917 a new building was built further east on Main street where they are now located. Present officers are: John H. Wishek, Jr., President, Homer C. Wishek and W. L. Johnson, Vice Presidents, J. W. Meidinger, Cashier, F. F. Bender, Assistant Cashier, and Lydia Weber, Teller.

Noah Dorfman
Mr. Dorfman has been in the cattle buying business in Ashley over thirty years. He started in 1905 and since that time has shipped many hundred car loads of cattle to market. In 1932 he built a very fine modern residence in the South part of town.

Hoffmans Dray Line
Most any time of day you can see Jacob Hoffman an the streets of Ashley looking for and picking up jobs in his line of business. He commenced the dray business in 1931 and for a number of years past has been official mail carrier between the Post Office and Depot.

Hildenbrand Hardware Store
William Hildenbrand has been in the hardware business in Ashley since 1916. First operating under the firm name of Hildenbrand Brothers, of which John Hildenbrand was one of the firm, then as an individual, when he purchased the interest of his brother. The building owned by Mr. Hildenbrand was built in 1901 by Fred Brosz and has been owned by John Lippert, Weber Brothers and Gottlieb Becker all of whom conducted a retail hardware business.

Christ Anhorn
Christ Anhorn is the owner of the dance hall and office building built in 1904 by Johnstone & Son. This building has several offices on the first floor and the second floor is used as a dance hall.

L. Rubin
Mr. Rubin has an office in the First National Investment Company building. This building houses the postoffice and various other offices. It was erected by the Union State Bank several years ago.


Teigen's Drug Store
Mr. A. L. Teigen owner and proprietor of Teigen's Drug Store is located on Main street in a building owned by Theodore Heinrich, erected by him in 1910. Mr. Teigen commenced business in May, 1922, when he purchased the drug business from Mr. Heinrich.

Dr. C. C. Campbell
Dr. Campbell is a graduate of Toronto University, Toronto, Canada. He received his degree in 1901, and practiced his profession at Hermansville, Michigan, Florence, Wisconsin, and LeMars, Iowa, prior to the time he came to Ashley in 1909. Dr. Campbell has his office in his home located directly south of the Stube Hotel.

Jakes Beer Parlor
Jacob Klipfel after purchasing the equipment owned by Otto Meidinger began business in March, 1937. He moved to his present location, being the building formerly used by the First State Bank, and now owned by A. E. Maethner.

Ashley Elevator Company
In 1905 the grain elevator operated under the above name was built by C. C. Hammond. It was later owned by the McIntosh County Investment Company who transferred it to the present owner, Jenner Grain Corporation. H.. H. Jenner is the local manager.

J. J. Weixel Elevator Company
Mr. Harold Weixel is the local manager of the Weixel Elevator Company. The building was built in 1908 by the late Joseph Tschetter. Mr. J. J. Weixel, the present owner, purchased it from H. H. Drews.

Northern Power and Light Company
The Northern Power and Light Company maintains a substation in Ashley, North Dakota. They are affiliated with the Northwestern Public Service Corporation, as a subsidiary Corporation. The local employees are Herman Zinke, Manager, and Martha Thurn.

Dr. E. H. Maercklein
Dr. Edwin H. Maercklein, graduate of the Milwaukee Medical College, came to Ashley in 1903, where he associated himself with his brother Dr. Fred W. Maercklein, who had been a physician in Ashley for twelve years. In 1904 he removed to Forman, where he remained for two years after which he returned to Ashley where he has been permanently located since.

Klauss Elevator
In 1934, Mr. David Klauss purchased the elevator formerly owned by Mr. L. Rubin. He has conducted the business since that time. The building occupied by him was previously the Lutheran Church in Ashley, which has been remodeled into a grain elevator.

Deep Rock Oil Corporation
This plant was built in 1917, and was then known as the Home Oil Company. Later is was acquired by its present owner. Dan P. Erlenbush has been the manager since 1929.


Kessel & Son
Gottlieb Kessel and his son Andrew Kessel form the firm of Kessel & Son. They purchased the business of John Hoffman in 1925, and are local agents far International Harvester Company products. The building occupied by them was built in 1908 by L. Rubin, later owned by John Hoffman is now owned by Gottlieb Kessel.

Hank's Barber Shop
Hank's Barber shop was opened in 1929 by Henry Doerr, who at that time purchased the equipment from Reinhold Schaber, Jr. He changed the name and was for a time located in the Forrest building, later in the basement of the First National Investment Company building, and is now located a building owned by Gottlieb Kessel.

Jacob Greenberg
Mr. Jacob Greenberg has been engaged in the cattle buying business in Ashley since 1907, sometimes buying for himself and sometimes buying for others.

Swift and Company
Henry Miller is local agent for Swift and Company having started working for them in 1936. He is at present located in a building owned by Gottlieb Becker.

H. J. Schulz
Mr. Schulz has been engaged in the implement business in Ashley since 1919. Far three years he was connected with the Farmers Implement and Land Company, then two years as a member of the firm Joe Schulz Son & Company. For ten years he was a partner of the firm Schulz & George, and for the past four years has been in business for himself in a building now owned by him.

Bauer Service Station
The modern building occupied by Bauer Service station was erected in 1937 by Huether and Schauer, replacing their older building formerly operated by Fred Pfahl and later Walter Doerr. The present proprietor is Christ Bauer, ably assisted by his son Walter Bauer.

Beatrice Cream Station
Edwin Weber is the local agent for Beatrice Cream Station and conducts his business in a building now owned by him located on Main street. This building was built about 1900, and subsequent owners have been Jacob Breitling and John Stube.

Ashley Bakery
The first bakery in Ashley was established by Fischer & Pfeifer. Later operated by Mr. Fischer alone. After having been without a bakery for a time Mr. Alwin opened a business in this line which he sold to Jacob G. Bertsch. At that time the business was conducted in the building known as Anhorns Hall. Emil Bertsch also ran a bakery for a short time assisted by John Usselman, as baker who later bought out Mr. Bertsch and operated the business for a short time. The present baker T. H. Schulter started in 1937 and is located in the Louis Strauss building.


Thompson Yards Incorporated
The name Thompson Yards, Inc., is familiar throughout the Dakotas to all who are interested in purchasing lumber. The yard at Ashley was built in 1909 by the Zimmerman Lumber Company and later acquired by Wells Thompson Co. The company as Thompson Yards Incorporated was established in 1917. John Hildenbrand is the present manager.

Layer's Blacksmith Shop
Layer's blacksmith shop is located north of Main street on Sixth street. Mr. Layer started in business there in 1922 buying out Schaeffer Brothers. The building is one of the earlier ones, being erected by John D. Laemmele and is owned by Edward Layer.

Dr. F. Linnenbuerger Chiropractic Clinic
In the spring of 1933, Dr. F. Linnenbuerger came to Ashley and has practiced his profession here since that time. He started in his profession in South Dakota in 1902. At present he is located in the home of his wife Mrs. Pauline Spitzer Linnenbuerger. The building was erected in 1914 by the late Wm. Spitzer. Dr. Linnenbuerger employs no assistant.


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