Part 4

EVANGELICAL LADIES AID Back row, left to right: Mrs. Christ Schaeffer;Mrs. John Sayler, Jr.---Middle row, left to right: Mrs. Fred Dobler; Mrs. John Sayler, Sr.; Mrs. John Eisenbeis; Mrs. Lydia Heuther; Mrs. Gotthilf Reule; Mrs. Jacob Grueneich; Mrs. Otto Feil; Mrs. Immanuel Schock.---Bottom row, left to right: Mrs. Ed. Schaeffer, Anna Eisenbeis; Mrs. John Heuther; Rev. F. J. Knuth; Mrs. F. J. Knuth; Mrs. George Glur; Mrs. William Hein; Mrs. Val. Neuhard.


The Ladies Aid Society of Ashley, N. D., was organized February 20, 1930, at the parsonage. The constitution and by-laws were read and adopted. The meeting was conducted by the pastor, Rev. H. C. Lehner. 13 members were taken into the Aid. The officers elected were: Mrs. H. C. Lehner, President; Mrs. Jacob F. Grueneich, vice President; Mrs. Geo. Glur, Secretary, and Mrs. John Eisenbeis, Treasurer.


The purpose of this organization is to support the local church and its various benevolent institutions. Monthly meetings are conducted at which time a brief devotional period is observed. Business is transacted and the remainder of the time is spent doing various kinds of needlework, which is sold and the proceeds put in the treasury. At the close, a luncheon is served to all.

The accomplishments of the Ladies Aid during the past years have been the redecorating of the interior and exterior of our local church building and the purchasing of a piano for the church.

The present officers are: Mrs. F. J. Knuth, President; Mrs. Geo. Glur, Vice President; Mrs. Anna Eisenbeis, Secretary, and Mrs. John Heuther, Treasurer. The present membership is 18.


In the year 1907, during the pastorate of Rev. F. J. Wacker, a revival meeting was held in the office of Mr. Geo. Hummel's lumber yard. 21 souls were saved, which resulted in a prayer meeting amongst the women, whose leaders were Mrs. F. J. Wacker and Mrs. J. F. George.

In 1908, under the leadership of Mrs. A. K. Happel, this prayer meeting group converted their meeting into a Womans Missionary Society; the officers were:

Mrs. A. K. Happel, President; Mrs. J. F. George, vice President; Mrs. J. H. Schaeffer, Treasurer; and Mrs. A. K. Happel and Mrs. J. F. George, acting as Secretaries.

The Mission Band and Little Heralds, two organizations also working for Missions, are under the supervision of the Womans Missionary Society. The total amount of money raised by these three organizations has been on the average of $95 yearly, which is used for foreign and home missions.

The present officers of the Womans Missionary Society are: Mrs. Geo. Glur, President; Mrs. W. L. Hein, vice President; Mrs. Peter Riedlinger, Treasurer, and Mrs. F. J. Knuth, Secretary. The total membership is 19.


One of the oldest church organizations in this locality is the Evangelical Church.

In 1887 Rev. H. Loewen visiting in the southeastern part of the county became acquainted With the following pioneer Evangelical families, Friedrich and Elizabeth Nies and Heinrich and Juliana Klein. He preached in the house of the former and in 1888 organized the Bethesda congregation, consisting of thirteen members, namely: Gottlieb and Katharina Grueneich, John Schilling, Christ Meier, Jacob, Fred and Gottlieb Dobler, Conrad Beths, Andreas Schlabsz, Jacob Bendewald and Christoph Grueneich. During the pastorate of Rev. Loewen, the congregation grew and a church was built beside the parsonage. However, in 1905, upon organization of the Emanuel congregation in Ashley by Rev. G. C. Thiele, the parsonage was moved to Ashley on its present location.


The charter members of this thriving congregation consisted of Joseph and Julia Schulz, John F. and Carolina George, George and Christina Hummel, F. J. and Margaretha Meier. By 1907, at which time the local church was built, the membership under the pastorate of Rev. Loris Wacker included these additional names: W. and Regina Wahl, Jacob and Margaretha Jenner, Christ and Christina Breitmeier, Christ and Christina Wolf, Jacob and Carolina Grueneich, J. H. and Katharina Schaeffer and Friedrich Feil. During the ensuing years, the Emanuel congregation served as a mother church through whose activity other congregations were organized, such as: Ebenezer church, eleven miles southwest of Wishek, the Venturia Zoar church and the Wittenberg church of the Kulm mission. Under the pastorate of Rev. F. Loewen, a congregation was organized near Danzig which included the members: Gottlieb and Emma Walz, Edward and Mathilda Wetzel, Solamon and Karolina Eslinger, John and Karolina Dobler and John and Johanna Nies. In 1923 during the pastorate of Rev. H. C. Lehner, the congregation obtained the


Wittenberg church formerly belonging to the Kulm mission. Other names added since include: John F., Gottlieb, Fred, Jacob, and John Salzer families, the Philip Meier and Emanuel Straub families.

At present the Ashley Mission consists of two Sunday schools, numbering an enrollment of about one hundred fifty-five pupils, one Women's Missionary Society with eighteen members, and a Ladies' Aid consisting of twenty-four members. The church membership advanced with the last few years from sixty to one hundred thirty members. Rev. F. J. Knuth enjoys his eighth year as pastor of this growing Mission and is most optimistic in the outlook.


The Baptist Ladies Missionary Society of Ashley, North Dakota, was organized on the 18 th day of December, 1912. At the time of the organization there were ten active members. They were as follows: Mesdames, Christina Schock, Katharina Schrenk, Lydia Hildenbrand, Magdalena Opp, Rose Landsidel, Katharina Straib, Margaret Delzer, Wilhelmina Meyer, Sophia Breitling and Rose Miller.

The first officers elected far this organization were: President, Mrs. Christina Schock, Secretary; Mrs. Katharina Schrenk, and Treasurer, Mrs. Lydia Hildenbrand.

Five of the ten charter members have passed to the Great Beyond: Mesdames, Opp, Landsidel, Delzer, Breitling and Miller.

Two of the charter members are still active: Mrs. Christina Schock and Mrs. Lydia Hildenbrand. The former has been an active member uninterrupted up to the present time.

In April 1913, the Rev. and Mrs. Knapp moved to Ashley. They were a great help to this organization. Since then a number of ministers and their families have done likewise.

The purpose of this organization was to cultivate a closer bond of fellowship among the members, to further the educational and spiritual development and to support the local church in its efforts to raise the necessary funds for the upkeep of the church and for benevolences.

The society meets the first Thursday of each month at the homes of the respective members. The present membership of the organization is twenty one.

The order of business consists of Scripture reading, praying, singing and discussions of projects whereby the society might be of benefit to some institution or person. Each month a committee is appointed to visit the ill and such calls are reported at each meeting. In many cases flowers are presented to them.

This organization celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in December, 1937, by giving a program to the public in the local church.

Various changes took place as officers of this organization during the twenty-five years. Those serving as Presidents have been: Mrs. C. Schock (1912-13) and (1918-19); Mrs. C. M. Knapp (1914-15); Mrs. Staeding (1915-16);

Mrs. Elis. Guenther (1917-18); Mrs. Dobrovolny (1919-25); Mrs. A. W. Meidinger (1925-26); Mrs. W. H. Buenning (1926-31); Mrs. Elis. Gieser (1931-32); Mrs. W. Luebeck (1932-38). Those serving as Secretary have been Mrs. K. Schrenk (1912-1918); Mrs. J. Albrecht (1918-22) and (1925-26); Mrs. G. Destner (1923-24); Mrs. K. Lippert (1927-30); Mrs. K. Zimmerman (1930-31); Mrs. J. Hildenbrand (1931-38). The Treasurers were Mrs. L. Hildenbrand (1912-17); Mrs. A. W. Meidinger (1918-22); Mrs. A. Pohl (1923); Mrs. A. W. Meidinger (1924-25);

Mrs. H. J. Schulz (1926-37). The present officers are: President, Mrs. W. Luebeck; Secretary, Mrs. L. H. Hildenbrand; Treasurer, Mrs. A. Ginnow.

A few of the activities of the society consist of having the privilege of helping support the Baptist Old Peoples Home in Chicago, Ill. Each year at Christmas time the society has remembered the Baptist Childrens Home in St. Joseph, Michigan by sending nuts, candies and cookies. During the past twenty-


five years it has supported a missionary annually with $25.00. 1I has been instrumental in many of the improvements of the church. When the new church was built it helped raise the funds to purchase the equipment of the church. In 1932 they had the entire church repainted and decorated. During the past twenty-five years the society has held fourteen sales consisting of hand work and food. A year ago the society entertained the Baptist Sunday School Convention which met at the local church.

During the twenty-five years the society raised $4,164.49 for missionary, local purposes and benevolences.

BAPTIST MISSION CIRCLE Top row, left to right: Mrs. Wm. Luebeck; Mrs. August Pohl; Mrs. A. W. Meidinger; Mrs. Andrew Schauer, Mrs. Arnold Ginnow.-Middle row, left to right: Mrs. Ed. Zimmerman; Mrs. Ben Geiszler; Mrs. Henry Schulz; Mrs. F. F. Spitzer; Mrs. Eva L. Schmidt; Mrs. John Albrecht.-Bottom row, left to right: Mrs. Fred Gieser; Mrs. Johann Lippert; Mrs. John Schauer; Mrs. Jacob G. Bertsch; Mrs. John Guthmiller.


The first organization of this church took place at Long Lake, South Dakota, on July 25, 1896; at that time 85 members separated themselves from the Berlin Church and founded a new church in their vicinity. It was named then "The Jewell Baptist Church."

At Ashley the first church was built in the year 1902. At that time it belonged to the Danzig Church, now called Wishek Church. On February 21, 1912, the church of Jewell in connection with Venturia, Wishek and Eureka, reorganized themselves. The property at Ashley was bought by the Jewell Church. Since that time this organization has existed under the name of "The Ashley Baptist Church."

In the year of 1917 a stately church building was erected at a cost of $8,000.00 on the present site of the Baptist Church. In 1919 the present parsonage was built which has cost approximately $8,000.00.

The church now has 321 members and consists of three churches, Ashley, Johannestal and Jewell combining.

The pastors who served the Jewell and Ashley churches were the following: Rev. A. Kludt (1896-01), Rev. A. Guenther (1902-03), Rev. G. Burgdorff (1905-10), Rev. Chr. Bischoff (1903-10), Rev. A. Heringer (1911-12) .

Rev. Heringer stayed with the Danzig Church and the reorganized Ashley Church was left without a pastor for one year. There upon the Ashley Church extended a call to the following pastors successively: Rev. C. M. Knapp (1913-15), Rev. A. Guenther (1916-18), Rev. F. Dobrovolny (1919-25), Rev. W. H. Buenning (1926-31). The present pastor, W. Luebeck has served since 1932.

The Ashley Baptist Church has three Sunday-Schools with on enrollment at Ashley of 165 pupils, Johannestal 148 and Jewell 110. The Ashley Sunday School is conducted in the American language with the exception of the older people's bible class.

Under the banner of the church are also working three Ladies Aids with a membership of 53. The Ladies Aid at Ashley celebrated its 25 th anniversary, December 5, 1937, and the Johannestal Ladies Aid celebrated its 25 th anniversary in the spring of 1938.

The church also cultivates three B. Y. P. U. (Baptist Young People Unions) with a total membership of 80. The church also has a "Dorcas" Society consisting of young ladies with a membership of 12.


On May 6, 1913, under the direction of Rev. C. M. Knapp, a number of ladies assembled at the Johannestal Church, a station of the Ashley Baptist Church. At this time it was decided to form an organization to be called "The Ladies Mission Society." Thirteen members joined the society. Three of the charter members still remain.


The first officers were Mrs. Gottlieb D. Bertsch, President; Mrs. Jacob D. Bertsch, Vice President; Mrs. Henry Nies, Secretary; Mrs. Andreas D. Bertsch, Treasurer.

The present officers are: Mrs. Carl Fischer, President; Mrs. C. C. Fischer, Vice President; Mrs. Jacob Wagemann, Secretary; Mrs. Carl Schauer, Treasurer.


The Methodist Church was organized at Hoskins in 1887, by Rev. H. G. Bilby, the presiding elder. Rev. A. J. Garry was the preacher. In the spring of 1888, the County seat was moved to Ashley and with other buildings, the church was also moved. The church owned no property at that time and had held their services in the Haskins school house. At Ashley as there was then neither church nor school building, services were held, first in the Erbele store, and next in the Stark and Nelson store, until at last in the summer of 1889, a church was erected, in which a school was also held.

The lots were donated by Wishek & Lilly, and the building was 24 by 40 feet in dimensions. The work was done by the members and the minister, Rev. J. L. Sizer. It was a plain building, ship-lap sides covered with tar paper and cost $310. In 1903, the present Methodist church was built under the supervision of Rev. F. A. Gossman, the resident pastor. The old church building was then remodeled by Rev. W. J. Mahin, the next preacher for a parsonage. This building, nearly half century old, still stands today next to the Methodist church in Ashley. May all who view it recognize it as an old pioneer landmark, built with sacrificing love and toil for the uplift of the community, and the good of the christian membership.

The Methodist church has been the only English church in Ashley until the year 1937, and it has carried on a fine work through those many years.

The church has seen times of great growth followed by lean hard years, owing to a constant moving out of settlers, and in 1938 has reached its lowest ebb.

It was during the pastorate of Rev. Sizer that an Epworth League was organized, and was carried on for many years. It was perhaps at its best under Rev. E. J. Ried, who is kindly remembered by old Ashley residents. To give the present generation an idea of one department of the church work, the following list of Epworth League officials is given. The period was 1909-1912.

The Epwarth League, Chapter No. 3374. Cabinet: President, John A. Linn; 1 st Vice President, Eugenia Hammond; 2 nd Vice President, Amanda Nelson; 3 rd Vice President, Edith Worthy; 4 th Vice President, Elizabeth Mensing; Secretary, Arthur Ried; Treasurer, Emma Linn; Ass't. Treasurer, John Greigerowitz;

Organist, Lorraine Drews.


No history of this church would be complete without a brief mention of the organists who have so long and faithfully pumped the pedals of the many different organs that have been installed and used. The first organist was Mrs. C. C. Hammond, followed by Miss Nina Farley, Miss Marian Farley, Mrs. Florence Beveridge, Mrs. L. P. Johnson, Mrs. E. H. Maercklein, Lorraine Drews, Mrs. Theo. Heinrich, Mrs. Guy Lewis. This list might be supplemented by the names of others who substituted in emergencies. Those who served the longest and mast faithfully were Mrs. Maercklein, Mrs. Florence Beveridge, and Mrs. Guy Lewis.

Following is a list of the pastors of the Methodist church since its establishment:--Rev. A. J. Garry, 1886; Prof. John Ogden, 1887; Rev. McSkimming, 1888; Rev. C. F. Gilbert, 1889; Rev. Wm. Winters, recalled; Rev. J. L. Sizer, 1889; Rev. Grant Sholty, 1890; Rev. John E. Rae, 1892; Rev. P. A.Scott, 1892; Rev. M. D. Reed, 1894; Rev. W. A. Maddock, 1895; Rev. H. G. Hardenbrook, 1896; Rev. W. J. Stowers, 1897; Rev. W. C.


Strohmayer, 1898; Rev. F. H. Farrand, 1900; Rev. F. A. Gossmon, 1903; Rev. W. J. Mahin, 1906; Rev. E. J. G. Ried, 1909; Rev. Gust Book, 1912; Rev. W. R. Morrison, 1914; Rev. A. M. Wiley, 1916; Rev. Guy A. Lewis, 1919; Rev. L. F. Green, 1920; Rev. A. H. Gamble, 1923; Rev. Eva Penner, 1924; Rev. R. H. Reep, 1924; Rev. S. Harrington, 1926; Rev. Adolphe Lidke, 1927; Rev. Maxwell Brown, 1929; Rev. W. H. Farthing, 1929; Rev. Theo. Torgerson, 1931; Rev. Watkins, 1937; Rev. Moore, 1938.

Following this chronology of pastors, is given a list of those who were members or attended and who have moved away:

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Lilly, Portland, Oregon; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Zimmerman, Portland Oregon; Mrs. Clare Johnson Kruse, Oakland, Oregon; John Linn, Oakland, Oregon; Mrs. Helen Lawrence, Oakland, Oregon; Mrs. Sid Collins, Montana; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Linn, Kennewick, Wash.; Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Amburn, Kennewick, Wash.; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Fay, Oakes, Wash.; Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Amburn, Kennewick, Wash.; Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Hedke, Santa Barbara, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Gulack, Pasadena, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Gannon, Los Angeles, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Dick Johnson, San Francisco, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Alex Johnstone, Los Angeles, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Graham, Hollywood, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Bert Harrison, Palms, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Railson, Bell, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Heinrich, Whittier, Calif.; Mrs. Anna W. Benson, Whittier, Calif.;

Mrs. Nellie Wright, Huntington Park, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Murray Hammond, Zillah, Wash.; Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Johnstone, Zillah, Wash.; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Miles, Canada; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Beveridge, Sylvania, Ohio; Mrs. Marian Beveridge, Sylvania, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lewis, Nampa, Idaho; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fullerton, Florida; Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Clyde, Carson City, Nevada; Mrs. and Mrs. John Gregory, Washington; Ruth Linn Smith, Nebraska; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Moore, Linton, N. Dak.; Mrs. Margaret Larimer, Racine, Wis.; Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Piper, New Rockford, N. D.; Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Remington, Lisbon, N. Dak.; Mr. and Mrs. Warren Sharratt, Canada; Mr. Geo. Sharratt, Canada; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Worthy, Canada; Mrs. Klauss, California.


This society, an aid to the Methodist Church of Ashley, was organized in October 1897, and was the first church aid to be formed in McIntosh County.

It was sponsored and the first meeting called by Mrs. Clare Johnson and Mrs. Addie Marlatt at the home of Mrs. Johnson. The charter members were Madams Johnson, Marlatt, Gulack, Ball, Farley, Wishek, Hattie Linn, Hammond, Carpenter, Miles and Nellie Carpenter and Marion Farley.

The first President was Mrs. Gulack, the first Secretary was Marian Farley, and the dues were five cents each meeting. Even that small coin was often hard to find in those hard years.

Many times in those first years of the church, the pastor and members would have found it almost impossible to carry on the work without the splendid aid of this society. They gave socials, Harvest-time suppers, Hard-time suppers, and often a musical or declamatory program, for there was surprising talent and ability among the members of those early organizations. All these affairs were well attended as these were the only social gatherings of those years.

After about twelve years of operation, the subject of increasing the dues from five cents to ten cents was brought up. It was strongly opposed by some, but after long and heated discussion, it was voted and passed. It remained at ten cents per meeting until about the year 1920, when again the dues were raised. This raise to twenty-five cents, was much more easily accomplished than the former raise.

The Thimble Bee society has had good years and lean years, but no matter how empty the treasury or hard the times, they labored cheerfully on for the good of the church and the community.

Some of its more prosperous years were during the pastorate of the following ministers: Rev. F. A. Gossman, 1903-1906, during which time the society raised $513.18; Rev J. W. Mahin, 1906-1909, a total of $1042.09 was raised; Rev. E. J. G. Ried, 1909-1911, they raised $739.69, and during a part of the time


Rev. Gust Book served the church they raised $119.98, used during the period of building the present Methodist Church, and the remodeling of the old church into the present parsonage.

THIMBLE BEE. Back row, left to right: Mrs. E. C. Huttman; Mrs. Wilbur Linn; Mrs. E. H. Maercklein; Mrs. W. L. Johnson; Mrs. J. W. Meidinger.Front row, left to right: Mrs. Robert Linn; Mrs. Henry Doerr; Mrs. C. C. Campbell; Mrs. Leigh Farley.

This shows the extent of the work done by the Thimble Bee in about eight years time. For over forty years the society has functioned and is still operating in 1938, though greatly depleted in numbers owing to a gradual migration of families away from Ashley.

The valiant and unselfish devotion of the members of the Ashley Thimble Bee have accomplished a great work in the past near half century of time in the history of the Methodist Church. They have not only enriched and strengthened the work of the church but have been a spiritual uplift in the life and growth of the town and community.



The Reformed Church is according to statements of some of the pioneers of Ashley, one of the first churches to be built in this town. The date of its erection is given as 1894.

As was the custom the owners of the unsold lots of the town donated the ground upon which the Reformed Church was built.

Some of the founders and organizers of the church in Ashley were C. Weber, J. H. Schaeffer, Philip, George and Jacob Mayer, J. Mindt and Gottlieb Metz. Rev. H. W. Stienecker was the first minister called to serve as pastor of this church. Rev. G. E. Wolf is the present pastor.

The same church building erected in 1894 is still standing and serving its purposes after 44 years of service.


There were Jewish settlers in and near Ashley as early as 1900, though the exact date cannot be determined from records now available. It probably cannot be said that a congregation, as the word is commonly used, existed before 1911. Before then the Jewish people living in the vicinity of Ashley, many of whom were farmers, met at the farm homes of some of their number for worship; and in time certain of these homes came to receive recognition as established meeting places for religious purposes, as well as for those purposes more social, as distinguished from religious. In 1914 and 1915 there were two such accepted places of worship, both within a comparatively few miles of the town, and not for from each other; there was at the time a sufficiently large Jewish community to provide at least the ten worshippers required for service at any one place.


Before 1911, when a rabbi's services were needed, a man was brought from a city to the east; he officiated during the holidays, for weddings, and other occasions requiring his services. In the spring of 1911 the Jewish Chautauqua Society of America sent Rabbi J. Hess from Chicago, to serve the community and minister to its religious requirements. He served from two headquarters, at Ashley and at Wing, headquartering during the first two or three years at a farm home north of Ashley. The first services at his home in the town were held in the year 1914.

The first and only synagogue was bought by the congregation in 1917. The synagogue is still maintained at this time, though there are now fewer Jews residing in and around Ashley than formerly; the tendency in more recent years being to centralize such meetings and services in the larger centers near Ashley, such


as Aberdeen, S. D., and Bismarck, N. D. Formal organization under State law was had in 1923, the certificate of the Secretary of State bearing date of July 20, 1923, under the name of The Ashley Jewish Congregation of Beth Itzchock.

The congregation also maintains one of the two Jewish cemeteries in the State, on land located some two miles from Ashley, and donated for the purpose by Louis Rubin. The first burial was that of Louis Blum, on May 14, 1913.


The beginning of the above mentioned congregation are ascribed to the work of Rev. Brunn, who about 1890, was serving the extended field of the so-called Jewell parish east of Ashley. In the year 1896 he started a preaching place in Ashley, conducting his services first in private homes, then in the schoolhouse and finally when they were pressed for more room in the courthouse. It is said that a preliminary organization of the small group was effected in 1901, however, no records can be found.

The real organization took place on the 25 th of September, 1903. Charter members of the congregation, as far as can be learned, were: Friedrich Rau, Paulus Wohl, Gottlieb Becker, Christian Fischer, Jahn C. Schaeffer, Johann Schulz, Fred Brosz, Gottlieb Glaesmann, Gottlieb Balliet, Gottlieb Stepper and Friedrich Maier. The first Trustees were Gottlieb Stepper, Gottlieb Becker and John C. Schaeffer. The first deacons were Gottlieb Balliet and Gottlieb Becker; and the first treasurer was John C. Schaeffer. At this meeting it was decided to build a church and the following members were appointed as building committee:

Gottlieb Stepper, Gottlieb Becker and John C. Schaeffer. By next spring a building was completed at a cost of $2200.00. Dedicatory services were conducted in May, 1904, by Rev. Reinhardt and Rev. O. Bruntsch. A call was extended to Mr. Wenninger, who was assisting Rev. Reinhardt of Eureka and he arrived in August, 1904. It was during his pastorate that the first parsonage was erected at a cost of $1200.00. He served the parish, which consisted of four congregations until the fall of 1907, to be succeeded by Rev. Schulz, who was pastor until 1917. Rev. Baetke served from 1917 to 1919, and was succeeded by Rev. Briest from 1919 to 1922.

The growth of congregation made it imperative to provide for more room in their house of worship and after many a meeting it was finally decided to erect a brick building. A building committee consisting of Fred Brosz, Adolf Moench, Jacob Muehlbeier, Gottlieb Kessel, John Rau, Gottlieb Roeszler and Fred Wahl, Sr., were appointed, and work on the new church was commenced in the fall of 1921, and finished in the spring of 1922 at a cost of $26,863.00. Dedication of the new house of worship was held in May, 1922. A fact of which the congregation can always be proud of is, that after every bill had been paid there was still a balance of $802.00 in the building fund.

In 1922 Rev. Sprattler succeeded Rev. Briest and served the congregation until March, 1933, and it was during his pastorate that a new parsonage was erected in 1926, at a total cost of $9000.00. The present pastor Rev. J. C. Jung has served the congregation since July 15, 1933.

The present membership of the congregation, which has had a steady growth, is 190 voting and paying members, 462 confirmed members and 605 baptized members. Officers elected at the last annual meeting are Gottlieb Becker, Enoch Wahl and Jakob Maier as deacons. Gottlieb Kessel, treasurer; secretary, Ed. Rau, and trustees E. W. Schock, George Bender and Fred Wahl, Sr.

Within the congregation there are a number of very active organizations.

St. James Lutheran Church

The church of this congregation is located about 11 miles southeast of Ashley. It is the oldest of the parish. The congregation was organized in March, 1889, by Rev. Zapf. A preaching place had been established in 1884. The following ministers served the congregation until it was merged with the Ashley parish in 1903, namely: Preu, Geissendoerfer, Groenlund, Pett, Zapf, Meyries, Zink and Brunn. The first


church was erected in 1889 at a cost of $650.00. This building served the congregation until 1926, in which year a new church was erected at a cost of $9500.00.

The present officers are Fred Klipfel and John Wahl, deacons: Gottfried Hermon, Secretary, and John Wahl, Treasurer.


Membership of the congregation is 29 families, 100 communicant members and 135 baptized members.

Lutheran Mission Circle

The Circle consists at the time of this writing of 45 ladies. It was organized on January 21, 1926. The first officers were Mrs. Pauline Spitzer Linnenburger, President; Mrs. Arthur Spitzer, Secretary; Mrs. Maggie Spitzer, Treasurer.

The aim of the organization since its inception has been to help charitable institutions. Large sums of money, besides many other donations of food and clothing have been sent to these institutions, aside from the charity done in their own community. To be exact $1085.00 has been expended for these causes. The organization has expended large sums for the beautification of the church and has sponsored many special programs and activities. The only member who has never left the organization since its beginning is Mrs. F. F. Brosz.

Officers elected at the last meeting held January, 1938, are: Mrs. J. C. Jung, President; Mrs. Adolf Thurn, Vice President; Mrs. Ed. Rau, Secretary, and Mrs. Gottlieb Schock, Treasurer.

MEMBERS OF THE LUTHERAN MISSION CIRCLE Top row, left to right: Mrs. J. J. Nagel; Mrs. Wm. J. Pudwill, Mrs. Oscar Baumann; Mrs. E. W. Schock; Mrs. F. J. Hoffman; Mrs. Reinhold Spitzer; Mrs. Otto F. Hinz; Mrs. Jakob R. Pudwill; Mrs. B. Iszler, Jr.---Second row from the top, left to right: Mrs. George Kaul, Jr.; Mrs. Irwin Nagel; Mrs. F. F. Bender; Mrs. Christ Lahmann; Mrs. Ferdie Brosz; Mrs. Emil Wiedman; Mrs. Gottlieb Rall; Mrs. D. P. Erlenbusch; Mrs. Eva Merkel.---Third row from top, left to right: Mrs. Wm. Jenner, Sr.; Mrs. John Jenner, Sr.; Mrs. Gottlieb Becker; Mrs. Elisabetha Wohl; Mrs. Fred Fink; Mrs. R. C. Spitzer; Mrs. Jacob Roeszler; Mrs. G. A. Bietz.---Fourth row from top, left to right: Mrs. Ludwig Thurn, Sr.; Mrs. Ida Kramer; Mrs. Arthur Schlenker; Mrs. Ed. Rau; Mrs. J. C. Jung; Mrs. G. C. Schock; Mrs. Adolph Thurn; Mrs. John A. Reule; Mrs. Louisa Pfahl.---Front row, left to right: Mrs. F. H. Herman; Mrs. Jacob Jenner, Jr.; Mrs. Ernest Oberlander; Mrs. B. J. Weiler; Mrs. David Hoffman.

Luther League

In September, 1936, a Luther League was organized. First officers of the Senior League were Miss Anne Weber, President; Miss Martha Thurn, Vice President; Miss Lydia Weber, Treasurer, and Miss Olga Spitzer, Secretary.

At the present time the organization has 25 members. The aim is to further each member spiritually and provide wholesome entertainment. Present officers are Miss Esther Spitzer, President; Miss Ida Maier, Vice President; Miss Anna Schlabsz, Secretary, and Miss Maggie Sackmann, Treasurer.

At the same time a junior department was organized. First officers of this department were Ervin Spitzer, President; Albert Geiszler, Vice President; Miss Elsie Moench, Secretary, and Miss Bernadine Brosz, Treasurer. At the time of this writing the department has 40 members with the following officers: Miss Esther Geiszler, President; Roland Becker, Vice President; Miss Elsie Moench, Secretary, and Hulda Schlabsz, Treasurer. Within the junior League a junior choir has been organized. It consists of 24 members.


Ladies Chorus

1937 saw the inception of a Ladies Chorus, consisting of 27 members. The aim of this group is to stimulate interest in singing by providing the public with programs of fine music. They have appeared repeatedly in public programs and have won laurels by singing over the radio. This chorus is to be considered a community organization which is sponsored by the Lutheran Church.

Aside from these larger groups we should mention the senior choir, the Men's Quartet and the Mixed Quartet.

Sunday School

No congregation would really fulfill its duties without a Sunday School. Ever since Zion congregation was organized it has seen to it that its children received proper religious education. At the present time there are 115 children enrolled. 40 in the English department and 75 in the German department. These children are instructed by a staff of 7 teachers, who receive monthly instructions in the technique of religious education. The teachers are Gottlieb Becker, who is also superintendent. In the German department the teachers are Mrs. Eva Tuchscher, Miss Ida Maier and Miss Elsie Moench. In the English department the teachers are Miss Emma Spitzer, Miss Martha Thurn and Miss Edna Kessel. Miss Lydia Weber is secretary and treasurer of the school.


The Ashley Male Quartett was organized in 1926 under the name of Luther League Quartett, and under the direction of Rev. Geo. L. Sprattler, Pastor of the Evangelical Zions Lutheran Church of Ashley, North Dakota. This Quartett consisted of F. F. Bender, first tenor; Adolph Thurn second tenor; J. D. Stabler, baritone, and Rev. George L. Sprattler, Bass. All members of the quartett were members of the Luther League at that time and several years thereafter. Considerable time was given in practicing and singing for various programs, Church Services and funerals.

In February 1932 Walt Schmidt was taken into the organization in place of Rev. George L. Sprattler, as bass. After which time Rev. Sprattler moved to Billings, Montana, then the quartett changed its name from Luther League Quartett to The Ashley Male Quartett. Since the latter four got together they started to practice popular numbers and Negro Spirituals in connection with the Sacred and Secular numbers under the direction of Eva L. Schmidt with Florence Schmidt, accompanist. Considerable time was devoted in practicing.

In March 1932 the quartett made a trip to Yankton, South Dakota, sponsored by Lahman Oil Co. of Ashley, North Dakota, for their first broadcast over WNAX. The quartett was scheduled on the program three times a day for three days during the WNAX Gasoline dealers' convention. Considerable numbers of telegrams, telephone calls, letters and cards of congratulations were sent in to the station on the quartett's broadcast. On the return trip the quartett also made a broadcast over Mitchell, South Dakota.

Thereafter the quartett made several broadcasts over KFYR, Bismarck, N. Dak., and received letter, of recommendations from both stations for future broadcasts over large stations and World's Fair at Chicago. Several broadcasts were made over KABR, Aberdeen S. Dak., also several evening programs were given in various churches in the state.

For a period of six months in 1934, Ellis Johnstone was also a member of the quartett; after the six months Mr. Johnstone left for California.

In 1935 the quartett was sponsored by the Ashley Fire Department to attend the North Dakota Firemen's Convention at New Rockford, North Dakota, to take part in the program during the convention. The last day of the convention the quartett was elected the Official Quartett of the North Dakota Firemen's Association, and was therefore sponsored by this Association in 1936 to the convention held at Oakes, N. Dak.


Since the time of organization up to this time the quartett sang for various other occasions, clubs, church services and funerals.

Left to right, back row: J. D. Stabler, baritone; Walt Schmidt, bass. Front row, left to right: Adolph Thurn, second tenor; F. F. Bender, first tenor.

Trinity Lutheran Church

In 1901 the foundation of this congregation was laid. Rev. Brunn started to conduct services in the farm home of Jakob Spitzer. It was organized in 1902, and for five years services were held in private homes or in nearby schoolhouses. In 1907 the congregation decided to build a church at a total expense of $700.00.

The present membership is 15 families, 50 communicant members and 75 souls. Its officers are John Pfeifle and Karl E. Baumann, deacons; and G. G. Pfeifle, Treasurer.

Marienberg Lutheran Church

The property of this congregation is located 7 miles southwest of Ashley. Its beginnings go back to the year 1893. Formal organization however took place in 1909. The church was built in 1910 at a cost of $1100.00.

Present membership is 28 families, 95 communicant members and 130 souls. The officers are Christ Retzer, Jr., and Christ Rall deacons; Christ Grosz, Secretary-Treasurer.


The first pastor for the Church of the Nazarene was Rev. V. H. Cooke who reached Ashley on July 15, 1923. At that time church services were held in the printing office. Rev. Cooke faithfully served as pastor for four years. In the fall of 1927 he moved to Nampa, Idaho.

During the past years the following pastors, who mode their home at Ellendale, North Dakota, have had charge of the work: Rev. E. E. Kinzler, Rev. N. A. Malmberg, Rev. H. Lintz and Rev. M. Jensen. Rev. and Mrs. Chas. Prine, residing in Velva, N. D., had charge of the church during the past summer.


Special revival services were held by the following: Rev. Ira Hammer, Rev. E. E. Kinzler, Rev. R. L. Hobza, Rev. and Mrs. D. C. Stout, Rev. M. Jensen, Rev. T. H. Ova and Rev. E. A. Lacour.

Rev. M. Jansen put forth special efforts towards getting a place of worship. A lot was donated to the church by the owners of the townsite. The church building was purchased from the Ashley School Board and on August 4, 1937, it was moved to its present location. District Superintendent, S. C. Taylor, Jamestown, N. D., preached the first sermon in the church on Wednesday evening, August 11, 1937.

On October 10, 1937, Rev. A. T. Hanson and family established their home in Ashley and has charge of the work at the present time.


There is no established Mission in Ashley. Pastors from St. Andrews in Zeeland, St. Johns north of Zeeland and from Napoleon have at different times held Divine Services at either one or the other of their homes, until the last three years a pastor of the Church of the Transfiguration of Edgeley has been holding Divine Services in the large room of the Home Hotel once a month, giving the few Catholics an opportunity to receive their Lord in Holy Communion.


CATHOLIC PRIEST AND SISTERS Reverend Father Thomas Jundt and Sister Louis Phillipe and Sister Angela

During the late days of July, 1937, one of the forlorn and wearisome years of the Great Depression, when one naturally entertained much reflective contemplation as to the why and wherefore of conditions and situations, the first Catholic Mission for Ashley was faithfully and devoutly attended.

The place of worship was the large room of the Home Hotel belonging to Attorney Franz Shubeck and operated by Miss Anna Kautt and her parents, Nicklaus and Maria Kautt.

The Mission, which began on Tuesday evening, July 13, was conducted by the Reverend Father Thomas Jundt, O. S. B., of Richardton Abbey. He was assisted by Sister Louis Phillipe of St. Joseph's Academy of St. Paul and Sister Angela of St. John's Academy at Jamestown, North Dakota.

Every morning at seven o'clock during the entire mission week Holy Mass was celebrated at which participants received Holy Communion. Father Thomas, the celebrant, also preached an appropriate and effective sermon every morning. At two o'clock the Sisters gave the children religious instruction. Evening devotions were held at seven thirty and consisted of prayers followed by a sermon.

The Mission, which closed on Saturday morning, July 17, was a rare religious opportunity for Ashley's Catholic population; and, coming as it did, in most trying and discouraging period, it tended to stimulate one's faith and trust in God's wisdom, mercy and justice.

G. A. R.

Of the early pioneers arriving in the county many were Civil War Veterans, attracted by advertisements they read, allowing a veteran to secure a quarter section of land by filing a declaration as to their term of service, they could by residing on the land for a period of six months get title to it.

Many of this kind arrived in the spring, served their time on the land, proved their residence and left before the cold winter set in. At one time there were sixty families of the old veterans living in the county, mostly around Hoskins. They organized a G. A. R. Post which was the first fraternal organized society in the county, they named it Zach Chandler Post. As they proved up on their land they disappeared until there were only a few left. We give a list of those our informant can remember: J. W. Kenagy, John Williams, John Dunmeier, W. A. Piper, A. T. Wiles, H. Lewis, A. W. Clyde, Jim Briggs, Wellington Morlott, Alansan Richards, George Lawrence, Theodore Castor, R. A. Larimer, Col. Stone, Mr. Potter, William Dewalt, Ed Lunn, J. M. Hanson, John Ogden, E. T. Cottrell, John Rothrock, T. J. Lamunyon, Martin Whipple, Louis Beadle, A. B. Howk, Sam Anderson, S. T. Miles, George H. Fay, Henry Clows and M. H. Young.


The McIntosh County Fair Association was organized June 14, 1927 with H. L. Woll as President, J. W. Meidinger, Vice President and Wm. B. Maercklein, Secretary. The following year an September 20, 21 and 22 the first McIntosh County fair was held. Exhibits of fancy work, baked goods, canned products, fruits, vegetables, grain, poultry and live stock were brought in from all parts of the county. These were on display in the City Hall and other vacant buildings in Ashley. The fair was considered a great success but the sponsors realized that suitable grounds and buildings must be secured if succeeding fairs were to be conducted. In 1929, the association purchased from the State School Land Department the South East Quarter of Section 36, Township 130, Range 70 for the sum of $4,500.00. Stock was sold to 160 interested citizens and plans made to improve the property which has henceforth been known as the Fair Grounds.

Fencing was erected in the fall of 1929 and buildings planned. In 1930, the Ashley Womans Club donated $50.09 for Fair Ground building improvements. The main exhibit hall, 30 x 80 feet, was erected in 1931 and the following year a live stock shed 20 x 72 feet was constructed. In 1934, through a Federal Works Administration project the midway was graveled at the Fair Grounds. Further co-operation with the F. W.


A. secured the construction of a municipal air port on the west portion of the grounds and a modern golf course on the south 80 acres across the tracks.

Fairs were held each year with a carnival company and good free acts to furnish entertainment. Cash prizes were awarded for best exhibits, the years when financial circumstances permitted. Other years lettered ribbons were awarded to winners.

The banner year for attendance was in 1936 when the fair was held July 2, 3, 4, and a car was given away at the close of the last day of the celebration.

Due to drouth no exhibits were available for 1937 and the fair was dispensed with that year.

The present officers are: H. J. Schulz, President, Ed Blumhardt, Vice President, E. H. Maercklein, Secretary and J. W. Meidinger, Treasurer.


The early postoffices of Hoskins and Ashley, including rural offices served by them are as follows:

Hoskins: George W. Abbott, first postmaster appointed August 1, 1884; George W. Stone, appointed Feb. 13, 1886; Thomas J. Lamunyon, appointed May 21, 1887.

Ashley: Thomas J. Lamunyon, appointed May 4, 1888; William G. Lawhead, appointed November 1, 1888; John C. Williams, appointed November 2, 1889; Isaac C. A. Thorn, appointed April 25, 1893; Thomas S. Johnstone, appointed September 28, 1901; Robert C. Miles, appointed February 23, 1911; James N. McGogy, appointed December 16, 1915; Mrs. Mildred B. Johnson, (present encumbant) appointed March 28, 1933.

Coldwater: Charles V. Basye, appointed August 21, 1884; Selmer J. Kabrud, appointed July 15, 1912; Christopher R. Weisz, appointed May 22, 1914; Jacob Kosel, appointed February 26, 1918; Discontinued May 15, 1918. Re-established April 19, 1923. Jacob R. Ley, appointed April 19, 1923; Discontinued December 31, 1924.

Lowell: Joseph Beveridge, appointed June 30, 1890; Elvin E. Amburn, appointed September 17, 1902; Anna L. Amburn, appointed February 23, 1915; Ernest A. Amburn, appointed May 13, 1922. Discontinued April 30, 1926.

Rural Routes

Route No. 1, established effective February 1, 1912, to be operated 3 times a week. First carrier Virgil S. Collins, appointed February 1, 1912. Resigned December 31, 1925. Joseph F. Vanorney, appointed temporary carrier January 2, 1926, discontinued August 7,1926. Reinhold Weber, appointed regular carrier August 9, 1926, still serving.

Route No. 2, established July 1, 1926, to be operated 3 times a week. First carrier Joseph F. Vanorney, temporary carrier, served this route in conjunction with Route No. 1 until the appointment of Reinhold Weber, regular carrier, effective Aug. 9, 1926, who was assigned to both routes. Service made daily on both routes effective July 1, 1929, and Reinhold Weber was assigned to Route No. 1 only. Joseph Vanorney, served as Temporary carrier on Route No. 2 from July 1, 1929, to November 16, 1929, when his services were discontinued and Enoch Wahl appointed regular carrier, effective November 18, 1929, and still serving.


Ashley has been represented by strong independent basket ball teams during the past twenty years. Not much of a record is available of the first teams, but in 1926 an independent team was organized and called themselves the Saints. New uniforms were purchased, some of them still in use today. The following


players were members of this organization: A. C. Van Wyke, Abie Hess, Albert Lippert, Adolph Thurn, Adam Walker, Ellis Johnstone and Ed Doerr.

Perhaps the strongest teams were in the years of 1933 and 1934. In 1933 the Saints accompanied by band director Ray Lewis went to Napoleon to take part in the Lions International Basketball Tournament. Eight teams were represented. The Saints won over the Napoleon team in the final game 41 to 17. Five of the Ashley players were placed on the first two all tournament teams, namely:

Walter Doerr, H. Becker and Ed. Doerr on the first team, and Howard Forrest and A. Kempf on the second team.

In 1934 the Saints won the Gold Medal Tournament held at Wishek by defeating Wishek 48 to 24 in the final game. Walter Doerr was selected as the outstanding player of the tournament. During these two years the scoring combination of Walter Doerr and Howard Forrest proved too strong for the opposition.

During the 1935-1936 season the Saints were not represented by a team. In 1937 another team representing Ashley, after winning the first game against Lehr, were unable to annex more victories.

Some of the other players who have played on the independent team are: Andy Kessel, Wm. Thurn, Willie Doerr, G. Cowan, Henry Ruemmele, Albert Buchholz, Gottlieb Thurn, Russel Vanourny, G. Wolf, "Sonny" Marek, Rudy Spitzer, John Doerr, Henry Doerr and Walter Bauer.


One of the greatest character building organizations for boys came into being when Ashley youths become members of Ashley Boy Scout Troop No. 16.

This was organized in 1924 by W. L. Johnson who served the following six years as an efficient Scoutmaster. Mr. Johnson had a growing son and thought this organization would be a fine thing for the boy as well as other Ashley boys. He talked Boy Scouting with much enthusiasm to any and all who would listen and finally had enough interested to sponsor the organization. Upon receiving the membership blanks stating the requirements he found that his son was too young, by two years for membership. He proceeded with the work however and soon hod a lively group of boys working to pass tests for advancement in rank.

The usual day hikes over night outings and week long camping trips throughout the six years will long be remembered by the boys who were Scouts. The camp at Green Lake one year and another year at Red Lake, with H. M. Larimer as camp chef were perhaps the most interesting. Many advanced in rank during these periods as a study hour was a part of the camping program. Nature study had its part and likewise games, teaching good sportsmanship and providing healthful exercise.

An annual custom of the Ashley Scouts was the gift of a Thanksgiving dinner to some worthy family. One winter a family was provided with fuel for several months.

The years 1928 and 1929 were very active ones for both troop members and leaders. A full troop membership of 32 was maintained with a waiting list. One might say that scouting was at "white heat" throughout these two years. The whole town was scout conscious.

On February 6, 1928, the local scout Council gave Scoutmaster Johnson an order for immediate mobilization of the troop. Through assistant Scoutmaster Piper and Senior patrol leader Richard Lynn the call for mobilization was spread. Just thirty minutes from the time the order was issued the full troop and leaders marched into the City Hall. Here they found Mayor Schaber awaiting their coming. He congratulated them upon their promptness in complying with the order received and requested that a complete census of the entire City be made as soon as convenient. February 8 th a complete report was submitted showing 259 male adults, 281 female adults, 199 male children and 188 female children a total population of 927. This taking of the census was considered quite a task as all the boys were attending school at that time.


Mothers will no doubt recall the 14 mile hikes and the 50 mile bike journeys. Anxious hours were spent awaiting the return of the venturous scouts and upon his arrival it was amazing the almost unbelievable amount of food he could consume. Good, clean, healthy occupation for active growing boys.

Mr. H. D. Piper assisted very materially as assistant Scout Master for several years. One winter in particular both the Piper and Johnson homes were "infested" with boys coming in to take tests, ask questions or just to visit a bit with their leaders. The Scoutmaster's den with its many pictures, curios and relics was ever a source of pleasure and almost amazement to some of the younger boys. H. L. Woll and Dr. E. H. Maercklein were much interested and assisted in giving some of the tests.

Parties with teen age girls as their guests, were often held at the Scoutmaster's home. One party in particular followed the announcement that on a certain date all Second Class Scouts would be entertained. Such a spurt of studying to pass tests and qualify.

The first two boys passing the tests required to become First Class Scouts were Richard Lynn, now of St. Paul, Minn., and Clair Johnson, now of Salt Lake City, Utah. Their final test was sending messages with flags and much wig-wagging practice preceded the examination.

Every Memorial day the scouts appeared in uniform and assisted with the ceremonies at both cemeteries.

Many were the daily good turns as the scouts tried to live up to their scout oath and scout laws. Meetings were held regularly each week in the Ashley State Bank recreation room. The weekly repeating of "Upon My Honor, etc." has no doubt left its influence and made of each boy a better man than he would have been without this experience.

After six years of ups and downs as Scoutmaster, having instructed a large group of boys, Mr. Johnson was unable to continue in the work. No other Scoutmaster was secured and thus a worthy organization failed to carry on.

A complete membership list is not a hand, but the following boys are known to have belonged to the troop: Walter Bauer, Theodore Bertsch, Alvin Bietz, Chester Billigmeier, Theophil Billigmeier, Albert Buchholz, Ross Colberg, Lester Eisenbeis, Roland Eisenbeis, Donald Gloege, Jacob Gruebele, George Heinrich, Albert Hildenbrand, Edgar Hildenbrand, William Hildenbrand, Arthur Hoffman, Reuben Hoffman, Clair Johnson, Leslie Johnstone, Russell Johnstone, Mike Kelber, Sam Kelber, Adolph Kempf, Ishmael Kempf, Milton Klaudt, Donald Klauss, Alvin Lippert, Floyd Luce, James Luce, Andrew Lynn, Richard Lynn, Edward Mattison, Clifford Meidinger, Ervin Meidinger, Elmer Merkel, Herbert Merkel, Emil Moench, Herbert Moench, Fred Pfeifle, Ellis Pudwill, Wilbur Pudwill, Maurice Rudow, Mervin Rudow, Albert Ruemmele, Henry Ruemmele, Harold Spitzer, Warner Sprattler, Irvin Straub, Oscar Stube, Russell Vanorny, Oliver Walker, Albert Weber, Harold Weber, Leo Leber, Walter Weber, David Weiss.


Ashley Camp No. 5014 was chartered September 14, 1897, with fifteen names on the charter list. Isaac C. A. Thorn, was elected first Consul, and Christ Albright as Secretary. In addition to these two officers, other names on the charter list were: Edwin M. Ball; A. Enderson, Wm. J. Flocken, William Hawes, R. Johnstone, Martin Lund, George Mayer, A. H. McMillin, F. W. Schnabel, George C. Wiles, John H. Wishek, W. S. Beveridge and Johannes Geiszler.

Camp 5014 was among the first instituted in this section of the country. The society itself was founded January 5, 1883, at Lyons, Clinton County, Iowa, and was but nine years old when the local unit was organized. Many changes have taken place since its organization and great progress has been shown by the Society. For the first few years, the Modern Woodmen operated as an assessment society, merely sufficient funds being paid into the mortuary funds to offset the death losses. Since that time it has placed itself on an adequate rate system, and the contracts of insurance it now issues are on a legal reserve basis. However, the fraternal principals and the lodge system under which it operates are still intact in more than 10,500 similar camps throughout the United States and four provinces of Canada.


Camp 5014, of which Max Kelber is the present secretary, has always adhered to the fraternal principals of the parent organization. It has taken an active part in contributing toward the relief funds of the Society and towards helping members, called "neighbors", who are in distress.

Since its organization, six members of the Camp have passed away and death benefits totaling $10,000 have been paid to their beneficiaries. The deceased members and the dates of their passing are as follows: Sidney M. Collins, April 16, 1913; Thomas S. Johnstone, July 21, 1922; John H. Wishek, January 13, 1932; Robert Fleming, September 8, 1932; Francis X. Junge, August 2, 1933; Lewis P. Johnson, October 20, 1933.


On September 13, 1917, the McIntosh County Chapter of the American Red Cross was organized with the following officers: Franz Shubeck, Chairman; T. S. Johnstone, Vice Chairman; Lewis P. Johnson, Treasurer, and Mrs. J. M. Hammond, Secretary.

In March 28, 1918, Mr. Lewis P. Johnson resigned as Treasurer, and Martin J. Ruemmele was appointed to take his place.

During the years 1917 and 1918, the County Chapter presented those who entered Military Service in the World War with comfort kits, they also contributed considerable clothing and bedding and money.

Franz Shubeck has the distinction of holding the only paid up Life Membership in the County Chapter, he having donated the sum of $50.00 about May 10, 1918.

The allotment for McIntosh County in the 1918 Red Cross Drive was set at $5500.00. Under the able leadership of Martin J. Ruemmele, Roll Call Chairman, the amount was oversubscribed, the drive netting $5800.00.

During the epidemic of Influenza in the fall of 1918, it was necessary to establish a hospital and the Red Cross was called on to furnish supplies. Dr. C. C. Campbell of the Board of Health and Miss Hulda Stenicker a registered nurse were in charge.

Among those who have been Chairman of the organization are: W. A. Hite, C. C. Campbell, E. E. Gloege, J. C. Goll, A. W. Meidinger. Vice Chairmen have been J. N. McGogy, Jacob Meidinger, Otto F. Hinz. Those serving as Secretary have been H. D. Piper, I. A. Mackoff, Otto F. Hinz, Paul J. Wishek and F. F. Bender.

Treasurers have been M. J. Ruemmele Lewis P. Johnson and G. A. Bietz. Those serving as Directors during the past are Hugo P. Remington, J. N. McGogy, George A. Boschma, G. A. Bietz, John J. Doyle, J. C. Goll, Adam J. Hezel, O. F. Hinz, Ed. Doerr, A. W. Meidinger and Paul J. Wishek.

Considerable work was done during 1937 getting donations of moneys, clothing etc., for the flood disaster in the eastern states. The McIntosh County Chapter sent to National Headquarter $481.33 in addition to a large amount of clothing.

In the fall of 1937, the officers attended the state meeting at Fargo, N. D., being the first time that the Board of the McIntosh County Chapter ever attended.


No history of McIntosh County would be complete without mention of the attorneys who hove practiced law in the county.

The first attorney in Hoskins, and a man who played a major role in the history of the county, was the late J. H. Wishek, who arrived at Hoskins in 1884. He served as States Attorney of the county without pay, for about three years, at the same time he held the office of Register of Deeds, for which he drew pay. He continued in the practice of law, although not always active, until his death in 1932.


Another pioneer lawyer was George H. Fay, who was states attorney in the years 1887-1890. He was prominent in State affairs and a man of considerable ability. He was a member of the Constitutional Convention.

According to records at the Court House other early day practitioners were W. W. Nutting and H. R. Knight, about whom little can be found. They evidently were not here very long.

One of the outstanding pioneer lawyers was A. W. Clyde, who served as states attorney for 14 years. He was identified with nearly all of the legal work in the early days, and practiced actively until his death in 1910.

Arthur P. Guy was another pioneer lawyer and while he had his office at Wishek, N. D., he deserves mention as he was a frequent Ashley visitor. He was a partner of J. H. Wishek, and helped organize the First State Bank, Wishek, N. D. He is now located at Oakes, N. D., and is still active in the practice of his profession.

Other attorneys who practiced law in the county and lived at Wishek, besides Mr. Guy, were Harvey Platt and O. G. Abern.

The other attorneys who practiced at Ashley are nearly all well within the memory of the present generation. The dean of the Ashley and McIntosh County bar is Franz Shubeck, who came to Ashley in the year 1907. He has been engaged in the active practice of law ever since, and played an important part in the development of the City and County. He was states attorney for eight years.

An outstanding lawyer of Ashley was G. M. Gannon, who served eight years as McIntosh County States Attorney. He came to Ashley in 1903, and enjoyed a lucrative practice. He is now in active practice in Hollywood, California.

In about 1903, R. R. Hedtke came to Ashley, he also acted as states attorney.

Other attorneys who were here for short times are: A. Leslie, now of Forman, N.D., here about 1906. J. A. McKee, now of Oakes, practiced here about 1907.

A well known attorney who practiced here from about 1908 to 1920 is Hugo P. Remington, who is now practicing at Lisbon, N. D. He is frequently seen at recent terms of court in McIntosh County. Mr. Remington served as states attorney in the years 1917-18.

Mr. A. A. Ludwigs practiced here many years and is now located at Lodi, California, where he enjoys a profitable practice. He served as states attorney for four years. Others who practiced here for short periods of time, either alone or in association with longer established lawyers, are: A. H . Hasche, with G. M. Gannon about 1912; G. A. Rice with Mr. Gannon about 1913; George Purchase with J. H. Wishek about 1918. Melvin George who practiced here about 1917 and who later had associated with him John Rohwedder, now of Minneapolis, Minn. Otto F. Grimm was associated for a short time with J. H. Wishek. Herbert Drews, a local man, practiced at Ashley for a short time about 1920. He is now in the practice in Minneapolis, Minn. James Keeley was associated with A. A. Ludwigs about 1925.

I. A. Mackoff has practiced at Ashley since about 1917 and next to FranzShubeck is the oldest attorney in the practice in the County. Max A. Wishek, a local man, has practiced since 1924 and has served six years as States Attorney of the county. A. O. Ginnow, serving his first term as States Attorney, has practiced here since 1931. Bernard Kelber, also a local man, commenced the practice of law at Ashley in 1933. Homer C. Wishek who practiced for a number of years in California, came to Ashley in 1935 and practices in partnership with his brother Max A. Wishek.

Other attorneys, natives of McIntosh County are Russel R. Johnstone of Venturia, N. D., who is now located at Grand Forks, N. D., where he practices and Theodore Kessel of Ashley, N. D., now practicing at Kulm, N. D.

Herbert Drews, Max A. Wishek, Bernard Kelber, Homer Wishek, Russel Johnstone and Theodore Kessel are all graduates of the Ashley High School.

The lawyers have, generally speaking, played a leading part in the history and development of the county.



Early records of the Commercial Club do not seem to be available and about all we know of the early history is that it was established about 1908 or 1909, and that one of the leaders was John D. Lammle (deceased).

In the early days of the club's history there were no graded roads and the club was very active in sponsoring the building of highways, and the earliest records available dating back to 1927 show the club active in sponsoring a road building program and especially the road leading south from what is known as "Wallaces Corner." In the same year through their efforts flags were purchased by business places to be displayed in front of their stores.

Other projects sponsored by them either in whole or in part are McIntosh County Fair; Purchase of Fair Grounds; Tree planting and City Park; Highway around east side of Lake Hoskins; Lake Hoskins Dam; Graveling Highway No. 11; Golf Course; Ashley Relay; Wild Life, Fish and Game propagation and conservation; 4-H Club; and Junior Weekly Club.

Among those who hove held the office of President in this organization are A. W. Meidinger, Paul J. Wishek, M. J. Kempf, J. A. Meidinger, J. C. Goll and R. G. Mensing. Some of the Vice Presidents are J. N. McGogy, R. R. Spitzer, Henry Huether, Jr., Albert Lippert, Adolf Thurn, Ed. Doerr and Bernard Kelber. A few of those who have acted as Secretary are Albert Lippert, N. Auerbach, E. J. Schaeffer, A. H. Kessel, M. J. Kempf, Paul J. Wishek and F. F. Bender.

Treasurers have been Albert Lippert, Wm. A. Hite, Gust Brosz and Adolf Thurn.


Ashley Lodge No.115 I. O. O. F., one of the city's pioneer fraternal organizations, was organized August 15, 1907, and had the following charter members: W. J. Forrest, N. P. J. Nielsen, H. D. Piper, R. C. Miles, P. T. Kretschmar, LaMotte Miles, M. A. Godfrey and Arthur J. Ames. On the night of organization thirty six members were initiated and taken into the order, and since the time of organization the lodge has continued to function. A number of the members have passed on during the 30 years the lodge has functioned in Ashley. Six of the members will soon be eligible for Veterans Jewels.

Notably among the members of the lodge was W. A. Hite (now deceased) who became Grand Master of the order for the state of North Dakota in 1927.

The following are past Noble Grands of Ashley lodge: Arthur J. Ames, R. C. Miles, P. T. Kretschmar, LaMotte Miles, M. A. Godfrey, W. A. Hite, Theodore Heinrich, W. J. Briggs, Franz Shubeck, W. L. Johnson, Christ Weber, J. C. Goll, M. J. Ruemmele, H. R. Graham, E. M. Harrison, J. N. McGogy, H. M. Larimer, H. P. Remington, H. H. Drews, L. Rubin, J. G. Williams, William Albrecht, W. J. Pudwill, F. H. Eisenbeis, H. D. Piper, F. J. Ruemmele, W. J. Kinne, J. W. Meidinger, W. B. Maercklein, Otto Miller, J. F. McGoon, David Klauss, Noah Dorfman, and R. G. Mensing.

Present officers are Fred Breitmeyer, N. G., Otto Miller, V. G., J. N. McGogy, Recording Sec'y., David Klaus, Financial Secretary, and Noah Dorfman, Treasurer.

The lodge is active and holds meetings every Monday night.


Among the Civic Organizations of Ashley is the Lions Club organized the fore part of 1938 with 27 charter members. Due to the club still being in its infancy little business has been taken up. Meetings are held regularly every second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Meetings begin promptly at 6:15 P. M. with a luncheon, and close at 7:30. One of the clubs aims is to take an active interest in the civic,


commercial, social and moral welfare of the community and to provide a forum for the full and free discussion of all matters of public interest, excepting politics and religion.

Officers of the club are as follows: R. G. Mensing, President; Dr. Leo Cohen, First Vice President; Dr. E. H. Maercklein, Second Vice President; Ed. Doerr, Secretary and Treasurer; Max A. Wishek, Lion Tamer; Gottlieb Klipfel, Tail Twister; Adolph Thurn, Mike Kelber, Ed. P. Treick and Adam Reich, Directors.

LION'S CLUB. Back row, left to right: John Meidinger; Henry Schulz; Arthur Schlenker; Ben Ulberg; Claude Mensing.---Second row from back, left to right: Mike Kelber; Andy Sackman; Bernard Kelber; Robert Adam; m; John McPherson.---Third row from back, left to right: Adolph Thurn; Adam Reich; Wilbur Johnson; Walt Schmidt; Albert Lippert.---Fourth row from back, left to right: Ed Rau; Walter Froh; Gottlieb Schock; Reinhold Schaber, Jr.; Homer Wishek.---Front row, left to right: Max Wishek; Leo Cohen; Robert Mensing; Edwin Maerklein; Ed. Doerr; G. Klipfel.


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