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Shaun Bloom Fri Oct 25 21:14:39 1996
I am looking for children of Clara Erickson in Cass County, ND. Any information about the children (birthdate, name, father, etc.) would be helpful and appreciated.
John F. Kehring Thu Oct 31 10:11:52 1996
I'm looking for information on my mom; Myrtle Gertrude Ryan, born in Melville (McVille?), North Dakota on MaY 6, 1909. Like were there any siblings born there, where did her mom & dad live, work, own, etc. I am also looking for any information on Philip Sheridan Hadley born in 1889 in Fargo North Dakota. Thanks a lot for your help.
John F. Kehring, Yuma, Arizona
Are S. Gustavsen Fri, 15 Nov 1996 03:47:51
My great-great-grandfather Martin Gustavsen (born 1866), went to the US leaving Norway May 13th 1887 on the liner "Rollo". The "Christiania" (Oslo from 1925) Police-chamber Emmigrant Protocol lists that he was destined for Kindred in North Dakota. Martin was back in the old country app. 1890.

The question is whether his 3 year old brother Anders Gustavsen (born 1863), who emmigrated to the US in 1886 (one year before Martin), settled down in Kindred ????

They were both glassworkers. Was there perhaps a glass factory close to Kindred in North Dakota in the late 1880s beginning of the 1890s ????

I hope you are able to help me get in contact with genealogists, organizations or archives that might assist in solving this problem.

If any of the connected genealogists in North Dakota needs support in their research on norwegian immigrants I will be most happy to either help personally; or foreward their possible requests to someone that can be of assistance.

Leslie Barker Thomas Sat Dec 21 20:06:00 1996
Looking for information on JOHN & EMMA L. NUDELL (died 1969 City of Buffalo, in Cass County), children DONAL R. NUDELL, ALBA L. NUDELL CLANCY, DONNA NUDELL MAGNAN, DENNIS JOHN NUDELL (1924-1961) - father of ERIC MARK NUDELL. Trying to locate information for family tree for my half brother (Eric).
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