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David McGuigan Sun Jan 5 12:51:46 1997
My grandfather, Hugh Alister McGuigan, emmigrated from Lisnoe, Co. Down, Ireland in 1892 to his brother's, William McGuigan, farm outside of Casselton, ND. I am looking for information on any McGuigan's from the Casselton and Fargo areas from the late 1800's to early 1900's.

Bob B. Sun Jan 12 23:52:43 1997
LAMM - I am looking for info on the LAMM family who emmigrated from GER 1890-1895 and settled near Fargo. They were wheat farmers and Catholics. I have no given names, except for 4 children: Joseph, Lena, Rose and Mary. Any and all leads greatly appreciated.
Richard Schulze Sun Jan 12 12:36:15 1997
I am currently researching the Thomas MONILAWS family in Cass Co., N.D. I have also contacted several of the MONILAWS family members that still reside there. This family emmigrated from Ontario, Canada in the 1870's. If anyone is looking for info regarding this family
Richard William Schulze
153 Sandpiper Lane
Aliso Viejo, California 92656
J. Ben Tharaldson Thu Jan 16 05:51:37 1997
Looking for information on THARALDSON I believe that Tharaldson Enterprises, the motel conglomerate, is based in Fargo. I wanted to know how many of those Tharaldsons are related to me, and the other Tharaldsons from Pope County, Minnesota. Any help would be much appreciated.
Leslie Crohn Sun Jan 26 16:30:06 1997
I am trying to find out what happened to my great-grandfather after he married my great-grandmother, Tilda Engebrigtsen. I believe she changed her name to Tillie Erickson upon arrival to the United States, because she was listed as Tillie Erickson Strand on her death records. They were married on October 27, 1883, in Fargo, North Dakota. They later moved to Moorehead, Minnesota, but I cannot find any information about his death.
Jack L. Welch Tue Jan 28 08:54:26 1997
I have been doing family history research for the last several years. My maternal gr. grandparents; Anton Hanson B. 1857, possibly Oslo, Norway and Carrie (Karen)Johnson B. 6/30/1855 in Kongsvinger, Norway. With children: Tillie Hanson B. 1881, Oslo; Cynthia Hanson (my grandmother) B. 1/10/1884 Oslo; Andrew Hanson B. 7/14/1886; Charles Hanson B. 12/27/1888; Olaf Hanson B. ?, Oslo emigrated to the US in 1888 or 1889 to Fargo. They had 3 other children born in Fargo: John Hanson B. 12/19/1889; Hans Hanson B . 12/16/1896; Alfred Hanson B. 1898. Anton is listed in the Fargo, Cass Co. records as being naturalized in 1889. My research in Norway is difficult because I have no records of their parish or farm names. Any information available would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You. Jack L. Welch N. 19111 Thompson Ck. Rd. Newman Lake, Wa 99025
Nancy Nelson Mon Feb 3 17:46:09 1997
Seeking information this family and their decendants. FRANKLIN BENNETT born 6 Oct 1868 Miami Co., In the son of SAMUEL and MARY CATHERINE KUNKLE BENNETT . Married 14-Dec-1894 in Howard Co. In. to IDA MAY JACKSON. Children of FRANKLIN{FRANK} and IDA MAY JACKSON BENNETT are 1 HOMER BENNETT born 28 May 1895 In. died 28 May 1963 N. Dakota Married 23 Dec. 1916 Howard Co. In to CLARA PARKS 2MAUDE BENNETT born Oct- 1896 IN. 3..JOLLY LEE BENNETT born 18 Dec. 1897 In. died Sept 1973 Kent Washington 4..MABEL BENNETT born March 1899 IN. 5,, MADGE BENNETT born about 1903 IN. ..6 WILBUR BENNETT born about 1908 IN. 7..HAROLD J> BENNETT born about 1912 N. DAKOTA. Family members say FRANKLIN moved to N.DAKOTA years ago and hasnt been heard from since. The 1920 census of Cass Co. N. DAkota shows them there, also living with them in the 1920 census was FRANKs daughter-in law , MABEL age 18 born N. Dakota. She was possibably JOLLYs wife. Since JOLLY was in Washington, did the others follow? Please send replies to calgar@netusa1.net
Ron Sykes Thu Feb 6 23:46:54 1997
HALL - Looking for information on Clarence D. Hall and his family. Clarence bn; 1868 WI and married a Ethel ??? afte 1910. They lived in Fargo about 1900. Clarence was a conductor. He had two children Frances M bn: abt 1906 and Louise L. bn: abt 1909.
Richard Cline Sun Feb 9 20:58:06 1997
I am interested in information about anyone with the surname Roning.

Harry Huntsman Mon Feb 10 22:28:41 1997
Searching for descendants of Patrick Dowd and Mary Padden, resided in Fargo and Grand Forks at the turn of the century. Daughters, Mamie, Margaret, Sadie Nellie. Sons; James,Thomas, William, John, Edward. All deceased. Seeking progeny
Becky Pyle Tue Feb 11 00:44:38 1997
*** Taken from "Five Generations of the PYLE FAMILY"******
Steve Pyle
Born: January 2, 1860, in Ohio
Died: June, 1924
Married: 1892 to Maude Potter, who was born September, 1872 in Wisconsin. Maude passed away in April, 1910

Steve was born in Ohio, but moved to Hastings, Wisconsin, as a youngster. His mother, then his father died and he was raised by a family named Dockstader. While living in Hastings he became acquainted with a man by the name of J.B. Panchot, who later moved to North Dakota to be foreman of a farm located 8 1/2 miles north of Mapleton, North Dakota. It was this man who Steve worked for when he first came to North Dalota.

Maude was born at Prescott, Wisconsin, only a few miles from hastings. Maude's father came to North Dakota, filed a claim on land 6 1/2 miles north of Mapleton, and after building a sod house moved his family to North Dakota from Wisconsin

Steve was living only 2 miles from the Potter house. In Wisconsin, Steve and Maude lived only a few miles apart, it was not until they were living in North Dakota that they became acquainted, married and begain this portion of the Pyle family.

They had 12 children.
Guy Gordon
Lester Leroy
Noel Newton
Nellie Alice
Kenneth Keith
Stephen Sterling
Ruth Virginia
Clifford Curtis
Walter William (my late father-in law)
Dallas D.
Baby girl

I do have birthdates and some death dates and info about the children's families.
Can someone help me locate the parent's names of Steve Pyle and Maude Potter?

Jerry Austin Fri Feb 14 08:00:24 1997
Melvin HAGEN and Olrika BRUTEN emigrated from Norway probably c. 1890. Melvin's father's last name was LARSEN. Children =
Oscar b. 13 June 1893, Minot, N. Dakota
Roy Several of the family ended up in Alberta, Canada Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.
Jeanie Mon Feb 17 20:22:14 1997
JAMES FRANCIS CONNOR, Was suppose to have died in a bar fight between June 1900 and Oct. 1902. He is my Great Grandfather. He also was suppose to be an electrician for the RailRoad. Any help would be appreciated.
Jerry Tue Feb 18 11:50:56 1997
Seeking information re: Emmanuel La Valley and wife Harriett (Hattie) who had son, George La Valley, 25 Sep, 1893 in or near Sheldon, N.D. Other families related to them would be Papinear and Nadeau. Any info will be appreciated.. Thanks. Jerry
Dorothy Nash Roberts Wed Feb 19 09:52:48 1997
George Edward NASH, b. TX 1878, last wrote to his brother in 1922. He was in Fargo, working for a railroad. I haven't been able to find a trace of him since that time. Is there a soundex for the 1910 and/or 1920 ND census? Will welcome any suggestions for locating information about this "long-lost uncle".
Charles A. Evers Thu Feb 20 20:58:56 1997
Seeking information on the HECTOR and PAULSON families. Martin Hector, married Carrie Paulson and his brother Henry Hector, married Carrie's sister, Mary Paulson. Martin and Henry were Norwegian immigrants (c. 1864) and Carrie and Mary Paulson were Swedish immigrants (c. 1870)
Pauline Hallett Sat Feb 22 18:33:08 1997
Looking for LYNCH & HALLETT familes around 1902-1920.

John E. HALLETT b.abt.1835 NY
    m.1869 Wabasha Co., MN to Lizzy C. LYNCH b.abt.1847 OH
    Children (known): Halbert H. 1870 MN; Glenn E. 1873 MN; Chester P. 1875 MN; Frank Tissot 1877 MN.

Frank Tissot HALLETT b.1877 MN d.1911 Fargo, Cass Co., ND
    m.1902 to Mary Agnes FIELDS b.1875 IA d.1951 San Diego Co. CA
    Children: Frank Eugene 1902; Richard Earl 1904; Charles 1905; Frederick 1906; Margaret Ethyl 1910; Marie Elizabeth 1911.

There were some LYNCH'S there that were related to Lizzy, who were they? Lizzy's father came from Scotland her mother came from NY, they lived in OH then in MN, then to the Dakotas. Would like to hear from descendents on Lynch's, Would like information on the Hallett's and would like to hear from any descendents on Hallett's.

Yvonne Muchmore Sat Mar 1 20:14:13 1997
JOSEPH RALPH COVERT born abt. 1869 in Jefferson County, PA, son of William & Nancy Covert. Married ???? Two children born, John, 7 Aug 1899, born at??, Margaret Vivian, 8 Aug, 1902,03 at Tower City ND. I can't find birth certificates for John or Vivian, nor can I find Ralph in the 1900 census. On 8 Mar 1904 Ralph marries again to Rosalie Anna Smith at Minot ND. I presume the first wife died. Can anyone help with further suggestions on how to identify her?
Sharon Mills Mon Mar 3 14:22:21 1997
I am searching for information on my grandmother INGER WESTLAND JOHNSON. She was born 8-4-1879 in Portland, ND. I would like to know dates of birth of her father Johan Johnson and mother Anna. I have no other names or information on them except that they are buried there too. Inger married Herman Halvorson 3-28-1898 in Canby, MN. and died 12-27-57 in Fosston, Mn. Where could I write for a copy of a birth certificate for Inger? And is there an address where I could write that would give cemetary records that would show dates of birth and death for them. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
NancyTue Mar 4 09:34:17 1997
Need someone to check the death index for a death date in Fargo N Dakota, Cass Co. Franklin/Frank Bennett. He was in the 1920 census of this County and Ive lost him after that . his wife was Ida May Jackson Bennett Any help appreciated
NancyTue Mar 4 13:20:39 1997
Looking for decendents of FRANKLIN and IDA MAY JACKSON BENNETT of Fargo Cass County N D
FRANKS son HOMER E BENNETT died 28 May 1963 Fargo
FRANKS daughter MABEL BENNETT MUHS died Dec 11 1987 Fargo ND,w/o JAMES
Franks daughter MADGE BENNETT ENGVIG died Dec 1970 Minn , had lived in ND,w/o EDWIN
Barry PETERSON Fri Mar 7 11:47:15 1997
Looking for information on my grandfather: Bernard Magnus PETERSON, b: 1875 in Norway,who lived in the Fargo area in the late 1800's. Also looking for information on his parents and relatives. Fathers name: Peter MYHRE b: 1838 d: 1925, Mother: Mallie b: 1833 d: 1918, Brother Peter MYHRE also known as Ole, sister Lena MYHRE, sister Mathle MYHRE, sister Olga MYHRE b: 1861 d: 1950 who married John BERLAND. Some of their relatives should still live in the area. Thank You
Ron Sykes Fri Mar 14 07:13:02 1997
HALL-looking for information and descendants of Clarence D. HALL (bn: Nov. 1868 WI) who was listed in the Census of Cass Co., ND in 1900. He married a Ethel???(bn: ND)and was probably married in Cass Co between 1900/1910. They had Two children: Frances M. (bn: abt 1906) and Louise L.(bn: abt 1909). Ron Sykes vsykes@gte.net
Jack Murphy Sat Mar 22 20:17:41 1997
I am looking for information about FRANK BERNARD MCLESTER who worked for the Great Northern Railroad and lived in Castleton. He died in a St Paul Hospital 19 Oct 1909 and was buried a few days later in the Castleton Cemetery. I wonder if there are any records in Castleton or Fargo from the Funeral Home that served Castleton in the early 1900s. I know the family stayed in Castleton until about 1920 when they moved to Fargo. I have extensive information about descendents of FRANK BERNARD McLESTER and his wife MARION ESTER DODDS that I am willing to share including old photographs. Anyone who knows Cass County Records and can give some pointers would be most welcome. I was born and raised in Fargo - I sure don't miss the winters.
Cordially, Jack Murphy, Sumner, WA.
Robert Morton Sat Mar 22 20:45:17 1997
I was told that a Gilbert Kouf married 2nd a Hattie Frolund (married 2nd) in Moorehead in the 1920's. There is no record there. I was thinking Fargo may be the place.
Bob CoeFri Mar 28 14:57:36 1997
Vetle Knutsson Hovden, buried at Gardner, ND. Ol' Vetle is a pivotal character in our family's history. In addition to trying to find others of his descendants, beginning with his daughter Julia also of Gardner (at the turn of the century) I'm focusing on this great-grandfather. He comes from a notable Telemarken family line. I have considerable info about the old country background but little on ol' Bill.
In the Wheaton College, Illinois Annual Registry, 1894-95, it gives grandmother Rachel Hovden's name (misspelling it as Hovedon) and says she's from Trysil, N. Dak. Never heard of that name in any family history discourse. Did Trysil change it's name, get amalgamated, or what?
Joyce Coates Sun Apr 13 15:35:00 1997
Seeking information on families of SHARRATT, LARSON, and WHITE. My ggmother, Bertha Lavina SHARRATT married a Peter LARSON in Fargo ND in 1883. Believe they homesteaded at Lidgerwood. In 1895, awaiting the birth of child, they went to Oshkosh WI to be with family. Peter died in Oshkosh, shortly after birth of child, Cora May Larson. Bertha SHARRATT LARSON returned to their homestead at Lidgerwood and lived there for a number of years with the help of her brother, Charles Sharratt. She later married a Charles White, from Minneapolis. Unknown if he had North Dakota connections. Any info on these names would be most appreciate.
Also anyone who could direct me to how to find information on "homesteads". Are there records??
John F. Kehring Sat Apr 19 06:15:29 1997
Looking for any information on Philip Sheridan HADLEY and his family. He was born in Fargo in 1889 and later moved to Michigan and died in 1957. He had a brother Fred that also died in Michigan. I don't know where Fred was born. I am interested in his parents and anyone else in the family.
HGuio Sun Apr 27 14:12:50 1997
Looking for any information on George GILMORE, a pioneer of North Dakota. Moved to Grandin in 1898, then had a homestead in Maxbass in 1901. He was born in Kansas in 1871 and married Laura Huber in 1893. They had six children: Homer, Harold, William, Sylvia, Charles, Iva. Is there some kind of list of officail Pioneers or homestead papers to aquire?? Thanks for your input! Tootles for now...Heidi
John Kehring Mon Apr 28 06:29:14 1997
Looking for any information on the HADLEY family. LaFayette HADLEY and his wife lived in Fargo and had a son Philip Henry Sheridan HADLEY in 1888. There were at least 4 other children including a brother Fred. Sheridan and Fred moved to Michigan later. I was wondering where LaFayette came from and when and where he died. Also anything about his wife Katie Irene SEDGWICK.
Jerry Fri May 2 18:21:10 1997
Need cesus lookup, Cass County, 1900, 1910. Families were on farms near Sheldon, N. D.
Larry Reski Tue May 6 17:03:08 1997
Looking for any information on the Polish / Kaszubian settlers of the eastern half of Walsh County. This includes the Towns of Minto, Ardoch, Warsaw, and Grafton. More specifically I am doing research the RESZKA (Riske, Reski, Riskey, Reschke) family Also includes the LIZAKOWSKI and PASCHKE families. I have several sourses for research in Walsh county and have information on many polish families I'd be willing to share.
Kathie Bailey Fri May 30 22:45:03 1997
Searching for birth record and census information for my ggmother Eva Louellen BLOOMFIELD born in Fargo area on August 06, 1889. Married Reuben L NESTELL in about 1910.
Pat Wed Jun 4 15:00:07 1997
I am just starting research so any help would be appreciated. My dad, Helmer Elvin BJERKE was born in Fargo, N.D. on 24 July 1914 (I think). The only information I have is that his father may have been named Christ BJERKE and his mother was Julia. I also have the name of a brother, Carl Goodwin BJERKE and a sister, Minnie. Thanks.
ron stimmel Wed Jun 4 06:49:28 1997
Seeking descendants of Smith Stimmel, attorney in Fargo ca 1900. Ron Stimmel, Kettering OH.
Gary Davis Fri Jun 20 09:11:41 1997
Recent Family Mystery: Great Uncle Carlisle Davis came in the 1800's to Fargo. His grandson, Jack Gordon Davis (b. 1922) was born in Fargo but raised in Montana. Jack served in WWII in the marines and maybe in Korea and Vietnam. He died under suspicious circumstances in Texas...maybe. From family tradition, it appears that TWO bodies were sent back from Texas and buried in Riverside Cemetary. Question: are there TWO Jack G. Davises buried in Riverside? I know one is there and the reinterment was on Nov 12, 1977. The other should have occurred about 1971/3. Thank you.
Jerry Paulson Tue Jun 24 18:26:00 1997
Looking for children of CARL RAKOW and wife MARIA BLOCHER. This family lived in various locations in ND, but lastly in Buffalo Twp, Cass Co. Carl and Marie are buried there. Children thought to be buried in Fargo area are: Lydia (Emerson Segar),Emma, (Fred Schulz), Clara (?not married) and Samuel. Any help greatly appreciated.
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