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Cindy Tofthagen Fri Jan 2 03:56:48 1998
I am would like to here from anyone knowing any history on this name. My husband's great grandfather,Ole Toftehagen, was born in Oslo, Norway in 1885 and we believe immigrated to the U.S. in 1904, settling in North Dakota.
Einar Hanson Jr Sun Jan 4 09:08:22 1998
Looking for info on my father, born in Fingal, 1916 or 1917. Raised by people named HANSON, believed to be adopted (legal or otherwise). Mother's name may have been Sellers or cellars. Only onfo retrieved so far is from a Lutheran church in or near Fing al. Have other dates and bits and pieces but nothing is reliable. Any help appreciated.
Sue Heaton Cooper Tue Jan 6 17:52:13 1998
Actively researching ancestors/descendants or siblings of Arthur G. & Hazel McLean Ferguson Lattin, Walter & Rose Kemmer Heaton, these families were all homesteading families of the Dakota Territory. Marx Kemmer worked for the Fargo Park Board for 20+ years from approxmately 1915-1935 until his death. Arthur Lattin was an "Ice man" in Fargo, ND early 1900's to 1920's and also farmed in Adams, Walsh County, ND The Heaton family homesteaded (as well as the Kemmer) in the Lisbon/Anselm area of Ransom County, ND any info please contact me Sue Heaton Cooper mn1native@aol.com
PATRICIA JODOIN Thu Jan 8 14:29:13 1998
LookiNG for my father's family. My FatheR WaS PeTeR. He WaS BoRn in WiLtoN 7/4/1914. HiS PaRentS WeRe JoHn and Ana. He atteNDeD SCHooL in WILton. FaMiLY MaY HaVe MoVeD to FArGo aRoUnD Late 1930. He HaD 2 BroTHERS JoHn & PaUL.

JoHN may have been the eldest. No family as far as I know. He May Have DieD in a VA HoSPital in ND.
PaUL may have been the yoUNGeST, I thiNK he May HaVe BeeN in the ARMY? He may HaVe MoVed to AZ SHoRtLY after WW11, MarrIeD and HaD 1 CHILD. He DieD in tHe LaTe 40'S. Two SiSTeRS, Marie / Mary? I have no inFo on her. ChriStiNe / ChRiStiNA married Peter MARTIN. His FaTHeR JoHN DieD LaTe 1920'S eaRLY 1930'S He may have WorKeD in the coal MineS. The FaMiLy had strong ties in WiLtoN, FarGo, BiSMarK and Near BY MooReHeaD. My Dad ReLoCateD to my Mom's Home in WoRCeSTeR MA. in 1946. We then Moved on to CuMBerLaND RI in 1965. My FatheR's last KNoWN aDDReSS in ND was 22 North TWeLFth St. in FaRGo. I tHiNK he may HaVe been LiVinG With his sister ChRIStIne. CHRiStine had two sons RiChard & RoBert. THeY'd be in tHeir late 50's earLY 60's.

My Dads SS# was ISSueD in ND before 1937. We thiNK tHiS is when he made a naME CHanGe and the rest HaD left it aLone. I'm FaiRLY SuRe his lastname started with a K. I'm hoping SoMEoNEe, KnoWInG ManY WeRe oF GER/RUSS desCenT, CouLD CoMe UP WitH naMe SuGGeStionS. The FaMiLY was CatHoLiC so naMeS of CHuRCHes, funeral HoMeS and CeMeteRieS CouLd HeLP.

Amanda Anderson Wed Jan 14 12:21:53 1998
I am looking for information on Grover Anderson and Trevora Lillian Tercott. I am not sure if this is the correct spelling of Tercott. They had two children, Kathy, who lives in Florida and Patrick, who is now about 47 years old. I am looking for marriage and death certificates for Grover and Trevora. They would have been married in the 30's or 40's and Trevora died sometime in late 50's or early 60's. Grover died late 70's or early 80's. I am also interested in contacting any relatives of theirs. My father Patrick, was placed in foster care in the 50's after Grover and Trevora divorced, Trevora may have been committed to a psychiatric hospital in Jamestown in the 50's. I would appreciate any information you can find, they both lived in Fargo, ND.
Heather Ibbotson Sat Jan 17 14:41:15 1998
Seeking family of Thomas LINDSAY and Matilda REMINGTON who moved to area of Wheatland, N.D. from Kincardine Township, Bruce County, Ontario circa 1880. Thomas b. 1848, Ontario. Matilda b.c.1855, Ontario. Children: Wilford, George, Frank and Clara.
Jerry Knudson Tue Jan 27 22:06:23 1998
I am looking for information on Louise BELLIN, b. 1872 in Wisconson, died in 1947 or 48 in Page ND Married Henry F LINDEMAN b. 1867, d. 1936 Cass Co. She had a brother Henry A. BELLIN b. 1876 also in Wisconson died in 1965? in Cass Co. Married to Minni L. ??? from Minnisota probably around 1905. Found all these people on 1920 census, but cannot find any further info on them. If you have seen any of these people in your travels thru history, any information would be very appreciated.
Budd Sweet-Warren Sat Feb 7 19:33:22 1998
Searching for any information on the SWEET family while they lived in Fargo area between 1870-1890. George W. Sweet was a lawyer in the area in that time. Three of his children were married while they lived there and I'm not sure where to check for any records - church, newspapers, etc. His wife's name is Eliza V. Sweet. Their children are David O., Cora E., Lizzie O., and Gertrude "Kitty". They were Episcopalians. David O. Sweet married possibly twice in the area (1)Norah (2)Nannie. Cora E. married Wm A. HOLLENBECK; Lizzie O. married Wm E. SAVAGE; and Gertrude "Kitty" married John James COLEMAN. Any help locating any info is very much appreciated.
Joyce McCool Sun Feb 8 14:13:11 1998
Searching for people named MILLER (no first names known) who lived in Fargo about 1917-1918 and had a daughter named Virginia Mae born May 2, 1918 in Fargo, Cass Co., North Dakota. Father was from Norway. Parents died shortly after baby was born and child was adopted at age 11 months by William and Bessie Bilquist who lived in Williston, Williams Co., North Dakota. Please help me locate elderly ladys real parents.
If someone is willing to search court records and death records for Fargo e-mail me.
Armer V. Souther Fri Feb 13 11:18:39 1998
The daughter of Robert Morris SIMMONS and Maria Antoinette,{ nee - RUSSELL} married Chester Arthur CHAPIN in 1905. They lived in the general area till 1923 when they divorced and both moved to California. The rest of the families remained.
Robert Raven Mon Feb 16 03:09:48 1998
I am looking for Charles A. SPINK and family. His decendants, cousins or whatever. Where did he live in Cass County, what was occupation. I know his relatives are in Wisconsin.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, Robert Raven
Liz France Fri Feb 27 20:43:18 1998
Would appreciate any information on Roy Franklin FRANCE born in Fargo, Cass Co. ND (Dakota Territory, circa 1885). Thank you.
Sue Wed Mar 4 17:54:09 1998
Looking for any info on Charles SPINK (B. 1854) who was married to Mary SMYDTH. They farmed on a large scale near Tower City. They had a son John who married Ida GREGORY. John moved to Minnesota in 1938. Any info on any of these families would greatly be appreciated. Thanks
Glenda Jo Maynard Thu Mar 5 22:10:48 1998
Both great grandparents lived in Cass County. Seeking infor on PETER AND BETSY PETERSON'S daughter (only listed as a Mrs. FRANK BERGSTROM living in Evansville, MN in 1928) PETERSON GGParents buried in Old Soldier's Cemetary in Lisbon, ND> Peter and Betsy PETERSON were from Norway. Peter was in the Civil War and after 1864 moved to Cass County and farmed. Seeking anyone who has family lines..seeking daughter's first name. They also had sons, Peter O., John and Christ. Seeking marriage info on Peter O.PETERSON, the son, WHO MAY HAVE HAD 4 OR 5 DAUGHTERS. PETER O. PETERSON was born in 1868 (died 1945) to Peter and Betsy PETERSON AND I do not know the birth date of John. Christ born in 11/301870-1932. Is there anyone out there who has these family lines? Many are now in MI, but seeking THE PETERSON SISTERS/BROTHER INFORMATION.,.
Glenda Jo Maynard Thu Mar 5 22:21:37 1998
OLE BAKKEN LATER KNOWN AS OLE ANDERSON married RACHEL OLESON/OLSON ( dnk if married in USA or orway., and came to Cass county in 1872 and farmed in or about 1877. Seeking maririage infor on OLE AND RACHEL (1877). They had 4 children, Otto, Cora and Inga, and Abbie.. Seeking birth dates of ANDERSON chiildren of of OTTO, CORA (|Mrs,. Robert Zick) and INGA (Mrs,. James Scilley) AND their children. Do any of these family line match anyone else searching...possibly Fargo, Chaffey, Enderline, ND areas or Moorehead, MN? ALSO SEEKING OLESON/OLSON INFO ON ABOVE.
Jim Johnson Fri Mar 6 14:36:57 1998
FRETLAND - PETERSON; Hans Johnson FRETLAND, born 17 Dec 1857, Sogn, Norway; died 10 Jul 1926, St. Lukes Hospital, Fargo, Cass County, ND. Seek exchange of genealogical data on ancestors, siblings and descendants.
Jim Johnson, jimjoyce1@juno.com
Carol Kaastad Sat Mar 7 15:10:49 1998
We are interested in photos of the 1957 tornadoe in Cass County. My grandparents, Andrew and Frieda Kaastad lived in Golden-Ridge area which was the hardest hit. Thank you in advance.
Donna Mon Mar 9 20:18:25 1998
Looking for any information on a Sam or Samual SHACKEL, who marrie Hulda Willemena ENGLER. They made their home in Casselton, ND. He was killed in a train accident sometime around 1925 to 1928 in Casselton. They had six children: Lester, Edward, Walter, Dorothy, Edythe, Ethel.
Jim Johnson Sat Mar 14 13:19:17 1998
Arthur john FRETLAND, born 13 Nov 1891, Buffalo, Cass County, North Dakota; died 2 Aug 1949, Madison, Dane County, Wisconsin; married 15 Oct 1917, Glenwood, Pope County, Minnesota, Olive Inanda OFSTHUN, b 13 Jan 1890, Glenwood, Pope County, Minnesota.
Seek exchange of genealogical data on ancestors, siblings and descendants.
Sue Heaton Cooper Wed Mar 18 17:57:48 1998
Looking for info on parents of Maude & Cora Bartly - born 1882 & 1885 in Mapleton/Fargo area. Raised by Mary Thompson & Marx Kemmer - Maude married a Henry Severson and moved to Eatonville, WA - looking for exchange of information. Sue Heaton Cooper
Sue Heaton Cooper Wed Mar 18 18:02:16 1998
looking for exchange of information on the Heaton families of Thomas/Robert& Alice/James/Ralph/Harry - 1900 - ??? Sue Heaton Cooper
TLC Sat Mar 21 10:08:42 1998
William Kaltenbach was born in Menominee MI on 6/4/1894 and died in Fargo on 2/7/1963. I am interested in learning anything I can. He was an enigma in my mother's family.
Walter Omoth Mon Mar 30 19:53:45 1998
I am looking for information pertaining to my grandfather, Tiolai Marius OMOTH. He was apparently born at or near Fargo, North Dakota in 1879/1880. My great grandfather was Halvor OMOTH and his wife was Berthe. Other children in their family were Carl, Albert,and Caroline. The family later emigrated to Canada in Nov/1902.
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