1850 Census
Richland County, Wisconsin

This project consists of 22 pages. When the census books are opened, the numbered page I've designated as the A side with the unnumbered page as the B side. The 1850 census of Richland County consisted of 903 persons: 512 male - 391 female. Of this total there was 1 black male listed. There were 178 dwellings and 178 families listed along with 10 deaths. It appears that there were 78 farms and 4 books stolen?

This project is now completed - 22 Apr 2000.

If you have any comments on this presentation, please email me Tim Stowell - timsetn@gmail.com

Thanks to S-K Publications for providing the census page photocopies from which this transcription was made. The complete original, handwritten census of this county is available from S-K Publications, PO Box 8173, Wichita, KS 67208 - http://www.skpub.com/genie/
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